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A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, crossover trial of pioglitazone for severe asthma.

Kaler M, Barochia AV, Weir NA, Cuento RA, Stylianou M, Roth MJ, Filie AC, Vaughey EC, Nathan SD, Levine SJ.

J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2017 Dec;140(6):1716-1718. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2017.05.033. Epub 2017 Jun 15. No abstract available.


High-Throughput Microdissection for Next-Generation Sequencing.

Rosenberg AZ, Armani MD, Fetsch PA, Xi L, Pham TT, Raffeld M, Chen Y, O'Flaherty N, Stussman R, Blackler AR, Du Q, Hanson JC, Roth MJ, Filie AC, Roh MH, Emmert-Buck MR, Hipp JD, Tangrea MA.

PLoS One. 2016 Mar 21;11(3):e0151775. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0151775. eCollection 2016.


An Improved Breast Epithelial Sampling Method for Molecular Profiling and Biomarker Analysis in Women at Risk for Breast Cancer.

Danforth DN, Warner AC, Wangsa D, Ried T, Duelli D, Filie AC, Prindiville SA.

Breast Cancer (Auckl). 2015 Jun 8;9:31-40. doi: 10.4137/BCBCR.S23577. eCollection 2015.


Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma in a patient with Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

Lee YS, Filie A, Arthur D, Fojo AT, Jaffe ES.

Histopathology. 2015 Dec;67(6):925-7. doi: 10.1111/his.12737. Epub 2015 Jun 18. No abstract available.


Utilization of ancillary studies in the cytologic diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic lesions: The Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology Guidelines.

Layfield LJ, Ehya H, Filie AC, Hruban RH, Jhala N, Joseph L, Vielh P, Pitman MB.

Cytojournal. 2014 Jun 2;11(Suppl 1):4. doi: 10.4103/1742-6413.133352. eCollection 2014.


Detection and outcome of occult leptomeningeal disease in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and Burkitt lymphoma.

Wilson WH, Bromberg JE, Stetler-Stevenson M, Steinberg SM, Martin-Martin L, Muñiz C, Sancho JM, Caballero MD, Davidis MA, Brooimans RA, Sanchez-Gonzalez B, Salar A, González-Barca E, Ribera JM, Shovlin M, Filie A, Dunleavy K, Mehrling T, Spina M, Orfao A.

Haematologica. 2014 Jul;99(7):1228-35. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2013.101741. Epub 2014 Apr 11.


Human melanoma metastases demonstrate nonstochastic site-specific antigen heterogeneity that correlates with T-cell infiltration.

Bartlett EK, Fetsch PA, Filie AC, Abati A, Steinberg SM, Wunderlich JR, White DE, Stephens DJ, Marincola FM, Rosenberg SA, Kammula US.

Clin Cancer Res. 2014 May 15;20(10):2607-2616. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-13-2690. Epub 2014 Mar 19.


Utilization of ancillary studies in the cytologic diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic lesions: the Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology guidelines for pancreatobiliary cytology.

Layfield LJ, Ehya H, Filie AC, Hruban RH, Jhala N, Joseph L, Vielh P, Pitman MB; Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2014 Apr;42(4):351-62. doi: 10.1002/dc.23093.


IRF-1 responsiveness to IFN-γ predicts different cancer immune phenotypes.

Murtas D, Maric D, De Giorgi V, Reinboth J, Worschech A, Fetsch P, Filie A, Ascierto ML, Bedognetti D, Liu Q, Uccellini L, Chouchane L, Wang E, Marincola FM, Tomei S.

Br J Cancer. 2013 Jul 9;109(1):76-82. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2013.335. Epub 2013 Jun 27.


Cytomegalovirus immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome manifesting as sialadenitis in an HIV-infected patient.

Sheikh V, Caplan M, Wilson EM, Papadi B, Rosenberg AZ, Higgins J, Driscoll B, Filie AC, Sereti I.

AIDS. 2013 Jul 17;27(11):1833-5. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0b013e328362d8b0. No abstract available.


Kba.62 and S100 protein expression in cytologic samples of metastatic malignant melanoma.

Erdag G, Chowdhuri SR, Fetsch P, Erickson D, Hughes MS, Filie AC.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2013 Oct;41(10):847-51. doi: 10.1002/dc.22948. Epub 2013 Apr 3.


Loss of mesothelin expression by mesothelioma cells grown in vitro determines sensitivity to anti-mesothelin immunotoxin SS1P.

Zhang J, Qiu S, Zhang Y, Merino M, Fetsch P, Avital I, Filie A, Pastan I, Hassan R.

Anticancer Res. 2012 Dec;32(12):5151-8.


Semiautomated laser capture microdissection of lung adenocarcinoma cytology samples.

Roy Chowdhuri S, Hanson J, Cheng J, Rodriguez-Canales J, Fetsch P, Balis U, Filie AC, Giaccone G, Emmert-Buck MR, Hipp JD.

Acta Cytol. 2012;56(6):622-31. doi: 10.1159/000342984. Epub 2012 Nov 24.


Adenocarcinoma cells in effusion cytology as a diagnostic pitfall with potential impact on clinical management: a case report with brief review of immunomarkers.

Chowdhuri SR, Fetsch P, Squires J, Kohn E, Filie AC.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2014 Mar;42(3):253-8. doi: 10.1002/dc.22915. Epub 2012 Nov 16. Review.


Flow cytometry increases the sensitivity of detection of leukemia and lymphoma cells in bronchoalveolar lavage specimens.

Song JY, Filie AC, Venzon D, Stetler-Stevenson M, Yuan CM.

Cytometry B Clin Cytom. 2012 Sep;82(5):305-12. doi: 10.1002/cyto.b.21033. Epub 2012 Jul 26.


Flow cytometric immunophenotypic assessment of T-cell clonality by vβ repertoire analysis in fine-needle aspirates and cerebrospinal fluid.

Tembhare P, Yuan CM, Morris JC, Janik JE, Filie AC, Stetler-Stevenson M.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2012 Feb;137(2):220-6. doi: 10.1309/AJCPPT93VZMAREHK.


Image microarrays (IMA): Digital pathology's missing tool.

Hipp J, Cheng J, Pantanowitz L, Hewitt S, Yagi Y, Monaco J, Madabhushi A, Rodriguez-Canales J, Hanson J, Roy-Chowdhuri S, Filie AC, Feldman MD, Tomaszewski JE, Shih NN, Brodsky V, Giaccone G, Emmert-Buck MR, Balis UJ.

J Pathol Inform. 2011;2:47. doi: 10.4103/2153-3539.86829. Epub 2011 Oct 29.


EGFR and KRAS mutation analysis in cytologic samples of lung adenocarcinoma enabled by laser capture microdissection.

Chowdhuri SR, Xi L, Pham TH, Hanson J, Rodriguez-Canales J, Berman A, Rajan A, Giaccone G, Emmert-Buck M, Raffeld M, Filie AC.

Mod Pathol. 2012 Apr;25(4):548-55. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2011.184. Epub 2011 Dec 9.


Polycomb repressor complex-2 is a novel target for mesothelioma therapy.

Kemp CD, Rao M, Xi S, Inchauste S, Mani H, Fetsch P, Filie A, Zhang M, Hong JA, Walker RL, Zhu YJ, Ripley RT, Mathur A, Liu F, Yang M, Meltzer PA, Marquez VE, De Rienzo A, Bueno R, Schrump DS.

Clin Cancer Res. 2012 Jan 1;18(1):77-90. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-11-0962. Epub 2011 Oct 25.


Melanocytic bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumor in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 1: a case report with emphasis on intraoperative cytological findings.

Matsuda KM, Nóbrega R, Quezado M, Schrump DS, Filie AC.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2010 Sep;38(9):669-74. doi: 10.1002/dc.21296.


Ductal lavage in women from BRCA1/2 families: is there a future for ductal lavage in women at increased genetic risk of breast cancer?

Loud JT, Thiébaut AC, Abati AD, Filie AC, Nichols K, Danforth D, Giusti R, Prindiville SA, Greene MH.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2009 Apr;18(4):1243-51. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-08-0795. Epub 2009 Mar 31.


Analysis of the matrix metalloproteinase family reveals that MMP8 is often mutated in melanoma.

Palavalli LH, Prickett TD, Wunderlich JR, Wei X, Burrell AS, Porter-Gill P, Davis S, Wang C, Cronin JC, Agrawal NS, Lin JC, Westbroek W, Hoogstraten-Miller S, Molinolo AA, Fetsch P, Filie AC, O'Connell MP, Banister CE, Howard JD, Buckhaults P, Weeraratna AT, Brody LC, Rosenberg SA, Samuels Y.

Nat Genet. 2009 May;41(5):518-20. doi: 10.1038/ng.340. Epub 2009 Mar 29.


Ectopic thymus presenting as a thyroid nodule in a patient with the Carney complex.

Courcoutsakis N, Patronas N, Filie AC, Carney JA, Moraitis A, Stratakis CA.

Thyroid. 2009 Mar;19(3):293-6. doi: 10.1089/thy.2008.0404.


Utilization of ancillary studies in thyroid fine needle aspirates: a synopsis of the National Cancer Institute Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration State of the Science Conference.

Filie AC, Asa SL, Geisinger KR, Logani S, Merino M, Nikiforov YE, Clark DP.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2008 Jun;36(6):438-41. doi: 10.1002/dc.20831.


The needle in the haystack: application of breast fine-needle aspirate samples to quantitative protein microarray technology.

Rapkiewicz A, Espina V, Zujewski JA, Lebowitz PF, Filie A, Wulfkuhle J, Camphausen K, Petricoin EF 3rd, Liotta LA, Abati A.

Cancer. 2007 Jun 25;111(3):173-84.


Sequential gene profiling of basal cell carcinomas treated with imiquimod in a placebo-controlled study defines the requirements for tissue rejection.

Panelli MC, Stashower ME, Slade HB, Smith K, Norwood C, Abati A, Fetsch P, Filie A, Walters SA, Astry C, Aricó E, Zhao Y, Selleri S, Wang E, Marincola FM.

Genome Biol. 2007;8(1):R8.


Diagnostic effects of prolonged storage on fresh effusion samples.

Manosca F, Schinstine M, Fetsch PA, Sorbara L, Maria Wilder A, Brosky K, Erickson D, Raffeld M, Filie AC, Abati A.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2007 Jan;35(1):6-11.


Fine-needle aspiration of a Xp11.2 translocation/TFE3 fusion renal cell carcinoma metastatic to the lung: report of a case and review of the literature.

Schinstine M, Filie AC, Torres-Cabala C, Abati A, Linehan WM, Merino M.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2006 Nov;34(11):751-6. Review.


Combined breast ductal lavage and ductal endoscopy for the evaluation of the high-risk breast: a feasibility study.

Danforth DN Jr, Abati A, Filie A, Prindiville SA, Palmieri D, Simon R, Ried T, Steeg PS.

J Surg Oncol. 2006 Dec 1;94(7):555-64.


Cytological identification of metastatic epithelial nephroblastoma in pleural fluid: report of a case and review of literature.

Schinstine M, Abati A, Tsokos M, Fox E, Filie AC.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2006 Sep;34(9):621-5.


Detection of malignant hematopoietic cells in cerebral spinal fluid previously diagnosed as atypical or suspicious.

Schinstine M, Filie AC, Wilson W, Stetler-Stevenson M, Abati A.

Cancer. 2006 Jun 25;108(3):157-62.


Quantification of the cellular components of breast duct lavage samples.

Abati A, Greene MH, Filie A, Loud J, Prindiville S, Danforth D, Giusti RM.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2006 Jan;34(1):78-81. No abstract available.


Positron emission tomography for lymphoma staging: tissue remains the issue.

Srinivasan R, Filie A, Reynolds J, Chang R, Chow C, Schrump DS, Takahashi Y, Suffredini AF, Childs RW.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2005 Apr 20;97(8):611-3. No abstract available.


Adoptive cell transfer therapy following non-myeloablative but lymphodepleting chemotherapy for the treatment of patients with refractory metastatic melanoma.

Dudley ME, Wunderlich JR, Yang JC, Sherry RM, Topalian SL, Restifo NP, Royal RE, Kammula U, White DE, Mavroukakis SA, Rogers LJ, Gracia GJ, Jones SA, Mangiameli DP, Pelletier MM, Gea-Banacloche J, Robinson MR, Berman DM, Filie AC, Abati A, Rosenberg SA.

J Clin Oncol. 2005 Apr 1;23(10):2346-57.


Invasive infection with Trichosporon inkin in 2 siblings with chronic granulomatous disease.

Wynne SM, Kwon-Chung KJ, Shea YR, Filie AC, Varma A, Lupo P, Holland SM.

J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2004 Dec;114(6):1418-24.


High incidence of occult leptomeningeal disease detected by flow cytometry in newly diagnosed aggressive B-cell lymphomas at risk for central nervous system involvement: the role of flow cytometry versus cytology.

Hegde U, Filie A, Little RF, Janik JE, Grant N, Steinberg SM, Dunleavy K, Jaffe ES, Abati A, Stetler-Stevenson M, Wilson WH.

Blood. 2005 Jan 15;105(2):496-502. Epub 2004 Sep 9.


Utilization of polymerase chain reaction on archival cytologic material: a comparison with fresh material with special emphasis on cerebrospinal fluids.

Mattu R, Sorbara L, Filie AC, Little R, Wilson W, Raffeld M, Abati A.

Mod Pathol. 2004 Oct;17(10):1295-301.


Cell transfer therapy for cancer: lessons from sequential treatments of a patient with metastatic melanoma.

Rosenberg SA, Yang JC, Robbins PF, Wunderlich JR, Hwu P, Sherry RM, Schwartzentruber DJ, Topalian SL, Restifo NP, Filie A, Chang R, Dudley ME.

J Immunother. 2003 Sep-Oct;26(5):385-93.


Infection of mesothelial cells with human herpes virus 8 in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with Kaposi's sarcoma, Castleman's disease, and recurrent pleural effusions.

Bryant-Greenwood P, Sorbara L, Filie AC, Little R, Yarchoan R, Wilson W, Raffeld M, Abati A.

Mod Pathol. 2003 Feb;16(2):145-53.


Proteomic evaluation of archival cytologic material using SELDI affinity mass spectrometry: potential for diagnostic applications.

Fetsch PA, Simone NL, Bryant-Greenwood PK, Marincola FM, Filie AC, Petricoin EF, Liotta LA, Abati A.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2002 Dec;118(6):870-6.


Urinary cytology associated with human polyomavirus and indinavir therapy in HIV-infected patients.

Filie AC, Wilder AM, Brosky K, Kopp JB, Miller KD, Abati A.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2002 Jun;117(6):922-6.


Indinavir-associated interstitial nephritis and urothelial inflammation: clinical and cytologic findings.

Kopp JB, Falloon J, Filie A, Abati A, King C, Hortin GL, Mican JM, Vaughan E, Miller KD.

Clin Infect Dis. 2002 Apr 15;34(8):1122-8. Epub 2002 Mar 15.


Melanoma metastatic to the breast: utility of fine needle aspiration and immunohistochemistry.

Filie AC, Simsir A, Fetsch P, Abati A.

Acta Cytol. 2002 Jan-Feb;46(1):13-8.


Comparison of antibodies to MART-1 and MelanA in fine-needle aspiration samples of metastatic malignant melanoma.

Fetsch PA, Filie AC, Steinberg SM, Abati A.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2001 Jul;25(1):78-9. No abstract available.


Short-term kinetics of tumor antigen expression in response to vaccination.

Ohnmacht GA, Wang E, Mocellin S, Abati A, Filie A, Fetsch P, Riker AI, Kammula US, Rosenberg SA, Marincola FM.

J Immunol. 2001 Aug 1;167(3):1809-20.


Primary intraocular lymphoma diagnosed by fine needle aspiration biopsy of a subretinal lesion.

Levy-Clarke GA, Byrnes GA, Buggage RR, Shen DF, Filie AC, Caruso RC, Nussenblatt RB, Chan CC.

Retina. 2001;21(3):281-4. No abstract available.


Detection of circulating tumor cells and micrometastases in stage II, III, and IV breast cancer patients utilizing cytology and immunocytochemistry.

Fetsch PA, Cowan KH, Weng DE, Freifield A, Filie AC, Abati A.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2000 May;22(5):323-8.


Individual specimen triage of effusion samples: an improvement in the standard of practice, or a waste of resources?

Filie AC, Copel C, Wilder AM, Abati A.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2000 Jan;22(1):7-10.


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