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Detection of Phytophthora infestans by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification, Real-Time LAMP, and Droplet Digital PCR.

Ristaino JB, Saville AC, Paul R, Cooper DC, Wei Q.

Plant Dis. 2020 Mar;104(3):708-716. doi: 10.1094/PDIS-06-19-1186-RE. Epub 2020 Jan 22.


Cleft and Craniofacial Multidisciplinary Team Clinic: A Look at Attrition Rates for Patients With Complete Cleft Lip and Palate and Nonsyndromic Single-Suture Craniosynostosis.

Cooper DC, Peterson EC, Grellner CG, Naidoo SD, Skolnick GB, Pfeifauf KD, Smyth MD, Snyder-Warwick AK, Patel KB.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2019 Nov;56(10):1287-1294. doi: 10.1177/1055665619856245. Epub 2019 Jun 13.


Protein arginine deiminase 4 inhibition is sufficient for the amelioration of collagen-induced arthritis.

Willis VC, Banda NK, Cordova KN, Chandra PE, Robinson WH, Cooper DC, Lugo D, Mehta G, Taylor S, Tak PP, Prinjha RK, Lewis HD, Holers VM.

Clin Exp Immunol. 2017 May;188(2):263-274. doi: 10.1111/cei.12932. Epub 2017 Mar 9.


Association Between Mental Health Staffing Level and Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Level on Provision of Depression Care in Veteran's Affairs Medical Facilities.

Cooper DC, Helfrich CD, Thielke SM, Trivedi RB, Nelson KM, Reiber GE, Eugenio EC, Beaver K, Nugent-Carney J, Fan VS.

Adm Policy Ment Health. 2018 Jan;45(1):131-141. doi: 10.1007/s10488-016-0775-9.


Loss of the trpc4 gene is associated with a reduction in cocaine self-administration and reduced spontaneous ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal activity, without deficits in learning for natural rewards.

Klipec WD, Burrow KR, O'Neill C, Cao JL, Lawyer CR, Ostertag E, Fowler M, Bachtell RK, Illig KR, Cooper DC.

Behav Brain Res. 2016 Jun 1;306:117-27. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2016.03.027. Epub 2016 Mar 14.


Control Over Stress Accelerates Extinction of Drug Seeking Via Prefrontal Cortical Activation.

Baratta MV, Pomrenze MB, Nakamura S, Dolzani SD, Cooper DC.

Neurobiol Stress. 2015;2:20-27.


Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery on bile acid metabolism in normal and obese diabetic rats.

Bhutta HY, Rajpal N, White W, Freudenberg JM, Liu Y, Way J, Rajpal D, Cooper DC, Young A, Tavakkoli A, Chen L.

PLoS One. 2015 Mar 23;10(3):e0122273. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0122273. eCollection 2015.


In response to wilderness search strategy and tactics, by Phillips et Al.

Cooper DC, Frost JR.

Wilderness Environ Med. 2015 Jun;26(2):269-70. doi: 10.1016/j.wem.2014.10.009. Epub 2015 Mar 16. No abstract available.


DAT isn't all that: cocaine reward and reinforcement require Toll-like receptor 4 signaling.

Northcutt AL, Hutchinson MR, Wang X, Baratta MV, Hiranita T, Cochran TA, Pomrenze MB, Galer EL, Kopajtic TA, Li CM, Amat J, Larson G, Cooper DC, Huang Y, O'Neill CE, Yin H, Zahniser NR, Katz JL, Rice KC, Maier SF, Bachtell RK, Watkins LR.

Mol Psychiatry. 2015 Dec;20(12):1525-37. doi: 10.1038/mp.2014.177. Epub 2015 Feb 3.


Response to Thomas E. Finucane, MD.

Cooper DC, Trivedi RB, Nelson KM, Reiber GE, Eugenio EC, Beaver KA, Fan VS.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2015 Jan;63(1):203-4. doi: 10.1111/jgs.13209. No abstract available.


Antidepressant adherence and risk of coronary artery disease hospitalizations in older and younger adults with depression.

Cooper DC, Trivedi RB, Nelson KM, Reiber GE, Eugenio EC, Beaver KA, Fan VS.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2014 Jul;62(7):1238-45. doi: 10.1111/jgs.12849. Epub 2014 Jun 2.


Cocaine self-administration in rats lacking a functional trpc4 gene.

Rasmus KC, O'Neill CE, Bachtell RK, Cooper DC.

F1000Res. 2013 Apr 17;2:110. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.2-110.v1. eCollection 2013.


Use of the visual range of detection to estimate effective sweep width for land search and rescue based on 10 detection experiments in North America.

Koester RJ, Chiacchia KB, Twardy CR, Cooper DC, Frost JR, Robe RQ.

Wilderness Environ Med. 2014 Jun;25(2):132-42. doi: 10.1016/j.wem.2013.09.016. Epub 2014 Jan 22.


Cocaine self-administration in mice with forebrain knock-down of trpc5 ion channels.

Pomrenze MB, Baratta MV, Rasmus KC, Cadle BA, Nakamura S, Birnbaumer L, Cooper DC.

F1000Res. 2013 Feb 15;2:53. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.2-53.v1. eCollection 2013.


Sex Differences in Associations of Depressive Symptoms with Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Metabolic Syndrome among African Americans.

Cooper DC, Trivedi RB, Nelson KM, Reiber GE, Zonderman AB, Evans MK, Waldstein SR.

Cardiovasc Psychiatry Neurol. 2013;2013:979185. doi: 10.1155/2013/979185. Epub 2013 Sep 16.


Coping with racism: the impact of prayer on cardiovascular reactivity and post-stress recovery in African American women.

Cooper DC, Thayer JF, Waldstein SR.

Ann Behav Med. 2014 Apr;47(2):218-30. doi: 10.1007/s12160-013-9540-4.


Endothelial function and sleep: associations of flow-mediated dilation with perceived sleep quality and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Cooper DC, Ziegler MG, Milic MS, Ancoli-Israel S, Mills PJ, Loredo JS, Von Känel R, Dimsdale JE.

J Sleep Res. 2014 Feb;23(1):84-93. doi: 10.1111/jsr.12083. Epub 2013 Aug 29.


A method for high fidelity optogenetic control of individual pyramidal neurons in vivo.

Nakamura S, Baratta MV, Cooper DC.

J Vis Exp. 2013 Sep 2;(79). doi: 10.3791/50291.


Special issue on optogenetics. Preface.

Baratta MV, Cooper DC.

Behav Brain Res. 2013 Oct 15;255:1-2. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2013.08.014. Epub 2013 Aug 12. No abstract available.


A novel variable delay Go/No-Go task to study attention, motivation and working memory in the head-fixed rodent.

Dolzani SD, Nakamura S, Cooper DC.

Version 2. F1000Res. 2013 May 10 [revised 2014 Jan 1];2:125. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.2-125.v2. eCollection 2013.


Control over stress, but not stress per se increases prefrontal cortical pyramidal neuron excitability.

Varela JA, Wang J, Christianson JP, Maier SF, Cooper DC.

J Neurosci. 2012 Sep 12;32(37):12848-53. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2669-12.2012.


Lack of modulation of nicotinic acetylcholine alpha-7 receptor currents by kynurenic acid in adult hippocampal interneurons.

Dobelis P, Staley KJ, Cooper DC.

PLoS One. 2012;7(7):e41108. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0041108. Epub 2012 Jul 25.


Sustainability and energy development: influences of greenhouse gas emission reduction options on water use in energy production.

Cooper DC, Sehlke G.

Environ Sci Technol. 2012 Mar 20;46(6):3509-18. doi: 10.1021/es201901p. Epub 2012 Mar 1.


High fidelity optogenetic control of individual prefrontal cortical pyramidal neurons in vivo.

Nakamura S, Baratta MV, Pomrenze MB, Dolzani SD, Cooper DC.

F1000Res. 2012 Jul 30;1:7. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.1-7.v1. eCollection 2012.


Depressed mood and flow-mediated dilation: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Cooper DC, Tomfohr LM, Milic MS, Natarajan L, Bardwell WA, Ziegler MG, Dimsdale JE.

Psychosom Med. 2011 Jun;73(5):360-9. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0b013e31821db79a. Epub 2011 Jun 2. Review.


Specific role of VTA dopamine neuronal firing rates and morphology in the reversal of anxiety-related, but not depression-related behavior in the ClockΔ19 mouse model of mania.

Coque L, Mukherjee S, Cao JL, Spencer S, Marvin M, Falcon E, Sidor MM, Birnbaum SG, Graham A, Neve RL, Gordon E, Ozburn AR, Goldberg MS, Han MH, Cooper DC, McClung CA.

Neuropsychopharmacology. 2011 Jun;36(7):1478-88. doi: 10.1038/npp.2011.33. Epub 2011 Mar 23.


Mesolimbic dopamine neurons in the brain reward circuit mediate susceptibility to social defeat and antidepressant action.

Cao JL, Covington HE 3rd, Friedman AK, Wilkinson MB, Walsh JJ, Cooper DC, Nestler EJ, Han MH.

J Neurosci. 2010 Dec 8;30(49):16453-8. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3177-10.2010.


A post-burst after depolarization is mediated by group i metabotropic glutamate receptor-dependent upregulation of Ca(v)2.3 R-type calcium channels in CA1 pyramidal neurons.

Park JY, Remy S, Varela J, Cooper DC, Chung S, Kang HW, Lee JH, Spruston N.

PLoS Biol. 2010 Nov 16;8(11):e1000534. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000534.


Essential role of the cAMP-cAMP response-element binding protein pathway in opiate-induced homeostatic adaptations of locus coeruleus neurons.

Cao JL, Vialou VF, Lobo MK, Robison AJ, Neve RL, Cooper DC, Nestler EJ, Han MH.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Sep 28;107(39):17011-6. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1010077107. Epub 2010 Sep 13.


Notch1 is required for maintenance of the reservoir of adult hippocampal stem cells.

Ables JL, Decarolis NA, Johnson MA, Rivera PD, Gao Z, Cooper DC, Radtke F, Hsieh J, Eisch AJ.

J Neurosci. 2010 Aug 4;30(31):10484-92. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4721-09.2010.


Cardiovascular and psychological reactivity and recovery from harassment in a biracial sample of high and low hostile men and women.

Neumann SA, Maier KJ, Brown JP, Giggey PP, Cooper DC, Synowski SJ, Goble LA, Suarez EC, Waldstein SR.

Int J Behav Med. 2011 Mar;18(1):52-64. doi: 10.1007/s12529-010-9110-0.


Knockdown of Clock in the ventral tegmental area through RNA interference results in a mixed state of mania and depression-like behavior.

Mukherjee S, Coque L, Cao JL, Kumar J, Chakravarty S, Asaithamby A, Graham A, Gordon E, Enwright JF 3rd, DiLeone RJ, Birnbaum SG, Cooper DC, McClung CA.

Biol Psychiatry. 2010 Sep 15;68(6):503-11. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2010.04.031. Epub 2010 Jun 29.


Endothelial function: the impact of objective and subjective socioeconomic status on flow-mediated dilation.

Cooper DC, Milic MS, Mills PJ, Bardwell WA, Ziegler MG, Dimsdale JE.

Ann Behav Med. 2010 Jun;39(3):222-31. doi: 10.1007/s12160-010-9181-9.


Everyday discrimination and nocturnal blood pressure dipping in black and white americans.

Tomfohr L, Cooper DC, Mills PJ, Nelesen RA, Dimsdale JE.

Psychosom Med. 2010 Apr;72(3):266-72. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0b013e3181d0d8b2. Epub 2010 Feb 2.


Adverse impact of mood on flow-mediated dilation.

Cooper DC, Milic MS, Tafur JR, Mills PJ, Bardwell WA, Ziegler MG, Dimsdale JE.

Psychosom Med. 2010 Feb;72(2):122-7. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0b013e3181cdbfc0. Epub 2010 Jan 25.


Cellular phone-based image acquisition and quantitative ratiometric method for detecting cocaine and benzoylecgonine for biological and forensic applications.

Cadle BA, Rasmus KC, Varela JA, Leverich LS, O'Neill CE, Bachtell RK, Cooper DC.

Subst Abuse. 2010;4:21-33. Epub 2010 Sep 21.


Neural response to lidocaine in healthy subjects.

Adinoff B, Devous MD Sr, Cooper DC, Best SE, Harris TS, Williams MJ.

Psychiatry Res. 2009 Aug 30;173(2):135-42. doi: 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2009.03.001. Epub 2009 Jun 28.


Regulation of hippocampal and behavioral excitability by cyclin-dependent kinase 5.

Hawasli AH, Koovakkattu D, Hayashi K, Anderson AE, Powell CM, Sinton CM, Bibb JA, Cooper DC.

PLoS One. 2009 Jun 4;4(6):e5808. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005808.


The effects of ethnic discrimination and socioeconomic status on endothelin-1 among blacks and whites.

Cooper DC, Mills PJ, Bardwell WA, Ziegler MG, Dimsdale JE.

Am J Hypertens. 2009 Jul;22(7):698-704. doi: 10.1038/ajh.2009.72. Epub 2009 Apr 23.


Racial differences in the impact of social support on nocturnal blood pressure.

Cooper DC, Ziegler MG, Nelesen RA, Dimsdale JE.

Psychosom Med. 2009 Jun;71(5):524-31. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0b013e31819e3a93. Epub 2009 Mar 25.


Plasticity of burst firing induced by synergistic activation of metabotropic glutamate and acetylcholine receptors.

Moore SJ, Cooper DC, Spruston N.

Neuron. 2009 Jan 29;61(2):287-300. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2008.12.013.


Dopamine modulates an mGluR5-mediated depolarization underlying prefrontal persistent activity.

Sidiropoulou K, Lu FM, Fowler MA, Xiao R, Phillips C, Ozkan ED, Zhu MX, White FJ, Cooper DC.

Nat Neurosci. 2009 Feb;12(2):190-9. doi: 10.1038/nn.2245. Epub 2009 Jan 25.


CREB regulation of nucleus accumbens excitability mediates social isolation-induced behavioral deficits.

Wallace DL, Han MH, Graham DL, Green TA, Vialou V, Iñiguez SD, Cao JL, Kirk A, Chakravarty S, Kumar A, Krishnan V, Neve RL, Cooper DC, Bolaños CA, Barrot M, McClung CA, Nestler EJ.

Nat Neurosci. 2009 Feb;12(2):200-9. doi: 10.1038/nn.2257. Epub 2009 Jan 18.


Predicting QT prolongation in humans during early drug development using hERG inhibition and an anaesthetized guinea-pig model.

Yao X, Anderson DL, Ross SA, Lang DG, Desai BZ, Cooper DC, Wheelan P, McIntyre MS, Bergquist ML, MacKenzie KI, Becherer JD, Hashim MA.

Br J Pharmacol. 2008 Aug;154(7):1446-56. doi: 10.1038/bjp.2008.267. Epub 2008 Jun 30.


Molecular adaptations underlying susceptibility and resistance to social defeat in brain reward regions.

Krishnan V, Han MH, Graham DL, Berton O, Renthal W, Russo SJ, Laplant Q, Graham A, Lutter M, Lagace DC, Ghose S, Reister R, Tannous P, Green TA, Neve RL, Chakravarty S, Kumar A, Eisch AJ, Self DW, Lee FS, Tamminga CA, Cooper DC, Gershenfeld HK, Nestler EJ.

Cell. 2007 Oct 19;131(2):391-404.


Corticolimbic expression of TRPC4 and TRPC5 channels in the rodent brain.

Fowler MA, Sidiropoulou K, Ozkan ED, Phillips CW, Cooper DC.

PLoS One. 2007 Jun 27;2(6):e573.


Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 governs learning and synaptic plasticity via control of NMDAR degradation.

Hawasli AH, Benavides DR, Nguyen C, Kansy JW, Hayashi K, Chambon P, Greengard P, Powell CM, Cooper DC, Bibb JA.

Nat Neurosci. 2007 Jul;10(7):880-886. doi: 10.1038/nn1914. Epub 2007 May 27.


A role for the subiculum in the brain motivation/reward circuitry.

Cooper DC, Klipec WD, Fowler MA, Ozkan ED.

Behav Brain Res. 2006 Nov 11;174(2):225-31. Epub 2006 Jul 25. Review.


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