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Medical Expulsive Therapy for Symptomatic Distal Ureter Stones: Is the Combination of Bromelain and Tamsulosin More Effective than Tamsulosin Alone? Preliminary Results of a Single-Center Study.

Palmisano F, Spinelli MG, Luzzago S, Boeri L, De Lorenzis E, Albo G, Gadda F, Gelosa M, Longo F, Dell'Orto PG, Montanari E.

Urol Int. 2018 Sep 18:1-8. doi: 10.1159/000493158. [Epub ahead of print]


The Dilemma of HER2 Double-equivocal Breast Carcinomas: Genomic Profiling and Implications for Treatment.

Marchiò C, Dell'Orto P, Annaratone L, Geyer FC, Venesio T, Berrino E, Verdun di Cantogno L, Garofoli A, Rangel N, Casorzo L, dell'Aglio C, Gugliotta P, Trisolini E, Beano A, Pietribiasi F, Orlassino R, Cassoni P, Pich A, Montemurro F, Mottolese M, Vincent-Salomon A, Penault-Llorca F, Medico E, Ng CKY, Viale G, Sapino A.

Am J Surg Pathol. 2018 Sep;42(9):1190-1200. doi: 10.1097/PAS.0000000000001100.


Association of Somatic Driver Alterations With Prognosis in Postmenopausal, Hormone Receptor-Positive, HER2-Negative Early Breast Cancer: A Secondary Analysis of the BIG 1-98 Randomized Clinical Trial.

Luen SJ, Asher R, Lee CK, Savas P, Kammler R, Dell'Orto P, Biasi OM, Demanse D, JeBailey L, Dolan S, Hackl W, Thuerlimann B, Viale G, Colleoni M, Regan MM, Loi S.

JAMA Oncol. 2018 Oct 1;4(10):1335-1343. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.1778.


Incidence and predictors of readmission within 30 days of transurethral resection of the prostate: a single center European experience.

Palmisano F, Boeri L, Fontana M, Gallioli A, De Lorenzis E, Zanetti SP, Sampogna G, Spinelli MG, Albo G, Longo F, Gadda F, Dell'Orto PG, Montanari E.

Sci Rep. 2018 Apr 26;8(1):6575. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-25069-5.


Prevalence and predictors of being lost to follow-up after transurethral resection of the prostate.

Fontana M, Boeri L, Gallioli A, De Lorenzis E, Palmisano F, Zanetti SP, Sampogna G, Albo G, Longo F, Gadda F, Dell'Orto PG, Montanari E.

Sci Rep. 2018 Apr 23;8(1):6406. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-24869-z.


Immunohistochemical versus molecular (BluePrint and MammaPrint) subtyping of breast carcinoma. Outcome results from the EORTC 10041/BIG 3-04 MINDACT trial.

Viale G, de Snoo FA, Slaets L, Bogaerts J, van 't Veer L, Rutgers EJ, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Stork-Sloots L, Glas A, Russo L, Dell'Orto P, Tryfonidis K, Litière S, Cardoso F; MINDACT investigators.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2018 Jan;167(1):123-131. doi: 10.1007/s10549-017-4509-9. Epub 2017 Sep 19.


HER2 status predicts for upfront AI benefit: A TRANS-AIOG meta-analysis of 12,129 patients from ATAC, BIG 1-98 and TEAM with centrally determined HER2.

Bartlett JMS, Ahmed I, Regan MM, Sestak I, Mallon EA, Dell'Orto P, Thürlimann B, Seynaeve C, Putter H, Van de Velde CJH, Brookes CL, Forbes JF, Viale G, Cuzick J, Dowsett M, Rea DW; Translational Aromatase Inhibitor Overview Group (Trans-AIOG).

Eur J Cancer. 2017 Jul;79:129-138. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2017.03.033. Epub 2017 May 8.


Extended versus standard pelvic lymphadenectomy during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: the role of extended template as an independent predictor of lymph node invasion with comparable morbidity burden.

Mistretta FA, Boeri L, Grasso AA, Lo Russo V, Albo G, DE Lorenzis E, Maggioni M, Palmisano F, Dell'orto P, Bosari S, Rocco B.

Minerva Urol Nefrol. 2017 Oct;69(5):475-485. doi: 10.23736/S0393-2249.17.02838-7. Epub 2017 Mar 10.


Assessment of HER2 amplification status in breast cancer using a new automated HER2 IQFISH pharmDx™ (Dako Omnis) assay.

Viale G, Paterson J, Bloch M, Csathy G, Allen D, Dell'Orto P, Kjærsgaard G, Levy YY, Jørgensen JT.

Pathol Res Pract. 2016 Aug;212(8):735-42. doi: 10.1016/j.prp.2016.06.002. Epub 2016 Jun 8.


Sensitive and affordable diagnostic assay for the quantitative detection of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) alterations in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Dama E, Tillhon M, Bertalot G, de Santis F, Troglio F, Pessina S, Passaro A, Pece S, de Marinis F, Dell'Orto P, Viale G, Spaggiari L, Di Fiore PP, Bianchi F, Barberis M, Vecchi M.

Oncotarget. 2016 Jun 14;7(24):37160-37176. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.9471.


Analysis of HER2 status in gastroesophageal tumor specimens using a new automated HER2 IQFISH pharmDx™ (Dako Omnis) assay.

Viale G, Paterson J, Bloch M, Csathy G, Allen D, Dell'Orto P, Kjærsgaard G, Levy YY, Jørgensen JT.

Histol Histopathol. 2016 Dec;31(12):1327-35. doi: 10.14670/HH-11-759. Epub 2016 Mar 18.


Discordant assessment of tumor biomarkers by histopathological and molecular assays in the EORTC randomized controlled 10041/BIG 03-04 MINDACT trial breast cancer : Intratumoral heterogeneity and DCIS or normal tissue components are unlikely to be the cause of discordance.

Viale G, Slaets L, de Snoo FA, Bogaerts J, Russo L, van't Veer L, Rutgers EJ, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Stork-Sloots L, Dell'Orto P, Glas AM, Cardoso F.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2016 Feb;155(3):463-9. doi: 10.1007/s10549-016-3690-6. Epub 2016 Jan 28.


Immunohistochemical Performance of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Antibodies on the Dako Omnis Staining Platform: Evaluation in Multicenter Studies.

Hicks D, Dell'Orto P, Falzon M, Hoff KD, Levy YY, McMahon L, Miller K, Russo L, Viale G.

Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2017 May/Jun;25(5):313-319. doi: 10.1097/PAI.0000000000000311.


The Genomic Grade Assay Compared With Ki67 to Determine Risk of Distant Breast Cancer Recurrence.

Ignatiadis M, Azim HA Jr, Desmedt C, Veys I, Larsimont D, Salgado R, Lyng MB, Viale G, Leyland-Jones B, Giobbie-Hurder A, Kammler R, Dell'Orto P, Rothé F, Laïos I, Ditzel HJ, Regan MM, Piccart M, Michiels S, Sotiriou C.

JAMA Oncol. 2016 Feb;2(2):217-24. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2015.4377.


ESR1 and ESR2 polymorphisms in the BIG 1-98 trial comparing adjuvant letrozole versus tamoxifen or their sequence for early breast cancer.

Leyland-Jones B, Gray KP, Abramovitz M, Bouzyk M, Young B, Long B, Kammler R, Dell'Orto P, Biasi MO, Thürlimann B, Harvey V, Neven P, Arnould L, Maibach R, Price KN, Coates AS, Goldhirsch A, Gelber RD, Pagani O, Viale G, Rae JM, Regan MM; BIG 1-98 Collaborative Group.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2015 Dec;154(3):543-55. doi: 10.1007/s10549-015-3634-6. Epub 2015 Nov 21.


Predictive value and clinical utility of centrally assessed ER, PgR, and Ki-67 to select adjuvant endocrine therapy for premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative early breast cancer: TEXT and SOFT trials.

Regan MM, Pagani O, Francis PA, Fleming GF, Walley BA, Kammler R, Dell'Orto P, Russo L, Szőke J, Doimi F, Villani L, Pizzolitto S, Öhlschlegel C, Sessa F, Peg Cámara V, Rodríguez Peralto JL, MacGrogan G, Colleoni M, Goldhirsch A, Price KN, Coates AS, Gelber RD, Viale G; SOFT and TEXT Investigators and International Breast Cancer Study Group.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2015 Nov;154(2):275-86. doi: 10.1007/s10549-015-3612-z. Epub 2015 Oct 22.


Molecular Testing for Targeted Therapy in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Suitability of Endobronchial Ultrasound Transbronchial Needle Aspiration.

Casadio C, Guarize J, Donghi S, Di Tonno C, Fumagalli C, Vacirca D, Dell'Orto P, De Marinis F, Spaggiari L, Viale G, Barberis M.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2015 Oct;144(4):629-34. doi: 10.1309/AJCPXGRAIMB4CTQ3.


CYP19A1 polymorphisms and clinical outcomes in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in the BIG 1-98 trial.

Leyland-Jones B, Gray KP, Abramovitz M, Bouzyk M, Young B, Long B, Kammler R, Dell'Orto P, Biasi MO, Thürlimann B, Lyng MB, Ditzel HJ, Harvey VJ, Neven P, Treilleux I, Rasmussen BB, Maibach R, Price KN, Coates AS, Goldhirsch A, Pagani O, Viale G, Rae JM, Regan MM.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2015 Jun;151(2):373-84. doi: 10.1007/s10549-015-3378-3. Epub 2015 May 3.


Sunitinib-induced complete response in metastatic renal cancer expressing neuroendocrine markers: a new predictive factor?

Gambini D, Locatelli E, Gianelli U, Bareggi C, Galassi B, Visintin R, Massironi S, Dell'orto PG, Tomirotti M.

Anticancer Res. 2014 Dec;34(12):7361-5.


Biology of breast cancer during pregnancy using genomic profiling.

Azim HA Jr, Brohée S, Peccatori FA, Desmedt C, Loi S, Lambrechts D, Dell'Orto P, Majjaj S, Jose V, Rotmensz N, Ignatiadis M, Pruneri G, Piccart M, Viale G, Sotiriou C.

Endocr Relat Cancer. 2014 Aug;21(4):545-54. doi: 10.1530/ERC-14-0111. Epub 2014 May 13.


High concordance of protein (by IHC), gene (by FISH; HER2 only), and microarray readout (by TargetPrint) of ER, PgR, and HER2: results from the EORTC 10041/BIG 03-04 MINDACT trial.

Viale G, Slaets L, Bogaerts J, Rutgers E, van't Veer L, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, de Snoo FA, Stork-Sloots L, Russo L, Dell'Orto P, van den Akker J, Glas A, Cardoso F; TRANSBIG Consortium & the MINDACT Investigators.

Ann Oncol. 2014 Apr;25(4):816-23. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdu026.


Primary large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the renal pelvis: a case report.

Palumbo C, Talso M, Dell'Orto PG, Cozzi G, De Lorenzis E, Conti A, Maggioni M, Cesare Rocco BM, Maggioni A, Rocco F.

Urologia. 2014 Jan-Mar;81(1):57-9. doi: 10.5301/urologia.5000033. Epub 2013 Nov 28.


Central pathology laboratory review of HER2 and ER in early breast cancer: an ALTTO trial [BIG 2-06/NCCTG N063D (Alliance)] ring study.

McCullough AE, Dell'orto P, Reinholz MM, Gelber RD, Dueck AC, Russo L, Jenkins RB, Andrighetto S, Chen B, Jackisch C, Untch M, Perez EA, Piccart-Gebhart MJ, Viale G.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2014 Feb;143(3):485-92. doi: 10.1007/s10549-013-2827-0. Epub 2014 Jan 7.


The effect of metformin on apoptosis in a breast cancer presurgical trial.

Cazzaniga M, DeCensi A, Pruneri G, Puntoni M, Bottiglieri L, Varricchio C, Guerrieri-Gonzaga A, Gentilini OD, Pagani G, Dell'Orto P, Lazzeroni M, Serrano D, Viale G, Bonanni B.

Br J Cancer. 2013 Nov 26;109(11):2792-7. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2013.657. Epub 2013 Oct 24.


Robotic prostatectomy: an update on functional and oncologic outcomes.

Cozzi G, Lorenzis ED, Palumbo C, Acquati P, Albo G, Dell'orto P, Grasso A, Rocco B.

Ecancermedicalscience. 2013 Sep 26;7:355. doi: 10.3332/ecancer.2013.355. Review.


The clinical relevance of micropapillary carcinoma of the breast: a case-control study.

Vingiani A, Maisonneuve P, Dell'orto P, Farante G, Rotmensz N, Lissidini G, Del Castillo A, Renne G, Luini A, Colleoni M, Viale G, Pruneri G.

Histopathology. 2013 Aug;63(2):217-24. doi: 10.1111/his.12147. Epub 2013 Jun 13.


Overall survival benefit for sequential doxorubicin-docetaxel compared with concurrent doxorubicin and docetaxel in node-positive breast cancer--8-year results of the Breast International Group 02-98 phase III trial.

Oakman C, Francis PA, Crown J, Quinaux E, Buyse M, De Azambuja E, Margeli Vila M, Andersson M, Nordenskjöld B, Jakesz R, Thürlimann B, Gutiérrez J, Harvey V, Punzalan L, Dell'orto P, Larsimont D, Steinberg I, Gelber RD, Piccart-Gebhart M, Viale G, Di Leo A.

Ann Oncol. 2013 May;24(5):1203-11. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mds627. Epub 2013 Jan 4.


[BPH: state of the art in the surgical treatment].

Grasso AA, Albo G, Cozzi G, Spinelli MG, Talso M, Dell'Orto PG, Ferruti M, Rocco BM, Rocco F.

Urologia. 2012 Jul;79(3):180-8. doi: 10.5301/RU.2012.9685. Epub 2012 Sep 21. Italian.


Prognostic and predictive value of TP53 mutations in node-positive breast cancer patients treated with anthracycline- or anthracycline/taxane-based adjuvant therapy: results from the BIG 02-98 phase III trial.

Fernández-Cuesta L, Oakman C, Falagan-Lotsch P, Smoth KS, Quinaux E, Buyse M, Dolci MS, Azambuja ED, Hainaut P, Dell'orto P, Larsimont D, Francis PA, Crown J, Piccart-Gebhart M, Viale G, Leo AD, Olivier M.

Breast Cancer Res. 2012 May 2;14(3):R70.


CYP2D6 genotype and tamoxifen response in postmenopausal women with endocrine-responsive breast cancer: the breast international group 1-98 trial.

Regan MM, Leyland-Jones B, Bouzyk M, Pagani O, Tang W, Kammler R, Dell'orto P, Biasi MO, Thürlimann B, Lyng MB, Ditzel HJ, Neven P, Debled M, Maibach R, Price KN, Gelber RD, Coates AS, Goldhirsch A, Rae JM, Viale G; Breast International Group (BIG) 1-98 Collaborative Group.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2012 Mar 21;104(6):441-51. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djs125. Epub 2012 Mar 6.


PSA mass screening: is there enough evidence?

Rocco B, Grasso A, Sosnowski R, Dell'orto PG, Albo G, Castle E, Coelho R, Patel V, Mottrie A.

Cent European J Urol. 2012;65(1):4-6. doi: 10.5173/ceju.2012.01.art1. Epub 2012 Mar 19. Review.


The biological features and prognosis of breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy: a case-control study.

Azim HA Jr, Botteri E, Renne G, Dell'orto P, Rotmensz N, Gentilini O, Sangalli C, Pruneri G, Di Nubila B, Locatelli M, Sotiriou C, Piccart M, Goldhirsch A, Viale G, Peccatori FA.

Acta Oncol. 2012 May;51(5):653-61. doi: 10.3109/0284186X.2011.636069. Epub 2011 Dec 16.


Recent advances in the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Rocco B, Albo G, Ferreira RC, Spinelli M, Cozzi G, Dell'orto P, Patel V, Rocco F.

Ther Adv Urol. 2011 Dec;3(6):263-72. doi: 10.1177/1756287211426301.


Which patients benefit most from adjuvant aromatase inhibitors? Results using a composite measure of prognostic risk in the BIG 1-98 randomized trial.

Viale G, Regan MM, Dell'Orto P, Mastropasqua MG, Maiorano E, Rasmussen BB, MacGrogan G, Forbes JF, Paridaens RJ, Colleoni M, Láng I, Thürlimann B, Mouridsen H, Mauriac L, Gelber RD, Price KN, Goldhirsch A, Gusterson BA, Coates AS; BIG 1-98 Collaborative and International Breast Cancer Study Groups.

Ann Oncol. 2011 Oct;22(10):2201-7. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdq738. Epub 2011 Feb 18.


Prognostic and predictive value of centrally reviewed Ki-67 labeling index in postmenopausal women with endocrine-responsive breast cancer: results from Breast International Group Trial 1-98 comparing adjuvant tamoxifen with letrozole.

Viale G, Giobbie-Hurder A, Regan MM, Coates AS, Mastropasqua MG, Dell'Orto P, Maiorano E, MacGrogan G, Braye SG, Ohlschlegel C, Neven P, Orosz Z, Olszewski WP, Knox F, Thürlimann B, Price KN, Castiglione-Gertsch M, Gelber RD, Gusterson BA, Goldhirsch A; Breast International Group Trial 1-98.

J Clin Oncol. 2008 Dec 1;26(34):5569-75. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2008.17.0829. Epub 2008 Nov 3.


Epidermal growth factor receptor serum (sEGFR) level may predict response in patients with EGFR-positive advanced colorectal cancer treated with gefitinib?

Zampino MG, Magni E, Santoro L, Zorzino L, Dell'Orto P, Sonzogni A, Fazio N, Monfardini L, Chiappa A, Biffi R, de Braud F.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2008 Dec;63(1):139-48. doi: 10.1007/s00280-008-0722-x. Epub 2008 Mar 8.


Comparative evaluation of an extensive histopathologic examination and a real-time reverse-transcription-polymerase chain reaction assay for mammaglobin and cytokeratin 19 on axillary sentinel lymph nodes of breast carcinoma patients.

Viale G, Dell'Orto P, Biasi MO, Stufano V, De Brito Lima LN, Paganelli G, Maisonneuve P, Vargo JM, Green G, Cao W, Swijter A, Mazzarol G.

Ann Surg. 2008 Jan;247(1):136-42.


Adjuvant letrozole versus tamoxifen according to centrally-assessed ERBB2 status for postmenopausal women with endocrine-responsive early breast cancer: supplementary results from the BIG 1-98 randomised trial.

Rasmussen BB, Regan MM, Lykkesfeldt AE, Dell'Orto P, Del Curto B, Henriksen KL, Mastropasqua MG, Price KN, Méry E, Lacroix-Triki M, Braye S, Altermatt HJ, Gelber RD, Castiglione-Gertsch M, Goldhirsch A, Gusterson BA, Thürlimann B, Coates AS, Viale G; BIG 1-98 Collaborative and International Breast Cancer Study Groups.

Lancet Oncol. 2008 Jan;9(1):23-8. Epub 2007 Dec 20.


HER2 status in early breast cancer: relevance of cell staining patterns, gene amplification and polysomy 17.

Torrisi R, Rotmensz N, Bagnardi V, Viale G, Curto BD, Dell'orto P, Veronesi P, Luini A, D'Alessandro C, Cardillo A, Goldhirsch A, Colleoni M.

Eur J Cancer. 2007 Nov;43(16):2339-44. Epub 2007 Sep 12.


Prognostic and predictive value of centrally reviewed expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors in a randomized trial comparing letrozole and tamoxifen adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal early breast cancer: BIG 1-98.

Viale G, Regan MM, Maiorano E, Mastropasqua MG, Dell'Orto P, Rasmussen BB, Raffoul J, Neven P, Orosz Z, Braye S, Ohlschlegel C, Thürlimann B, Gelber RD, Castiglione-Gertsch M, Price KN, Goldhirsch A, Gusterson BA, Coates AS.

J Clin Oncol. 2007 Sep 1;25(25):3846-52. Epub 2007 Aug 6.


Early continence recovery after open radical prostatectomy with restoration of the posterior aspect of the rhabdosphincter.

Rocco F, Carmignani L, Acquati P, Gadda F, Dell'Orto P, Rocco B, Casellato S, Gazzano G, Consonni D.

Eur Urol. 2007 Aug;52(2):376-83. Epub 2007 Feb 12.


Comparison of the Digene HC2 assay and the Roche AMPLICOR human papillomavirus (HPV) test for detection of high-risk HPV genotypes in cervical samples.

Sandri MT, Lentati P, Benini E, Dell'Orto P, Zorzino L, Carozzi FM, Maisonneuve P, Passerini R, Salvatici M, Casadio C, Boveri S, Sideri M.

J Clin Microbiol. 2006 Jun;44(6):2141-6.


Restoration of posterior aspect of rhabdosphincter shortens continence time after radical retropubic prostatectomy.

Rocco F, Carmignani L, Acquati P, Gadda F, Dell'Orto P, Rocco B, Bozzini G, Gazzano G, Morabito A.

J Urol. 2006 Jun;175(6):2201-6.


Assessing the status of axillary sentinel lymph nodes of breast carcinoma patients by a real-time quantitative RT-PCR assay for mammaglobin 1 mRNA.

Dell'Orto P, Biasi MO, Del Curto B, Zurrida S, Galimberti V, Viale G.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2006 Jul;98(2):185-90. Epub 2006 Mar 15.


Detecting cell-free circulating hTERT mRNA in the plasma may identify a subset of nonsmall cell lung cancer patients.

Pelosi G, Schianchi E, Dell'orto P, Veronesi G, Spaggiari L, Pasini F, Sozzi G, Brambilla E, Griso C, Viale G.

Virchows Arch. 2006 Jan;448(1):7-15. Epub 2005 Sep 29.


The transactivating isoforms of p63 are overexpressed in high-grade follicular lymphomas independent of the occurrence of p63 gene amplification.

Pruneri G, Fabris S, Dell'Orto P, Biasi MO, Valentini S, Del Curto B, Laszlo D, Cattaneo L, Fasani R, Rossini L, Manzotti M, Bertolini F, Martinelli G, Neri A, Viale G.

J Pathol. 2005 Jul;206(3):337-45.


Lack of prognostic implications of HER-2/neu abnormalities in 345 stage I non-small cell carcinomas (NSCLC) and 207 stage I-III neuroendocrine tumours (NET) of the lung.

Pelosi G, Del Curto B, Dell'Orto P, Pasini F, Veronesi G, Spaggiari L, Maisonneuve P, Iannucci A, Terzi A, Lonardoni A, Viale G.

Int J Cancer. 2005 Jan 1;113(1):101-8.


Histopathologic examination of axillary sentinel lymph nodes in breast carcinoma patients.

Viale G, Sonzogni A, Pruneri G, Maffini F, Masullo M, Dell'Orto P, Mazzarol G.

J Surg Oncol. 2004 Mar;85(3):123-8. Review.


[Personal research: reconstruction of the urethral striated sphincter].

Rocco F, Gadda F, Acquati P, Carmignani L, Favini P, Dell'Orto P, Ferruti M, Avogadro A, Casellato S, Grisotto M.

Arch Ital Urol Androl. 2001 Sep;73(3):127-37. Review. Italian.


[Physiology of the urethral sphincteric vesico-prostatic complex].

Carmignani L, Gadda F, Dell'Orto P, Ferruti M, Grisotto M, Rocco F.

Arch Ital Urol Androl. 2001 Sep;73(3):118-20. Review. Italian.


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