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REPLATINUM Phase III randomized study: RRx-001 + platinum doublet versus platinum doublet in third-line small cell lung cancer.

Oronsky B, Reid TR, Larson C, Caroen S, Quinn M, Burbano E, Varner G, Thilagar B, Brown B, Coyle A, Ferry L, Abrouk N, Oronsky A, Scribner CL, Carter CA.

Future Oncol. 2019 Sep 11. doi: 10.2217/fon-2019-0317. [Epub ahead of print]


Mitochondrial genotype influences the response to cold stress in the European green crab, Carcinus maenas.

Coyle AF, Voss ER, Tepolt CK, Carlon DB.

J Exp Biol. 2019 Sep 3;222(Pt 17). pii: jeb203521. doi: 10.1242/jeb.203521.


Empanelment in a Resident Teaching Practice: A Cornerstone to Improving Resident Outpatient Education and Patient Care.

Wajnberg A, Fishman M, Hernandez CR, Kweon SY, Coyle A.

J Grad Med Educ. 2019 Apr;11(2):202-206. doi: 10.4300/JGME-D-18-00423.3.


A Decade of Teaching and Learning in Internal Medicine Ambulatory Education: A Scoping Review.

Coyle A, Helenius I, Cruz CM, Lyons EA, May N, Andrilli J, Bannet MM, Pinotti R, Thomas DC.

J Grad Med Educ. 2019 Apr;11(2):132-142. doi: 10.4300/JGME-D-18-00596.1. Review.


Is it time for the 4th P in nurse practitioner education? Physical assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and procedures: A systematic review.

Schallmo MK, Godfrey TM, Dunbar D, Brown KM, Coyle A, DʼAoust RF.

J Am Assoc Nurse Pract. 2019 Mar 29. doi: 10.1097/JXX.0000000000000206. [Epub ahead of print]


A human anti-IL-2 antibody that potentiates regulatory T cells by a structure-based mechanism.

Trotta E, Bessette PH, Silveria SL, Ely LK, Jude KM, Le DT, Holst CR, Coyle A, Potempa M, Lanier LL, Garcia KC, Crellin NK, Rondon IJ, Bluestone JA.

Nat Med. 2018 Jul;24(7):1005-1014. doi: 10.1038/s41591-018-0070-2. Epub 2018 Jun 25.


Toward a Framework for Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy: An Islamic Model of the Soul.

Rothman A, Coyle A.

J Relig Health. 2018 Oct;57(5):1731-1744. doi: 10.1007/s10943-018-0651-x.


DARPP-32 and t-DARPP promote non-small cell lung cancer growth through regulation of IKKα-dependent cell migration.

Alam SK, Astone M, Liu P, Hall SR, Coyle AM, Dankert EN, Hoffman DK, Zhang W, Kuang R, Roden AC, Mansfield AS, Hoeppner LH.

Commun Biol. 2018;1. pii: 43. doi: 10.1038/s42003-018-0050-6. Epub 2018 May 3.


Likelihood Ratios for the Emergency Physician.

Peng P, Coyle A.

Acad Emerg Med. 2018 Apr 26. doi: 10.1111/acem.13439. [Epub ahead of print]


Identification of direct negative cross-talk between the SLIT2 and bone morphogenetic protein-Gremlin signaling pathways.

Tumelty KE, Higginson-Scott N, Fan X, Bajaj P, Knowlton KM, Shamashkin M, Coyle AJ, Lu W, Berasi SP.

J Biol Chem. 2018 Mar 2;293(9):3039-3055. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.804021. Epub 2018 Jan 9.


Dealing with patient self-triage.

Coyle AL.

Nursing. 2017 Dec;47(12):17-18. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000526907.77132.72. No abstract available.


Four Corners States Biomonitoring Consortium: Lessons Learned During Implementation.

Chaudhuri SN, Broekemeier M, Butler C, Coyle A, Iuliano K, James KA, LeFevre S.

J Public Health Manag Pract. 2017 Sep/Oct;23 Suppl 5 Supplement, Environmental Public Health Tracking:S93-S96. doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000000602.


'A good method of quitting smoking' or 'just an alternative to smoking'? Comparative evaluations of e-cigarette and traditional cigarette usage by dual users.

Vandrevala T, Coyle A, Walker V, Cabrera Torres J, Ordoña I, Rahman P.

Health Psychol Open. 2017 Jan 1;4(1):2055102916684648. doi: 10.1177/2055102916684648. eCollection 2017 Jan-Jun.


Therapeutic Effects of FGF23 c-tail Fc in a Murine Preclinical Model of X-Linked Hypophosphatemia Via the Selective Modulation of Phosphate Reabsorption.

Johnson K, Levine K, Sergi J, Chamoun J, Roach R, Vekich J, Favis M, Horn M, Cao X, Miller B, Snyder W, Aivazian D, Reagan W, Berryman E, Colangelo J, Markiewicz V, Bagi CM, Brown TP, Coyle A, Mohammadi M, Magram J.

J Bone Miner Res. 2017 Oct;32(10):2062-2073. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.3197. Epub 2017 Aug 25.


From resection to ablation: A review of resective surgical options for temporal lobe epilepsy and rationale for an ablation-based approach.

Coyle A, Riley J, Wu C, Sharan A.

Neurol India. 2017;65(Supplement):S71-S77. doi: 10.4103/0028-3886.201662. Review.


Elizabethkingia anophelis: Exploring the outbreak of disease in the Midwest.

Coyle AL.

Nursing. 2017 Mar;47(3):61-63. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000512887.67622.84. Review. No abstract available.


"I thought they should know… that daddy is not completely gone".

Steffen E, Coyle A.

Omega (Westport). 2017 Mar;74(4):363-385. doi: 10.1177/0030222816686609. Epub 2017 Jan 9.


SLIT2/ROBO2 signaling pathway inhibits nonmuscle myosin IIA activity and destabilizes kidney podocyte adhesion.

Fan X, Yang H, Kumar S, Tumelty KE, Pisarek-Horowitz A, Rasouly HM, Sharma R, Chan S, Tyminski E, Shamashkin M, Belghasem M, Henderson JM, Coyle AJ, Salant DJ, Berasi SP, Lu W.

JCI Insight. 2016 Nov 17;1(19):e86934. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.86934.


Correlation of cutaneous disease activity with type 1 interferon gene signature and interferon β in dermatomyositis.

Huard C, Gullà SV, Bennett DV, Coyle AJ, Vleugels RA, Greenberg SA.

Br J Dermatol. 2017 May;176(5):1224-1230. doi: 10.1111/bjd.15006. Epub 2017 Mar 14.


Factor XIa-specific IgG and a reversal agent to probe factor XI function in thrombosis and hemostasis.

David T, Kim YC, Ely LK, Rondon I, Gao H, O'Brien P, Bolt MW, Coyle AJ, Garcia JL, Flounders EA, Mikita T, Coughlin SR.

Sci Transl Med. 2016 Aug 24;8(353):353ra112. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaf4331.


Lassa fever.

Coyle AL.

Nursing. 2016 Jul;46(7):69-70. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000482873.70955.7b. No abstract available.


Type I IFNs Regulate Inflammation, Vasculopathy, and Fibrosis in Chronic Cutaneous Graft-versus-Host Disease.

Delaney TA, Morehouse C, Brohawn PZ, Groves C, Colonna M, Yao Y, Sanjuan M, Coyle AJ.

J Immunol. 2016 Jul 1;197(1):42-50. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1502190. Epub 2016 May 25.


Zika virus: What nurses need to know.

Coyle AL.

Nursing. 2016 May;46(5):22-4. doi: 10.1097/ No abstract available.


Improving Patient Care Through Nursing Engagement in Evidence-Based Practice.

Crabtree E, Brennan E, Davis A, Coyle A.

Worldviews Evid Based Nurs. 2016 Apr;13(2):172-5. doi: 10.1111/wvn.12126. Epub 2016 Jan 13.


Ebola in West Africa: A nurse's perspective.

Coyle AL.

Nursing. 2016 Jan;46(1):46-9. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000475486.13385.17. No abstract available.


Characterization of Tiki, a New Family of Wnt-specific Metalloproteases.

Zhang X, MacDonald BT, Gao H, Shamashkin M, Coyle AJ, Martinez RV, He X.

J Biol Chem. 2016 Jan 29;291(5):2435-43. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M115.677807. Epub 2015 Dec 2.


EGF-receptor specificity for phosphotyrosine-primed substrates provides signal integration with Src.

Begley MJ, Yun CH, Gewinner CA, Asara JM, Johnson JL, Coyle AJ, Eck MJ, Apostolou I, Cantley LC.

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2015 Dec;22(12):983-90. doi: 10.1038/nsmb.3117. Epub 2015 Nov 9.


Application of UVA-riboflavin crosslinking to enhance the mechanical properties of extracellular matrix derived hydrogels.

Ahearne M, Coyle A.

J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2016 Feb;54:259-67. doi: 10.1016/j.jmbbm.2015.09.035. Epub 2015 Oct 9.


Resolution of Skin Fibrosis by Neutralization of the Antifibrinolytic Function of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1.

Lemaire R, Burwell T, Sun H, Delaney T, Bakken J, Cheng L, Rebelatto MC, Czapiga M, de-Mendez I, Coyle AJ, Herbst R, Lafyatis R, Connor J.

Arthritis Rheumatol. 2016 Feb;68(2):473-83. doi: 10.1002/art.39443.


Perceived influences on post-diagnostic dietary change among a group of men with prostate cancer.

Kassianos AP, Coyle A, Raats MM.

Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2015 Nov;24(6):818-26. doi: 10.1111/ecc.12357. Epub 2015 Jul 22.


Novel Anti-TM4SF1 Antibody-Drug Conjugates with Activity against Tumor Cells and Tumor Vasculature.

Visintin A, Knowlton K, Tyminski E, Lin CI, Zheng X, Marquette K, Jain S, Tchistiakova L, Li D, O'Donnell CJ, Maderna A, Cao X, Dunn R, Snyder WB, Abraham AK, Leal M, Shetty S, Barry A, Zawel L, Coyle AJ, Dvorak HF, Jaminet SC.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2015 Aug;14(8):1868-76. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-15-0188. Epub 2015 Jun 18.


Brown fat determination and development from muscle precursor cells by novel action of bone morphogenetic protein 6.

Sharma A, Huard C, Vernochet C, Ziemek D, Knowlton KM, Tyminski E, Paradis T, Zhang Y, Jones JE, von Schack D, Brown CT, Milos PM, Coyle AJ, Tremblay F, Martinez RV.

PLoS One. 2014 Mar 21;9(3):e92608. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092608. eCollection 2014.


A GM-CSF/IL-33 pathway facilitates allergic airway responses to sub-threshold house dust mite exposure.

Llop-Guevara A, Chu DK, Walker TD, Goncharova S, Fattouh R, Silver JS, Moore CL, Xie JL, O'Byrne PM, Coyle AJ, Kolbeck R, Humbles AA, Stämpfli MR, Jordana M.

PLoS One. 2014 Feb 14;9(2):e88714. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088714. eCollection 2014.


The cigarette box as an advertising vehicle in the United Kingdom: A case for plain packaging.

Dewe M, Ogden J, Coyle A.

J Health Psychol. 2015 Jul;20(7):954-62. doi: 10.1177/1359105313504236. Epub 2013 Oct 22.


RAGE is a nucleic acid receptor that promotes inflammatory responses to DNA.

Sirois CM, Jin T, Miller AL, Bertheloot D, Nakamura H, Horvath GL, Mian A, Jiang J, Schrum J, Bossaller L, Pelka K, Garbi N, Brewah Y, Tian J, Chang C, Chowdhury PS, Sims GP, Kolbeck R, Coyle AJ, Humbles AA, Xiao TS, Latz E.

J Exp Med. 2013 Oct 21;210(11):2447-63. doi: 10.1084/jem.20120201. Epub 2013 Sep 30. Erratum in: J Exp Med. 2014 May 5;211(5):1001.


Value for your profession. Four productive ways to retire used equipment.

Coyle AC.

Tex Dent J. 2013 Mar;130(3):248-50. No abstract available.


Building a new biomedical ecosystem: Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation.

Patel AC, Coyle AJ.

Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2013 Sep;94(3):314-6. doi: 10.1038/clpt.2013.89. Epub 2013 May 3. No abstract available.


Noncanonical autophagy is required for type I interferon secretion in response to DNA-immune complexes.

Henault J, Martinez J, Riggs JM, Tian J, Mehta P, Clarke L, Sasai M, Latz E, Brinkmann MM, Iwasaki A, Coyle AJ, Kolbeck R, Green DR, Sanjuan MA.

Immunity. 2012 Dec 14;37(6):986-997. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.09.014. Epub 2012 Dec 6.


Psoriasiform dermatitis is driven by IL-36-mediated DC-keratinocyte crosstalk.

Tortola L, Rosenwald E, Abel B, Blumberg H, Schäfer M, Coyle AJ, Renauld JC, Werner S, Kisielow J, Kopf M.

J Clin Invest. 2012 Nov;122(11):3965-76. doi: 10.1172/JCI63451. Epub 2012 Oct 15.


IL-33, but not thymic stromal lymphopoietin or IL-25, is central to mite and peanut allergic sensitization.

Chu DK, Llop-Guevara A, Walker TD, Flader K, Goncharova S, Boudreau JE, Moore CL, Seunghyun In T, Waserman S, Coyle AJ, Kolbeck R, Humbles AA, Jordana M.

J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2013 Jan;131(1):187-200.e1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2012.08.002. Epub 2012 Sep 21.


Angiopoietin-2 promotes inflammatory activation of human macrophages and is essential for murine experimental arthritis.

Krausz S, Garcia S, Ambarus CA, de Launay D, Foster M, Naiman B, Iverson W, Connor JR, Sleeman MA, Coyle AJ, Hamann J, Baeten D, Tak PP, Reedquist KA.

Ann Rheum Dis. 2012 Aug;71(8):1402-10. doi: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2011-200718. Epub 2012 Jun 22.


Role of YKL-40 in bronchial smooth muscle remodeling in asthma.

Bara I, Ozier A, Girodet PO, Carvalho G, Cattiaux J, Begueret H, Thumerel M, Ousova O, Kolbeck R, Coyle AJ, Woods J, Tunon de Lara JM, Marthan R, Berger P.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2012 Apr 1;185(7):715-22. doi: 10.1164/rccm.201105-0915OC. Epub 2012 Jan 26.


Opposing roles of membrane and soluble forms of the receptor for advanced glycation end products in primary respiratory syncytial virus infection.

Miller AL, Sims GP, Brewah YA, Rebelatto MC, Kearley J, Benjamin E, Keller AE, Brohawn P, Herbst R, Coyle AJ, Humbles AA, Kolbeck R.

J Infect Dis. 2012 Apr 15;205(8):1311-20. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jir826. Epub 2012 Jan 18.


Shifting of immune responsiveness to house dust mite by influenza A infection: genomic insights.

Al-Garawi A, Husain M, Ilieva D, Humbles AA, Kolbeck R, Stampfli MR, O'Byrne PM, Coyle AJ, Jordana M.

J Immunol. 2012 Jan 15;188(2):832-43. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1102349. Epub 2011 Dec 14.


IL-1α/IL-1R1 expression in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and mechanistic relevance to smoke-induced neutrophilia in mice.

Botelho FM, Bauer CM, Finch D, Nikota JK, Zavitz CC, Kelly A, Lambert KN, Piper S, Foster ML, Goldring JJ, Wedzicha JA, Bassett J, Bramson J, Iwakura Y, Sleeman M, Kolbeck R, Coyle AJ, Humbles AA, Stämpfli MR.

PLoS One. 2011;6(12):e28457. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028457. Epub 2011 Dec 6.


A glycoengineered anti-CD19 antibody with potent antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity activity in vitro and lymphoma growth inhibition in vivo.

Ward E, Mittereder N, Kuta E, Sims GP, Bowen MA, Dall'Acqua W, Tedder T, Kiener P, Coyle AJ, Wu H, Jallal B, Herbst R.

Br J Haematol. 2011 Nov;155(4):426-37. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2011.08857.x. Epub 2011 Sep 9.


Influenza A facilitates sensitization to house dust mite in infant mice leading to an asthma phenotype in adulthood.

Al-Garawi A, Fattouh R, Botelho F, Walker TD, Goncharova S, Moore CL, Mori M, Erjefalt JS, Chu DK, Humbles AA, Kolbeck R, Stampfli MR, O'Byrne PM, Coyle AJ, Jordana M.

Mucosal Immunol. 2011 Nov;4(6):682-94. doi: 10.1038/mi.2011.35. Epub 2011 Aug 31.


Mycophenolic acid differentially impacts B cell function depending on the stage of differentiation.

Karnell JL, Karnell FG 3rd, Stephens GL, Rajan B, Morehouse C, Li Y, Swerdlow B, Wilson M, Goldbach-Mansky R, Groves C, Coyle AJ, Herbst R, Ettinger R.

J Immunol. 2011 Oct 1;187(7):3603-12. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1003319. Epub 2011 Aug 26.


Sense of presence experiences and meaning-making in bereavement: a qualitative analysis.

Steffen E, Coyle A.

Death Stud. 2011 Aug;35(7):579-609.


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