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Epidermal-specific deletion of CD44 reveals a function in keratinocytes in response to mechanical stress.

Shatirishvili M, Burk AS, Franz CM, Pace G, Kastilan T, Breuhahn K, Hinterseer E, Dierich A, Bakiri L, Wagner EF, Ponta H, Hartmann TN, Tanaka M, Orian-Rousseau V.

Cell Death Dis. 2016 Nov 10;7(11):e2461. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2016.342.


Analysis of mammalian gene function through broad-based phenotypic screens across a consortium of mouse clinics.

de Angelis MH, Nicholson G, Selloum M, White J, Morgan H, Ramirez-Solis R, Sorg T, Wells S, Fuchs H, Fray M, Adams DJ, Adams NC, Adler T, Aguilar-Pimentel A, Ali-Hadji D, Amann G, André P, Atkins S, Auburtin A, Ayadi A, Becker J, Becker L, Bedu E, Bekeredjian R, Birling MC, Blake A, Bottomley J, Bowl M, Brault V, Busch DH, Bussell JN, Calzada-Wack J, Cater H, Champy MF, Charles P, Chevalier C, Chiani F, Codner GF, Combe R, Cox R, Dalloneau E, Dierich A, Di Fenza A, Doe B, Duchon A, Eickelberg O, Esapa CT, El Fertak L, Feigel T, Emelyanova I, Estabel J, Favor J, Flenniken A, Gambadoro A, Garrett L, Gates H, Gerdin AK, Gkoutos G, Greenaway S, Glasl L, Goetz P, Da Cruz IG, Götz A, Graw J, Guimond A, Hans W, Hicks G, Hölter SM, Höfler H, Hancock JM, Hoehndorf R, Hough T, Houghton R, Hurt A, Ivandic B, Jacobs H, Jacquot S, Jones N, Karp NA, Katus HA, Kitchen S, Klein-Rodewald T, Klingenspor M, Klopstock T, Lalanne V, Leblanc S, Lengger C, le Marchand E, Ludwig T, Lux A, McKerlie C, Maier H, Mandel JL, Marschall S, Mark M, Melvin DG, Meziane H, Micklich K, Mittelhauser C, Monassier L, Moulaert D, Muller S, Naton B, Neff F, Nolan PM, Nutter LM, Ollert M, Pavlovic G, Pellegata NS, Peter E, Petit-Demoulière B, Pickard A, Podrini C, Potter P, Pouilly L, Puk O, Richardson D, Rousseau S, Quintanilla-Fend L, Quwailid MM, Racz I, Rathkolb B, Riet F, Rossant J, Roux M, Rozman J, Ryder E, Salisbury J, Santos L, Schäble KH, Schiller E, Schrewe A, Schulz H, Steinkamp R, Simon M, Stewart M, Stöger C, Stöger T, Sun M, Sunter D, Teboul L, Tilly I, Tocchini-Valentini GP, Tost M, Treise I, Vasseur L, Velot E, Vogt-Weisenhorn D, Wagner C, Walling A, Weber B, Wendling O, Westerberg H, Willershäuser M, Wolf E, Wolter A, Wood J, Wurst W, Yildirim AÖ, Zeh R, Zimmer A, Zimprich A; EUMODIC Consortium, Holmes C, Steel KP, Herault Y, Gailus-Durner V, Mallon AM, Brown SD.

Nat Genet. 2015 Sep;47(9):969-978. doi: 10.1038/ng.3360. Epub 2015 Jul 27.


Phosphorylation of the retinoic acid receptor RARγ2 is crucial for the neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.

Al Tanoury Z, Gaouar S, Piskunov A, Ye T, Urban S, Jost B, Keime C, Davidson I, Dierich A, Rochette-Egly C.

J Cell Sci. 2014 May 1;127(Pt 9):2095-105. doi: 10.1242/jcs.145979. Epub 2014 Feb 25.


Mouse testis development and function are differently regulated by follicle-stimulating hormone receptors signaling during fetal and prepubertal life.

Migrenne S, Moreau E, Pakarinen P, Dierich A, Merlet J, Habert R, Racine C.

PLoS One. 2012;7(12):e53257. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053257. Epub 2012 Dec 27.


Highly-efficient, fluorescent, locus directed cre and FlpO deleter mice on a pure C57BL/6N genetic background.

Birling MC, Dierich A, Jacquot S, Hérault Y, Pavlovic G.

Genesis. 2012 Jun;50(6):482-9. doi: 10.1002/dvg.20826. Epub 2012 Mar 20.


Active multilayered capsules for in vivo bone formation.

Facca S, Cortez C, Mendoza-Palomares C, Messadeq N, Dierich A, Johnston AP, Mainard D, Voegel JC, Caruso F, Benkirane-Jessel N.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Feb 23;107(8):3406-11. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0908531107. Epub 2010 Feb 16.


Helios deficiency has minimal impact on T cell development and function.

Cai Q, Dierich A, Oulad-Abdelghani M, Chan S, Kastner P.

J Immunol. 2009 Aug 15;183(4):2303-11. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.0901407. Epub 2009 Jul 20.


Prokineticin receptor-1 induces neovascularization and epicardial-derived progenitor cell differentiation.

Urayama K, Guilini C, Turkeri G, Takir S, Kurose H, Messaddeq N, Dierich A, Nebigil CG.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2008 May;28(5):841-9. doi: 10.1161/ATVBAHA.108.162404.


Uses of forward and reverse genetics in mice to study gene function.

Argmann CA, Dierich A, Auwerx J.

Curr Protoc Mol Biol. 2006 Feb;Chapter 29:Unit 29A.1. doi: 10.1002/0471142727.mb29a01s73.


Knock-in mice reveal nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in the brain.

Contet C, Dierich A, Kieffer BL.

Genesis. 2007 Jan;45(1):38-43.


Rescue of morphogenetic defects and of retinoic acid signaling in retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (Raldh2) mouse mutants by chimerism with wild-type cells.

Vermot J, Messaddeq N, Niederreither K, Dierich A, Dollé P.

Differentiation. 2006 Dec;74(9-10):661-8.


A mutation of spastin is responsible for swellings and impairment of transport in a region of axon characterized by changes in microtubule composition.

Tarrade A, Fassier C, Courageot S, Charvin D, Vitte J, Peris L, Thorel A, Mouisel E, Fonknechten N, Roblot N, Seilhean D, Diérich A, Hauw JJ, Melki J.

Hum Mol Genet. 2006 Dec 15;15(24):3544-58. Epub 2006 Nov 13.


Knockin mice expressing fluorescent delta-opioid receptors uncover G protein-coupled receptor dynamics in vivo.

Scherrer G, Tryoen-Tóth P, Filliol D, Matifas A, Laustriat D, Cao YQ, Basbaum AI, Dierich A, Vonesh JL, Gavériaux-Ruff C, Kieffer BL.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jun 20;103(25):9691-6. Epub 2006 Jun 9.


A mouse model for human short-stature syndromes identifies Shox2 as an upstream regulator of Runx2 during long-bone development.

Cobb J, Dierich A, Huss-Garcia Y, Duboule D.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Mar 21;103(12):4511-5. Epub 2006 Mar 13.


Conditional (loxP-flanked) allele for the gene encoding the retinoic acid-synthesizing enzyme retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (RALDH2).

Vermot J, Garnier JM, Dierich A, Niederreither K, Harvey RP, Chambon P, Dollé P.

Genesis. 2006 Mar;44(3):155-8.


Apoptosis and differentiation commitment: novel insights revealed by gene profiling studies in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Duval D, Trouillas M, Thibault C, Dembelé D, Diemunsch F, Reinhardt B, Mertz AL, Dierich A, Boeuf H.

Cell Death Differ. 2006 Apr;13(4):564-75.


Synergistic activity of Sef and Sprouty proteins in regulating the expression of Gbx2 in the mid-hindbrain region.

Lin W, Jing N, Basson MA, Dierich A, Licht J, Ang SL.

Genesis. 2005 Mar;41(3):110-5.


Efficient temporally controlled targeted somatic mutagenesis in hepatocytes of the mouse.

Schuler M, Dierich A, Chambon P, Metzger D.

Genesis. 2004 Jul;39(3):167-72. No abstract available.


Knockout mouse models in pain research.

Dierich A, Kieffer BL.

Methods Mol Med. 2004;99:269-99. Review.


PU.1 determines the self-renewal capacity of erythroid progenitor cells.

Back J, Dierich A, Bronn C, Kastner P, Chan S.

Blood. 2004 May 15;103(10):3615-23. Epub 2004 Jan 22.


Compensation by the muscle limits the metabolic consequences of lipodystrophy in PPAR gamma hypomorphic mice.

Koutnikova H, Cock TA, Watanabe M, Houten SM, Champy MF, Dierich A, Auwerx J.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Nov 25;100(24):14457-62. Epub 2003 Nov 5.


Myelin/oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-deficient (MOG-deficient) mice reveal lack of immune tolerance to MOG in wild-type mice.

Delarasse C, Daubas P, Mars LT, Vizler C, Litzenburger T, Iglesias A, Bauer J, Della Gaspera B, Schubart A, Decker L, Dimitri D, Roussel G, Dierich A, Amor S, Dautigny A, Liblau R, Pham-Dinh D.

J Clin Invest. 2003 Aug;112(4):544-53.


Knockout mice as model systems for studying nm23/NDP kinase gene functions. Application to the nm23-M1 gene.

Arnaud-Dabernat S, Bourbon PM, Dierich A, Le Meur M, Daniel JY.

J Bioenerg Biomembr. 2003 Feb;35(1):19-30. Review.


Functional interaction between PARP-1 and PARP-2 in chromosome stability and embryonic development in mouse.

Ménissier de Murcia J, Ricoul M, Tartier L, Niedergang C, Huber A, Dantzer F, Schreiber V, Amé JC, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Sabatier L, Chambon P, de Murcia G.

EMBO J. 2003 May 1;22(9):2255-63.


Projection of an immunological self shadow within the thymus by the aire protein.

Anderson MS, Venanzi ES, Klein L, Chen Z, Berzins SP, Turley SJ, von Boehmer H, Bronson R, Dierich A, Benoist C, Mathis D.

Science. 2002 Nov 15;298(5597):1395-401. Epub 2002 Oct 10.


The function of TIF2/GRIP1 in mouse reproduction is distinct from those of SRC-1 and p/CIP.

Gehin M, Mark M, Dennefeld C, Dierich A, Gronemeyer H, Chambon P.

Mol Cell Biol. 2002 Aug;22(16):5923-37.


Impaired neural tube closure, axial skeleton malformations, and tracheal ring disruption in TRAF4-deficient mice.

Régnier CH, Masson R, Kedinger V, Textoris J, Stoll I, Chenard MP, Dierich A, Tomasetto C, Rio MC.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Apr 16;99(8):5585-90. Epub 2002 Apr 9. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2002 Jun11;99(12):8457.


Ikaros is critical for B cell differentiation and function.

Kirstetter P, Thomas M, Dierich A, Kastner P, Chan S.

Eur J Immunol. 2002 Mar;32(3):720-30.


A Hoxa2 knockin allele that expresses EGFP upon conditional Cre-mediated recombination.

Pasqualetti M, Ren SY, Poulet M, LeMeur M, Dierich A, Rijli FM.

Genesis. 2002 Feb;32(2):109-11. No abstract available.


A Hoxa2 mutant conditional allele generated by Flp- and Cre-mediated recombination.

Ren SY, Pasqualetti M, Dierich A, Le Meur M, Rijli FM.

Genesis. 2002 Feb;32(2):105-8. No abstract available.


A conditional floxed (loxP-flanked) allele for the retinoic acid receptor gamma (RARgamma) gene.

Chapellier B, Mark M, Garnier JM, Dierich A, Chambon P, Ghyselinck NB.

Genesis. 2002 Feb;32(2):95-8. No abstract available.


A conditional floxed (loxP-flanked) allele for the retinoic acid receptor beta (RARbeta) gene.

Chapellier B, Mark M, Bastien J, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Chambon P, Ghyselinck NB.

Genesis. 2002 Feb;32(2):91-4. No abstract available.


The ribosomal S6 kinases, cAMP-responsive element-binding, and STAT3 proteins are regulated by different leukemia inhibitory factor signaling pathways in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Boeuf H, Merienne K, Jacquot S, Duval D, Zeniou M, Hauss C, Reinhardt B, Huss-Garcia Y, Dierich A, Frank DA, Hanauer A, Kedinger C.

J Biol Chem. 2001 Dec 7;276(49):46204-11. Epub 2001 Oct 1.


Altered behavioral rhythms and clock gene expression in mice with a targeted mutation in the Period1 gene.

Cermakian N, Monaco L, Pando MP, Dierich A, Sassone-Corsi P.

EMBO J. 2001 Aug 1;20(15):3967-74.


Late arrest of spermiogenesis and germ cell apoptosis in mice lacking the TBP-like TLF/TRF2 gene.

Martianov I, Fimia GM, Dierich A, Parvinen M, Sassone-Corsi P, Davidson I.

Mol Cell. 2001 Mar;7(3):509-15.


Distinct functions of the two isoforms of dopamine D2 receptors.

Usiello A, Baik JH, Rougé-Pont F, Picetti R, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Piazza PV, Borrelli E.

Nature. 2000 Nov 9;408(6809):199-203.


The steroidogenic acute regulatory protein homolog MLN64, a late endosomal cholesterol-binding protein.

Alpy F, Stoeckel ME, Dierich A, Escola JM, Wendling C, Chenard MP, Vanier MT, Gruenberg J, Tomasetto C, Rio MC.

J Biol Chem. 2001 Feb 9;276(6):4261-9. Epub 2000 Oct 26.


Effect of single and compound knockouts of estrogen receptors alpha (ERalpha) and beta (ERbeta) on mouse reproductive phenotypes.

Dupont S, Krust A, Gansmuller A, Dierich A, Chambon P, Mark M.

Development. 2000 Oct;127(19):4277-91.


Serotonin 2B receptor is required for heart development.

Nebigil CG, Choi DS, Dierich A, Hickel P, Le Meur M, Messaddeq N, Launay JM, Maroteaux L.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000 Aug 15;97(17):9508-13.


Mice lacking the transcriptional corepressor TIF1beta are defective in early postimplantation development.

Cammas F, Mark M, Dollé P, Dierich A, Chambon P, Losson R.

Development. 2000 Jul;127(13):2955-63.


Mice deficient for delta- and mu-opioid receptors exhibit opposing alterations of emotional responses.

Filliol D, Ghozland S, Chluba J, Martin M, Matthes HW, Simonin F, Befort K, Gavériaux-Ruff C, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Valverde O, Maldonado R, Kieffer BL.

Nat Genet. 2000 Jun;25(2):195-200.


Inactivation of the Friedreich ataxia mouse gene leads to early embryonic lethality without iron accumulation.

Cossée M, Puccio H, Gansmuller A, Koutnikova H, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Fischbeck K, Dollé P, Koenig M.

Hum Mol Genet. 2000 May 1;9(8):1219-26.


Nuclear targeting defect of SMN lacking the C-terminus in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy.

Frugier T, Tiziano FD, Cifuentes-Diaz C, Miniou P, Roblot N, Dierich A, Le Meur M, Melki J.

Hum Mol Genet. 2000 Mar 22;9(5):849-58.


neurogenin3 is required for the development of the four endocrine cell lineages of the pancreas.

Gradwohl G, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Guillemot F.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000 Feb 15;97(4):1607-11.


Defective platelet aggregation and increased resistance to thrombosis in purinergic P2Y(1) receptor-null mice.

Léon C, Hechler B, Freund M, Eckly A, Vial C, Ohlmann P, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Cazenave JP, Gachet C.

J Clin Invest. 1999 Dec;104(12):1731-7.


The net repressor is regulated by nuclear export in response to anisomycin, UV, and heat shock.

Ducret C, Maira SM, Dierich A, Wasylyk B.

Mol Cell Biol. 1999 Oct;19(10):7076-87.


Cellular retinol-binding protein I is essential for vitamin A homeostasis.

Ghyselinck NB, Båvik C, Sapin V, Mark M, Bonnier D, Hindelang C, Dierich A, Nilsson CB, Håkansson H, Sauvant P, Azaïs-Braesco V, Frasson M, Picaud S, Chambon P.

EMBO J. 1999 Sep 15;18(18):4903-14.


Cell autonomous and non-cell autonomous functions of Otx2 in patterning the rostral brain.

Rhinn M, Dierich A, Le Meur M, Ang S.

Development. 1999 Oct;126(19):4295-304.


Mice lacking all conventional MHC class II genes.

Madsen L, Labrecque N, Engberg J, Dierich A, Svejgaard A, Benoist C, Mathis D, Fugger L.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999 Aug 31;96(18):10338-43.


Visualization of CD4/CD8 T cell commitment.

Chan S, Correia-Neves M, Dierich A, Benoist C, Mathis D.

J Exp Med. 1998 Dec 21;188(12):2321-33.

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