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Ocular abnormalities in mice lacking the immunoglobulin superfamily member Cdo.

Zhang W, Mulieri PJ, Gaio U, Bae GU, Krauss RS, Kang JS.

FEBS J. 2009 Oct;276(20):5998-6010. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-4658.2009.07310.x. Epub 2009 Sep 15. Erratum in: FEBS J. 2009 Dec;276(23)7202.


Left-asymmetric expression of Galanin in the linear heart tube of the mouse embryo is independent of the nodal co-receptor gene cryptic.

Schweickert A, Deissler K, Britsch S, Albrecht M, Ehmann H, Mauch V, Gaio U, Blum M.

Dev Dyn. 2008 Dec;237(12):3557-64. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.21638.


Regulation of myoblast motility and fusion by the CXCR4-associated sialomucin, CD164.

Bae GU, Gaio U, Yang YJ, Lee HJ, Kang JS, Krauss RS.

J Biol Chem. 2008 Mar 28;283(13):8301-9. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M706730200. Epub 2008 Jan 27.


Mutations in the EGF-CFC gene cryptic are an infrequent cause of congenital heart disease.

Ozcelik C, Bit-Avragim N, Panek A, Gaio U, Geier C, Lange PE, Dietz R, Posch MG, Perrot A, Stiller B.

Pediatr Cardiol. 2006 Nov-Dec;27(6):695-8. Epub 2006 Oct 27.


Close encounters: regulation of vertebrate skeletal myogenesis by cell-cell contact.

Krauss RS, Cole F, Gaio U, Takaesu G, Zhang W, Kang JS.

J Cell Sci. 2005 Jun 1;118(Pt 11):2355-62. Review.


A role of the cryptic gene in the correct establishment of the left-right axis.

Gaio U, Schweickert A, Fischer A, Garratt AN, Müller T, Ozcelik C, Lankes W, Strehle M, Britsch S, Blum M, Birchmeier C.

Curr Biol. 1999 Nov 18;9(22):1339-42.


Evidence for circadian variations of thyroid hormone concentrations and type II 5'-iodothyronine deiodinase activity in the rat central nervous system.

Campos-Barros A, Musa A, Flechner A, Hessenius C, Gaio U, Meinhold H, Baumgartner A.

J Neurochem. 1997 Feb;68(2):795-803.


Effects of lithium and carbamazepine on thyroid hormone metabolism in rat brain.

Baumgartner A, Pinna G, Hiedra L, Gaio U, Hessenius C, Campos-Barros A, Eravci M, Prengel H, Thoma R, Meinhold H.

Neuropsychopharmacology. 1997 Jan;16(1):25-41.


Effects of lithium on thyroid hormone metabolism in rat frontal cortex.

Baumgartner A, Campos-Barros A, Gaio U, Hessenius C, Frege I, Meinhold H.

Biol Psychiatry. 1994 Dec 1;36(11):771-4. No abstract available.


Carbamazepine affects triiodothyronine production and metabolization in rat hippocampus.

Baumgartner A, Campos-Barros A, Gaio U, Hessenius C, Flechner A, Meinhold H.

Life Sci. 1994;54(23):PL401-7.


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