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Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol suppresses monocyte-mediated astrocyte production of MCP-1 and IL-6 in a TLR7-stimulated human co-culture.

Rizzo MD, Crawford RB, Bach A, Sermet S, Amalfitano A, Kaminski NE.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2019 Aug 5. pii: jpet.119.260661. doi: 10.1124/jpet.119.260661. [Epub ahead of print]


Imiquimod and interferon-alpha augment monocyte-mediated astrocyte secretion of MCP-1, IL-6 and IP-10 in a human co-culture system.

Rizzo MD, Crawford RB, Bach A, Sermet S, Amalfitano A, Kaminski NE.

J Neuroimmunol. 2019 Aug 15;333:576969. doi: 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2019.576969. Epub 2019 May 20.


Suppression of CpG-ODN-mediated IFNα and TNFα response in human plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC) by cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2)-specific agonists.

Henriquez JE, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2019 Apr 15;369:82-89. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2019.02.013. Epub 2019 Feb 23.


SLAMF7 Is a Critical Negative Regulator of IFN-α-Mediated CXCL10 Production in Chronic HIV Infection.

O'Connell P, Pepelyayeva Y, Blake MK, Hyslop S, Crawford RB, Rizzo MD, Pereira-Hicks C, Godbehere S, Dale L, Gulick P, Kaminski NE, Amalfitano A, Aldhamen YA.

J Immunol. 2019 Jan 1;202(1):228-238. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1800847. Epub 2018 Dec 10.


Characterizing Serpinb2 as a Modulator of TCDD-Induced Suppression of the B Cell.

Dornbos P, Warren M, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, Threadgill DW, LaPres JJ.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2018 Nov 19;31(11):1248-1259. doi: 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.8b00225. Epub 2018 Oct 30.


Interferon-α-Mediated Activation of T Cells from Healthy and HIV-Infected Individuals Is Suppressed by Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Henriquez JE, Rizzo MD, Crawford RB, Gulick P, Kaminski NE.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2018 Oct;367(1):49-58. doi: 10.1124/jpet.118.250308. Epub 2018 Jul 19.


Lymphocyte-Specific Protein Tyrosine Kinase (LCK) is Involved in the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor-Mediated Impairment of Immunoglobulin Secretion in Human Primary B Cells.

Zhou J, Zhang Q, Henriquez JE, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2018 Oct 1;165(2):322-334. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfy133.


CLARITY-BPA: Effects of chronic Bisphenol A exposure on the immune system: Part 1 - Quantification of the relative number and proportion of leukocyte populations in the spleen and thymus.

Li J, Bach A, Crawford RB, Phadnis-Moghe AS, Chen W, D'Ingillo S, Kovalova N, Suarez-Martinez JE, Zhou J, Kaplan BLF, Kaminski NE.

Toxicology. 2018 Mar 1;396-397:46-53. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2018.01.004. Epub 2018 Feb 8.


CLARITY-BPA: Effects of chronic bisphenol A exposure on the immune system: Part 2 - Characterization of lymphoproliferative and immune effector responses by splenic leukocytes.

Li J, Bach A, Crawford RB, Phadnis-Moghe AS, Chen W, D'Ingillo S, Kovalova N, Suarez-Martinez JE, Zhou J, Kaplan BLF, Kaminski NE.

Toxicology. 2018 Mar 1;396-397:54-67. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2018.02.004. Epub 2018 Feb 7.


HIV-infected cannabis users have lower circulating CD16+ monocytes and IFN-γ-inducible protein 10 levels compared with nonusing HIV patients.

Rizzo MD, Crawford RB, Henriquez JE, Aldhamen YA, Gulick P, Amalfitano A, Kaminski NE.

AIDS. 2018 Feb 20;32(4):419-429. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000001704.


Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation Suppresses EBF1 and PAX5 and Impairs Human B Lymphopoiesis.

Li J, Bhattacharya S, Zhou J, Phadnis-Moghe AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

J Immunol. 2017 Nov 15;199(10):3504-3515. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1700289. Epub 2017 Oct 4.


Modulatory Influence of Segmented Filamentous Bacteria on Transcriptomic Response of Gnotobiotic Mice Exposed to TCDD.

Stedtfeld RD, Chai B, Crawford RB, Stedtfeld TM, Williams MR, Xiangwen S, Kuwahara T, Cole JR, Kaminski NE, Tiedje JM, Hashsham SA.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Sep 7;8:1708. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01708. eCollection 2017.


TCDD administered on activated carbon eliminates bioavailability and subsequent shifts to a key murine gut commensal.

Stedtfeld RD, Brett Sallach J, Crawford RB, Stedtfeld TM, Williams MR, Waseem H, Johnston CT, Li H, Teppen BJ, Kaminski NE, Boyd SA, Tiedje JM, Hashsham SA.

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2017 Oct;101(19):7409-7415. doi: 10.1007/s00253-017-8460-9. Epub 2017 Aug 15.


Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Suppresses Secretion of IFNα by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells From Healthy and HIV-Infected Individuals.

Henriquez JE, Rizzo MD, Schulz MA, Crawford RB, Gulick P, Kaminski NE.

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2017 Aug 15;75(5):588-596. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000001449.


Aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin impairs human B lymphopoiesis.

Li J, Phadnis-Moghe AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Toxicology. 2017 Mar 1;378:17-24. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2016.12.010. Epub 2016 Dec 31.


Immunological characterization of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) knockout rat in the presence and absence of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD).

Phadnis-Moghe AS, Chen W, Li J, Crawford RB, Bach A, D'Ingillo S, Kovalova N, Suarez-Martinez JE, Kaplan BL, Harrill JA, Budinsky R, Rowlands JC, Thomas RS, Kaminski NE.

Toxicology. 2016 Aug 10;368-369:172-182. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2016.08.019. Epub 2016 Aug 31.


SHP-1 is directly activated by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and regulates BCL-6 in the presence of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD).

Phadnis-Moghe AS, Li J, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2016 Nov 1;310:41-50. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2016.08.014. Epub 2016 Aug 18.


The Influence of Human Interindividual Variability on the Low-Dose Region of Dose-Response Curve Induced by 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin in Primary B Cells.

Dornbos P, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, Hession SL, LaPres JJ.

Toxicol Sci. 2016 Oct;153(2):352-60. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfw128. Epub 2016 Jul 29.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin Alters Lipid Metabolism and Depletes Immune Cell Populations in the Jejunum of C57BL/6 Mice.

Fader KA, Nault R, Ammendolia DA, Harkema JR, Williams KJ, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, Potter D, Sharratt B, Zacharewski TR.

Toxicol Sci. 2015 Dec;148(2):567-80. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfv206. Epub 2015 Sep 16.


Modulation of HIVGP120 Antigen-Specific Immune Responses In Vivo by Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Chen W, Crawford RB, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2015 Jun;10(2):344-55. doi: 10.1007/s11481-015-9597-x. Epub 2015 Apr 22.


Suppression of human B cell activation by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin involves altered regulation of B cell lymphoma-6.

Phadnis-Moghe AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2015 Mar;144(1):39-50. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfu257. Epub 2014 Dec 26.


Enhanced humoral immunity in mice lacking CB1 and CB2 receptors (Cnr1-/-/Cnr2-/- mice) is not due to increased splenic noradrenergic neuronal activity.

Simkins T, Crawford RB, Goudreau JL, Lookingland KJ, Kaplan BL.

J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2014 Sep;9(4):544-57. doi: 10.1007/s11481-014-9549-x. Epub 2014 May 29.


All-or-none suppression of B cell terminal differentiation by environmental contaminant 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.

Zhang Q, Kline DE, Bhattacharya S, Crawford RB, Conolly RB, Thomas RS, Andersen ME, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2013 Apr 1;268(1):17-26. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2013.01.015. Epub 2013 Jan 26.


Differential modulation by delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9)-THC) of CD40 ligand (CD40L) expression in activated mouse splenic CD4+ T cells.

Ngaotepprutaram T, Kaplan BL, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2012 Dec;7(4):969-80. doi: 10.1007/s11481-012-9390-z. Epub 2012 Aug 1.


Suppression of humoral immune responses by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin intercalated in smectite clay.

Boyd SA, Johnston CT, Pinnavaia TJ, Kaminski NE, Teppen BJ, Li H, Khan B, Crawford RB, Kovalova N, Kim SS, Shao H, Gu C, Kaplan BL.

Environ Toxicol Chem. 2011 Dec;30(12):2748-55. doi: 10.1002/etc.701.


Deletion of cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 exacerbates APC function to increase inflammation and cellular immunity during influenza infection.

Karmaus PW, Chen W, Crawford RB, Harkema JR, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

J Leukoc Biol. 2011 Nov;90(5):983-95. doi: 10.1189/jlb.0511219. Epub 2011 Aug 26.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-mediated disruption of the CD40 ligand-induced activation of primary human B cells.

Lu H, Crawford RB, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2011 Sep 15;255(3):251-60. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2011.06.026. Epub 2011 Jul 21.


The aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacts with ATP5α1, a subunit of the ATP synthase complex, and modulates mitochondrial function.

Tappenden DM, Lynn SG, Crawford RB, Lee K, Vengellur A, Kaminski NE, Thomas RS, LaPres JJ.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2011 Aug 1;254(3):299-310. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2011.05.004. Epub 2011 May 12.


Regulation of Bach2 by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor as a mechanism for suppression of B-cell differentiation by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.

De Abrew KN, Phadnis AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, Thomas RS.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2011 Apr 15;252(2):150-8. doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2011.01.020. Epub 2011 Feb 4.


TCDD adsorbed on silica as a model for TCDD contaminated soils: Evidence for suppression of humoral immunity in mice.

Kaplan BL, Crawford RB, Kovalova N, Arencibia A, Kim SS, Pinnavaia TJ, Boyd SA, Teppen BJ, Kaminski NE.

Toxicology. 2011 Apr 11;282(3):82-7. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2011.01.013. Epub 2011 Jan 25.


Induction of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-responsive genes and modulation of the immunoglobulin M response by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in primary human B cells.

Lu H, Crawford RB, Suarez-Martinez JE, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Nov;118(1):86-97. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfq234. Epub 2010 Aug 11.


Stochastic modeling of B lymphocyte terminal differentiation and its suppression by dioxin.

Zhang Q, Bhattacharya S, Kline DE, Crawford RB, Conolly RB, Thomas RS, Kaminski NE, Andersen ME.

BMC Syst Biol. 2010 Apr 1;4:40. doi: 10.1186/1752-0509-4-40.


2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-mediated suppression of toll-like receptor stimulated B-lymphocyte activation and initiation of plasmacytic differentiation.

North CM, Crawford RB, Lu H, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Jul;116(1):99-112. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfq095. Epub 2010 Mar 26.


Establishment of an immunoglobulin m antibody-forming cell response model for characterizing immunotoxicity in primary human B cells.

Lu H, Crawford RB, North CM, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2009 Dec;112(2):363-73. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfp224. Epub 2009 Sep 18.


Simultaneous in vivo time course and dose response evaluation for TCDD-induced impairment of the LPS-stimulated primary IgM response.

North CM, Crawford RB, Lu H, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2009 Nov;112(1):123-32. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfp187. Epub 2009 Aug 12.


Involvement of Blimp-1 and AP-1 dysregulation in the 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-mediated suppression of the IgM response by B cells.

Schneider D, Manzan MA, Yoo BS, Crawford RB, Kaminski N.

Toxicol Sci. 2009 Apr;108(2):377-88. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfp028. Epub 2009 Feb 23.


TCDD-mediated suppression of the in vitro anti-sheep erythrocyte IgM antibody forming cell response is reversed by interferon-gamma.

North CM, Kim BS, Snyder N, Crawford RB, Holsapple MP, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2009 Jan;107(1):85-92. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfn223. Epub 2008 Oct 22.


Effects of targeted deletion of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 on immune competence and sensitivity to immune modulation by Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

Springs AE, Karmaus PW, Crawford RB, Kaplan BL, Kaminski NE.

J Leukoc Biol. 2008 Dec;84(6):1574-84. doi: 10.1189/jlb.0508282. Epub 2008 Sep 12.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-mediated impairment of B cell differentiation involves dysregulation of paired box 5 (Pax5) isoform, Pax5a.

Schneider D, Manzan MA, Crawford RB, Chen W, Kaminski NE.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008 Aug;326(2):463-74. doi: 10.1124/jpet.108.139857. Epub 2008 May 15.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin induces suppressor of cytokine signaling 2 in murine B cells.

Boverhof DR, Tam E, Harney AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, Zacharewski TR.

Mol Pharmacol. 2004 Dec;66(6):1662-70. Epub 2004 Sep 15.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) alters the regulation of Pax5 in lipopolysaccharide-activated B cells.

Yoo BS, Boverhof DR, Shnaider D, Crawford RB, Zacharewski TR, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2004 Feb;77(2):272-9. Epub 2003 Nov 4.


2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) alters the regulation and posttranslational modification of p27kip1 in lipopolysaccharide-activated B cells.

Crawford RB, Sulentic CE, Yoo BS, Kaminski NE.

Toxicol Sci. 2003 Oct;75(2):333-42. Epub 2003 Jul 25.


Cannabinoids inhibit gap junctional intercellular communication and activate ERK in a rat liver epithelial cell line.

Upham BL, Rummel AM, Carbone JM, Trosko JE, Ouyang Y, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE.

Int J Cancer. 2003 Mar 10;104(1):12-8.


Identification of functional aryl hydrocarbon receptor and aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator in murine splenocytes.

Williams CE, Crawford RB, Holsapple MP, Kaminski NE.

Biochem Pharmacol. 1996 Sep 13;52(5):771-80.


Effects of environmental toxicants on development of a teleost embryo.

Crawford RB, Guarino AM.

J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 1985 Nov-Dec;6(2):185-94.


Effects of a drilling fluid on the development of a teleost and an echinoderm.

Crawford RB, Gates JD.

Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 1981 Feb;26(2):207-12. No abstract available.


Biophysical properties of a major membrane phospholipid, dielaidoylphosphatidylethanolamine, found in an Escherichia coli fatty acid auxotroph.

Yang RD, Patel KM, Pownall HJ, Knapp RD, Sklar LA, Crawford RB, Morrisett JD.

J Biol Chem. 1979 Sep 10;254(17):8256-62.


Effects of DDT in Fundulus: studies on toxicity, fate, and reproduction.

Crawford RB, Guarino AM.

Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 1976;4(3):334-8.


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