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Propagation of Spermatogonial Stem Cell-Like Cells From Infant Boys.

Dong L, Kristensen SG, Hildorf S, Gul M, Clasen-Linde E, Fedder J, Hoffmann ER, Cortes D, Thorup J, Andersen CY.

Front Physiol. 2019 Sep 19;10:1155. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2019.01155. eCollection 2019.


[New exploration of treatment target for proliferative diabetic retinopathy based on iTRAQ LC-MS/MS Proteomics].

Wen DJ, Ren XJ, Dong LJ, He Y, Li XR.

Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi. 2019 Oct 11;55(10):769-776. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0412-4081.2019.10.008. Chinese.


[Study on biopharmaceutics classification system of Chinese materia medica for Gegen Qinlians Tablets based on anti-inflammatory activity].

Wang ZY, Liu Y, Zhang X, Li YP, Cheng YR, Dong L.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Sep;44(17):3662-3671. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.20190513.301. Chinese.


[Research on attributes of biopharmaceutics classification system for Chinese materia medica of baicalein in Gegen Qinlian Decoction environment].

Liu Y, Yang L, Zhang X, Cheng YR, Gong YT, Dong L.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Sep;44(17):3653-3661. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.20190523.301. Chinese.


[Applicability analysis and evaluation of aglycones in single-pass intestinal perfusion technique based on PBPK model].

Liu Y, Zhang X, Shi XJ, Wen YX, Yang L, Dong L.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Sep;44(17):3645-3652. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.20190629.311. Chinese.


[Research and development thought on biopharmaceutics classification system of Chinese materia medica].

Liu Y, Wang ZY, Xu WJ, Zhang CJ, Dong L.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Sep;44(17):3637-3644. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.20190629.310. Chinese.


Overexpression of an NADP(H)-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase gene, TrGDH, from Trichurus improves nitrogen assimilation, growth status and grain weight per plant in rice.

Du CQ, Lin JZ, Dong LA, Liu C, Tang DY, Yan L, Chen MD, Liu S, Liu XM.

Breed Sci. 2019 Sep;69(3):429-438. doi: 10.1270/jsbbs.19014. Epub 2019 Aug 3.


MicroRNA-15a Inhibits Glucose Transporter 4 Translocation and Impairs Glucose Metabolism in L6 Skeletal Muscle Via Targeting of Vesicle-Associated Membrane Protein-Associated Protein A.

Guo Y, Li G, Li H, Huang C, Liu Q, Dou Y, Yin X, Dong L, Yang N, Han Z.

Can J Diabetes. 2019 Jul 31. pii: S1499-2671(19)30122-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jcjd.2019.07.151. [Epub ahead of print]


Interlaboratory assessment of droplet digital PCR for quantification of BRAF V600E mutation using a novel DNA reference material.

Dong L, Wang X, Wang S, Du M, Niu C, Yang J, Li L, Zhang G, Fu B, Gao Y, Wang J.

Talanta. 2020 Jan 15;207:120293. doi: 10.1016/j.talanta.2019.120293. Epub 2019 Aug 24.


Effects of physical exercises on semen quality and reproductive outcomes in male infertility: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Yan X, Dong L, Liu Y, Yang F, Tan K, Li J, Chang D, Yu X.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Oct;98(41):e17494. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017494.


Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) from Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells Promote Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cell (HUVEC) Angiogenesis through Yes Kinase-associated Protein (YAP) Transport.

Wang Y, Dong L, Zhong H, Yang L, Li Q, Su C, Gu W, Qian Y.

Int J Biol Sci. 2019 Aug 7;15(10):2110-2118. doi: 10.7150/ijbs.31605. eCollection 2019.


Homogeneity assessment for pivotal medical device clinical studies.

Yan X, Ahn C, Chu J, Dong LM, Li H, Li X, Lu H, Lu N, Mukhi V, Nair R, Tiwari R, Xu Y, Yue LQ.

J Biopharm Stat. 2019;29(5):749-759. doi: 10.1080/10543406.2019.1657131. Epub 2019 Sep 5.


Effects of rumen-protected betaine supplementation on meat quality and the composition of fatty and amino acids in growing lambs.

Dong L, Zhong ZX, Cui HH, Wang SN, Luo Y, Yu LH, Loor JJ, Wang HR.

Animal. 2019 Oct 7:1-10. doi: 10.1017/S1751731119002258. [Epub ahead of print]


Integrated Proteogenomic Characterization of HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

Gao Q, Zhu H, Dong L, Shi W, Chen R, Song Z, Huang C, Li J, Dong X, Zhou Y, Liu Q, Ma L, Wang X, Zhou J, Liu Y, Boja E, Robles AI, Ma W, Wang P, Li Y, Ding L, Wen B, Zhang B, Rodriguez H, Gao D, Zhou H, Fan J.

Cell. 2019 Oct 3;179(2):561-577.e22. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2019.08.052.


Thiophenol detection using an AIE fluorescent probe through self-assembly with TPE-based glycoclusters.

Dong L, Chen GR, He XP, Vidal S.

Org Biomol Chem. 2019 Oct 4. doi: 10.1039/c9ob01937e. [Epub ahead of print]


9-Azido Analogues of Three Sialic Acid Forms for Metabolic Remodeling of Cell-Surface Sialoglycans.

Cheng B, Dong L, Zhu Y, Huang R, Sun Y, You Q, Song Q, Paton JC, Paton AW, Chen X.

ACS Chem Biol. 2019 Oct 4. doi: 10.1021/acschembio.9b00556. [Epub ahead of print]


MiR-146b protects against the inflammation injury in pediatric pneumonia through MyD88/NF-κB signaling pathway.

Zhang L, Dong L, Tang Y, Li M, Zhang M.

Infect Dis (Lond). 2019 Oct 4:1-10. doi: 10.1080/23744235.2019.1671987. [Epub ahead of print]


Enhanced osteogenesis of quasi-three-dimensional hierarchical topography.

Yu M, Liu Y, Yu X, Li J, Zhao W, Hu J, Cheng K, Weng W, Zhang B, Wang H, Dong L.

J Nanobiotechnology. 2019 Oct 3;17(1):102. doi: 10.1186/s12951-019-0536-5.


Evidence for undoped Weyl semimetal charge transport in Y<sub>2</sub>Ir<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub>.

LaBarre PG, Dong L, Trinh J, Siegrist T, Ramirez AP.

J Phys Condens Matter. 2019 Oct 3. doi: 10.1088/1361-648X/ab4aaf. [Epub ahead of print]


Effects of uninterrupted sinusoidal LF-EMF stimulation on LTP induced by different combinations of TBS/HFS at the Schaffer collateral-CA1 of synapses.

Zheng Y, Ma XX, Dong L, Ma W, Cheng JH.

Brain Res. 2019 Sep 30;1725:146487. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2019.146487. [Epub ahead of print]


Orbital abscess treated by ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration and catheter drainage: A case report.

Wang Y, Zhang J, Dong L, Jiang H, Song X.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Sep;98(39):e17365. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017365.


Laryngeal granuloma occurring after surgery for laryngeal cancer treated by surgical removal and immediate post-operative radiotherapy: A case report.

Wu J, Jiang T, Wu Y, Ding L, Dong L.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Sep;98(39):e17345. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017345.


Association of ABCB1 polymorphisms with lipid homeostasis and liver injury response to atorvastatin in Chinese population.

Qu KK, Zhang C, Dong LX, Wang SS, Zhang L, Zhang ZD.

Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2019 Oct 1. doi: 10.1139/cjpp-2019-0339. [Epub ahead of print]


Amplitude Analysis of D_{s}^{+}→π^{+}π^{0}η and First Observation of the W-Annihilation Dominant Decays D_{s}^{+}→a_{0}(980)^{+}π^{0} and D_{s}^{+}→a_{0}(980)^{0}π^{+}.

Ablikim M, Achasov MN, Ahmed S, Albrecht M, Alekseev M, Amoroso A, An FF, An Q, Bai JZ, Bai Y, Bakina O, Baldini Ferroli R, Ban Y, Begzsuren K, Bennett JV, Berger N, Bertani M, Bettoni D, Bianchi F, Boger E, Boyko I, Briere RA, Cai H, Cai X, Calcaterra A, Cao GF, Cao N, Cetin SA, Chai J, Chang JF, Chelkov G, Chen G, Chen HS, Chen JC, Chen ML, Chen SJ, Chen XR, Chen YB, Cheng W, Chu XK, Cibinetto G, Cossio F, Cui XF, Dai HL, Dai JP, Dbeyssi A, Dedovich D, Deng ZY, Denig A, Denysenko I, Destefanis M, De Mori F, Ding Y, Dong C, Dong J, Dong LY, Dong MY, Du SX, Fang J, Fang SS, Fang Y, Farinelli R, Fava L, Feldbauer F, Felici G, Feng CQ, Fritsch M, Fu CD, Gao Q, Gao XL, Gao Y, Gao Y, Gao YG, Gao Z, Garillon B, Garzia I, Gilman A, Goetzen K, Gong L, Gong WX, Gradl W, Greco M, Gu MH, Gu YT, Guo AQ, Guo RP, Guo YP, Guskov A, Han S, Hao XQ, Harris FA, He KL, He XQ, Heinsius FH, Held T, Heng YK, Hou YR, Hou ZL, Hu HM, Hu JF, Hu T, Hu Y, Huang GS, Huang JS, Huang XT, Huang ZL, Hussain T, Ikegami Andersson W, Imoehl W, Irshad M, Ji Q, Ji QP, Ji XB, Ji XL, Jiang XS, Jiang XY, Jiao JB, Jiao Z, Jin DP, Jin S, Jin Y, Johansson T, Kalantar-Nayestanaki N, Kang XS, Kappert R, Kavatsyuk M, Ke BC, Keshk IK, Khan T, Khoukaz A, Kiese P, Kiuchi R, Kliemt R, Koch L, Kolcu OB, Kopf B, Kuemmel M, Kuessner M, Kupsc A, Kurth M, Kurth MG, Kühn W, Lange JS, Larin P, Lavezzi L, Leithoff H, Li C, Li C, Li DM, Li F, Li FY, Li G, Li HB, Li HJ, Li JC, Li JW, Li J, Li KJ, Li K, Li K, Li LK, Li L, Li PL, Li PR, Li QY, Li WD, Li WG, Li XL, Li XN, Li XQ, Li ZB, Liang H, Liang H, Liang YF, Liang YT, Liao GR, Liao LZ, Libby J, Lin CX, Lin DX, Liu B, Liu BJ, Liu CX, Liu D, Liu DY, Liu FH, Liu F, Liu F, Liu HB, Liu HM, Liu H, Liu H, Liu JB, Liu JY, Liu KY, Liu K, Liu LD, Liu Q, Liu SB, Liu X, Liu XY, Liu YB, Liu ZA, Liu Z, Long YF, Lou XC, Lu HJ, Lu JG, Lu Y, Lu YP, Luo CL, Luo MX, Luo T, Luo XL, Lusso S, Lyu XR, Ma FC, Ma HL, Ma LL, Ma MM, Ma QM, Ma T, Ma XN, Ma XY, Ma YM, Maas FE, Maggiora M, Maldaner S, Malik QA, Mangoni A, Mao YJ, Mao ZP, Marcello S, Meng ZX, Messchendorp JG, Mezzadri G, Min J, Mitchell RE, Mo XH, Mo YJ, Morales Morales C, Muchnoi NY, Muramatsu H, Mustafa A, Nefedov Y, Nerling F, Nikolaev IB, Ning Z, Nisar S, Niu SL, Niu XY, Olsen SL, Ouyang Q, Pacetti S, Pan Y, Papenbrock M, Patteri P, Pelizaeus M, Pellegrino J, Peng HP, Peters K, Pettersson J, Ping JL, Ping RG, Pitka A, Poling R, Prasad V, Qi M, Qi TY, Qian S, Qiao CF, Qin N, Qin XS, Qin ZH, Qiu JF, Qu SQ, Rashid KH, Redmer CF, Richter M, Ripka M, Rivetti A, Rodin V, Rolo M, Rong G, Rosner C, Sarantsev A, Savrié M, Schoenning K, Shan W, Shan XY, Shao M, Shen CP, Shen PX, Shen XY, Sheng HY, Shi X, Song JJ, Song XY, Sosio S, Sowa C, Spataro S, Sun GX, Sun JF, Sun L, Sun SS, Sun XH, Sun YJ, Sun YK, Sun YZ, Sun ZJ, Sun ZT, Tan YT, Tang CJ, Tang GY, Tang X, Tsednee B, Uman I, Wang B, Wang D, Wang DY, Wang K, Wang LL, Wang LS, Wang M, Wang M, Wang P, Wang PL, Wang WP, Wang XL, Wang Y, Wang YF, Wang Z, Wang ZG, Wang ZY, Wang Z, Weber T, Wei DH, Weidenkaff P, Wen SP, Wiedner U, Wolke M, Wu LH, Wu LJ, Wu Z, Xia L, Xia Y, Xiao SY, Xiao YJ, Xiao ZJ, Xie YG, Xie YH, Xiong XA, Xiu QL, Xu GF, Xu JJ, Xu L, Xu QJ, Xu XP, Yan F, Yan L, Yan WB, Yan WC, Yan YH, Yang HJ, Yang HX, Yang L, Yang RX, Yang YH, Yang YX, Yang Y, Yang ZQ, Ye M, Ye MH, Yin JH, You ZY, Yu BX, Yu CX, Yu JS, Yu JS, Yuan CZ, Yuan Y, Yuncu A, Zafar AA, Zeng Y, Zhang BX, Zhang BY, Zhang CC, Zhang DH, Zhang HH, Zhang HY, Zhang J, Zhang JL, Zhang JQ, Zhang JW, Zhang JY, Zhang JZ, Zhang K, Zhang L, Zhang TJ, Zhang XY, Zhang Y, Zhang YH, Zhang YT, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang ZH, Zhang ZP, Zhang ZY, Zhao G, Zhao JW, Zhao JY, Zhao JZ, Zhao L, Zhao L, Zhao MG, Zhao Q, Zhao SJ, Zhao TC, Zhao YB, Zhao ZG, Zhemchugov A, Zheng B, Zheng JP, Zheng YH, Zhong B, Zhou L, Zhou Q, Zhou X, Zhou XK, Zhou XR, Zhou X, Zhou X, Zhu AN, Zhu J, Zhu J, Zhu K, Zhu KJ, Zhu SH, Zhu WJ, Zhu XL, Zhu YC, Zhu YS, Zhu ZA, Zhuang J, Zou BS, Zou JH; BESIII Collaboration.

Phys Rev Lett. 2019 Sep 13;123(11):112001. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.112001.


Six2 is negatively correlated with prognosis and facilitates epithelial-mesenchymal transition via TGF-β/Smad signal pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Wan ZH, Ma YH, Jiang TY, Lin YK, Shi YY, Tan YX, Dong LW, Wang HY.

Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int. 2019 Sep 14. pii: S1499-3872(19)30183-3. doi: 10.1016/j.hbpd.2019.09.005. [Epub ahead of print]


Circulating Tumor Cell and Circulating Tumor DNA Assays Reveal Complementary Information for Patients with Metastatic Urothelial Cancer.

Chalfin HJ, Glavaris SA, Gorin MA, Kates MR, Fong MH, Dong L, Matoso A, Bivalacqua TJ, Johnson MH, Pienta KJ, Hahn NM, McConkey DJ.

Eur Urol Oncol. 2019 Sep 25. pii: S2588-9311(19)30130-0. doi: 10.1016/j.euo.2019.08.004. [Epub ahead of print]


CAPS1 Suppresses Tumorigenesis in Cholangiocarcinoma.

Weng S, Janssen HLA, Zhang N, Tang W, Bai E, Yang B, Dong L.

Dig Dis Sci. 2019 Sep 27. doi: 10.1007/s10620-019-05843-9. [Epub ahead of print]


Biodegradable iron-coordinated hollow polydopamine nanospheres for dihydroartemisinin delivery and selectively enhanced therapy in tumor cells.

Dong L, Wang C, Zhen W, Jia X, An S, Xu Z, Zhang W, Jiang X.

J Mater Chem B. 2019 Sep 27. doi: 10.1039/c9tb01397k. [Epub ahead of print]


Self-Assembly of Phosphate-Centered Polyoxo-Titanium Cluster: Discovery of New "Heteroatom Keggin Family".

Lan YQ, Li N, Liu J, Liu JJ, Dong LZ, Li SL, Dong BX, Kan YH.

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2019 Sep 26. doi: 10.1002/anie.201910491. [Epub ahead of print]


Potential Roles of Adiponectin Isoforms in Human Obesity with Delayed Wound Healing.

Ryu J, Loza CA, Xu H, Zhou M, Hadley JT, Wu J, You H, Wang H, Yang J, Bai J, Liu F, Bialowas C, Dong LQ.

Cells. 2019 Sep 24;8(10). pii: E1134. doi: 10.3390/cells8101134.


Exploring the Influence of Halogen Coordination Effect of Stable Bimetallic MOF on Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

Lan YQ, Lu JN, Liu J, Dong LZ, Li SL, Kan YH.

Chemistry. 2019 Sep 25. doi: 10.1002/chem.201903482. [Epub ahead of print]


Acoustic Coupling between Resonator Tubes in Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectrophones Employing a Large Prong Spacing Tuning Fork.

Dello Russo S, Giglio M, Sampaolo A, Patimisco P, Menduni G, Wu H, Dong L, Passaro VMN, Spagnolo V.

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Sep 23;19(19). pii: E4109. doi: 10.3390/s19194109.


Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) inhibits aggregation of pulmonary fibrosis associated mutant surfactant protein A2 via a proteasomal degradation pathway.

Quan Y, Li L, Dong L, Wang S, Jiang X, Zhang T, Jin P, Fan J, Mao S, Fan X, Gong Y, Wang Y.

Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2019 Sep 20;116:105612. doi: 10.1016/j.biocel.2019.105612. [Epub ahead of print]


Regulatory mechanism of NOV/CCN3 in the inflammation and apoptosis of lung epithelial alveolar cells upon lipopolysaccharide stimulation.

Zhu HP, Huang HY, Wu DM, Dong N, Dong L, Chen CS, Chen CL, Chen YG.

Mol Med Rep. 2019 Sep 9. doi: 10.3892/mmr.2019.10655. [Epub ahead of print]


Identifying Cell Surface Markers of Primary Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells by Metabolic Labeling of Sialoglycan.

Bai QR, Dong L, Shen Q.

J Vis Exp. 2019 Sep 7;(151). doi: 10.3791/58945.


A Pilot Phase 1 Study of Intrathecal Pemetrexed for Refractory Leptomeningeal Metastases From Non-small-cell Lung Cancer.

Pan Z, Yang G, Cui J, Li W, Li Y, Gao P, Jiang T, Sun Y, Dong L, Song Y, Zhao G.

Front Oncol. 2019 Aug 30;9:838. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2019.00838. eCollection 2019.


Hydrothermal liquefaction of corn straw with mixed catalysts for the production of bio-oil and aromatic compounds.

Chen Y, Dong L, Miao J, Wang J, Zhu C, Xu Y, Chen G, Liu J.

Bioresour Technol. 2019 Sep 13;294:122148. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2019.122148. [Epub ahead of print]


RPB5-mediating protein promotes cholangiocarcinoma tumorigenesis and drug resistance by competing with NRF2 for KEAP1 binding.

Wan ZH, Jiang TY, Shi YY, Pan YF, Lin YK, Ma YH, Yang C, Feng XF, Huang LF, Kong XN, Ding ZW, Tan YX, Dong LW, Wang HY.

Hepatology. 2019 Sep 21. doi: 10.1002/hep.30962. [Epub ahead of print]


Early animal evolution and highly oxygenated seafloor niches hosted by microbial mats.

Ding W, Dong L, Sun Y, Ma H, Xu Y, Yang R, Peng Y, Zhou C, Shen B.

Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 20;9(1):13628. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49993-2.


Enhanced butanol-hydrogen coproduction by Clostridium beijerinckii with biochar as cell's carrier.

Wu J, Dong L, Zhou C, Liu B, Xing D, Feng L, Wu X, Wang Q, Cao G.

Bioresour Technol. 2019 Sep 10;294:122141. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2019.122141. [Epub ahead of print]


Molecular dynamics simulations of the binging affinity of 1-hydroxyethane-1, 1-diphosphonic acid (HEDP) with nano-hydroxyapatite and the uptake of Cu2+ by HEDP-HAP hybrid systems.

Dong L, Zhu S, Xia M, Chu Y, Wang F, Lei W.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 Sep 11;383:121206. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.121206. [Epub ahead of print]


Lysimachia fanii, a new species of Primulaceae from limestone area of Guangxi, China.

Huang YF, Dong LN, Xu WB.

PhytoKeys. 2019 Aug 29;130:75-84. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.130.34655. eCollection 2019.


Contact Annealing for Self-Soldering: In Situ Investigation into Interfaces between PVP-Coated Silver Nanoelectrodes and Carbon Nanotubes.

Yu Z, Shi Q, Dong L, Wang H, Huang Q, Fukuda T.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2019 Oct 2;11(39):36035-36043. doi: 10.1021/acsami.9b09926. Epub 2019 Sep 18.


A network meta-analysis on the efficacy of HER2-targeted agents in combination with taxane-containing regimens for treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Xie BJ, Zhu LN, Ma C, Li JB, Dong L, Zhu ZN, Ding T, Gu XS.

Breast Cancer. 2019 Sep 16. doi: 10.1007/s12282-019-01007-9. [Epub ahead of print]


Surgical management of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome: Classical considerations and current controversies.

Shao QQ, Zhao BB, Dong LB, Cao HT, Wang WB.

World J Gastroenterol. 2019 Aug 28;25(32):4673-4681. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i32.4673. Review.


Pooled analysis of efficacy and safety of ureteral stent removal using an extraction string.

Sun X, Dong L, Chen T, Huang Z, Zhang X, Wu J, Lin C, Cui Y.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Sep;98(37):e17169. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017169.


Preparation of phenyl-boronic acid polymeric monolith by initiator-free ring-opening polymerization for microextraction of sulfonamides prior to their determination by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

Duan R, Sun L, Yang HY, Ma YR, Deng XY, Peng C, Zheng C, Dong LY, Wang XH.

J Chromatogr A. 2019 Sep 3:460510. doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2019.460510. [Epub ahead of print]


Efficacy of metformin in preventing progression to diabetes in Chinese subjects with impaired glucose regulation: Protocol for a multicenter, open-label, randomized, controlled clinical study.

Ji L, Sun N, Zhang Y, Zhang L, Shen S, Wang X, Li Q, Dong L, Ren W, Qi L, Li Y, Yan S, Cheng W, Kuang H, Li G.

Diabetes Obes Metab. 2019 Sep 12. doi: 10.1111/dom.13884. [Epub ahead of print]


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