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Seasonal abundance and survival of North America's migratory avifauna determined by weather radar.

Dokter AM, Farnsworth A, Fink D, Ruiz-Gutierrez V, Hochachka WM, La Sorte FA, Robinson OJ, Rosenberg KV, Kelling S.

Nat Ecol Evol. 2018 Sep 17. doi: 10.1038/s41559-018-0666-4. [Epub ahead of print]


Navigating north: how body mass and winds shape avian flight behaviours across a North American migratory flyway.

Horton KG, Van Doren BM, La Sorte FA, Fink D, Sheldon D, Farnsworth A, Kelly JF.

Ecol Lett. 2018 Jul;21(7):1055-1064. doi: 10.1111/ele.12971. Epub 2018 May 7.


Inherent limits of light-level geolocation may lead to over-interpretation.

Lisovski S, Schmaljohann H, Bridge ES, Bauer S, Farnsworth A, Gauthreaux SA Jr, Hahn S, Hallworth MT, Hewson CM, Kelly JF, Liechti F, Marra PP, Rakhimberdiev E, Ross JD, Seavy NE, Sumner MD, Taylor CM, Winkler DW, Wotherspoon SJ, Wunder MB.

Curr Biol. 2018 Feb 5;28(3):R99-R100. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.11.072.


The molecular determinants governing the immunogenicity of Japanese encephalitis live attenuated vaccines.

Li Y, Fu Y, Liu X, Yang H, Yu Y, Jia L, Li X, Farnsworth A, Wang J.

Signal Transduct Target Ther. 2017 Mar 24;2:17005. doi: 10.1038/sigtrans.2017.5. eCollection 2017.


Prevalence and risk factors associated with high-grade anal squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL)-AIN2 and HSIL-AIN3 in homosexual men.

Machalek DA, Jin F, Poynten IM, Hillman RJ, Templeton DJ, Law C, Roberts JM, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Farnsworth A, Fairley CK, Grulich AE; SPANC study team.

Papillomavirus Res. 2016 Dec;2:97-105. doi: 10.1016/j.pvr.2016.05.003. Epub 2016 May 24.


Histological outcomes of anal high-grade cytopredictions.

Roberts JM, Jin F, Poynten IM, Law C, Templeton DJ, Thurloe JK, Garland SM, Grulich AE, Farnsworth A, Hillman RJ; Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer Study Team.

Cancer Cytopathol. 2018 Feb;126(2):136-144. doi: 10.1002/cncy.21936. Epub 2017 Oct 20.


High-intensity urban light installation dramatically alters nocturnal bird migration.

Van Doren BM, Horton KG, Dokter AM, Klinck H, Elbin SB, Farnsworth A.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Oct 17;114(42):11175-11180. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1708574114. Epub 2017 Oct 2.


Cervical screening with primary HPV testing or cytology in a population of women in which those aged 33 years or younger had previously been offered HPV vaccination: Results of the Compass pilot randomised trial.

Canfell K, Caruana M, Gebski V, Darlington-Brown J, Heley S, Brotherton J, Gertig D, Jennett CJ, Farnsworth A, Tan J, Wrede CD, Castle PE, Saville M.

PLoS Med. 2017 Sep 19;14(9):e1002388. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1002388. eCollection 2017 Sep.


Topological N-glycosylation and site-specific N-glycan sulfation of influenza proteins in the highly expressed H1N1 candidate vaccines.

She YM, Farnsworth A, Li X, Cyr TD.

Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 31;7(1):10232. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-10714-2.


Seasonal associations with urban light pollution for nocturnally migrating bird populations.

La Sorte FA, Fink D, Buler JJ, Farnsworth A, Cabrera-Cruz SA.

Glob Chang Biol. 2017 Nov;23(11):4609-4619. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13792. Epub 2017 Jul 11.


Prevalence and predictors of unsatisfactory anal cytology tests in a cohort of gay and bisexual men in Sydney, Australia: baseline findings from the Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC).

Templeton DJ, Roberts JM, Poynten IM, Law C, Hillman RJ, Farnsworth A, Fairley CK, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Grulich AE, Jin F; SPANC Study Team.

Eur J Cancer Prev. 2017 May;26(3):212-216. doi: 10.1097/CEJ.0000000000000321.


The performance of human papillomavirus biomarkers in predicting anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions in gay and bisexual men.

Jin F, Roberts JM, Grulich AE, Poynten IM, Machalek DA, Cornall A, Phillips S, Ekman D, McDonald RL, Hillman RJ, Templeton DJ, Farnsworth A, Garland SM, Fairley CK, Tabrizi SN; SPANC Research Team.

AIDS. 2017 Jun 1;31(9):1303-1311. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000001462.


Where in the air? Aerial habitat use of nocturnally migrating birds.

Horton KG, Van Doren BM, Stepanian PM, Farnsworth A, Kelly JF.

Biol Lett. 2016 Nov;12(11). pii: 20160591.


Towards the Automatic Classification of Avian Flight Calls for Bioacoustic Monitoring.

Salamon J, Bello JP, Farnsworth A, Robbins M, Keen S, Klinck H, Kelling S.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 23;11(11):e0166866. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0166866. eCollection 2016.


Modelling the climatic niche of turtles: a deep-time perspective.

Waterson AM, Schmidt DN, Valdes PJ, Holroyd PA, Nicholson DB, Farnsworth A, Barrett PM.

Proc Biol Sci. 2016 Sep 28;283(1839). pii: 20161408. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2016.1408.


Innovative Visualizations Shed Light on Avian Nocturnal Migration.

Shamoun-Baranes J, Farnsworth A, Aelterman B, Alves JA, Azijn K, Bernstein G, Branco S, Desmet P, Dokter AM, Horton K, Kelling S, Kelly JF, Leijnse H, Rong J, Sheldon D, Van den Broeck W, Van Den Meersche JK, Van Doren BM, van Gasteren H.

PLoS One. 2016 Aug 24;11(8):e0160106. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0160106. eCollection 2016.


Correction: Can Nocturnal Flight Calls of the Migrating Songbird, American Redstart, Encode Sexual Dimorphism and Individual Identity?

Griffiths ET, Keen SC, Lanzone M, Farnsworth A.

PLoS One. 2016 Jul 29;11(7):e0160596. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0160596. eCollection 2016.


A characterization of autumn nocturnal migration detected by weather surveillance radars in the northeastern USA.

Farnsworth A, Van DOREN BM, Hochachka WM, Sheldon D, Winner K, Irvine J, Geevarghese J, Kelling S.

Ecol Appl. 2016 Apr;26(3):752-70.


Can Nocturnal Flight Calls of the Migrating Songbird, American Redstart, Encode Sexual Dimorphism and Individual Identity?

Griffiths ET, Keen SC, Lanzone M, Farnsworth A.

PLoS One. 2016 Jun 10;11(6):e0156578. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0156578. eCollection 2016. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2016;11(7):e0160596.


A Composite Cytology-Histology Endpoint Allows a More Accurate Estimate of Anal High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Prevalence.

Machalek DA, Poynten IM, Jin F, Hillman RJ, Templeton DJ, Law C, Roberts JM, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Farnsworth A, Fairley CK, Grulich AE; SPANC study team.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2016 Jul;25(7):1134-43. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-15-1106. Epub 2016 Apr 27.


The value of a transformation zone component in anal cytology to detect HSIL.

Roberts JM, Jin F, Thurloe JK, Ekman D, Adams MK, McDonald RL, Biro C, Poynten IM, Grulich AE, Farnsworth A; Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC) Study Team.

Cancer Cytopathol. 2016 Aug;124(8):596-601. doi: 10.1002/cncy.21730. Epub 2016 May 13.


Seasonal changes in the altitudinal distribution of nocturnally migrating birds during autumn migration.

La Sorte FA, Hochachka WM, Farnsworth A, Sheldon D, Van Doren BM, Fink D, Kelling S.

R Soc Open Sci. 2015 Dec 9;2(12):150347. doi: 10.1098/rsos.150347. eCollection 2015 Dec.


Best Practice BioBanking of Human Heart Tissue.

Lal S, Li A, Allen D, Allen PD, Bannon P, Cartmill T, Cooke R, Farnsworth A, Keogh A, Dos Remedios C.

Biophys Rev. 2015 Dec;7(4):399-406. Epub 2015 Nov 2.


Self-sampling HPV testing versus mainstream cervical screening and HPV testing.

Farnsworth A.

Med J Aust. 2016 Mar 21;204(5):171. No abstract available.


The impact of Cenozoic cooling on assemblage diversity in planktonic foraminifera.

Fenton IS, Pearson PN, Dunkley Jones T, Farnsworth A, Lunt DJ, Markwick P, Purvis A.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2016 Apr 5;371(1691):20150224. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2015.0224.


The performance of anal cytology as a screening test for anal HSILs in homosexual men.

Jin F, Grulich AE, Poynten IM, Hillman RJ, Templeton DJ, Law CL, Farnsworth A, Garland SM, Fairley CK, Roberts JM; SPANC Study Team.

Cancer Cytopathol. 2016 Jun;124(6):415-24. doi: 10.1002/cncy.21702. Epub 2016 Feb 24.


Nocturnally migrating songbirds drift when they can and compensate when they must.

Horton KG, Van Doren BM, Stepanian PM, Hochachka WM, Farnsworth A, Kelly JF.

Sci Rep. 2016 Feb 16;6:21249. doi: 10.1038/srep21249.


Is there a role for the thinprep imaging system in reporting anal cytology?

Margaret Roberts J, Jin F, Ekman D, Kay Adams M, Lindsay McDonald R, Kathleen Thurloe J, Richards A, Mary Poynten I, Law C, Kincaid Fairley C, John Hillman R, Tabrizi SN, Marie Cornall A, James Templeton D, Marie Garland S, Edwin Grulich A, Farnsworth A.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2016 May;44(5):384-8. doi: 10.1002/dc.23451. Epub 2016 Feb 15. Erratum in: Diagn Cytopathol. 2017 Mar;45(3):279.


Papillary Immature Metaplasia of the Anal Canal: A Low-grade Lesion That Can Mimic a High-grade Lesion.

Roberts JM, Cornall AM, Ekman D, Law C, Poynten IM, Jin F, Hillman RJ, Templeton DJ, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Thurloe JK, Grulich AE, Farnsworth A.

Am J Surg Pathol. 2016 Mar;40(3):348-53. doi: 10.1097/PAS.0000000000000549.


Cervical cancer screening in Australia: Past and present.

Farnsworth A.

Cancer Cytopathol. 2016 Apr;124(4):231-4. doi: 10.1002/cncy.21642. Epub 2015 Oct 29. Review. No abstract available.


Atmospheric and oceanic impacts of Antarctic glaciation across the Eocene-Oligocene transition.

Kennedy AT, Farnsworth A, Lunt DJ, Lear CH, Markwick PJ.

Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci. 2015 Nov 13;373(2054). pii: 20140419. doi: 10.1098/rsta.2014.0419.


Documenting stewardship responsibilities across the annual cycle for birds on U.S. public lands.

La Sorte FA, Fink D, Hochachka WM, Aycrigg JL, Rosenberg KV, Rodewald AD, Bruns NE, Farnsworth A, Sullivan BL, Wood C, Kelling S.

Ecol Appl. 2015 Jan;25(1):39-51.


High reproducibility of histological diagnosis of human papillomavirus-related intraepithelial lesions of the anal canal.

Roberts JM, Jin F, Thurloe JK, Biro C, Poynten IM, Tabrizi SN, Fairley CK, Templeton DJ, Carr AD, Garland SM, Hillman RJ, Cornall AM, Grulich AE, Farnsworth A.

Pathology. 2015 Jun;47(4):308-13. doi: 10.1097/PAT.0000000000000246.


Migration timing and its determinants for nocturnal migratory birds during autumn migration.

La Sorte FA, Hochachka WM, Farnsworth A, Sheldon D, Fink D, Geevarghese J, Winner K, Van Doren BM, Kelling S.

J Anim Ecol. 2015 Sep;84(5):1202-12. doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.12376. Epub 2015 Apr 30.


Development and applications of universal H7 subtype-specific antibodies for the analysis of influenza H7N9 vaccines.

Gravel C, Elmgren C, Muralidharan A, Hashem AM, Jaentschke B, Xu K, Widdison J, Arnold K, Farnsworth A, Rinfret A, Van Domselaar G, Wang J, Li C, Li X.

Vaccine. 2015 Feb 25;33(9):1129-34. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.01.034. Epub 2015 Jan 22.


Diffuse melanosis cutis in the setting of BRAF(V600E) metastatic melanoma.

Sebaratnam DF, Martin LK, Venugopal SS, Mangos G, Freiman J, de Souza P, Farnsworth A, Cheung K, Scolyer RA, Murrell DF.

Int J Dermatol. 2014 Nov;53(11):1409-11. doi: 10.1111/ijd.12614. Epub 2014 Sep 26.


Changes to cervical screening in Australia: applying lessons learnt.

Farnsworth A.

Med J Aust. 2014 Sep 1;201(5):245-6. No abstract available.


Targeting the HA2 subunit of influenza A virus hemagglutinin via CD40L provides universal protection against diverse subtypes.

Fan X, Hashem AM, Chen Z, Li C, Doyle T, Zhang Y, Yi Y, Farnsworth A, Xu K, Li Z, He R, Li X, Wang J.

Mucosal Immunol. 2015 Jan;8(1):211-20. doi: 10.1038/mi.2014.59. Epub 2014 Jul 23.


Aortic valve replacement in octogenarians.

Ditchfield JA, Granger E, Spratt P, Jansz P, Dhital K, Farnsworth A, Hayward C.

Heart Lung Circ. 2014 Sep;23(9):841-6. doi: 10.1016/j.hlc.2014.03.017. Epub 2014 Mar 26.


A monoclonal antibody targeting a highly conserved epitope in influenza B neuraminidase provides protection against drug resistant strains.

Doyle TM, Li C, Bucher DJ, Hashem AM, Van Domselaar G, Wang J, Farnsworth A, She YM, Cyr T, He R, Brown EG, Hurt AC, Li X.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013 Nov 8;441(1):226-9. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2013.10.041. Epub 2013 Oct 16.


Surface modifications of influenza proteins upon virus inactivation by β-propiolactone.

She YM, Cheng K, Farnsworth A, Li X, Cyr TD.

Proteomics. 2013 Dec;13(23-24):3537-47. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201300096.


The Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC): design and methods of a three-year prospective cohort study.

Machalek DA, Grulich AE, Hillman RJ, Jin F, Templeton DJ, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Prestage G, McCaffery K, Howard K, Tong W, Fairley CK, Roberts J, Farnsworth A, Poynten IM; SPANC Study Team.

BMC Public Health. 2013 Oct 9;13:946. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-946.


Universal anti-neuraminidase antibody inhibiting all influenza A subtypes.

Doyle TM, Hashem AM, Li C, Van Domselaar G, Larocque L, Wang J, Smith D, Cyr T, Farnsworth A, He R, Hurt AC, Brown EG, Li X.

Antiviral Res. 2013 Nov;100(2):567-74. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2013.09.018. Epub 2013 Sep 30.


The universal epitope of influenza A viral neuraminidase fundamentally contributes to enzyme activity and viral replication.

Doyle TM, Jaentschke B, Van Domselaar G, Hashem AM, Farnsworth A, Forbes NE, Li C, Wang J, He R, Brown EG, Li X.

J Biol Chem. 2013 Jun 21;288(25):18283-9. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M113.468884. Epub 2013 May 3.


Use of a bacteriophage lysin to identify a novel target for antimicrobial development.

Schuch R, Pelzek AJ, Raz A, Euler CW, Ryan PA, Winer BY, Farnsworth A, Bhaskaran SS, Stebbins CE, Xu Y, Clifford A, Bearss DJ, Vankayalapati H, Goldberg AR, Fischetti VA.

PLoS One. 2013 Apr 10;8(4):e60754. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060754. Print 2013.


A novel synthetic receptor-based immunoassay for influenza vaccine quantification.

Hashem AM, Gravel C, Farnsworth A, Zou W, Lemieux M, Xu K, Li C, Wang J, Goneau MF, Merziotis M, He R, Gilbert M, Li X.

PLoS One. 2013;8(2):e55428. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055428. Epub 2013 Feb 12.


Modifying the thermostability of inactivated influenza vaccines.

Bliu A, Lemieux M, Li C, Li X, Wang J, Farnsworth A.

Vaccine. 2012 Aug 10;30(37):5506-11. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2012.06.051. Epub 2012 Jun 27.


Simultaneous quantification of the viral antigens hemagglutinin and neuraminidase in influenza vaccines by LC-MSE.

Creskey MC, Li C, Wang J, Girard M, Lorbetskie B, Gravel C, Farnsworth A, Li X, Smith DG, Cyr TD.

Vaccine. 2012 Jul 6;30(32):4762-70. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2012.05.036. Epub 2012 May 27.


Anal human papillomavirus infection and associated neoplastic lesions in men who have sex with men: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Machalek DA, Poynten M, Jin F, Fairley CK, Farnsworth A, Garland SM, Hillman RJ, Petoumenos K, Roberts J, Tabrizi SN, Templeton DJ, Grulich AE.

Lancet Oncol. 2012 May;13(5):487-500. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(12)70080-3. Epub 2012 Mar 23. Review.


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