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Comparison of Abbreviated Breast MRI vs Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for Breast Cancer Detection Among Women With Dense Breasts Undergoing Screening.

Comstock CE, Gatsonis C, Newstead GM, Snyder BS, Gareen IF, Bergin JT, Rahbar H, Sung JS, Jacobs C, Harvey JA, Nicholson MH, Ward RC, Holt J, Prather A, Miller KD, Schnall MD, Kuhl CK.

JAMA. 2020 Feb 25;323(8):746-756. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.0572.


Outcome of Screening MRI in Premenopausal Women as a Function of the Week of the Menstrual Cycle.

Lee CH, Bryce Y, Zheng J, Sung JS, Comstock CE, Moskowitz C, A Morris E.

AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2020 Mar 11:1-7. doi: 10.2214/AJR.18.19960. [Epub ahead of print]


Comparison of Abbreviated Breast MRI vs Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for Breast Cancer Detection Among Women With Dense Breasts Undergoing Screening.

Comstock CE, Gatsonis C, Newstead GM, Snyder BS, Gareen IF, Bergin JT, Rahbar H, Sung JS, Jacobs C, Harvey JA, Nicholson MH, Ward RC, Holt J, Prather A, Miller KD, Schnall MD, Kuhl CK.

JAMA. 2020 Feb 25;323(8):746-756. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.0572. Erratum in: JAMA. 2020 Mar 24;323(12):1194.


Survival Outcomes of Screening with Breast MRI in Women at Elevated Risk of Breast Cancer.

Bae MS, Sung JS, Bernard-Davila B, Sutton EJ, Comstock CE, Morris EA.

J Breast Imaging. 2020 Feb;2(1):29-35. doi: 10.1093/jbi/wbz083. Epub 2020 Jan 15.


Performance of Dual-Energy Contrast-enhanced Digital Mammography for Screening Women at Increased Risk of Breast Cancer.

Sung JS, Lebron L, Keating D, D'Alessio D, Comstock CE, Lee CH, Pike MC, Ayhan M, Moskowitz CS, Morris EA, Jochelson MS.

Radiology. 2019 Oct;293(1):81-88. doi: 10.1148/radiol.2019182660. Epub 2019 Aug 27.


Improved Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence: a Retrospective Evaluation of Missed Cancers on Mammography.

Watanabe AT, Lim V, Vu HX, Chim R, Weise E, Liu J, Bradley WG, Comstock CE.

J Digit Imaging. 2019 Aug;32(4):625-637. doi: 10.1007/s10278-019-00192-5.


Utility of Diffusion-weighted Imaging to Decrease Unnecessary Biopsies Prompted by Breast MRI: A Trial of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (A6702).

Rahbar H, Zhang Z, Chenevert TL, Romanoff J, Kitsch AE, Hanna LG, Harvey SM, Moy L, DeMartini WB, Dogan B, Yang WT, Wang LC, Joe BN, Oh KY, Neal CH, McDonald ES, Schnall MD, Lehman CD, Comstock CE, Partridge SC.

Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Mar 15;25(6):1756-1765. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-2967. Epub 2019 Jan 15.


Cell cycle-coupled expansion of AR activity promotes cancer progression.

McNair C, Urbanucci A, Comstock CE, Augello MA, Goodwin JF, Launchbury R, Zhao SG, Schiewer MJ, Ertel A, Karnes J, Davicioni E, Wang L, Wang Q, Mills IG, Feng FY, Li W, Carroll JS, Knudsen KE.

Oncogene. 2017 Mar 23;36(12):1655-1668. doi: 10.1038/onc.2016.334. Epub 2016 Sep 26.


Breast Cancers Detected at Screening MR Imaging and Mammography in Patients at High Risk: Method of Detection Reflects Tumor Histopathologic Results.

Sung JS, Stamler S, Brooks J, Kaplan J, Huang T, Dershaw DD, Lee CH, Morris EA, Comstock CE.

Radiology. 2016 Sep;280(3):716-22. doi: 10.1148/radiol.2016151419. Epub 2016 Apr 20.


Analysis of 13 cell types reveals evidence for the expression of numerous novel primate- and tissue-specific microRNAs.

Londin E, Loher P, Telonis AG, Quann K, Clark P, Jing Y, Hatzimichael E, Kirino Y, Honda S, Lally M, Ramratnam B, Comstock CE, Knudsen KE, Gomella L, Spaeth GL, Hark L, Katz LJ, Witkiewicz A, Rostami A, Jimenez SA, Hollingsworth MA, Yeh JJ, Shaw CA, McKenzie SE, Bray P, Nelson PT, Zupo S, Van Roosbroeck K, Keating MJ, Calin GA, Yeo C, Jimbo M, Cozzitorto J, Brody JR, Delgrosso K, Mattick JS, Fortina P, Rigoutsos I.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 Mar 10;112(10):E1106-15. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1420955112. Epub 2015 Feb 23.


Radiologic Clinics of North America. Breast imaging. Preface.

Comstock CE, Mercado CL.

Radiol Clin North Am. 2014 May;52(3):xi. doi: 10.1016/j.rcl.2014.02.014. Epub 2014 Feb 28. No abstract available.


Breast magnetic resonance imaging: management of an enhancing focus.

Ha R, Comstock CE.

Radiol Clin North Am. 2014 May;52(3):585-9. doi: 10.1016/j.rcl.2014.01.001. Epub 2014 Feb 10. Review.


Approach to breast magnetic resonance imaging interpretation.

Palestrant S, Comstock CE, Moy L.

Radiol Clin North Am. 2014 May;52(3):563-83. doi: 10.1016/j.rcl.2013.12.001. Epub 2014 Jan 18. Review.


IGF2 revs the steroidogenesis engine.

Comstock CE, Knudsen KE.

Endocr Relat Cancer. 2013 Aug 19;20(5):C19-21. doi: 10.1530/ERC-13-0243. Print 2013 Oct.


Targeting cell cycle and hormone receptor pathways in cancer.

Comstock CE, Augello MA, Goodwin JF, de Leeuw R, Schiewer MJ, Ostrander WF Jr, Burkhart RA, McClendon AK, McCue PA, Trabulsi EJ, Lallas CD, Gomella LG, Centenera MM, Brody JR, Butler LM, Tilley WD, Knudsen KE.

Oncogene. 2013 Nov 28;32(48):5481-91. doi: 10.1038/onc.2013.83. Epub 2013 May 27.


Aberrant BAF57 signaling facilitates prometastatic phenotypes.

Balasubramaniam S, Comstock CE, Ertel A, Jeong KW, Stallcup MR, Addya S, McCue PA, Ostrander WF Jr, Augello MA, Knudsen KE.

Clin Cancer Res. 2013 May 15;19(10):2657-67. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-3049. Epub 2013 Mar 14.


Patient follow-up after concordant histologically benign imaging-guided biopsy of MRI-detected lesions.

Sung JS, Lee CH, Morris EA, Comstock CE, Dershaw DD.

AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2012 Jun;198(6):1464-9. doi: 10.2214/AJR.11.7455.


Cyclin D1 is a selective modifier of androgen-dependent signaling and androgen receptor function.

Comstock CE, Augello MA, Schiewer MJ, Karch J, Burd CJ, Ertel A, Knudsen ES, Jessen WJ, Aronow BJ, Knudsen KE.

J Biol Chem. 2011 Mar 11;286(10):8117-27. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M110.170720. Epub 2011 Jan 5.


The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor controls androgen signaling and human prostate cancer progression.

Sharma A, Yeow WS, Ertel A, Coleman I, Clegg N, Thangavel C, Morrissey C, Zhang X, Comstock CE, Witkiewicz AK, Gomella L, Knudsen ES, Nelson PS, Knudsen KE.

J Clin Invest. 2010 Dec;120(12):4478-92. doi: 10.1172/JCI44239. Epub 2010 Nov 22.


Identification of ASF/SF2 as a critical, allele-specific effector of the cyclin D1b oncogene.

Olshavsky NA, Comstock CE, Schiewer MJ, Augello MA, Hyslop T, Sette C, Zhang J, Parysek LM, Knudsen KE.

Cancer Res. 2010 May 15;70(10):3975-84. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-3468. Epub 2010 May 11.


MRI for breast cancer: Current indications.

Ojeda-Fournier H, Comstock CE.

Indian J Radiol Imaging. 2009 Apr-Jun;19(2):161-9. doi: 10.4103/0971-3026.48431.


Cyclin D1 splice variants: polymorphism, risk, and isoform-specific regulation in prostate cancer.

Comstock CE, Augello MA, Benito RP, Karch J, Tran TH, Utama FE, Tindall EA, Wang Y, Burd CJ, Groh EM, Hoang HN, Giles GG, Severi G, Hayes VM, Henderson BE, Le Marchand L, Kolonel LN, Haiman CA, Baffa R, Gomella LG, Knudsen ES, Rui H, Henshall SM, Sutherland RL, Knudsen KE.

Clin Cancer Res. 2009 Sep 1;15(17):5338-49. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-2865. Epub 2009 Aug 25.


Cyclin D1b protein expression in breast cancer is independent of cyclin D1a and associated with poor disease outcome.

Millar EK, Dean JL, McNeil CM, O'Toole SA, Henshall SM, Tran T, Lin J, Quong A, Comstock CE, Witkiewicz A, Musgrove EA, Rui H, Lemarchand L, Setiawan VW, Haiman CA, Knudsen KE, Sutherland RL, Knudsen ES.

Oncogene. 2009 Apr 16;28(15):1812-20. doi: 10.1038/onc.2009.13. Epub 2009 Mar 16.


The SWI/SNF ATPase Brm is a gatekeeper of proliferative control in prostate cancer.

Shen H, Powers N, Saini N, Comstock CE, Sharma A, Weaver K, Revelo MP, Gerald W, Williams E, Jessen WJ, Aronow BJ, Rosson G, Weissman B, Muchardt C, Yaniv M, Knudsen KE.

Cancer Res. 2008 Dec 15;68(24):10154-62. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-1794.


Targeting the BAF57 SWI/SNF subunit in prostate cancer: a novel platform to control androgen receptor activity.

Link KA, Balasubramaniam S, Sharma A, Comstock CE, Godoy-Tundidor S, Powers N, Cao KH, Haelens A, Claessens F, Revelo MP, Knudsen KE.

Cancer Res. 2008 Jun 15;68(12):4551-8. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-07-6392.


Cyclin D3 action in androgen receptor regulation and prostate cancer.

Olshavsky NA, Groh EM, Comstock CE, Morey LM, Wang Y, Revelo MP, Burd C, Meller J, Knudsen KE.

Oncogene. 2008 May 15;27(22):3111-21. Epub 2007 Dec 17.


Unique bisphenol A transcriptome in prostate cancer: novel effects on ERbeta expression that correspond to androgen receptor mutation status.

Hess-Wilson JK, Webb SL, Daly HK, Leung YK, Boldison J, Comstock CE, Sartor MA, Ho SM, Knudsen KE.

Environ Health Perspect. 2007 Nov;115(11):1646-53.


Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor status is a critical determinant of therapeutic response in prostate cancer cells.

Sharma A, Comstock CE, Knudsen ES, Cao KH, Hess-Wilson JK, Morey LM, Barrera J, Knudsen KE.

Cancer Res. 2007 Jul 1;67(13):6192-203.


The complex role of AR signaling after cytotoxic insult: implications for cell-cycle-based chemotherapeutics.

Comstock CE, Knudsen KE.

Cell Cycle. 2007 Jun 1;6(11):1307-13. Epub 2007 Jun 26. Review.


Impact of differential cyclin D1 expression and localisation in prostate cancer.

Comstock CE, Revelo MP, Buncher CR, Knudsen KE.

Br J Cancer. 2007 Mar 26;96(6):970-9.


Bisphenol A facilitates bypass of androgen ablation therapy in prostate cancer.

Wetherill YB, Hess-Wilson JK, Comstock CE, Shah SA, Buncher CR, Sallans L, Limbach PA, Schwemberger S, Babcock GF, Knudsen KE.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2006 Dec;5(12):3181-90.


LS14: a novel human adipocyte cell line that produces prolactin.

Hugo ER, Brandebourg TD, Comstock CE, Gersin KS, Sussman JJ, Ben-Jonathan N.

Endocrinology. 2006 Jan;147(1):306-13. Epub 2005 Sep 29.


Rates and causes of disagreement in interpretation of full-field digital mammography and film-screen mammography in a diagnostic setting.

Venta LA, Hendrick RE, Adler YT, DeLeon P, Mengoni PM, Scharl AM, Comstock CE, Hansen L, Kay N, Coveler A, Cutter G.

AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2001 May;176(5):1241-8.


Sonographically guided metallic clip placement after core needle biopsy of the breast.

Phillips SW, Gabriel H, Comstock CE, Venta LA.

AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2000 Nov;175(5):1353-5. No abstract available.


Inter-observer variability in ultrasonic evaluation of abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Comstock CE, Bluth EI, Peattie RA, Schrader T, Leslie BR.

J La State Med Soc. 1994 Dec;146(12):526-30.


Development of turbulence in steady flow through models of abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Peattie RA, Schrader T, Bluth EI, Comstock CE.

J Ultrasound Med. 1994 Jun;13(6):467-72.


A qualitative investigation of turbulence in flow through a model abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Schrader T, Peattie RA, Bluth EI, Comstock CE.

Invest Radiol. 1992 Jul;27(7):515-9.


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