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A population health perspective on artificial intelligence.

Lavigne M, Mussa F, Creatore MI, Hoffman SJ, Buckeridge DL.

Healthc Manage Forum. 2019 Jul;32(4):173-177. doi: 10.1177/0840470419848428. Epub 2019 May 19.


Building the political case for investing in public health and public health research.

Hoffman SJ, Creatore MI, Klassen A, Lay AM, Fafard P.

Can J Public Health. 2019 Jun;110(3):270-274. doi: 10.17269/s41997-019-00214-3. Epub 2019 May 6.


Why public health matters today and tomorrow: the role of applied public health research.

McLaren L, Braitstein P, Buckeridge D, Contandriopoulos D, Creatore MI, Faulkner G, Hammond D, Hoffman SJ, Kestens Y, Leatherdale S, McGavock J, Norman WV, Nykiforuk C, Ridde V, Smylie J.

Can J Public Health. 2019 Jun;110(3):317-322. doi: 10.17269/s41997-019-00196-2. Epub 2019 Mar 18.


Neighbourhood walkability and the incidence of diabetes: an inverse probability of treatment weighting analysis.

Booth GL, Creatore MI, Luo J, Fazli GS, Johns A, Rosella LC, Glazier RH, Moineddin R, Gozdyra P, Austin PC.

J Epidemiol Community Health. 2019 Apr;73(4):287-294. doi: 10.1136/jech-2018-210510. Epub 2019 Jan 29.


Priority-setting in public health research funding organisations: an exploratory qualitative study among five high-profile funders.

Cartier Y, Creatore MI, Hoffman SJ, Potvin L.

Health Res Policy Syst. 2018 Jun 22;16(1):53. doi: 10.1186/s12961-018-0335-8.


International travel between global urban centres vulnerable to yellow fever transmission.

Brent SE, Watts A, Cetron M, German M, Kraemer MU, Bogoch II, Brady OJ, Hay SI, Creatore MI, Khan K.

Bull World Health Organ. 2018 May 1;96(5):343-354B. doi: 10.2471/BLT.17.205658. Epub 2018 Apr 11.


Elevation as a proxy for mosquito-borne Zika virus transmission in the Americas.

Watts AG, Miniota J, Joseph HA, Brady OJ, Kraemer MUG, Grills AW, Morrison S, Esposito DH, Nicolucci A, German M, Creatore MI, Nelson B, Johansson MA, Brunette G, Hay SI, Khan K, Cetron M.

PLoS One. 2017 May 24;12(5):e0178211. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0178211. eCollection 2017.


A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study Comparing Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis between Immigrant and Canadian-Born Women in Ontario.

Iqbal J, Ginsburg O, Fischer HD, Austin PC, Creatore MI, Narod SA, Rochon PA.

Breast J. 2017 Sep;23(5):525-536. doi: 10.1111/tbj.12785. Epub 2017 Mar 2.


Identifying mechanisms for facilitating knowledge to action strategies targeting the built environment.

Fazli GS, Creatore MI, Matheson FI, Guilcher S, Kaufman-Shriqui V, Manson H, Johns A, Booth GL.

BMC Public Health. 2017 Jan 3;17(1):1. doi: 10.1186/s12889-016-3954-4.


Potential for Zika virus introduction and transmission in resource-limited countries in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region: a modelling study.

Bogoch II, Brady OJ, Kraemer MUG, German M, Creatore MI, Brent S, Watts AG, Hay SI, Kulkarni MA, Brownstein JS, Khan K.

Lancet Infect Dis. 2016 Nov;16(11):1237-1245. doi: 10.1016/S1473-3099(16)30270-5. Epub 2016 Sep 1.


Association of Neighborhood Walkability With Change in Overweight, Obesity, and Diabetes.

Creatore MI, Glazier RH, Moineddin R, Fazli GS, Johns A, Gozdyra P, Matheson FI, Kaufman-Shriqui V, Rosella LC, Manuel DG, Booth GL.

JAMA. 2016 May 24-31;315(20):2211-20. doi: 10.1001/jama.2016.5898.


Preterm Delivery in Relation to Neighbourhood-Level Adult Premature Mortality.

Murphy KE, Park AL, Matheson FI, Gozdyra P, Bartsch E, Creatore MI, Ray JG.

J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2016 Mar;38(3):258-64. doi: 10.1016/j.jogc.2015.12.013. Epub 2016 Mar 12.


Anticipating the international spread of Zika virus from Brazil.

Bogoch II, Brady OJ, Kraemer MUG, German M, Creatore MI, Kulkarni MA, Brownstein JS, Mekaru SR, Hay SI, Groot E, Watts A, Khan K.

Lancet. 2016 Jan 23;387(10016):335-336. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(16)00080-5. Epub 2016 Jan 15. No abstract available.


Domestic impact of tuberculosis screening among new immigrants to Ontario, Canada.

Khan K, Hirji MM, Miniota J, Hu W, Wang J, Gardam M, Rawal S, Ellis E, Chan A, Creatore MI, Rea E.

CMAJ. 2015 Nov 3;187(16):E473-E481. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.150011. Epub 2015 Sep 28.


A population-based study of premature mortality in relation to neighbourhood density of alcohol sales and cheque cashing outlets in Toronto, Canada.

Matheson FI, Creatore MI, Gozdyra P, Park AL, Ray JG.

BMJ Open. 2014 Dec 17;4(12):e006032. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2014-006032.


Assessment of the potential for international dissemination of Ebola virus via commercial air travel during the 2014 west African outbreak.

Bogoch II, Creatore MI, Cetron MS, Brownstein JS, Pesik N, Miniota J, Tam T, Hu W, Nicolucci A, Ahmed S, Yoon JW, Berry I, Hay SI, Anema A, Tatem AJ, MacFadden D, German M, Khan K.

Lancet. 2015 Jan 3;385(9962):29-35. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)61828-6. Epub 2014 Oct 21. Erratum in: Lancet. 2015 Jan 3;385(9962):28.


Influence of paternal and maternal ethnicity and ethnic enclaves on newborn weight.

Zipursky AR, Park AL, Urquia ML, Creatore MI, Ray JG.

J Epidemiol Community Health. 2014 Oct;68(10):942-9. doi: 10.1136/jech-2014-204257. Epub 2014 Jun 29.


Assessing the origin of and potential for international spread of chikungunya virus from the Caribbean.

Khan K, Bogoch I, Brownstein JS, Miniota J, Nicolucci A, Hu W, Nsoesie EO, Cetron M, Creatore MI, German M, Wilder-Smith A.

PLoS Curr. 2014 Jun 6;6. pii: ecurrents.outbreaks.2134a0a7bf37fd8d388181539fea2da5. doi: 10.1371/currents.outbreaks.2134a0a7bf37fd8d388181539fea2da5.


Density, destinations or both? A comparison of measures of walkability in relation to transportation behaviors, obesity and diabetes in Toronto, Canada.

Glazier RH, Creatore MI, Weyman JT, Fazli G, Matheson FI, Gozdyra P, Moineddin R, Kaufman-Shriqui V, Booth GL.

PLoS One. 2014 Jan 14;9(1):e85295. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085295. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(3):e91485. Shriqui, Vered Kaufman [corrected to Kaufman-Shriqui, Vered].


Unwalkable neighborhoods, poverty, and the risk of diabetes among recent immigrants to Canada compared with long-term residents.

Booth GL, Creatore MI, Moineddin R, Gozdyra P, Weyman JT, Matheson FI, Glazier RH.

Diabetes Care. 2013 Feb;36(2):302-8. doi: 10.2337/dc12-0777. Epub 2012 Sep 17.


Diabetes screening among immigrants: a population-based urban cohort study.

Creatore MI, Booth GL, Manuel DG, Moineddin R, Glazier RH.

Diabetes Care. 2012 Apr;35(4):754-61. doi: 10.2337/dc11-1393. Epub 2012 Feb 22.


Age- and sex-related prevalence of diabetes mellitus among immigrants to Ontario, Canada.

Creatore MI, Moineddin R, Booth G, Manuel DH, DesMeules M, McDermott S, Glazier RH.

CMAJ. 2010 May 18;182(8):781-9. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.091551. Epub 2010 Apr 19.


Alcohol sales and risk of serious assault.

Ray JG, Moineddin R, Bell CM, Thiruchelvam D, Creatore MI, Gozdyra P, Cusimano M, Redelmeier DA.

PLoS Med. 2008 May 13;5(5):e104. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0050104.


Inadequacy of cervical cancer screening among urban recent immigrants: a population-based study of physician and laboratory claims in Toronto, Canada.

Lofters A, Glazier RH, Agha MM, Creatore MI, Moineddin R.

Prev Med. 2007 Jun;44(6):536-42. Epub 2007 Mar 21.


Urban neighborhoods, chronic stress, gender and depression.

Matheson FI, Moineddin R, Dunn JR, Creatore MI, Gozdyra P, Glazier RH.

Soc Sci Med. 2006 Nov;63(10):2604-16. Epub 2006 Aug 22.


Assessment of police calls for suicidal behavior in a concentrated urban setting.

Matheson FI, Creatore MI, Gozdyra P, Moineddin R, Rourke SB, Glazier RH.

Psychiatr Serv. 2005 Dec;56(12):1606-9.


Patterns of tuberculosis risk over time among recent immigrants to Ontario, Canada.

Creatore MI, Lam M, Wobeser WL.

Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2005 Jun;9(6):667-72.


Age- and sex-specific income gradients in alcohol-related hospitalization rates in an urban area.

Hwang SW, Agha MM, Creatore MI, Glazier RH.

Ann Epidemiol. 2005 Jan;15(1):56-63.


Geographic methods for understanding and responding to disparities in mammography use in Toronto, Canada.

Glazier RH, Creatore MI, Gozdyra P, Matheson FI, Steele LS, Boyle E, Moineddin R.

J Gen Intern Med. 2004 Sep;19(9):952-61.


Neighbourhood recent immigration and hospitalization in Toronto, Canada.

Glazier RH, Creatore MI, Cortinois AA, Agha MM, Moineddin R.

Can J Public Health. 2004 May-Jun;95(3):I30-4.


Socioeconomic misclassification in Ontario's Health Care Registry.

Glazier RH, Creatore MI, Agha MM, Steele LS; Inner City Toronto Time Trends Working Group.

Can J Public Health. 2003 Mar-Apr;94(2):140-3.

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