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Workshop Report: Modulation of Antitumor Immune Responses by Dietary and Microbial Metabolites.

Kumar A, Smith C, Jobin C, Trinchieri G, Howcroft TK, Seifried H, Espey MG, Flores R, Kim YS, Daschner PJ.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2017 Jun 1;109(6). doi: 10.1093/jnci/djx040.


Nutritional Interventions for Mitochondrial OXPHOS Deficiencies: Mechanisms and Model Systems.

Kuszak AJ, Espey MG, Falk MJ, Holmbeck MA, Manfredi G, Shadel GS, Vernon HJ, Zolkipli-Cunningham Z.

Annu Rev Pathol. 2018 Jan 24;13:163-191. doi: 10.1146/annurev-pathol-020117-043644. Epub 2017 Nov 3.


Redox relationships in gut-microbiome interactions.

Daschner PJ, Grisham MB, Espey MG.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2017 Apr;105:1-2. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2017.02.043. Epub 2017 Feb 28. No abstract available.


Meeting Report: The Role of the Mobilome in Cancer.

Ardeljan D, Taylor MS, Burns KH, Boeke JD, Espey MG, Woodhouse EC, Howcroft TK.

Cancer Res. 2016 Aug 1;76(15):4316-9. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-3421. Epub 2016 Jul 18.


Ascorbic Acid Attenuates Hyperoxia-Compromised Host Defense against Pulmonary Bacterial Infection.

Patel VS, Sampat V, Espey MG, Sitapara R, Wang H, Yang X, Ashby CR Jr, Thomas DD, Mantell LL.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2016 Oct;55(4):511-520.


Redox physical oncology: intersections between redox and the physical environment in cancer.

Espey MG.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2015 Feb;79:251-2. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2014.11.023. Epub 2014 Dec 10. No abstract available.


Measuring the evolution and output of cross-disciplinary collaborations within the NCI Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers Network.

Basner JE, Theisz KI, Jensen US, Jones CD, Ponomarev I, Sulima P, Jo K, Eljanne M, Espey MG, Franca-Koh J, Hanlon SE, Kuhn NZ, Nagahara LA, Schnell JD, Moore NM.

Res Eval. 2013 Dec;22(5):285-297.


Effect of nitric oxide on the anticancer activity of the topoisomerase-active drugs etoposide and adriamycin in human melanoma cells.

Sinha BK, Kumar A, Bhattacharjee S, Espey MG, Mason RP.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2013 Dec;347(3):607-14. doi: 10.1124/jpet.113.207928. Epub 2013 Sep 18.


The role of antioxidants in the era of cardio‑oncology.

Vincent DT, Ibrahim YF, Espey MG, Suzuki YJ.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2013 Dec;72(6):1157-68. Review.


Role of nitric oxide in the chemistry and anticancer activity of etoposide (VP-16,213).

Sinha BK, Bhattacharjee S, Chatterjee S, Jiang J, Motten AG, Kumar A, Espey MG, Mason RP.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2013 Mar 18;26(3):379-87. doi: 10.1021/tx300480q. Epub 2013 Feb 26.


Pharmacological characterization of 1-nitrosocyclohexyl acetate, a long-acting nitroxyl donor that shows vasorelaxant and antiaggregatory effects.

Donzelli S, Fischer G, King BS, Niemann C, DuMond JF, Heeren J, Wieboldt H, Baldus S, Gerloff C, Eschenhagen T, Carrier L, Böger RH, Espey MG.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2013 Feb;344(2):339-47. doi: 10.1124/jpet.112.199836. Epub 2012 Dec 4.


Role of oxygen gradients in shaping redox relationships between the human intestine and its microbiota.

Espey MG.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2013 Feb;55:130-40. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2012.10.554. Epub 2012 Nov 2. Review.


Ascorbic acid kills Epstein-Barr virus positive Burkitt lymphoma cells and Epstein-Barr virus transformed B-cells in vitro, but not in vivo.

Shatzer AN, Espey MG, Chavez M, Tu H, Levine M, Cohen JI.

Leuk Lymphoma. 2013 May;54(5):1069-78. doi: 10.3109/10428194.2012.739686. Epub 2012 Nov 15.


Vitamin C: a concentration-function approach yields pharmacology and therapeutic discoveries.

Levine M, Padayatty SJ, Espey MG.

Adv Nutr. 2011 Mar;2(2):78-88. doi: 10.3945/an.110.000109. Epub 2011 Mar 10. Review.


Measurement of plasma volume using fluorescent silica-based nanoparticles.

Eisner C, Ow H, Yang T, Jia Z, Dimitriadis E, Li L, Wang K, Briggs J, Levine M, Schnermann J, Espey MG.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2012 Feb;112(4):681-7. doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01068.2011. Epub 2011 Dec 15.


Endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated inhibition of NSMase2 elevates plasma membrane cholesterol and attenuates NO production in endothelial cells.

Chaube R, Kallakunta VM, Espey MG, McLarty R, Faccenda A, Ananvoranich S, Mutus B.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012 Feb;1821(2):313-23. doi: 10.1016/j.bbalip.2011.10.015. Epub 2011 Oct 25.


Pharmacologic ascorbate synergizes with gemcitabine in preclinical models of pancreatic cancer.

Espey MG, Chen P, Chalmers B, Drisko J, Sun AY, Levine M, Chen Q.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2011 Jun 1;50(11):1610-9. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2011.03.007. Epub 2011 Mar 12.


Vitamin C: intravenous use by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and adverse effects.

Padayatty SJ, Sun AY, Chen Q, Espey MG, Drisko J, Levine M.

PLoS One. 2010 Jul 7;5(7):e11414. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011414.


Hyperoxia sensing: from molecular mechanisms to significance in disease.

Gore A, Muralidhar M, Espey MG, Degenhardt K, Mantell LL.

J Immunotoxicol. 2010 Oct-Dec;7(4):239-54. doi: 10.3109/1547691X.2010.492254. Epub 2010 Jun 29. Review.


Vitamin C transporter Slc23a1 links renal reabsorption, vitamin C tissue accumulation, and perinatal survival in mice.

Corpe CP, Tu H, Eck P, Wang J, Faulhaber-Walter R, Schnermann J, Margolis S, Padayatty S, Sun H, Wang Y, Nussbaum RL, Espey MG, Levine M.

J Clin Invest. 2010 Apr;120(4):1069-83. doi: 10.1172/JCI39191.


Differential effects of reactive nitrogen species on DNA base excision repair initiated by the alkyladenine DNA glycosylase.

Jones LE Jr, Ying L, Hofseth AB, Jelezcova E, Sobol RW, Ambs S, Harris CC, Espey MG, Hofseth LJ, Wyatt MD.

Carcinogenesis. 2009 Dec;30(12):2123-9. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgp256.


Comment re: Vitamin C antagonizes the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapy.

Espey MG, Chen Q, Levine M.

Cancer Res. 2009 Nov 15;69(22):8830; author reply 8830-1. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-3798. Epub 2009 Oct 20. No abstract available.


Nitroxyl exacerbates ischemic cerebral injury and oxidative neurotoxicity.

Choe CU, Lewerenz J, Fischer G, Uliasz TF, Espey MG, Hummel FC, King SB, Schwedhelm E, Böger RH, Gerloff C, Hewett SJ, Magnus T, Donzelli S.

J Neurochem. 2009 Sep;110(6):1766-73. doi: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2009.06266.x. Epub 2009 Jul 8.


Losing and finding a way at C: new promise for pharmacologic ascorbate in cancer treatment.

Levine M, Espey MG, Chen Q.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2009 Jul 1;47(1):27-9. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2009.04.001. Epub 2009 Apr 8. No abstract available.


Pharmacologic doses of ascorbate act as a prooxidant and decrease growth of aggressive tumor xenografts in mice.

Chen Q, Espey MG, Sun AY, Pooput C, Kirk KL, Krishna MC, Khosh DB, Drisko J, Levine M.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Aug 12;105(32):11105-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0804226105. Epub 2008 Aug 4.


Generation of nitroxyl by heme protein-mediated peroxidation of hydroxylamine but not N-hydroxy-L-arginine.

Donzelli S, Espey MG, Flores-Santana W, Switzer CH, Yeh GC, Huang J, Stuehr DJ, King SB, Miranda KM, Wink DA.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2008 Sep 1;45(5):578-84. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2008.04.036. Epub 2008 May 3.


Plasma membrane cholesterol content affects nitric oxide diffusion dynamics and signaling.

Miersch S, Espey MG, Chaube R, Akarca A, Tweten R, Ananvoranich S, Mutus B.

J Biol Chem. 2008 Jul 4;283(27):18513-21. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M800440200. Epub 2008 Apr 29.


Dynamic monitoring of localized tumor oxygenation changes using RF pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance in conscious mice.

Matsumoto S, Espey MG, Utsumi H, Devasahayam N, Matsumoto K, Matsumoto A, Hirata H, Wink DA, Kuppusamy P, Subramanian S, Mitchell JB, Krishna MC.

Magn Reson Med. 2008 Mar;59(3):619-25. doi: 10.1002/mrm.21500.


Association of an endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase with cerebral vasospasm in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Jung CS, Oldfield EH, Harvey-White J, Espey MG, Zimmermann M, Seifert V, Pluta RM.

J Neurosurg. 2007 Nov;107(5):945-50.


Ascorbate in pharmacologic concentrations selectively generates ascorbate radical and hydrogen peroxide in extracellular fluid in vivo.

Chen Q, Espey MG, Sun AY, Lee JH, Krishna MC, Shacter E, Choyke PL, Pooput C, Kirk KL, Buettner GR, Levine M.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 May 22;104(21):8749-54. Epub 2007 May 14.


Asbestos redirects nitric oxide signaling through rapid catalytic conversion to nitrite.

Thomas DD, Espey MG, Pociask DA, Ridnour LA, Donzelli S, Wink DA.

Cancer Res. 2006 Dec 15;66(24):11600-4.


Tumor macrophage redox and effector mechanisms associated with hypoxia.

Espey MG.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2006 Dec 1;41(11):1621-8. Epub 2006 Sep 16. Review.


Malignant glioma progression and nitric oxide.

Lam-Himlin D, Espey MG, Perry G, Smith MA, Castellani RJ.

Neurochem Int. 2006 Dec;49(8):764-8. Epub 2006 Sep 12. Review.


The activation of metabolites of nitric oxide synthase by metals is both redox and oxygen dependent: a new feature of nitrogen oxide signaling.

Donzelli S, Switzer CH, Thomas DD, Ridnour LA, Espey MG, Isenberg JS, Tocchetti CG, King SB, Lazzarino G, Miranda KM, Roberts DD, Feelisch M, Wink DA.

Antioxid Redox Signal. 2006 Jul-Aug;8(7-8):1363-71. Review.


The biphasic nature of nitric oxide responses in tumor biology.

Ridnour LA, Thomas DD, Donzelli S, Espey MG, Roberts DD, Wink DA, Isenberg JS.

Antioxid Redox Signal. 2006 Jul-Aug;8(7-8):1329-37. Review.


Superoxide fluxes limit nitric oxide-induced signaling.

Thomas DD, Ridnour LA, Espey MG, Donzelli S, Ambs S, Hussain SP, Harris CC, DeGraff W, Roberts DD, Mitchell JB, Wink DA.

J Biol Chem. 2006 Sep 8;281(36):25984-93. Epub 2006 Jul 7.


Discriminating formation of HNO from other reactive nitrogen oxide species.

Donzelli S, Espey MG, Thomas DD, Mancardi D, Tocchetti CG, Ridnour LA, Paolocci N, King SB, Miranda KM, Lazzarino G, Fukuto JM, Wink DA.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2006 Mar 15;40(6):1056-66. Epub 2005 Nov 21.


Guanylyl cyclase-dependent chemotaxis of endothelial cells in response to nitric oxide gradients.

Isenberg JS, Ridnour LA, Thomas DD, Wink DA, Roberts DD, Espey MG.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2006 Mar 15;40(6):1028-33. Epub 2005 Nov 17.


The emerging biology of the nitrite anion.

Gladwin MT, Schechter AN, Kim-Shapiro DB, Patel RP, Hogg N, Shiva S, Cannon RO 3rd, Kelm M, Wink DA, Espey MG, Oldfield EH, Pluta RM, Freeman BA, Lancaster JR Jr, Feelisch M, Lundberg JO.

Nat Chem Biol. 2005 Nov;1(6):308-14. Erratum in: Nat Chem Biol. 2006 Feb;2(2):110.


Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that regulates gene expression.

Hofseth LJ, Robles AI, Espey MG, Harris CC.

Methods Enzymol. 2005;396:326-40.


Neurotoxicity of nitroxyl: insights into HNO and NO biochemical imbalance.

Hewett SJ, Espey MG, Uliasz TF, Wink DA.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2005 Dec 1;39(11):1478-88. Epub 2005 Aug 8.


In vitro and in vivo effects of probucol on hydrolysis of asymmetric dimethyl L-arginine and vasospasm in primates.

Pluta RM, Jung CS, Harvey-White J, Whitehead A, Shilad S, Espey MG, Oldfield EH.

J Neurosurg. 2005 Oct;103(4):731-8.


Pharmacologic ascorbic acid concentrations selectively kill cancer cells: action as a pro-drug to deliver hydrogen peroxide to tissues.

Chen Q, Espey MG, Krishna MC, Mitchell JB, Corpe CP, Buettner GR, Shacter E, Levine M.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Sep 20;102(38):13604-9. Epub 2005 Sep 12.


Thrombospondin-1 inhibits endothelial cell responses to nitric oxide in a cGMP-dependent manner.

Isenberg JS, Ridnour LA, Perruccio EM, Espey MG, Wink DA, Roberts DD.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Sep 13;102(37):13141-6. Epub 2005 Sep 6.


Nitric oxide regulates angiogenesis through a functional switch involving thrombospondin-1.

Ridnour LA, Isenberg JS, Espey MG, Thomas DD, Roberts DD, Wink DA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Sep 13;102(37):13147-52. Epub 2005 Sep 2.


Nitric oxide in wound-healing.

Isenberg JS, Ridnour LA, Espey MG, Wink DA, Roberts DD.

Microsurgery. 2005;25(5):442-51. Review.


Mechanism of aerobic decomposition of Angeli's salt (sodium trioxodinitrate) at physiological pH.

Miranda KM, Dutton AS, Ridnour LA, Foreman CA, Ford E, Paolocci N, Katori T, Tocchetti CG, Mancardi D, Thomas DD, Espey MG, Houk KN, Fukuto JM, Wink DA.

J Am Chem Soc. 2005 Jan 19;127(2):722-31.


The chemical dynamics of NO and reactive nitrogen oxides: a practical guide.

Mancardi D, Ridnour LA, Thomas DD, Katori T, Tocchetti CG, Espey MG, Miranda KM, Paolocci N, Wink DA.

Curr Mol Med. 2004 Nov;4(7):723-40. Review.


Hypoxic inducible factor 1alpha, extracellular signal-regulated kinase, and p53 are regulated by distinct threshold concentrations of nitric oxide.

Thomas DD, Espey MG, Ridnour LA, Hofseth LJ, Mancardi D, Harris CC, Wink DA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Jun 15;101(24):8894-9. Epub 2004 Jun 3.

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