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Studies on the assembly characteristics of large subunit ribosomal proteins in S. cerevisae.

Ohmayer U, Gamalinda M, Sauert M, Ossowski J, Pöll G, Linnemann J, Hierlmeier T, Perez-Fernandez J, Kumcuoglu B, Leger-Silvestre I, Faubladier M, Griesenbeck J, Woolford J, Tschochner H, Milkereit P.

PLoS One. 2013 Jul 10;8(7):e68412. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068412. Print 2013.


Primary hematopoietic cells from DBA patients with mutations in RPL11 and RPS19 genes exhibit distinct erythroid phenotype in vitro.

Moniz H, Gastou M, Leblanc T, Hurtaud C, Crétien A, Lécluse Y, Raslova H, Larghero J, Croisille L, Faubladier M, Bluteau O, Lordier L, Tchernia G, Vainchenker W, Mohandas N, Da Costa L; DBA Group of Société d'Hématologie et d'Immunologie Pédiatrique-SHIP.

Cell Death Dis. 2012 Jul 26;3:e356. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2012.88.


Post-mitotic dynamics of pre-nucleolar bodies is driven by pre-rRNA processing.

Carron C, Balor S, Delavoie F, Plisson-Chastang C, Faubladier M, Gleizes PE, O'Donohue MF.

J Cell Sci. 2012 Oct 1;125(Pt 19):4532-42. doi: 10.1242/jcs.106419. Epub 2012 Jul 5.


Human RioK3 is a novel component of cytoplasmic pre-40S pre-ribosomal particles.

Baumas K, Soudet J, Caizergues-Ferrer M, Faubladier M, Henry Y, Mougin A.

RNA Biol. 2012 Feb;9(2):162-74. doi: 10.4161/rna.18810. Epub 2012 Feb 1.


Structure, fluctuation and magnitude of a natural grassland soil metagenome.

Delmont TO, Prestat E, Keegan KP, Faubladier M, Robe P, Clark IM, Pelletier E, Hirsch PR, Meyer F, Gilbert JA, Le Paslier D, Simonet P, Vogel TM.

ISME J. 2012 Sep;6(9):1677-87. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2011.197. Epub 2012 Feb 2.


Metavir: a web server dedicated to virome analysis.

Roux S, Faubladier M, Mahul A, Paulhe N, Bernard A, Debroas D, Enault F.

Bioinformatics. 2011 Nov 1;27(21):3074-5. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btr519. Epub 2011 Sep 11.


Functional dichotomy of ribosomal proteins during the synthesis of mammalian 40S ribosomal subunits.

O'Donohue MF, Choesmel V, Faubladier M, Fichant G, Gleizes PE.

J Cell Biol. 2010 Sep 6;190(5):853-66. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201005117.


Analysis of two human pre-ribosomal factors, bystin and hTsr1, highlights differences in evolution of ribosome biogenesis between yeast and mammals.

Carron C, O'Donohue MF, Choesmel V, Faubladier M, Gleizes PE.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jan;39(1):280-91. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq734. Epub 2010 Aug 30.


Metagenomic approach studying the taxonomic and functional diversity of the bacterial community in a mesotrophic lake (Lac du Bourget--France).

Debroas D, Humbert JF, Enault F, Bronner G, Faubladier M, Cornillot E.

Environ Microbiol. 2009 Sep;11(9):2412-24. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2009.01969.x. Epub 2009 Jun 25.


Competitive recruitment of CBP and Rb-HDAC regulates UBF acetylation and ribosomal transcription.

Pelletier G, Stefanovsky VY, Faubladier M, Hirschler-Laszkiewicz I, Savard J, Rothblum LI, Côté J, Moss T.

Mol Cell. 2000 Nov;6(5):1059-66.


Ultrastructural changes in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe nucleolus following the disruption of the gar2+ gene, which encodes a nucleolar protein structurally related to nucleolin.

Léger-Silvestre I, Gulli MP, Noaillac-Depeyre J, Faubladier M, Sicard H, Caizergues-Ferrer M, Gas N.

Chromosoma. 1997 Jun;105(7-8):542-52.


Mitosis-specific phosphorylation of gar2, a fission yeast nucleolar protein structurally related to nucleolin.

Gulli MP, Faubladier M, Sicard H, Caizergues-Ferrer M.

Chromosoma. 1997 Jun;105(7-8):532-41.


Structural and functional analysis of the nucleolus of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Léger-Silvestre I, Noaillac-Depeyre J, Faubladier M, Gas N.

Eur J Cell Biol. 1997 Jan;72(1):13-23.


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