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NLRP3, NLRP12, and IFI16 Inflammasomes Induction and Caspase-1 Activation Triggered by Virulent HSV-1 Strains Are Associated With Severe Corneal Inflammatory Herpetic Disease.

Coulon PG, Dhanushkodi N, Prakash S, Srivastava R, Roy S, Alomari NI, Nguyen AM, Warsi WR, Ye C, Carlos-Cruz EA, Mai UT, Cruel AC, Ekmekciyan KM, Pearlman E, BenMohamed L.

Front Immunol. 2019 Jul 16;10:1631. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01631. eCollection 2019.


Blockade of PD-1 and LAG-3 Immune Checkpoints Combined with Vaccination Restores the Function of Antiviral Tissue-Resident CD8+ TRM Cells and Reduces Ocular Herpes Simplex Infection and Disease in HLA Transgenic Rabbits.

Roy S, Coulon PG, Prakash S, Srivastava R, Geertsema R, Dhanushkodi N, Lam C, Nguyen V, Gorospe E, Nguyen AM, Salazar S, Alomari NI, Warsi WR, BenMohamed L.

J Virol. 2019 Aug 28;93(18). pii: e00827-19. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00827-19. Print 2019 Sep 15.


Therapeutic Mucosal Vaccination of Herpes Simplex Virus 2-Infected Guinea Pigs with Ribonucleotide Reductase 2 (RR2) Protein Boosts Antiviral Neutralizing Antibodies and Local Tissue-Resident CD4+ and CD8+ TRM Cells Associated with Protection against Recurrent Genital Herpes.

Srivastava R, Roy S, Coulon PG, Vahed H, Prakash S, Dhanushkodi N, Kim GJ, Fouladi MA, Campo J, Teng AA, Liang X, Schaefer H, BenMohamed L.

J Virol. 2019 Apr 17;93(9). pii: e02309-18. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02309-18. Print 2019 May 1.


Silencing of Glucocerebrosidase Gene in Drosophila Enhances the Aggregation of Parkinson's Disease Associated α-Synuclein Mutant A53T and Affects Locomotor Activity.

Abul Khair SB, Dhanushkodi NR, Ardah MT, Chen W, Yang Y, Haque ME.

Front Neurosci. 2018 Feb 16;12:81. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2018.00081. eCollection 2018.


Sindbis virus induced phosphorylation of IRF3 in human embryonic kidney cells is not dependent on mTOR.

Dhanushkodi NR, Mohankumar V, Raju R.

Innate Immun. 2012 Apr;18(2):325-32. doi: 10.1177/1753425911406944. Epub 2011 Jul 18.


Lipopolysaccharide inhibits Sindbis virus-induced IP-10 release in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Dhanushkodi NR, Mohankumar V, Pokkali S, Raju R.

Viral Immunol. 2011 Jun;24(3):237-43. doi: 10.1089/vim.2010.0120.


Sindbis virus replication, is insensitive to rapamycin and torin1, and suppresses Akt/mTOR pathway late during infection in HEK cells.

Mohankumar V, Dhanushkodi NR, Raju R.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011 Mar 11;406(2):262-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2011.02.030. Epub 2011 Feb 18.

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