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Improving case ascertainment of congenital anomalies: findings from a prospective birth cohort with detailed primary care record linkage.

Bishop C, Small N, Mason D, Corry P, Wright J, Parslow RC, Bittles AH, Sheridan E.

BMJ Paediatr Open. 2017 Nov 12;1(1):e000171. doi: 10.1136/bmjpo-2017-000171. eCollection 2017.


Study of Image Qualities From 6D Robot-Based CBCT Imaging System of Small Animal Irradiator.

Sharma S, Narayanasamy G, Clarkson R, Chao M, Moros EG, Zhang X, Yan Y, Boerma M, Paudel N, Morrill S, Corry P, Griffin RJ.

Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2017 Jan 1:1533034617700558. doi: 10.1177/1533034617700558. [Epub ahead of print]


Helical tomotherapy to LINAC plan conversion utilizing RayStation Fallback planning.

Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Narayanasamy G, Corry P, Liu T, Sanjay M, Paudel N, Morrill S.

J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2017 Jan;18(1):178-185. doi: 10.1002/acm2.12032.


Spatially fractionated radiotherapy (GRID) using helical tomotherapy.

Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Yan Y, Liang X, Morrill S, Griffin RJ, Corry P, Ratanatharathorn V.

J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2016 Jan 8;17(1):396-407. doi: 10.1120/jacmp.v17i1.5934.


Radiobiological impact of dose calculation algorithms on biologically optimized IMRT lung stereotactic body radiation therapy plans.

Liang X, Penagaricano J, Zheng D, Morrill S, Zhang X, Corry P, Griffin RJ, Han EY, Hardee M, Ratanatharathom V.

Radiat Oncol. 2016 Jan 22;11:10. doi: 10.1186/s13014-015-0578-2.


Advanced Small Animal Conformal Radiation Therapy Device.

Sharma S, Narayanasamy G, Przybyla B, Webber J, Boerma M, Clarkson R, Moros EG, Corry PM, Griffin RJ.

Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2017 Feb;16(1):45-56. doi: 10.1177/1533034615626011. Epub 2016 Jul 8.


Addressing key issues in the consanguinity-related risk of autosomal recessive disorders in consanguineous communities: lessons from a qualitative study of British Pakistanis.

Darr A, Small N, Ahmad WI, Atkin K, Corry P, Modell B.

J Community Genet. 2016 Jan;7(1):65-79. doi: 10.1007/s12687-015-0252-2. Epub 2015 Sep 12.


Dosimetric Comparison of Craniospinal Irradiation Using Different Tomotherapy Techniques.

Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Han EY, Morrill S, Hardee M, Liang X, Gupta SK, Corry PM, Ratanatharathom V.

Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2015 Aug;14(4):440-6. doi: 10.1177/1533034614556932. Epub 2014 Nov 14.


Consanguinity and prevalence patterns of inherited disease in the UK Pakistani community.

Corry PC.

Hum Hered. 2014;77(1-4):207-16. doi: 10.1159/000362598. Epub 2014 Jul 29. Review.


Radiation-induced alterations in mitochondria of the rat heart.

Sridharan V, Aykin-Burns N, Tripathi P, Krager KJ, Sharma SK, Moros EG, Corry PM, Nowak G, Hauer-Jensen M, Boerma M.

Radiat Res. 2014 Mar;181(3):324-34. doi: 10.1667/RR13452.1. Epub 2014 Feb 25.


Analysis of the Born in Bradford birth cohort--authors' reply.

Sheridan E, Wright J, Corry P, Oddie S, Small N, Parslow RC.

Lancet. 2014 Jan 11;383(9912):123. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)60020-9. No abstract available.


A novel technique for image-guided local heart irradiation in the rat.

Sharma S, Moros EG, Boerma M, Sridharan V, Han EY, Clarkson R, Hauer-Jensen M, Corry PM.

Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2014 Dec;13(6):593-603. doi: 10.7785/tcrtexpress.2013.600256. Epub 2013 Aug 31.


Effects of late administration of pentoxifylline and tocotrienols in an image-guided rat model of localized heart irradiation.

Sridharan V, Tripathi P, Sharma S, Corry PM, Moros EG, Singh A, Compadre CM, Hauer-Jensen M, Boerma M.

PLoS One. 2013 Jul 22;8(7):e68762. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068762. Print 2013.


Risk factors for congenital anomaly in a multiethnic birth cohort: an analysis of the Born in Bradford study.

Sheridan E, Wright J, Small N, Corry PC, Oddie S, Whibley C, Petherick ES, Malik T, Pawson N, McKinney PA, Parslow RC.

Lancet. 2013 Oct 19;382(9901):1350-9. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(13)61132-0. Epub 2013 Jul 4.


Effects of radiation on the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway in the heart.

Sridharan V, Sharma SK, Moros EG, Corry PM, Tripathi P, Lieblong BJ, Guha C, Hauer-Jensen M, Boerma M.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2013 Jul;89(7):539-47. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2013.782110. Epub 2013 Apr 16.


Examining the family-centred approach to genetic testing and counselling among UK Pakistanis: a community perspective.

Darr A, Small N, Ahmad WI, Atkin K, Corry P, Benson J, Morton R, Modell B.

J Community Genet. 2013 Jan;4(1):49-57. doi: 10.1007/s12687-012-0117-x. Epub 2012 Oct 21.


SonoKnife for ablation of neck tissue: in vivo verification of a computer layered medium model.

Chen D, Xia R, Corry PM, Moros EG, Shafirstein G.

Int J Hyperthermia. 2012;28(7):698-705. doi: 10.3109/02656736.2012.706730. Epub 2012 Sep 5.


Cardiac inflammation after local irradiation is influenced by the kallikrein-kinin system.

Sridharan V, Tripathi P, Sharma SK, Moros EG, Corry PM, Lieblong BJ, Kaschina E, Unger T, Thöne-Reineke C, Hauer-Jensen M, Boerma M.

Cancer Res. 2012 Oct 1;72(19):4984-92. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-1831. Epub 2012 Aug 3.


SU-E-J-182: Patient Specific Assessment of External Radiation Exposure to Bystanders Interacting with Patients Following 131I Therapy.

Han E, Lee C, McGuire E, Brown T, Penagaricano J, Corry P, Bolch W.

Med Phys. 2012 Jun;39(6Part9):3694. doi: 10.1118/1.4735023.


SU-E-T-439: First Experience of Three Dimensional Conformai Radiotherapy (3DCRT) Planning with Helical Tomotherapy.

Chao M, Corry P, Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Ratanatharathorn V.

Med Phys. 2012 Jun;39(6Part16):3805-3806. doi: 10.1118/1.4735528.


Microbeam radiation therapy alters vascular architecture and tumor oxygenation and is enhanced by a galectin-1 targeted anti-angiogenic peptide.

Griffin RJ, Koonce NA, Dings RP, Siegel E, Moros EG, Bräuer-Krisch E, Corry PM.

Radiat Res. 2012 Jun;177(6):804-12. Epub 2012 May 18.


Spatially fractionated radiation induces cytotoxicity and changes in gene expression in bystander and radiation adjacent murine carcinoma cells.

Asur RS, Sharma S, Chang CW, Penagaricano J, Kommuru IM, Moros EG, Corry PM, Griffin RJ.

Radiat Res. 2012 Jun;177(6):751-65. Epub 2012 May 4.


Static jaw collimation settings to minimize radiation dose to normal brain tissue during stereotactic radiosurgery.

Han EY, Zhang X, Yan Y, Sharma S, Penagaricano J, Moros E, Corry P.

Med Dosim. 2012 Winter;37(4):391-5. doi: 10.1016/j.meddos.2012.02.005. Epub 2012 May 1.


Rapid loss of bone mass and strength in mice after abdominal irradiation.

Jia D, Gaddy D, Suva LJ, Corry PM.

Radiat Res. 2011 Nov;176(5):624-35. Epub 2011 Aug 22.


SonoKnife: feasibility of a line-focused ultrasound device for thermal ablation therapy.

Chen D, Xia R, Chen X, Shafirstein G, Corry PM, Griffin RJ, Penagaricano JA, Tulunay-Ugur OE, Moros EG.

Med Phys. 2011 Jul;38(7):4372-85.


An alternating focused ultrasound system for thermal therapy studies in small animals.

Chen X, Novák P, Benson DG Jr, Webber JS, Hennings L, Shafirstein G, Corry PM, Griffin RJ, Moros EG.

Med Phys. 2011 Apr;38(4):1877-87.


Consanguineous marriages, pearls and perils: Geneva International Consanguinity Workshop Report.

Hamamy H, Antonarakis SE, Cavalli-Sforza LL, Temtamy S, Romeo G, Kate LP, Bennett RL, Shaw A, Megarbane A, van Duijn C, Bathija H, Fokstuen S, Engel E, Zlotogora J, Dermitzakis E, Bottani A, Dahoun S, Morris MA, Arsenault S, Aglan MS, Ajaz M, Alkalamchi A, Alnaqeb D, Alwasiyah MK, Anwer N, Awwad R, Bonnefin M, Corry P, Gwanmesia L, Karbani GA, Mostafavi M, Pippucci T, Ranza-Boscardin E, Reversade B, Sharif SM, Teeuw ME, Bittles AH.

Genet Med. 2011 Sep;13(9):841-7. doi: 10.1097/GIM.0b013e318217477f.


Voxel-based dose reconstruction for total body irradiation with helical tomotherapy.

Chao M, Penagaricano J, Yan Y, Moros EG, Corry P, Ratanatharathorn V.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2012 Apr 1;82(5):1575-83. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2011.01.021. Epub 2011 Apr 4.


Tumour thermotolerance, a physiological phenomenon involving vessel normalisation.

Dings RP, Loren ML, Zhang Y, Mikkelson S, Mayo KH, Corry P, Griffin RJ.

Int J Hyperthermia. 2011;27(1):42-52. doi: 10.3109/02656736.2010.510495. Epub 2011 Jan 4.


Clinical feasibility of TBI with helical tomotherapy.

Peñagarícano JA, Chao M, Van Rhee F, Moros EG, Corry PM, Ratanatharathorn V.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 2011 Jul;46(7):929-35. doi: 10.1038/bmt.2010.237. Epub 2010 Oct 11.


Ultrasound-guided internal jugular vein access in children and infants: a meta-analysis of published studies.

Corry P, Arnold P.

Paediatr Anaesth. 2010 Jun;20(6):580-1; author reply 581-2. doi: 10.1111/j.1460-9592.2010.03309.x. No abstract available.


Repression of multiple myeloma growth and preservation of bone with combined radiotherapy and anti-angiogenic agent.

Jia D, Koonce NA, Halakatti R, Li X, Yaccoby S, Swain FL, Suva LJ, Hennings L, Berridge MS, Apana SM, Mayo K, Corry PM, Griffin RJ.

Radiat Res. 2010 Jun;173(6):809-17. doi: 10.1667/RR1734.1.


Prevention and mitigation of acute death of mice after abdominal irradiation by the antioxidant N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC).

Jia D, Koonce NA, Griffin RJ, Jackson C, Corry PM.

Radiat Res. 2010 May;173(5):579-89. doi: 10.1667/RR2030.1.


Dosimetric comparison of helical tomotherapy and linac-IMRT treatment plans for head and neck cancer patients.

Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Moros EG, Corry PM, Yan Y, Ratanatharathorn V.

Med Dosim. 2010 Winter;35(4):264-8. doi: 10.1016/j.meddos.2009.08.001. Epub 2009 Sep 17.


Mutation of the variant alpha-tubulin TUBA8 results in polymicrogyria with optic nerve hypoplasia.

Abdollahi MR, Morrison E, Sirey T, Molnar Z, Hayward BE, Carr IM, Springell K, Woods CG, Ahmed M, Hattingh L, Corry P, Pilz DT, Stoodley N, Crow Y, Taylor GR, Bonthron DT, Sheridan E.

Am J Hum Genet. 2009 Nov;85(5):737-44. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2009.10.007. Epub 2009 Nov 5.


Evaluation of spatially fractionated radiotherapy (GRID) and definitive chemoradiotherapy with curative intent for locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: initial response rates and toxicity.

Peñagarícano JA, Moros EG, Ratanatharathorn V, Yan Y, Corry P.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2010 Apr;76(5):1369-75. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2009.03.030. Epub 2009 Jul 20.


Dead or alive? Autofluorescence distinguishes heat-fixed from viable cells.

Hennings L, Kaufmann Y, Griffin R, Siegel E, Novak P, Corry P, Moros EG, Shafirstein G.

Int J Hyperthermia. 2009 Aug;25(5):355-63. doi: 10.1080/02656730902964357.


Mutations involved in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome implicate SAMHD1 as regulator of the innate immune response.

Rice GI, Bond J, Asipu A, Brunette RL, Manfield IW, Carr IM, Fuller JC, Jackson RM, Lamb T, Briggs TA, Ali M, Gornall H, Couthard LR, Aeby A, Attard-Montalto SP, Bertini E, Bodemer C, Brockmann K, Brueton LA, Corry PC, Desguerre I, Fazzi E, Cazorla AG, Gener B, Hamel BC, Heiberg A, Hunter M, van der Knaap MS, Kumar R, Lagae L, Landrieu PG, Lourenco CM, Marom D, McDermott MF, van der Merwe W, Orcesi S, Prendiville JS, Rasmussen M, Shalev SA, Soler DM, Shinawi M, Spiegel R, Tan TY, Vanderver A, Wakeling EL, Wassmer E, Whittaker E, Lebon P, Stetson DB, Bonthron DT, Crow YJ.

Nat Genet. 2009 Jul;41(7):829-32. doi: 10.1038/ng.373. Epub 2009 Jun 14.


Spatially fractionated (GRID) therapy for large and bulky tumors.

Peñagarícano JA, Griffin R, Corry P, Moros E, Yan Y, Ratanatharathorn V.

J Ark Med Soc. 2009 May;105(11):263-5. Review.


Pediatric craniospinal axis irradiation with helical tomotherapy: patient outcome and lack of acute pulmonary toxicity.

Peñagarícano J, Moros E, Corry P, Saylors R, Ratanatharathorn V.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2009 Nov 15;75(4):1155-61. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2008.12.083. Epub 2009 May 19.


Commentary on classic paper in hyperthermic oncology 'Tumour oxygenation is increased by hyperthermia at mild temperatures' by CW Song et al., 1996.

Griffin RJ, Corry PM.

Int J Hyperthermia. 2009 Mar;25(2):96-8. doi: 10.1080/02656730902758700. No abstract available.


Modeling of carbon fiber couch attenuation properties with a commercial treatment planning system.

Mihaylov IB, Corry P, Yan Y, Ratanatharathorn V, Moros EG.

Med Phys. 2008 Nov;35(11):4982-8.


A novel HEXB mutation and its structural effects in juvenile Sandhoff disease.

Wang SZ, Cachón-González MB, Stein PE, Lachmann RH, Corry PC, Wraith JE, Cox TM.

Mol Genet Metab. 2008 Dec;95(4):236-8. doi: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2008.08.007. Epub 2008 Oct 18.


Feasibility of concurrent treatment with the scanning ultrasound reflector linear array system (SURLAS) and the helical tomotherapy system.

Peñagarícano JA, Moros E, Novák P, Yan Y, Corry P.

Int J Hyperthermia. 2008 Aug;24(5):377-88. doi: 10.1080/02656730801929923.


Influence of the SURLAS applicator on radiation dose distributions during simultaneous thermoradiotherapy with helical tomotherapy.

Novák P, Peñagarícano JA, Nahirnyak V, Corry P, Moros EG.

Phys Med Biol. 2008 May 21;53(10):2509-22. doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/53/10/004. Epub 2008 Apr 18.


Vascular endothelial growth factor-165 gene therapy promotes cardiomyogenesis in reperfused myocardial infarction.

Guerrero M, Athota K, Moy J, Mehta LS, Laguens R, Crottogini A, Borrelli M, Corry P, Schoenherr D, Gentry R, Boura J, Grines CL, Raff GL, Shanley CJ, O'Neill WW.

J Interv Cardiol. 2008 Jun;21(3):242-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1540-8183.2008.00358.x. Epub 2008 Apr 17. Erratum in: J Interv Cardiol. 2008 Dec;21(6):572.


Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for craniospinal irradiation: target volume considerations, dose constraints and competing risks: in regard to Parker et al. (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2007;69:251-257).

Peñagaricano JA, Moros E, Corry P.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2008 Mar 1;70(3):964. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2007.11.012. No abstract available.


UK's Mental Health Bill.

Corry P.

Lancet. 2007 Sep 22;370(9592):1029. No abstract available.


Clinical and molecular phenotype of Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome.

Rice G, Patrick T, Parmar R, Taylor CF, Aeby A, Aicardi J, Artuch R, Montalto SA, Bacino CA, Barroso B, Baxter P, Benko WS, Bergmann C, Bertini E, Biancheri R, Blair EM, Blau N, Bonthron DT, Briggs T, Brueton LA, Brunner HG, Burke CJ, Carr IM, Carvalho DR, Chandler KE, Christen HJ, Corry PC, Cowan FM, Cox H, D'Arrigo S, Dean J, De Laet C, De Praeter C, Dery C, Ferrie CD, Flintoff K, Frints SG, Garcia-Cazorla A, Gener B, Goizet C, Goutieres F, Green AJ, Guet A, Hamel BC, Hayward BE, Heiberg A, Hennekam RC, Husson M, Jackson AP, Jayatunga R, Jiang YH, Kant SG, Kao A, King MD, Kingston HM, Klepper J, van der Knaap MS, Kornberg AJ, Kotzot D, Kratzer W, Lacombe D, Lagae L, Landrieu PG, Lanzi G, Leitch A, Lim MJ, Livingston JH, Lourenco CM, Lyall EG, Lynch SA, Lyons MJ, Marom D, McClure JP, McWilliam R, Melancon SB, Mewasingh LD, Moutard ML, Nischal KK, Ostergaard JR, Prendiville J, Rasmussen M, Rogers RC, Roland D, Rosser EM, Rostasy K, Roubertie A, Sanchis A, Schiffmann R, Scholl-Burgi S, Seal S, Shalev SA, Corcoles CS, Sinha GP, Soler D, Spiegel R, Stephenson JB, Tacke U, Tan TY, Till M, Tolmie JL, Tomlin P, Vagnarelli F, Valente EM, Van Coster RN, Van der Aa N, Vanderver A, Vles JS, Voit T, Wassmer E, Weschke B, Whiteford ML, Willemsen MA, Zankl A, Zuberi SM, Orcesi S, Fazzi E, Lebon P, Crow YJ.

Am J Hum Genet. 2007 Oct;81(4):713-25. Epub 2007 Sep 4.

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