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Statistical determination of synergy based on Bliss definition of drugs independence.

Demidenko E, Miller TW.

PLoS One. 2019 Nov 25;14(11):e0224137. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0224137. eCollection 2019.


A Transcriptionally Definable Subgroup of Triple-Negative Breast and Ovarian Cancer Samples Shows Sensitivity to HSP90 Inhibition.

Shee K, Wells JD, Ung M, Hampsch RA, Traphagen NA, Yang W, Liu SC, Zeldenrust MA, Wang L, Kalari KR, Yu J, Boughey JC, Demidenko E, Kettenbach AN, Cheng C, Goetz MP, Miller TW.

Clin Cancer Res. 2020 Jan 1;26(1):159-170. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-2213. Epub 2019 Sep 26.


Effects of temperature, salinity, and sediment organic carbon on methylmercury bioaccumulation in an estuarine amphipod.

Curtis AN, Bourne K, Borsuk ME, Buckman KL, Demidenko E, Taylor VF, Chen CY.

Sci Total Environ. 2019 Oct 15;687:907-916. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.06.094. Epub 2019 Jun 7.


Quantitative evaluation of the <i>in vivo</i> biocompatibility and performance of freeze-cast tissue scaffolds.

Divakar P, Moodie KL, Demidenko E, Jack Hoopes P, Wegst UGK.

Biomed Mater. 2019 Jul 11. doi: 10.1088/1748-605X/ab316a. [Epub ahead of print]


Technology-assisted nursing for postpartum support: A randomized controlled trial.

McCarter DE, Demidenko E, Sisco TS, Hegel MT.

J Adv Nurs. 2019 Oct;75(10):2223-2235. doi: 10.1111/jan.14114. Epub 2019 Jul 21.


Estrogen therapy induces an unfolded protein response to drive cell death in ER+ breast cancer.

Hosford SR, Shee K, Wells JD, Traphagen NA, Fields JL, Hampsch RA, Kettenbach AN, Demidenko E, Miller TW.

Mol Oncol. 2019 Aug;13(8):1778-1794. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.12528. Epub 2019 Jul 9.


Optimal Adaptive Designs with Inverse Ordinary Differential Equations.

Demidenko E.

Int Stat Rev. 2018 Aug;86(2):169-188. doi: 10.1111/insr.12233. Epub 2017 Sep 8.


Small-cell lung cancer growth inhibition: synergism between NMDA receptor blockade and chemotherapy.

North WG, Liu F, Dragnev KH, Demidenko E.

Clin Pharmacol. 2019 Jan 23;11:15-23. doi: 10.2147/CPAA.S183885. eCollection 2019.


Application of SPOT chip for transcutaneous oximetry.

Kmiec MM, Hou H, Kuppusamy ML, Drews TM, Prabhat AM, Petryakov SV, Demidenko E, Schaner PE, Buckey JC, Blank A, Kuppusamy P.

Magn Reson Med. 2019 May;81(5):2837-2840. doi: 10.1002/mrm.27667. Epub 2019 Feb 13. No abstract available.


Noninvasive diagnostic imaging using machine-learning analysis of nanoresolution images of cell surfaces: Detection of bladder cancer.

Sokolov I, Dokukin ME, Kalaparthi V, Miljkovic M, Wang A, Seigne JD, Grivas P, Demidenko E.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Dec 18;115(51):12920-12925. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1816459115. Epub 2018 Dec 3.


Transcutaneous oxygen measurement in humans using a paramagnetic skin adhesive film.

Kmiec MM, Hou H, Lakshmi Kuppusamy M, Drews TM, Prabhat AM, Petryakov SV, Demidenko E, Schaner PE, Buckey JC, Blank A, Kuppusamy P.

Magn Reson Med. 2019 Feb;81(2):781-794. doi: 10.1002/mrm.27445. Epub 2018 Sep 11.


The next-generation K-means algorithm.

Demidenko E.

Stat Anal Data Min. 2018 Aug;11(4):153-166. doi: 10.1002/sam.11379. Epub 2018 May 11.


Measuring outcomes of digital technology-assisted nursing postpartum: A randomized controlled trial.

McCarter DE, Demidenko E, Hegel MT.

J Adv Nurs. 2018 May 17. doi: 10.1111/jan.13716. [Epub ahead of print]


Therapeutically targeting tumor microenvironment-mediated drug resistance in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

Shee K, Yang W, Hinds JW, Hampsch RA, Varn FS, Traphagen NA, Patel K, Cheng C, Jenkins NP, Kettenbach AN, Demidenko E, Owens P, Faber AC, Golub TR, Straussman R, Miller TW.

J Exp Med. 2018 Mar 5;215(3):895-910. doi: 10.1084/jem.20171818. Epub 2018 Feb 7.


Autophagy promotes escape from phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibition in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

Yang W, Hosford SR, Traphagen NA, Shee K, Demidenko E, Liu S, Miller TW.

FASEB J. 2018 Mar;32(3):1222-1235. doi: 10.1096/fj.201700477R. Epub 2018 Jan 3.


Exact and Approximate Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Regression and the Estimating Equation Approach.

Demidenko E.

Scand Stat Theory Appl. 2017 Sep;44(3):636-665. doi: 10.1111/sjos.12269. Epub 2017 Mar 29.


Obesity and fatty liver are prevented by inhibition of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in both female and male mice.

Moyer BJ, Rojas IY, Kerley-Hamilton JS, Nemani KV, Trask HW, Ringelberg CS, Gimi B, Demidenko E, Tomlinson CR.

Nutr Res. 2017 Aug;44:38-50. doi: 10.1016/j.nutres.2017.06.002. Epub 2017 Jun 28.


P-Rex1 Expression in Invasive Breast Cancer in relation to Receptor Status and Distant Metastatic Site.

Marotti JD, Muller KE, Tafe LJ, Demidenko E, Miller TW.

Int J Breast Cancer. 2017;2017:4537532. doi: 10.1155/2017/4537532. Epub 2017 Jun 15.


Therapeutic sensitivity to Rac GTPase inhibition requires consequential suppression of mTORC1, AKT, and MEK signaling in breast cancer.

Hampsch RA, Shee K, Bates D, Lewis LD, Désiré L, Leblond B, Demidenko E, Stefan K, Huang YH, Miller TW.

Oncotarget. 2017 Mar 28;8(13):21806-21817. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.15586.


Downstream targets of GWAS-detected genes for breast, lung, and prostate and colon cancer converge to G1/S transition pathway.

Gorlova OY, Demidenko EI, Amos CI, Gorlov IP.

Hum Mol Genet. 2017 Apr 15;26(8):1465-1471. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddx050.


Combined Inhibition of Both p110α and p110β Isoforms of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Is Required for Sustained Therapeutic Effect in PTEN-Deficient, ER+ Breast Cancer.

Hosford SR, Dillon LM, Bouley SJ, Rosati R, Yang W, Chen VS, Demidenko E, Morra RP Jr, Miller TW.

Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Jun 1;23(11):2795-2805. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-15-2764. Epub 2016 Nov 30.


Single toxin dose-response models revisited.

Demidenko E, Glaholt SP, Kyker-Snowman E, Shaw JR, Chen CY.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2017 Jan 1;314:12-23. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2016.11.002. Epub 2016 Nov 12.


Advances in in vivo EPR Tooth BIOdosimetry: Meeting the targets for initial triage following a large-scale radiation event.

Flood AB, Williams BB, Schreiber W, Du G, Wood VA, Kmiec MM, Petryakov SV, Demidenko E, Swartz HM; EPR Center Tooth Dosimetry Project Team.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2016 Dec;172(1-3):72-80. doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncw165. Epub 2016 Jul 15. Review.


ROC Analysis for Evaluation of Radiation Biodosimetry Technologies.

Williams BB, Flood AB, Demidenko E, Swartz HM.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2016 Dec;172(1-3):145-151. doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncw168. Epub 2016 Jul 13.


Evaluating the Special Needs of The Military for Radiation Biodosimetry for Tactical Warfare Against Deployed Troops: Comparing Military to Civilian Needs for Biodosimetry Methods.

Flood AB, Ali AN, Boyle HK, Du G, Satinsky VA, Swarts SG, Williams BB, Demidenko E, Schreiber W, Swartz HM.

Health Phys. 2016 Aug;111(2):169-82. doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000538.


The p-Value You Can't Buy.

Demidenko E.

Am Stat. 2016 Jan 2;70(1):33-38. Epub 2016 Mar 31.


Emesis as a Screening Diagnostic for Low Dose Rate (LDR) Total Body Radiation Exposure.

Camarata AS, Switchenko JM, Demidenko E, Flood AB, Swartz HM, Ali AN.

Health Phys. 2016 Apr;110(4):391-4. doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000476.


Strategically Timing Inhibition of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase to Maximize Therapeutic Index in Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Positive, PIK3CA-Mutant Breast Cancer.

Yang W, Hosford SR, Dillon LM, Shee K, Liu SC, Bean JR, Salphati L, Pang J, Zhang X, Nannini MA, Demidenko E, Bates D, Lewis LD, Marotti JD, Eastman AR, Miller TW.

Clin Cancer Res. 2016 May 1;22(9):2250-60. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-15-2276. Epub 2016 Jan 5.


Leveraging global gene expression patterns to predict expression of unmeasured genes.

Rudd J, Zelaya RA, Demidenko E, Goode EL, Greene CS, Doherty JA.

BMC Genomics. 2015 Dec 15;16:1065. doi: 10.1186/s12864-015-2250-5.


On Counting Metamers.

Logvinenko AD, Demidenko E.

IEEE Trans Image Process. 2016 Feb;25(2):770-5. doi: 10.1109/TIP.2015.2504900. Epub 2015 Dec 3.


Tumor cell targeting by iron oxide nanoparticles is dominated by different factors in vitro versus in vivo.

NDong C, Tate JA, Kett WC, Batra J, Demidenko E, Lewis LD, Hoopes PJ, Gerngross TU, Griswold KE.

PLoS One. 2015 Feb 19;10(2):e0115636. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0115636. eCollection 2015.


Microarray enriched gene rank.

Demidenko E.

BioData Min. 2015 Jan 17;8(1):2. doi: 10.1186/s13040-014-0033-1. eCollection 2015.


Development and validation of an ex vivo electron paramagnetic resonance fingernail biodosimetric method.

He X, Swarts SG, Demidenko E, Flood AB, Grinberg O, Gui J, Mariani M, Marsh SD, Ruuge AE, Sidabras JW, Tipikin D, Wilcox DE, Swartz HM.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2014 Jun;159(1-4):172-81. doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncu129. Epub 2014 May 6.


Advances in a framework to compare bio-dosimetry methods for triage in large-scale radiation events.

Flood AB, Boyle HK, Du G, Demidenko E, Nicolalde RJ, Williams BB, Swartz HM.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2014 Jun;159(1-4):77-86. doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncu120. Epub 2014 Apr 11.


Local hyperthermia treatment of tumors induces CD8(+) T cell-mediated resistance against distal and secondary tumors.

Toraya-Brown S, Sheen MR, Zhang P, Chen L, Baird JR, Demidenko E, Turk MJ, Hoopes PJ, Conejo-Garcia JR, Fiering S.

Nanomedicine. 2014 Aug;10(6):1273-1285. doi: 10.1016/j.nano.2014.01.011. Epub 2014 Feb 22.


Mapping disease at an approximated individual level using aggregate data: a case study of mapping New Hampshire birth defects.

Shi X, Miller S, Mwenda K, Onda A, Reese J, Onega T, Gui J, Karagas M, Demidenko E, Moeschler J.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2013 Sep 6;10(9):4161-74. doi: 10.3390/ijerph10094161.


Trends in tobacco and alcohol brand placements in popular US movies, 1996 through 2009.

Bergamini E, Demidenko E, Sargent JD.

JAMA Pediatr. 2013 Jul;167(7):634-9. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2013.393.


Cutaneous alpha, beta and gamma human papillomaviruses in relation to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: a population-based study.

Farzan SF, Waterboer T, Gui J, Nelson HH, Li Z, Michael KM, Perry AE, Spencer SK, Demidenko E, Green AC, Pawlita M, Karagas MR.

Int J Cancer. 2013 Oct 1;133(7):1713-20. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28176. Epub 2013 Apr 22.


Standard error of inverse prediction for dose-response relationship: approximate and exact statistical inference.

Demidenko E, Williams BB, Flood AB, Swartz HM.

Stat Med. 2013 May 30;32(12):2048-61. doi: 10.1002/sim.5668. Epub 2012 Nov 5.


Phagocytes mediate targeting of iron oxide nanoparticles to tumors for cancer therapy.

Toraya-Brown S, Sheen MR, Baird JR, Barry S, Demidenko E, Turk MJ, Hoopes PJ, Conejo-Garcia JR, Fiering S.

Integr Biol (Camb). 2013 Jan;5(1):159-71. doi: 10.1039/c2ib20180a.


Electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry for a large-scale radiation incident.

Swartz HM, Flood AB, Williams BB, Dong R, Swarts SG, He X, Grinberg O, Sidabras J, Demidenko E, Gui J, Gladstone DJ, Jarvis LA, Kmiec MM, Kobayashi K, Lesniewski PN, Marsh SD, Matthews TP, Nicolalde RJ, Pennington PM, Raynolds T, Salikhov I, Wilcox DE, Zaki BI.

Health Phys. 2012 Sep;103(3):255-67. doi: 10.1097/HP.0b013e3182588d92.


Adaptive iterative design (AID): a novel approach for evaluating the interactive effects of multiple stressors on aquatic organisms.

Glaholt SP, Chen CY, Demidenko E, Bugge DM, Folt CL, Shaw JR.

Sci Total Environ. 2012 Aug 15;432:57-64. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.05.074. Epub 2012 Jun 18.


Confidence intervals and bands for the binormal ROC curve revisited.

Demidenko E.

J Appl Stat. 2012 Jan 1;39(1):67-79. Epub 2011 Dec 12.


Smoking restrictions and hospitalization for acute coronary events in Germany.

Sargent JD, Demidenko E, Malenka DJ, Li Z, Gohlke H, Hanewinkel R.

Clin Res Cardiol. 2012 Mar;101(3):227-35. doi: 10.1007/s00392-011-0385-1. Epub 2012 Feb 17.


Random effects coefficient of determination for mixed and meta-analysis models.

Demidenko E, Sargent J, Onega T.

Commun Stat Theory Methods. 2012 Jan 1;41(6):953-969.


A Framework for Comparative Evaluation of Dosimetric Methods to Triage a Large Population Following a Radiological Event.

Flood AB, Nicolalde RJ, Demidenko E, Williams BB, Shapiro A, Wiley AL Jr, Swartz HM.

Radiat Meas. 2011 Sep 1;46(9):916-922.


An analytic solution to the homogeneous EIT problem on the 2D disk and its application to estimation of electrode contact impedances.

Demidenko E.

Physiol Meas. 2011 Sep;32(9):1453-71. doi: 10.1088/0967-3334/32/9/008. Epub 2011 Jul 28.


Physically-based biodosimetry using in vivo EPR of teeth in patients undergoing total body irradiation.

Williams BB, Dong R, Nicolalde RJ, Matthews TP, Gladstone DJ, Demidenko E, Zaki BI, Salikhov IK, Lesniewski PN, Swartz HM.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2011 Aug;87(8):766-75. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2011.583316. Epub 2011 Jun 23.


Cerebral oxygenation in awake rats during acclimation and deacclimation to hypoxia: an in vivo electron paramagnetic resonance study.

Dunn JF, Khan MN, Hou HG, Merlis J, Abajian MA, Demidenko E, Grinberg OY, Swartz HM.

High Alt Med Biol. 2011 Spring;12(1):71-7. doi: 10.1089/ham.2010.1038.


Statistical estimation of EIT electrode contact impedance using magic Toeplitz matrix.

Demidenko E, Borsic A, Wan Y, Halter RJ, Hartov A.

IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2011 Aug;58(8). doi: 10.1109/TBME.2011.2125790. Epub 2011 Mar 10.

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