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ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines: Fasting during Ramadan by young people with diabetes.

Deeb A, Elbarbary N, Smart CE, Beshyah SA, Habeb A, Kalra S, Al Alwan I, Babiker A, Al Amoudi R, Pulungan AB, Humayun K, Issa U, Jalaludin MY, Sanhay R, Akanov Z, Krogvold L, de Beaufort C.

Pediatr Diabetes. 2019 Oct 28. doi: 10.1111/pedi.12920. [Epub ahead of print] Review. No abstract available.


Knowledge of and attitudes toward clinical trials in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study.

Al-Rawashdeh N, Damsees R, Al-Jeraisy M, Al Qasim E, Deeb AM.

BMJ Open. 2019 Oct 22;9(10):e031305. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031305.


Pulmonary deregulation of expression of miR-155 and two of its putative target genes; PROS1 and TP53INP1 associated with gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) administration in rat.

Ali GE, Ibrahim MA, El-Deeb AH, Amer H, Zaki SM.

Int J Nanomedicine. 2019 Jul 22;14:5569-5579. doi: 10.2147/IJN.S208372. eCollection 2019.


Achieving Optimal Short- and Long-Term Responses to Paediatric Growth Hormone Therapy

Wit JM, Deeb A, Bin-Abbas B, Al Mutair A, Koledova E, Savage MO.

J Clin Res Pediatr Endocrinol. 2019 Jul 9. doi: 10.4274/jcrpe.galenos.2019.2019.0088. [Epub ahead of print]


Novel ambulatory glucose-sensing technology improves hypoglycemia detection and patient monitoring adherence in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

Deeb A, Yousef H, Al Qahtani N, Artan I, Suliman S, Tomy M, Abdulrahman L, Al Suwaidi H, Attia S, Nagelkerke N.

J Diabetes Metab Disord. 2019 May 9;18(1):1-6. doi: 10.1007/s40200-018-0351-9. eCollection 2019 Jun.


Using insulin pump with a remote-control system in young patients with diabetes improves glycemic control and enhances patient satisfaction.

Deeb A, Akle M, Abdulrahman L, Suwaidi H, Awad S, Remeithi S.

Clin Diabetes Endocrinol. 2019 Jun 6;5:7. doi: 10.1186/s40842-019-0081-z. eCollection 2019.


Ramadan fasting in children.

Kalra S, Al Deeb A, Sahay R.

J Pak Med Assoc. 2019 May;69(5):745-746.


Molecular classification of colorectal cancer using the gene expression profile of tumor samples.

Rashid M, Vishwakarma RK, Deeb AM, Hussein MA, Aziz MA.

Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2019 Sep;244(12):1005-1016. doi: 10.1177/1535370219850788. Epub 2019 May 15. No abstract available.


A Specific CNOT1 Mutation Results in a Novel Syndrome of Pancreatic Agenesis and Holoprosencephaly through Impaired Pancreatic and Neurological Development.

De Franco E, Watson RA, Weninger WJ, Wong CC, Flanagan SE, Caswell R, Green A, Tudor C, Lelliott CJ, Geyer SH, Maurer-Gesek B, Reissig LF, Lango Allen H, Caliebe A, Siebert R, Holterhus PM, Deeb A, Prin F, Hilbrands R, Heimberg H, Ellard S, Hattersley AT, Barroso I.

Am J Hum Genet. 2019 May 2;104(5):985-989. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2019.03.018. Epub 2019 Apr 18.


Dexamethasone Versus Ketamine in the Interscalene Block in Patients Undergoing Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: A Randomized Double-Blinded Study.

Elbahrawy K, El-Deeb A.

Asian J Anesthesiol. 2018 Dec;56(4):136-142. doi: 10.6859/aja.201812_56(4).0003.


Sex assignment practice in disorders of sexual differentiation: survey results from paediatric endocrinologists in the Arab region.

Deeb A, Khamis M, Sayed SA, Magdy Omar O, Odeh R, Ladjouze A, Ameri EA.

J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2019 Jan 28;32(1):75-82. doi: 10.1515/jpem-2018-0323.


Allogeneic Leukocyte-Reduced Red Blood Cell Transfusion Is Associated with Postoperative Infectious Complications and Cancer Recurrence after Colon Cancer Resection.

Deeb AP, Aquina CT, Monson JRT, Blumberg N, Becerra AZ, Fleming FJ.

Dig Surg. 2019 Mar 5:1-8. doi: 10.1159/000498865. [Epub ahead of print]


Development of a recombinant Newcastle disease virus-vectored vaccine for infectious bronchitis virus variant strains circulating in Egypt.

Abozeid HH, Paldurai A, Varghese BP, Khattar SK, Afifi MA, Zouelfakkar S, El-Deeb AH, El-Kady MF, Samal SK.

Vet Res. 2019 Feb 11;50(1):12. doi: 10.1186/s13567-019-0631-5.


Five BoLA-DRB3 genotypes detected in Egyptian buffalo infected with Foot and Mouth disease virus serotype O.

Othman OE, Khodary MG, El-Deeb AH, Hussein HA.

J Genet Eng Biotechnol. 2018 Dec;16(2):513-518. doi: 10.1016/j.jgeb.2018.02.009. Epub 2018 Feb 28.


[Effect of complications after liver resection].

Deeb AA, Ardelt M, Settmacher U.

Chirurg. 2019 Mar;90(3):241. doi: 10.1007/s00104-019-0806-7. German. No abstract available.


First report of fowl adenovirus 8a from commercial broiler chickens in Egypt: molecular characterization and pathogenicity.

Radwan MM, El-Deeb AH, Mousa MR, El-Sanousi AA, Shalaby MA.

Poult Sci. 2019 Jan 1;98(1):97-104. doi: 10.3382/ps/pey314.


Macrolides in critically ill patients with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Arabi YM, Deeb AM, Al-Hameed F, Mandourah Y, Almekhlafi GA, Sindi AA, Al-Omari A, Shalhoub S, Mady A, Alraddadi B, Almotairi A, Al Khatib K, Abdulmomen A, Qushmaq I, Solaiman O, Al-Aithan AM, Al-Raddadi R, Ragab A, Al Harthy A, Kharaba A, Jose J, Dabbagh T, Fowler RA, Balkhy HH, Merson L, Hayden FG; Saudi Critical Care Trials group.

Int J Infect Dis. 2019 Apr;81:184-190. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2019.01.041. Epub 2019 Jan 25.


Management of diabetes during Ramadan fasting in children and adolescents: A survey of physicians' perceptions and practices in the Arab Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes (ASPED) countries.

Elbarbary N, Deeb A, Habeb A, Beshyah SA.

Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2019 Apr;150:274-281. doi: 10.1016/j.diabres.2018.12.014. Epub 2019 Jan 8.


Impact of Insulin Injection and Infusion Routines on Lipohypertrophy and Glycemic Control in Children and Adults with Diabetes.

Deeb A, Abdelrahman L, Tomy M, Suliman S, Akle M, Smith M, Strauss K.

Diabetes Ther. 2019 Feb;10(1):259-267. doi: 10.1007/s13300-018-0561-7. Epub 2019 Jan 8.


Maternal attitude towards delaying puberty in girls with and without a disability: a questionnaire-based study from the United Arab Emirates.

Deeb A, Akle M, Al Zaabi A, Siwji Z, Attia S, Al Suwaidi H, Al Qahtani N, Ehtisham S.

BMJ Paediatr Open. 2018 Oct 9;2(1):e000306. doi: 10.1136/bmjpo-2018-000306. eCollection 2018.


Correction to: Pediatric Insulin Injection Technique: A Multi-Country Survey and Clinical Practice Implications.

Kalra S, Hirsch LJ, Frid A, Deeb A, Strauss KW.

Diabetes Ther. 2018 Dec;9(6):2303. doi: 10.1007/s13300-018-0528-8.


Pediatric Insulin Injection Technique: A Multi-Country Survey and Clinical Practice Implications.

Kalra S, Hirsch LJ, Frid A, Deeb A, Strauss KW.

Diabetes Ther. 2018 Dec;9(6):2291-2302. doi: 10.1007/s13300-018-0514-1. Epub 2018 Sep 21. Erratum in: Diabetes Ther. 2018 Oct 29;:.


Development and evaluation of a multiplex reverse-transcription real-time PCR assay for detection of equine respiratory disease viruses.

Ghoniem SM, El Deeb AH, Aggour MG, Hussein HA.

J Vet Diagn Invest. 2018 Nov;30(6):924-928. doi: 10.1177/1040638718799388. Epub 2018 Sep 21.


Utilization and Challenges of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy: A Patient Experience Analysis.

Deeb A, Ziaullah M, Akle M, Strauss K.

J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2019 Jan;13(1):146-147. doi: 10.1177/1932296818801361. Epub 2018 Sep 21. No abstract available.


Occurrence of Hypothyroidism, Diabetes Mellitus, and Celiac Disease in Emirati Children with Down's Syndrome.

Abdulrazzaq Y, El-Azzabi TI, Al Hamad SM, Attia S, Deeb A, Aburawi EH.

Oman Med J. 2018 Sep;33(5):387-392. doi: 10.5001/omj.2018.72.


Prime-boost vaccination strategy against avian influenza and Newcastle disease viruses reduces shedding of the challenge viruses.

Ismail NM, El-Deeb AH, Emara MM, Tawfik HI, Wanis NA, Hussein HA.

Virusdisease. 2018 Sep;29(3):324-332. doi: 10.1007/s13337-018-0463-3. Epub 2018 Jun 26.


Enhanced pathogenicity of low-pathogenic H9N2 avian influenza virus after vaccination with infectious bronchitis live attenuated vaccine.

Ismail ZM, El-Deeb AH, El-Safty MM, Hussein HA.

Vet World. 2018 Jul;11(7):977-985. doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2018.977-985. Epub 2018 Jul 24.


Paediatric insulin injection technique: The softer side.

Kalra S, Deeb AA, Dhingra M, Strauss K.

J Pak Med Assoc. 2018 Aug;68(8):1270-1272.


Dyslipidemia and Fatty Liver Disease in Overweight and Obese Children.

Deeb A, Attia S, Mahmoud S, Elhaj G, Elfatih A.

J Obes. 2018 Jun 12;2018:8626818. doi: 10.1155/2018/8626818. eCollection 2018.


Comparison of Intrapleural with Paravertebral Levobupivacaine Analgesia for Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy: A Randomized Controlled Study.

Elbahrawy K, El-Deeb A, Diab DG, Regal S.

Anesth Essays Res. 2018 Apr-Jun;12(2):417-422. doi: 10.4103/aer.AER_32_18.


Development of gold nanoparticles biosensor for ultrasensitive diagnosis of foot and mouth disease virus.

Hamdy ME, Del Carlo M, Hussein HA, Salah TA, El-Deeb AH, Emara MM, Pezzoni G, Compagnone D.

J Nanobiotechnology. 2018 May 11;16(1):48. doi: 10.1186/s12951-018-0374-x.


Common Issues Seen in Paediatric Diabetes Clinics, Psychological Formulations, and Related Approaches to Management.

Deeb A, Akle M, Al Ozairi A, Cameron F.

J Diabetes Res. 2018 Feb 27;2018:1684175. doi: 10.1155/2018/1684175. eCollection 2018. Review.


Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the confusion assessment method for the intensive care unit (CAM-ICU).

Aljuaid MH, Deeb AM, Dbsawy M, Alsayegh D, Alotaibi M, Arabi YM.

BMC Psychiatry. 2018 Apr 6;18(1):91. doi: 10.1186/s12888-018-1676-0.


The expression of leptin in oral wound healing in diabetes mellitus: An experimental study.

El-Deeb AM, Fansa HA, Wahba OM.

Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 2018 Mar-Apr;12(2):22-25.


Genetic mutations associated with lung cancer metastasis to the brain.

Aljohani HM, Aittaleb M, Furgason JM, Amaya P, Deeb A, Chalmers JJ, Bahassi EM.

Mutagenesis. 2018 Apr 13;33(2):137-145. doi: 10.1093/mutage/gey003.


Treatment of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome with a combination of lopinavir-ritonavir and interferon-β1b (MIRACLE trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Arabi YM, Alothman A, Balkhy HH, Al-Dawood A, AlJohani S, Al Harbi S, Kojan S, Al Jeraisy M, Deeb AM, Assiri AM, Al-Hameed F, AlSaedi A, Mandourah Y, Almekhlafi GA, Sherbeeni NM, Elzein FE, Memon J, Taha Y, Almotairi A, Maghrabi KA, Qushmaq I, Al Bshabshe A, Kharaba A, Shalhoub S, Jose J, Fowler RA, Hayden FG, Hussein MA; And the MIRACLE trial group.

Trials. 2018 Jan 30;19(1):81. doi: 10.1186/s13063-017-2427-0.


Acidosis and Deafness in Patients with Recessive Mutations in FOXI1.

Enerbäck S, Nilsson D, Edwards N, Heglind M, Alkanderi S, Ashton E, Deeb A, Kokash FEB, Bakhsh ARA, Van't Hoff W, Walsh SB, D'Arco F, Daryadel A, Bourgeois S, Wagner CA, Kleta R, Bockenhauer D, Sayer JA.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2018 Mar;29(3):1041-1048. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2017080840. Epub 2017 Dec 14.


Diabetes Mellitus Secondary to Acute Pancreatitis in a Child with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.

Deeb A.

Case Rep Endocrinol. 2017;2017:3892467. doi: 10.1155/2017/3892467. Epub 2017 Oct 24.


Corticosteroid Therapy for Critically Ill Patients with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Arabi YM, Mandourah Y, Al-Hameed F, Sindi AA, Almekhlafi GA, Hussein MA, Jose J, Pinto R, Al-Omari A, Kharaba A, Almotairi A, Al Khatib K, Alraddadi B, Shalhoub S, Abdulmomen A, Qushmaq I, Mady A, Solaiman O, Al-Aithan AM, Al-Raddadi R, Ragab A, Balkhy HH, Al Harthy A, Deeb AM, Al Mutairi H, Al-Dawood A, Merson L, Hayden FG, Fowler RA; Saudi Critical Care Trial Group.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2018 Mar 15;197(6):757-767. doi: 10.1164/rccm.201706-1172OC.


An International Consortium Update: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Adolescence.

Ibáñez L, Oberfield SE, Witchel S, Auchus RJ, Chang RJ, Codner E, Dabadghao P, Darendeliler F, Elbarbary NS, Gambineri A, Garcia Rudaz C, Hoeger KM, López-Bermejo A, Ong K, Peña AS, Reinehr T, Santoro N, Tena-Sempere M, Tao R, Yildiz BO, Alkhayyat H, Deeb A, Joel D, Horikawa R, de Zegher F, Lee PA.

Horm Res Paediatr. 2017;88(6):371-395. doi: 10.1159/000479371. Epub 2017 Nov 13.


Enhanced protection against FMDV in cattle after prime- boost vaccination based on mucosal and inactivated FMD vaccine.

Khalifa ME, El-Deeb AH, Zeidan SM, Hussein HA, Abu-El-Naga HI.

Vet Microbiol. 2017 Oct;210:1-7. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2017.08.014. Epub 2017 Aug 26.


Impact of targeted education on managing warning and error signals by children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes using the Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump System.

Deeb A, Qahtani NA, Ali AA, Akle M.

Ann Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2017 Sep;22(3):170-175. doi: 10.6065/apem.2017.22.3.170. Epub 2017 Sep 28.


Multicystic dysplastic kidney: a new association of Wolcott-Rallison syndrome.

Deeb A, Al-Zidgali F, Ofoegbu BN.

Endocrinol Diabetes Metab Case Rep. 2017 Sep 20;2017. pii: 17-0090. doi: 10.1530/EDM-17-0090. eCollection 2017.


Safety of frozen liver for human consumption.

Kirrella GAK, Deeb AMM, Abdallah RMI.

J Food Drug Anal. 2017 Jul;25(3):520-524. doi: 10.1016/j.jfda.2016.11.012. Epub 2017 Feb 16.


Could Alerting Physicians for Low Alkaline Phosphatase Levels Be Helpful in Early Diagnosis of Hypophosphatasia?

Deeb A, Elfatih A.

J Clin Res Pediatr Endocrinol. 2018 Mar 1;10(1):19-24. doi: 10.4274/jcrpe.4426. Epub 2017 Aug 2.


Global Application of the Assessment of Communication Skills of Paediatric Endocrinology Fellows in the Management of Differences in Sex Development Using the ESPE E-Learning.Org Portal.

Kranenburg LJC, Reerds STH, Cools M, Alderson J, Muscarella M, Magrite E, Kuiper M, Abdelgaffar S, Balsamo A, Brauner R, Chanoine JP, Deeb A, Fechner P, German A, Holterhus PM, Juul A, Mendonca BB, Neville K, Nordenstrom A, Oostdijk W, Rey RA, Rutter MM, Shah N, Luo X, Grijpink K, Drop SLS.

Horm Res Paediatr. 2017;88(2):127-139. doi: 10.1159/000475992. Epub 2017 Jul 7.


Challenges of Diabetes Management in Toddlers.

Deeb A.

Diabetes Technol Ther. 2017 Jul;19(7):383-390. doi: 10.1089/dia.2017.0130. Epub 2017 Jul 7. Review.


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