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Molecular characterization and evolution of self-incompatibility genes in Arabidopsis thaliana: the case of the Sc haplotype.

Dwyer KG, Berger MT, Ahmed R, Hritzo MK, McCulloch AA, Price MJ, Serniak NJ, Walsh LT, Nasrallah JB, Nasrallah ME.

Genetics. 2013 Mar;193(3):985-94. doi: 10.1534/genetics.112.146787. Epub 2013 Jan 10.


Expression of distinct self-incompatibility specificities in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Boggs NA, Dwyer KG, Shah P, McCulloch AA, Bechsgaard J, Schierup MH, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB.

Genetics. 2009 Aug;182(4):1313-21. doi: 10.1534/genetics.109.102442. Epub 2009 Jun 8.


In vivo detection of residues required for ligand-selective activation of the S-locus receptor in Arabidopsis.

Boggs NA, Dwyer KG, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB.

Curr Biol. 2009 May 12;19(9):786-91. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2009.03.037. Epub 2009 Apr 16.


Genome-wide identification of genes expressed in Arabidopsis pistils specifically along the path of pollen tube growth.

Tung CW, Dwyer KG, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB.

Plant Physiol. 2005 Jun;138(2):977-89. Epub 2005 May 13.


Identification of Bacillus anthracis specific chromosomal sequences by suppressive subtractive hybridization.

Dwyer KG, Lamonica JM, Schumacher JA, Williams LE, Bishara J, Lewandowski A, Redkar R, Patra G, DelVecchio VG.

BMC Genomics. 2004 Feb 12;5(1):15.


A superfamily of S locus-related sequences in Arabidopsis: diverse structures and expression patterns.

Dwyer KG, Kandasamy MK, Mahosky DI, Acciai J, Kudish BI, Miller JE, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB.

Plant Cell. 1994 Dec;6(12):1829-43.


Distinct cis-acting elements direct pistil-specific and pollen-specific activity of the Brassica S locus glycoprotein gene promoter.

Dzelzkalns VA, Thorsness MK, Dwyer KG, Baxter JS, Balent MA, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB.

Plant Cell. 1993 Aug;5(8):855-63.


Structure and expression of AtS1, an Arabidopsis thaliana gene homologous to the S-locus related genes of Brassica.

Dwyer KG, Lalonde BA, Nasrallah JB, Nasrallah ME.

Mol Gen Genet. 1992 Feb;231(3):442-8.


DNA sequences of self-incompatibility genes from Brassica campestris and B. oleracea: polymorphism predating speciation.

Dwyer KG, Balent MA, Nasrallah JB, Nasrallah ME.

Plant Mol Biol. 1991 Mar;16(3):481-6. No abstract available.


Brassica S-Proteins Accumulate in the Intercellular Matrix along the Path of Pollen Tubes in Transgenic Tobacco Pistils.

Kandasamy MK, Dwyer KG, Paolillo DJ, Doney RC, Nasrallah JB, Nasrallah ME.

Plant Cell. 1990 Jan;2(1):39-49.


A highly conserved Brassica gene with homology to the S-locus-specific glycoprotein structural gene.

Lalonde BA, Nasrallah ME, Dwyer KG, Chen CH, Barlow B, Nasrallah JB.

Plant Cell. 1989 Feb;1(2):249-58.


Replication of the Trichoplusia ni granulosis and nuclear polyhedrosis viruses in cell cultures.

Granados RR, Derksen AC, Dwyer KG.

Virology. 1986 Jul 30;152(2):472-6.


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