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Immediate outcomes in early life epilepsy: A contemporary account.

Berg AT, Wusthoff C, Shellhaas RA, Loddenkemper T, Grinspan ZM, Saneto RP, Knupp KG, Patel A, Sullivan JE, Kossoff EH, Chu CJ, Massey S, Valencia I, Keator C, Wirrell EC, Coryell J, Millichap JJ, Gaillard WD.

Epilepsy Behav. 2019 Aug;97:44-50. doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2019.05.011. Epub 2019 Jun 7.


Electroencephalographic Reporting for Refractory Status Epilepticus.

Sansevere AJ, Arya R, Sánchez Fernández I, Gaillard WD, Tasker RC, Lai YC, Anderson AE, Tchapyjnikov D, Chapman KE, Brenton JN, Carpenter JL, Gaínza-Lein M, Goldstein JL, Goodkin HP, Jackson MC, Kapur K, Mikati MA, Peariso K, Glauser TA, Topjian AA, Wainwright M, Wilfong AA, Williams KL, Loddenkemper T, Abend NS; Pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group (pSERG).

J Clin Neurophysiol. 2019 Sep;36(5):365-370. doi: 10.1097/WNP.0000000000000595.


Infection with HHV-6 and its role in epilepsy.

Bartolini L, Theodore WH, Jacobson S, Gaillard WD.

Epilepsy Res. 2019 Jul;153:34-39. doi: 10.1016/j.eplepsyres.2019.03.016. Epub 2019 Mar 29. Review.


Default mode network deactivation in pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy: Relationship to a working memory task and executive function tests.

Oyegbile TO, VanMeter JW, Motamedi GK, Bell WL, Gaillard WD, Hermann BP.

Epilepsy Behav. 2019 May;94:124-130. doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2019.02.031. Epub 2019 Mar 22.


Using EHRs to advance epilepsy care.

Mbwana JS, Grinspan ZM, Bailey R, Berl M, Buchhalter J, Bumbut A, Danner Z, Glauser T, Glotstein A, Goodkin H, Jacobs B, Jones L, Kroner B, Lapham G, Loddenkemper T, Maraganore DM, Nordli D, Gaillard WD.

Neurol Clin Pract. 2019 Feb;9(1):83-88. doi: 10.1212/CPJ.0000000000000575.


Functional MRI and direct cortical stimulation: Prediction of postoperative language decline.

Rolinski R, Austermuehle A, Wiggs E, Agrawal S, Sepeta LN, Gaillard WD, Zaghloul KA, Inati SK, Theodore WH.

Epilepsia. 2019 Mar;60(3):560-570. doi: 10.1111/epi.14666. Epub 2019 Feb 11.


fMRI prediction of naming change after adult temporal lobe epilepsy surgery: Activation matters.

You X, Zachery AN, Fanto EJ, Norato G, Germeyan SC, Emery EJ, Sepeta LN, Berl MM, Black CL, Wiggs E, Zaghloul K, Inati SK, Gaillard WD, Theodore WH.

Epilepsia. 2019 Mar;60(3):527-538. doi: 10.1111/epi.14656. Epub 2019 Feb 11.


Parental perspectives on provider adherence to AAN epilepsy quality measures in rural and urban tertiary care centers.

Kroner BL, Bumbut A, Berl MM, Goodkin HP, Gaillard WD.

Epilepsy Behav. 2019 Mar;92:256-259. doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2019.01.009. Epub 2019 Feb 4.


Magnetic resonance-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy for the treatment of non-lesional insular epilepsy in pediatric patients: thermal dynamic and volumetric factors influencing seizure outcomes.

Alexander H, Cobourn K, Fayed I, Depositario-Cabacar D, Keating RF, Gaillard WD, Oluigbo CO.

Childs Nerv Syst. 2019 Mar;35(3):453-461. doi: 10.1007/s00381-019-04051-0. Epub 2019 Jan 9.


Imaging episodic memory during development and childhood epilepsy.

Sepeta LN, Berl MM, Gaillard WD.

J Neurodev Disord. 2018 Dec 13;10(1):40. doi: 10.1186/s11689-018-9255-8. Review.


Timing and selection of first antiseizure medication in patients with pediatric status epilepticus.

Cohen NT, Chamberlain JM, Gaillard WD.

Epilepsy Res. 2019 Jan;149:21-25. doi: 10.1016/j.eplepsyres.2018.10.014. Epub 2018 Nov 1.


Imaging modalities to diagnose and localize status epilepticus.

Guerriero RM, Gaillard WD.

Seizure. 2019 May;68:46-51. doi: 10.1016/j.seizure.2018.10.010. Epub 2018 Oct 21. Review.


Subcentimeter epilepsy surgery targets by resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging can improve outcomes in hypothalamic hamartoma.

Boerwinkle VL, Foldes ST, Torrisi SJ, Temkit H, Gaillard WD, Kerrigan JF, Desai VR, Raskin JS, Vedantam A, Jarrar R, Williams K, Lam S, Ranjan M, Broderson JS, Adelson D, Wilfong AA, Curry DJ.

Epilepsia. 2018 Dec;59(12):2284-2295. doi: 10.1111/epi.14583. Epub 2018 Oct 30.


Detection of HHV-6 and EBV and Cytokine Levels in Saliva From Children With Seizures: Results of a Multi-Center Cross-Sectional Study.

Bartolini L, Piras E, Sullivan K, Gillen S, Bumbut A, Lin CM, Leibovitch EC, Graves JS, Waubant EL, Chamberlain JM, Gaillard WD, Jacobson S.

Front Neurol. 2018 Oct 5;9:834. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00834. eCollection 2018.


Weaker semantic language lateralization associated with better semantic language performance in healthy right-handed children.

Bartha-Doering L, Kollndorfer K, Kasprian G, Novak A, Schuler AL, Fischmeister FPS, Alexopoulos J, Gaillard WD, Prayer D, Seidl R, Berl MM.

Brain Behav. 2018 Nov;8(11):e01072. doi: 10.1002/brb3.1072. Epub 2018 Oct 8.


The utility of EEG monitoring in neonates with hyperammonemia due to inborn errors of metabolism.

Wiwattanadittakul N, Prust M, Gaillard WD, Massaro A, Vezina G, Tsuchida TN, Gropman AL.

Mol Genet Metab. 2018 Nov;125(3):235-240. doi: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2018.08.011. Epub 2018 Aug 24.


MR-Guided Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy for Medically Refractory Lesional Epilepsy in Pediatric Patients: Experience and Outcomes.

Fayed I, Sacino MF, Gaillard WD, Keating RF, Oluigbo CO.

Pediatr Neurosurg. 2018;53(5):322-329. doi: 10.1159/000491823. Epub 2018 Aug 15.


Neuroimaging of Early Life Epilepsy.

Coryell J, Gaillard WD, Shellhaas RA, Grinspan ZM, Wirrell EC, Knupp KG, Wusthoff CJ, Keator C, Sullivan JE, Loddenkemper T, Patel A, Chu CJ, Massey S, Novotny EJ Jr, Saneto RP, Berg AT.

Pediatrics. 2018 Sep;142(3). pii: e20180672. doi: 10.1542/peds.2018-0672. Epub 2018 Aug 8.


Hospital Emergency Treatment of Convulsive Status Epilepticus: Comparison of Pathways From Ten Pediatric Research Centers.

Vasquez A, Gaínza-Lein M, Sánchez Fernández I, Abend NS, Anderson A, Brenton JN, Carpenter JL, Chapman K, Clark J, Gaillard WD, Glauser T, Goldstein J, Goodkin HP, Lai YC, Loddenkemper T, McDonough TL, Mikati MA, Nayak A, Payne E, Riviello J, Tchapyjnikov D, Topjian AA, Wainwright MS, Tasker RC; Pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group (pSERG).

Pediatr Neurol. 2018 Sep;86:33-41. doi: 10.1016/j.pediatrneurol.2018.06.004. Epub 2018 Jul 11.


Epilepsy surgery near or in eloquent cortex in children-Practice patterns and recommendations for minimizing and reporting deficits.

Jayakar P, Jayakar A, Libenson M, Arzimanoglou A, Rydenhag B, Cross JH, Bhatia S, Tassi L, Lachhwani D, Gaillard WD; Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Task Force; International League Against Epilepsy.

Epilepsia. 2018 Aug;59(8):1484-1491. doi: 10.1111/epi.14510. Epub 2018 Jul 22.


Executive dysfunction is associated with an altered executive control network in pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy.

Oyegbile TO, VanMeter JW, Motamedi G, Zecavati N, Santos C, Chun CLE, Gaillard WD, Hermann B.

Epilepsy Behav. 2018 Sep;86:145-152. doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2018.04.022. Epub 2018 Jul 9.


Viral Triggers and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Pediatric Epilepsy.

Bartolini L, Libbey JE, Ravizza T, Fujinami RS, Jacobson S, Gaillard WD.

Mol Neurobiol. 2019 Mar;56(3):1897-1907. doi: 10.1007/s12035-018-1215-5. Epub 2018 Jul 5. Review.


When two are better than one: Bilateral mesial temporal lobe contributions associated with better vocabulary skills in children and adolescents.

Bartha-Doering L, Novak A, Kollndorfer K, Kasprian G, Schuler AL, Berl MM, Fischmeister FPS, Gaillard WD, Alexopoulos J, Prayer D, Seidl R.

Brain Lang. 2018 Sep;184:1-10. doi: 10.1016/j.bandl.2018.06.001. Epub 2018 Jun 15.


Factors associated with treatment delays in pediatric refractory convulsive status epilepticus.

Sánchez Fernández I, Gaínza-Lein M, Abend NS, Anderson AE, Arya R, Brenton JN, Carpenter JL, Chapman KE, Clark J, Gaillard WD, Glauser TA, Goldstein JL, Goodkin HP, Helseth AR, Jackson MC, Kapur K, Lai YC, McDonough TL, Mikati MA, Nayak A, Peariso K, Riviello JJ Jr, Tasker RC, Tchapyjnikov D, Topjian AA, Wainwright MS, Wilfong A, Williams K, Loddenkemper T; Pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group (pSERG).

Neurology. 2018 May 8;90(19):e1692-e1701. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000005488. Epub 2018 Apr 11.


Increased cerebral blood flow on arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging can localize to seizure focus in newborns: A report of 3 cases.

Mabray P, Thewamit R, Whitehead MT, Kao A, Scafidi J, Gaillard WD, Chang T, Tsuchida TN.

Epilepsia. 2018 May;59(5):e63-e67. doi: 10.1111/epi.14060. Epub 2018 Mar 30.


Why West? Comparisons of clinical, genetic and molecular features of infants with and without spasms.

Berg AT, Chakravorty S, Koh S, Grinspan ZM, Shellhaas RA, Saneto RP, Wirrell EC, Coryell J, Chu CJ, Mytinger JR, Gaillard WD, Valencia I, Knupp KG, Loddenkemper T, Sullivan JE, Poduri A, Millichap JJ, Keator C, Wusthoff C, Ryan N, Dobyns WB, Hegde M.

PLoS One. 2018 Mar 8;13(3):e0193599. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0193599. eCollection 2018.


Comparative Effectiveness of Levetiracetam vs Phenobarbital for Infantile Epilepsy.

Grinspan ZM, Shellhaas RA, Coryell J, Sullivan JE, Wirrell EC, Mytinger JR, Gaillard WD, Kossoff EH, Valencia I, Knupp KG, Wusthoff C, Keator C, Ryan N, Loddenkemper T, Chu CJ, Novotny EJ Jr, Millichap J, Berg AT.

JAMA Pediatr. 2018 Apr 1;172(4):352-360. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.5211.


Parental Perspectives of the Impact of Epilepsy and Seizures on Siblings of Children with Epilepsy.

Kroner BL, Ardini MA, Bumbut A, Gaillard WD.

J Pediatr Health Care. 2018 Jul - Aug;32(4):348-355. doi: 10.1016/j.pedhc.2017.12.004. Epub 2018 Feb 6.


Association of Time to Treatment With Short-term Outcomes for Pediatric Patients With Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus.

Gaínza-Lein M, Sánchez Fernández I, Jackson M, Abend NS, Arya R, Brenton JN, Carpenter JL, Chapman KE, Gaillard WD, Glauser TA, Goldstein JL, Goodkin HP, Kapur K, Mikati MA, Peariso K, Tasker RC, Tchapyjnikov D, Topjian AA, Wainwright MS, Wilfong A, Williams K, Loddenkemper T; Pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group.

JAMA Neurol. 2018 Apr 1;75(4):410-418. doi: 10.1001/jamaneurol.2017.4382.


Executive Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Associated With a Failure to Modulate Frontoparietal-insular Hub Architecture.

Lynch CJ, Breeden AL, You X, Ludlum R, Gaillard WD, Kenworthy L, Vaidya CJ.

Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging. 2017 Sep;2(6):537-545. doi: 10.1016/j.bpsc.2017.03.008. Epub 2017 Mar 18.


An initial cost-effectiveness analysis of intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) in pediatric epilepsy surgery.

Sacino MF, Huang SS, Keating RF, Gaillard WD, Oluigbo CO.

Childs Nerv Syst. 2018 Mar;34(3):495-502. doi: 10.1007/s00381-017-3658-9. Epub 2017 Nov 20.


The impact of hypsarrhythmia on infantile spasms treatment response: Observational cohort study from the National Infantile Spasms Consortium.

Demarest ST, Shellhaas RA, Gaillard WD, Keator C, Nickels KC, Hussain SA, Loddenkemper T, Patel AD, Saneto RP, Wirrell E, Sánchez Fernández I, Chu CJ, Grinspan Z, Wusthoff CJ, Joshi S, Mohamed IS, Stafstrom CE, Stack CV, Yozawitz E, Bluvstein JS, Singh RK, Knupp KG; Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium.

Epilepsia. 2017 Dec;58(12):2098-2103. doi: 10.1111/epi.13937. Epub 2017 Nov 3.


Loss of CLOCK Results in Dysfunction of Brain Circuits Underlying Focal Epilepsy.

Li P, Fu X, Smith NA, Ziobro J, Curiel J, Tenga MJ, Martin B, Freedman S, Cea-Del Rio CA, Oboti L, Tsuchida TN, Oluigbo C, Yaun A, Magge SN, O'Neill B, Kao A, Zelleke TG, Depositario-Cabacar DT, Ghimbovschi S, Knoblach S, Ho CY, Corbin JG, Goodkin HP, Vicini S, Huntsman MM, Gaillard WD, Valdez G, Liu JS.

Neuron. 2017 Oct 11;96(2):387-401.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.09.044.


Initial Treatment for Nonsyndromic Early-Life Epilepsy: An Unexpected Consensus.

Shellhaas RA, Berg AT, Grinspan ZM, Wusthoff CJ, Millichap JJ, Loddenkemper T, Coryell J, Saneto RP, Chu CJ, Joshi SM, Sullivan JE, Knupp KG, Kossoff EH, Keator C, Wirrell EC, Mytinger JR, Valencia I, Massey S, Gaillard WD.

Pediatr Neurol. 2017 Oct;75:73-79. doi: 10.1016/j.pediatrneurol.2017.06.011. Epub 2017 Jun 27.


Early-Life Epilepsies and the Emerging Role of Genetic Testing.

Berg AT, Coryell J, Saneto RP, Grinspan ZM, Alexander JJ, Kekis M, Sullivan JE, Wirrell EC, Shellhaas RA, Mytinger JR, Gaillard WD, Kossoff EH, Valencia I, Knupp KG, Wusthoff C, Keator C, Dobyns WB, Ryan N, Loddenkemper T, Chu CJ, Novotny EJ Jr, Koh S.

JAMA Pediatr. 2017 Sep 1;171(9):863-871. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.1743.


Sudden Death in Epilepsy: Knowledge among Pediatric Providers.

Berl MM, Goodkin HP, Kroner BL, Bumbut A, Lapham G, Gaillard WD.

J Pediatr. 2017 Sep;188:291-293.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2017.05.036. Epub 2017 Jun 16.


Presurgical language fMRI: Mapping of six critical regions.

Benjamin CF, Walshaw PD, Hale K, Gaillard WD, Baxter LC, Berl MM, Polczynska M, Noble S, Alkawadri R, Hirsch LJ, Constable RT, Bookheimer SY.

Hum Brain Mapp. 2017 Aug;38(8):4239-4255. doi: 10.1002/hbm.23661. Epub 2017 May 23.


Language functional MRI and direct cortical stimulation in epilepsy preoperative planning.

Austermuehle A, Cocjin J, Reynolds R, Agrawal S, Sepeta L, Gaillard WD, Zaghloul KA, Inati S, Theodore WH.

Ann Neurol. 2017 Apr;81(4):526-537. doi: 10.1002/ana.24899. Epub 2017 Mar 22.


Increasing Awareness of Sudden Death in Pediatric Epilepsy Together.

Lapham G, Gaillard WD, Sexter J, Berl MM.

Pediatrics. 2017 Feb;139(2). pii: e20163127. doi: 10.1542/peds.2016-3127. No abstract available.


The role of executive functioning in memory performance in pediatric focal epilepsy.

Sepeta LN, Casaletto KB, Terwilliger V, Facella-Ervolini J, Sady M, Mayo J, Gaillard WD, Berl MM.

Epilepsia. 2017 Feb;58(2):300-310. doi: 10.1111/epi.13637. Epub 2017 Jan 23.


Practice guideline summary: Use of fMRI in the presurgical evaluation of patients with epilepsy: Report of the Guideline Development, Dissemination, and Implementation Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology.

Szaflarski JP, Gloss D, Binder JR, Gaillard WD, Golby AJ, Holland SK, Ojemann J, Spencer DC, Swanson SJ, French JA, Theodore WH.

Neurology. 2017 Jan 24;88(4):395-402. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000003532. Epub 2017 Jan 11.


Teaching NeuroImages: Homotopic motor distribution on fMRI in closed-lip schizencephaly.

Bartolini L, Kao A, Zachery A, Murnick JG, Gaillard WD.

Neurology. 2017 Jan 10;88(2):e24-e25. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000003493. No abstract available.


Revisiting Lenneberg's Hypotheses About Early Developmental Plasticity: Language Organization After Left-Hemisphere Perinatal Stroke.

Newport EL, Landau B, Seydell-Greenwald A, Turkeltaub PE, Chambers CE, Dromerick AW, Carpenter J, Berl MM, Gaillard WD.

Biolinguistics (Nicos). 2017;11:407-422. Epub 2017 Dec 31. No abstract available.


Refractory status epilepticus in children with and without prior epilepsy or status epilepticus.

Sánchez Fernández I, Jackson MC, Abend NS, Arya R, Brenton JN, Carpenter JL, Chapman KE, Gaillard WD, Gaínza-Lein M, Glauser TA, Goldstein JL, Goodkin HP, Helseth A, Kapur K, McDonough TL, Mikati MA, Peariso K, Riviello J Jr, Tasker RC, Topjian AA, Wainwright MS, Wilfong A, Williams K, Loddenkemper T; pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group (pSERG).

Neurology. 2017 Jan 24;88(4):386-394. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000003550. Epub 2016 Dec 23.


Temporal lobe epilepsy and focal cortical dysplasia in children: A tip to find the abnormality.

Bartolini L, Whitehead MT, Ho CY, Sepeta LN, Oluigbo CO, Havens K, Freilich ER, Schreiber JM, Gaillard WD.

Epilepsia. 2017 Jan;58(1):113-122. doi: 10.1111/epi.13615. Epub 2016 Nov 16.


Repeat surgery for focal cortical dysplasias in children: indications and outcomes.

Sacino MF, Ho CY, Whitehead MT, Kao A, Depositario-Cabacar D, Myseros JS, Magge SN, Keating RF, Gaillard WD, Oluigbo CO.

J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2017 Feb;19(2):174-181. doi: 10.3171/2016.8.PEDS16149. Epub 2016 Nov 11.


"Endovascular embolic hemispherectomy": a strategy for the initial management of catastrophic holohemispheric epilepsy in the neonate.

Oluigbo C, Pearl MS, Tsuchida TN, Chang T, Ho CY, Gaillard WD.

Childs Nerv Syst. 2017 Mar;33(3):521-527. doi: 10.1007/s00381-016-3289-6. Epub 2016 Oct 29.


Author response to letter to the editor.

Gaillard WD.

Epilepsy Behav. 2016 Nov;64(Pt A):290. doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2016.09.002. Epub 2016 Oct 8. No abstract available.


Neural Basis of Visual Attentional Orienting in Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Murphy ER, Norr M, Strang JF, Kenworthy L, Gaillard WD, Vaidya CJ.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2017 Jan;47(1):58-67. doi: 10.1007/s10803-016-2928-9.

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