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Factors influencing bacterial microbiome composition in a wild non-human primate community in Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire.

Gogarten JF, Davies TJ, Benjamino J, Gogarten JP, Graf J, Mielke A, Mundry R, Nelson MC, Wittig RM, Leendertz FH, Calvignac-Spencer S.

ISME J. 2018 Jun 28. doi: 10.1038/s41396-018-0166-1. [Epub ahead of print]


Validating a 14-drug microtitre plate containing bedaquiline and delamanid for large-scale research susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Rancoita PMV, Cugnata F, Gibertoni Cruz AL, Borroni E, Hoosdally SJ, Walker TM, Grazian C, Davies TJ, Peto TEA, Crook DW, Fowler PW, Cirillo DM; CRyPTIC Consortium.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2018 Jun 25. pii: AAC.00344-18. doi: 10.1128/AAC.00344-18. [Epub ahead of print]


Occurrence and levels of potentially harmful elements (PHEs) in natural waters of the gold mining areas of the Kette-Batouri region of Eastern Cameroon.

Jordaan MA, Mimba ME, NguemheFils SC, Edith-Etakah BT, Shapi M, Penaye J, Davies TC.

Environ Monit Assess. 2018 Jun 21;190(7):416. doi: 10.1007/s10661-018-6777-1.


Detection of Galba truncatula, Fasciola hepatica and Calicophoron daubneyi environmental DNA within water sources on pasture land, a future tool for fluke control?

Jones RA, Brophy PM, Davis CN, Davies TE, Emberson H, Rees Stevens P, Williams HW.

Parasit Vectors. 2018 Jun 8;11(1):342. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-2928-z.


Patterns of intimate partner violence among perinatal women with depression symptoms in Khayelitsha, South Africa: a longitudinal analysis.

Schneider M, Baron E, Davies T, Munodawafa M, Lund C.

Glob Ment Health (Camb). 2018 Apr 12;5:e13. doi: 10.1017/gmh.2018.1. eCollection 2018.


An analysis of variability in genome organisation of intracellular calcium release channels across insect orders.

Troczka BJ, Richardson E, Homem RA, Davies TGE.

Gene. 2018 Sep 5;670:70-86. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2018.05.075. Epub 2018 May 21.


On the relationship between phylogenetic diversity and trait diversity.

Tucker CM, Davies TJ, Cadotte MW, Pearse WD.

Ecology. 2018 Jun;99(6):1473-1479. doi: 10.1002/ecy.2349. Epub 2018 May 21.


Evolutionary Rates Standardized for Evolutionary Space: Perspectives on Trait Evolution.

Rolshausen G, Davies TJ, Hendry AP.

Trends Ecol Evol. 2018 Jun;33(6):379-389. doi: 10.1016/j.tree.2018.04.001. Epub 2018 Apr 30. Review.


The role of DNA methylation in ageing and cancer.

Morgan AE, Davies TJ, Mc Auley MT.

Proc Nutr Soc. 2018 Apr 30:1-11. doi: 10.1017/S0029665118000150. [Epub ahead of print]


Exploring the business of urology: Strategy and strategic planning.

Beiko D, Murray E, Davies TO, Oake JS, Houle AM.

Can Urol Assoc J. 2018 Feb;12(2):13-17. doi: 10.5489/cuaj.5083. Epub 2017 Dec 14. No abstract available.


Assessing trade-offs in large marine protected areas.

Davies TE, Epstein G, Aguilera SE, Brooks CM, Cox M, Evans LS, Maxwell SM, Nenadovic M, Ban NC.

PLoS One. 2018 Apr 18;13(4):e0195760. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0195760. eCollection 2018.


Unravelling the Molecular Determinants of Bee Sensitivity to Neonicotinoid Insecticides.

Manjon C, Troczka BJ, Zaworra M, Beadle K, Randall E, Hertlein G, Singh KS, Zimmer CT, Homem RA, Lueke B, Reid R, Kor L, Kohler M, Benting J, Williamson MS, Davies TGE, Field LM, Bass C, Nauen R.

Curr Biol. 2018 Apr 2;28(7):1137-1143.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.02.045. Epub 2018 Mar 22.


Actions of pituitary hormones beyond traditional targets.

Zaidi M, New MI, Blair HC, Zallone A, Baliram R, Davies TF, Cardozo C, Iqbal J, Sun L, Rosen CJ, Yuen T.

J Endocrinol. 2018 Jun;237(3):R83-R98. doi: 10.1530/JOE-17-0680. Epub 2018 Mar 19. Review.


Sharing the results of a patient satisfaction audit.

Walker K, Watkins R, Newman S, Pullen J, Osborne D, Milton S, Davies T.

Br J Nurs. 2018 Mar 8;27(5):S4-S14. doi: 10.12968/bjon.2018.27.5.S4.


Characterizing the phylogenetic specialism-generalism spectrum of mammal parasites.

Park AW, Farrell MJ, Schmidt JP, Huang S, Dallas TA, Pappalardo P, Drake JM, Stephens PR, Poulin R, Nunn CL, Davies TJ.

Proc Biol Sci. 2018 Mar 14;285(1874). pii: 20172613. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2017.2613.


Systematic review: Investigating the effectiveness of assistive technology to enable internet access for individuals with deafblindness.

Perfect E, Jaiswal A, Davies TC.

Assist Technol. 2018 Feb 26:1-10. doi: 10.1080/10400435.2018.1445136. [Epub ahead of print]


Effect of Resistance Training Frequency on Gains in Muscular Strength: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Grgic J, Schoenfeld BJ, Davies TB, Lazinica B, Krieger JW, Pedisic Z.

Sports Med. 2018 May;48(5):1207-1220. doi: 10.1007/s40279-018-0872-x. Review.


Global macroevolution and macroecology of passerine song.

Pearse WD, Morales-Castilla I, James LS, Farrell M, Boivin F, Davies TJ.

Evolution. 2018 Apr;72(4):944-960. doi: 10.1111/evo.13450. Epub 2018 Mar 25.


Effect of movement velocity during resistance training on muscle-specific hypertrophy: A systematic review.

Hackett DA, Davies TB, Orr R, Kuang K, Halaki M.

Eur J Sport Sci. 2018 May;18(4):473-482. doi: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1434563. Epub 2018 Feb 12. Review.


External validity and anchoring heuristics: application of DUNDRUM-1 to secure service gatekeeping in South Wales.

Lawrence D, Davies TL, Bagshaw R, Hewlett P, Taylor P, Watt A.

BJPsych Bull. 2018 Feb;42(1):10-18. doi: 10.1192/bjb.2017.6.


Biased signaling by thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor-specific antibodies determines thyrocyte survival in autoimmunity.

Morshed SA, Ma R, Latif R, Davies TF.

Sci Signal. 2018 Jan 23;11(514). pii: eaah4120. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aah4120.


Directed Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells into Dendritic Cells Displaying Tolerogenic Properties and Resembling the CD141+ Subset.

Sachamitr P, Leishman AJ, Davies TJ, Fairchild PJ.

Front Immunol. 2018 Jan 8;8:1935. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.01935. eCollection 2017.


Neofunctionalization of Duplicated P450 Genes Drives the Evolution of Insecticide Resistance in the Brown Planthopper.

Zimmer CT, Garrood WT, Singh KS, Randall E, Lueke B, Gutbrod O, Matthiesen S, Kohler M, Nauen R, Davies TGE, Bass C.

Curr Biol. 2018 Jan 22;28(2):268-274.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.11.060. Epub 2018 Jan 11.


Tongues on the EDGE: language preservation priorities based on threat and lexical distinctiveness.

Perrault N, Farrell MJ, Davies TJ.

R Soc Open Sci. 2017 Dec 13;4(12):171218. doi: 10.1098/rsos.171218. eCollection 2017 Dec.


Tutorial on kernel estimation of continuous spatial and spatiotemporal relative risk.

Davies TM, Marshall JC, Hazelton ML.

Stat Med. 2018 Mar 30;37(7):1191-1221. doi: 10.1002/sim.7577. Epub 2017 Dec 11.


Why artificial light at night should be a focus for global change research in the 21st century.

Davies TW, Smyth T.

Glob Chang Biol. 2018 Mar;24(3):872-882. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13927. Epub 2017 Nov 10.


Towards an eco-phylogenetic framework for infectious disease ecology.

Fountain-Jones NM, Pearse WD, Escobar LE, Alba-Casals A, Carver S, Davies TJ, Kraberger S, Papeş M, Vandegrift K, Worsley-Tonks K, Craft ME.

Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc. 2018 May;93(2):950-970. doi: 10.1111/brv.12380. Epub 2017 Nov 8.


A statistical estimator for determining the limits of contemporary and historic phenology.

Pearse WD, Davis CC, Inouye DW, Primack RB, Davies TJ.

Nat Ecol Evol. 2017 Dec;1(12):1876-1882. doi: 10.1038/s41559-017-0350-0. Epub 2017 Nov 6.


Expanding the Role of Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone in Skeletal Physiology.

Baliram R, Latif R, Zaidi M, Davies TF.

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2017 Oct 3;8:252. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2017.00252. eCollection 2017. Review.


Review article: the role of the microcirculation in liver cirrhosis.

Davies T, Wythe S, O'Beirne J, Martin D, Gilbert-Kawai E.

Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2017 Nov;46(9):825-835. doi: 10.1111/apt.14279. Review.


A case study of likely wild-type cardiac transthyretin amyloidosis causing rapid deterioration.

Davies T, Saleh A, Coghlan G, Whelan C, Agarwal B.

J Intensive Care Soc. 2017 May;18(2):138-142. doi: 10.1177/1751143716682263. Epub 2016 Nov 29.


Development and Qualification of an Opsonophagocytic Killing Assay To Assess Immunogenicity of a Bioconjugated Escherichia coli Vaccine.

Abbanat D, Davies TA, Amsler K, He W, Fae K, Janssen S, Poolman JT, van den Dobbelsteen GPJM.

Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2017 Dec 5;24(12). pii: e00123-17. doi: 10.1128/CVI.00123-17. Print 2017 Dec.


Effects of Rest Interval Duration in Resistance Training on Measures of Muscular Strength: A Systematic Review.

Grgic J, Schoenfeld BJ, Skrepnik M, Davies TB, Mikulic P.

Sports Med. 2018 Jan;48(1):137-151. doi: 10.1007/s40279-017-0788-x. Review.


One-Pot, Three-Component Sulfonimidamide Synthesis Exploiting the Sulfinylamine Reagent N-Sulfinyltritylamine, TrNSO.

Davies TQ, Hall A, Willis MC.

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2017 Nov 20;56(47):14937-14941. doi: 10.1002/anie.201708590. Epub 2017 Oct 10.


Understanding the Processes Underpinning Patterns of Phylogenetic Regionalization.

Daru BH, Elliott TL, Park DS, Davies TJ.

Trends Ecol Evol. 2017 Nov;32(11):845-860. doi: 10.1016/j.tree.2017.08.013. Epub 2017 Sep 14. Review.


Admixture on the northern front: population genomics of range expansion in the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) and secondary contact with the deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus).

Garcia-Elfring A, Barrett RDH, Combs M, Davies TJ, Munshi-South J, Millien V.

Heredity (Edinb). 2017 Dec;119(6):447-458. doi: 10.1038/hdy.2017.57. Epub 2017 Sep 13.


Crystalline phases involved in the hydration of calcium silicate-based cements: Semi-quantitative Rietveld X-ray diffraction analysis.

Grazziotin-Soares R, Nekoofar MH, Davies T, Hübler R, Meraji N, Dummer PMH.

Aust Endod J. 2017 Aug 30. doi: 10.1111/aej.12226. [Epub ahead of print]


Large marine protected areas represent biodiversity now and under climate change.

Davies TE, Maxwell SM, Kaschner K, Garilao C, Ban NC.

Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 29;7(1):9569. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-08758-5.


Delimiting species of Protaphorura (Collembola: Onychiuridae): integrative evidence based on morphology, DNA sequences and geography.

Sun X, Zhang F, Ding Y, Davies TW, Li Y, Wu D.

Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 15;7(1):8261. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-08381-4.


Exploring the business of urology: Influence management and political skills.

Houle AM, Ouimet G, Beiko D, Oake JS, Davies TO.

Can Urol Assoc J. 2017 Aug;11(8):227-229. doi: 10.5489/cuaj.4778. No abstract available.


A management strategy that reduces NICU admissions and decreases charges from the front line of the neonatal abstinence syndrome epidemic.

Loudin S, Werthammer J, Prunty L, Murray S, Shapiro JI, Davies TH.

J Perinatol. 2017 Oct;37(10):1108-1111. doi: 10.1038/jp.2017.101. Epub 2017 Jul 6.


Evaluation of Huddles: A Multisite Study.

Melton L, Lengerich A, Collins M, McKeehan R, Dunn D, Griggs P, Davies T, Johnson B, Bugajski A.

Health Care Manag (Frederick). 2017 Jul/Sep;36(3):282-287. doi: 10.1097/HCM.0000000000000171.


Exploring the business of urology: Change management.

Oake JS, Davies TO, Houle AM, Beiko D.

Can Urol Assoc J. 2017 Jun;11(6):163-166. doi: 10.5489/cuaj.4525. No abstract available.


Integrating mental health care into primary care systems in low- and middle-income countries: lessons from PRIME and AFFIRM.

Davies T, Lund C.

Glob Ment Health (Camb). 2017 Apr 18;4:e7. doi: 10.1017/gmh.2017.3. eCollection 2017. No abstract available.


The anti-cholesterolaemic effect of a consortium of probiotics: An acute study in C57BL/6J mice.

Michael DR, Davies TS, Moss JWE, Calvente DL, Ramji DP, Marchesi JR, Pechlivanis A, Plummer SF, Hughes TR.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jun 6;7(1):2883. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-02889-5.


Blocking FSH induces thermogenic adipose tissue and reduces body fat.

Liu P, Ji Y, Yuen T, Rendina-Ruedy E, DeMambro VE, Dhawan S, Abu-Amer W, Izadmehr S, Zhou B, Shin AC, Latif R, Thangeswaran P, Gupta A, Li J, Shnayder V, Robinson ST, Yu YE, Zhang X, Yang F, Lu P, Zhou Y, Zhu LL, Oberlin DJ, Davies TF, Reagan MR, Brown A, Kumar TR, Epstein S, Iqbal J, Avadhani NG, New MI, Molina H, van Klinken JB, Guo EX, Buettner C, Haider S, Bian Z, Sun L, Rosen CJ, Zaidi M.

Nature. 2017 Jun 1;546(7656):107-112. doi: 10.1038/nature22342. Epub 2017 May 24.


Artificial light at night alters trophic interactions of intertidal invertebrates.

Underwood CN, Davies TW, Queirós AM.

J Anim Ecol. 2017 Jul;86(4):781-789. doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.12670. Epub 2017 Apr 27.


Visible-Light-Controlled Oxidation of Glucose using Titania-Supported Silver Photocatalysts.

Da Vià L, Recchi C, Davies TE, Greeves N, Lopez-Sanchez JA.

ChemCatChem. 2016 Nov 22;8(22):3475-3483. doi: 10.1002/cctc.201600775. Epub 2016 Oct 13.


Can it wait? A systematic review of immediate vs. delayed surgical repair of penile fractures.

Wong NC, Dason S, Bansal RK, Davies TO, Braga LH.

Can Urol Assoc J. 2017 Jan-Feb;11(1-2):53-60. doi: 10.5489/cuaj.4032.


Open data and digital morphology.

Davies TG, Rahman IA, Lautenschlager S, Cunningham JA, Asher RJ, Barrett PM, Bates KT, Bengtson S, Benson RB, Boyer DM, Braga J, Bright JA, Claessens LP, Cox PG, Dong XP, Evans AR, Falkingham PL, Friedman M, Garwood RJ, Goswami A, Hutchinson JR, Jeffery NS, Johanson Z, Lebrun R, Martínez-Pérez C, Marugán-Lobón J, O'Higgins PM, Metscher B, Orliac M, Rowe TB, Rücklin M, Sánchez-Villagra MR, Shubin NH, Smith SY, Starck JM, Stringer C, Summers AP, Sutton MD, Walsh SA, Weisbecker V, Witmer LM, Wroe S, Yin Z, Rayfield EJ, Donoghue PC.

Proc Biol Sci. 2017 Apr 12;284(1852). pii: 20170194. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2017.0194. Epub 2017 Apr 12. Review.

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