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Development of a hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) method for the chemical characterization of water-soluble isoprene epoxydiol (IEPOX)-derived secondary organic aerosol.

Cui T, Zeng Z, Dos Santos EO, Zhang Z, Chen Y, Zhang Y, Rose CA, Budisulistiorini SH, Collins LB, Bodnar WM, de Souza RAF, Martin ST, Machado CMD, Turpin BJ, Gold A, Ault AP, Surratt JD.

Environ Sci Process Impacts. 2018 Nov 14;20(11):1524-1536. doi: 10.1039/c8em00308d.


Coordinated regulation of intracellular pH by two glucose-sensing pathways in yeast.

Isom DG, Page SC, Collins LB, Kapolka NJ, Taghon GJ, Dohlman HG.

J Biol Chem. 2018 Feb 16;293(7):2318-2329. doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA117.000422. Epub 2017 Dec 28.


Evidence that endogenous formaldehyde produces immunogenic and atherogenic adduct epitopes.

Nakamura J, Shimomoto T, Collins LB, Holley DW, Zhang Z, Barbee JM, Sharma V, Tian X, Kondo T, Uchida K, Yi X, Perkins DO, Willis MS, Gold A, Bultman SJ.

Sci Rep. 2017 Sep 7;7(1):10787. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-11289-8.


Nontarget Analysis Reveals a Bacterial Metabolite of Pyrene Implicated in the Genotoxicity of Contaminated Soil after Bioremediation.

Tian Z, Gold A, Nakamura J, Zhang Z, Vila J, Singleton DR, Collins LB, Aitken MD.

Environ Sci Technol. 2017 Jun 20;51(12):7091-7100. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.7b01172. Epub 2017 May 30.


Time-matched analysis of DNA adduct formation and early gene expression as predictive tool for renal carcinogenesis in methylazoxymethanol acetate treated Eker rats.

Klaus V, Bastek H, Damme K, Collins LB, Frötschl R, Benda N, Lutter D, Ellinger-Ziegelbauer H, Swenberg JA, Dietrich DR, Stemmer K.

Arch Toxicol. 2017 Oct;91(10):3427-3438. doi: 10.1007/s00204-017-1953-6. Epub 2017 Mar 27.


A purified MAA-based ELISA is a useful tool for determining anti-MAA antibody titer with high sensitivity.

Shimomoto T, Collins LB, Yi X, Holley DW, Zhang Z, Tian X, Uchida K, Wang C, Hörkkö S, Willis MS, Gold A, Bultman SJ, Nakamura J.

PLoS One. 2017 Feb 21;12(2):e0172172. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0172172. eCollection 2017.


DNA Product Formation in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats Following Polyhalogenated Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PHAH) Exposure.

Gao L, Mutlu E, Collins LB, Walker NJ, Hartwell HJ, Olson JR, Sun W, Gold A, Ball LM, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2017 Mar 20;30(3):794-803. doi: 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.6b00368. Epub 2017 Feb 16.


Polychlorinated Biphenyls Induce Oxidative DNA Adducts in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats.

Mutlu E, Gao L, Collins LB, Walker NJ, Hartwell HJ, Olson JR, Sun W, Gold A, Ball LM, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2016 Aug 15;29(8):1335-1344. doi: 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.6b00146. Epub 2016 Jul 20.


Oxidative stress at low levels can induce clustered DNA lesions leading to NHEJ mediated mutations.

Sharma V, Collins LB, Chen TH, Herr N, Takeda S, Sun W, Swenberg JA, Nakamura J.

Oncotarget. 2016 May 3;7(18):25377-90. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.8298.


Implication of a Chromosome 15q15.2 Locus in Regulating UBR1 and Predisposing Smokers to MGMT Methylation in Lung.

Leng S, Wu G, Collins LB, Thomas CL, Tellez CS, Jauregui AR, Picchi MA, Zhang X, Juri DE, Desai D, Amin SG, Crowell RE, Stidley CA, Liu Y, Swenberg JA, Lin Y, Wathelet MG, Gilliland FD, Belinsky SA.

Cancer Res. 2015 Aug 1;75(15):3108-17. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-0243. Epub 2015 Jul 16.


Comparative analysis of the relationship between trichloroethylene metabolism and tissue-specific toxicity among inbred mouse strains: kidney effects.

Yoo HS, Bradford BU, Kosyk O, Uehara T, Shymonyak S, Collins LB, Bodnar WM, Ball LM, Gold A, Rusyn I.

J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2015;78(1):32-49. doi: 10.1080/15287394.2015.958418.


Comparative analysis of the relationship between trichloroethylene metabolism and tissue-specific toxicity among inbred mouse strains: liver effects.

Yoo HS, Bradford BU, Kosyk O, Shymonyak S, Uehara T, Collins LB, Bodnar WM, Ball LM, Gold A, Rusyn I.

J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2015;78(1):15-31. doi: 10.1080/15287394.2015.958417.


A gnotobiotic mouse model demonstrates that dietary fiber protects against colorectal tumorigenesis in a microbiota- and butyrate-dependent manner.

Donohoe DR, Holley D, Collins LB, Montgomery SA, Whitmore AC, Hillhouse A, Curry KP, Renner SW, Greenwalt A, Ryan EP, Godfrey V, Heise MT, Threadgill DS, Han A, Swenberg JA, Threadgill DW, Bultman SJ.

Cancer Discov. 2014 Dec;4(12):1387-97. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-14-0501. Epub 2014 Sep 29.


Guanine- 5-carboxylcytosine base pairs mimic mismatches during DNA replication.

Shibutani T, Ito S, Toda M, Kanao R, Collins LB, Shibata M, Urabe M, Koseki H, Masuda Y, Swenberg JA, Masutani C, Hanaoka F, Iwai S, Kuraoka I.

Sci Rep. 2014 Jun 9;4:5220. doi: 10.1038/srep05220.


Molecular dosimetry of endogenous and exogenous O(6)-methyl-dG and N7-methyl-G adducts following low dose [D3]-methylnitrosourea exposures in cultured human cells.

Sharma V, Collins LB, Clement JM, Zhang Z, Nakamura J, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2014 Apr 21;27(4):480-2. doi: 10.1021/tx5000602. Epub 2014 Mar 26.


The Warburg effect dictates the mechanism of butyrate-mediated histone acetylation and cell proliferation.

Donohoe DR, Collins LB, Wali A, Bigler R, Sun W, Bultman SJ.

Mol Cell. 2012 Nov 30;48(4):612-26. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2012.08.033. Epub 2012 Oct 11.


A new LC-MS/MS method for the quantification of endogenous and vinyl chloride-induced 7-(2-Oxoethyl)guanine in sprague-dawley rats.

Mutlu E, Jeong YC, Collins LB, Ham AJ, Upton PB, Hatch G, Winsett D, Evansky P, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2012 Feb 20;25(2):391-9. doi: 10.1021/tx200447w. Epub 2012 Jan 24.


Tet proteins can convert 5-methylcytosine to 5-formylcytosine and 5-carboxylcytosine.

Ito S, Shen L, Dai Q, Wu SC, Collins LB, Swenberg JA, He C, Zhang Y.

Science. 2011 Sep 2;333(6047):1300-3. doi: 10.1126/science.1210597. Epub 2011 Jul 21.


Genotoxicity in Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) from a PAH-contaminated Superfund site on the Elizabeth River, Virginia.

Jung D, Matson CW, Collins LB, Laban G, Stapleton HM, Bickham JW, Swenberg JA, Di Giulio RT.

Ecotoxicology. 2011 Nov;20(8):1890-9. doi: 10.1007/s10646-011-0727-9. Epub 2011 Jun 26.


Development and application of an LC-MS/MS method for the detection of the vinyl chloride-induced DNA adduct N(2),3-ethenoguanine in tissues of adult and weanling rats following exposure to [(13)C(2)]-VC.

Mutlu E, Collins LB, Stout MD, Upton PB, Daye LR, Winsett D, Hatch G, Evansky P, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2010 Sep 20;23(9):1485-91. doi: 10.1021/tx1001767.


Structural characterization of formaldehyde-induced cross-links between amino acids and deoxynucleosides and their oligomers.

Lu K, Ye W, Zhou L, Collins LB, Chen X, Gold A, Ball LM, Swenberg JA.

J Am Chem Soc. 2010 Mar 17;132(10):3388-99. doi: 10.1021/ja908282f.


Distribution of DNA adducts caused by inhaled formaldehyde is consistent with induction of nasal carcinoma but not leukemia.

Lu K, Collins LB, Ru H, Bermudez E, Swenberg JA.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Aug;116(2):441-51. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfq061. Epub 2010 Feb 22.


Analysis of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine by ultra high pressure liquid chromatography-heat assisted electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry.

Boysen G, Collins LB, Liao S, Luke AM, Pachkowski BF, Watters JL, Swenberg JA.

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2010 Feb 1;878(3-4):375-80. doi: 10.1016/j.jchromb.2009.12.004. Epub 2009 Dec 6.


Comparison of three oxidative stress biomarkers in a sample of healthy adults.

Watters JL, Satia JA, da Costa KA, Boysen G, Collins LB, Morrow JD, Milne GL, Swenberg JA.

Biomarkers. 2009 Dec;14(8):587-95. doi: 10.3109/13547500903183954.


Effects of benzo[a]pyrene on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA damage in Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) from a creosote-contaminated and reference site.

Jung D, Cho Y, Collins LB, Swenberg JA, Di Giulio RT.

Aquat Toxicol. 2009 Oct 19;95(1):44-51. doi: 10.1016/j.aquatox.2009.08.003. Epub 2009 Aug 13.


Accurate quantitation of standard peptides used for quantitative proteomics.

Bordeerat NK, Georgieva NI, Klapper DG, Collins LB, Cross TJ, Borchers CH, Swenberg JA, Boysen G.

Proteomics. 2009 Aug;9(15):3939-44. doi: 10.1002/pmic.200900043.


Liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry analysis method for simultaneous detection of trichloroacetic acid, dichloroacetic acid, S-(1,2-dichlorovinyl)glutathione and S-(1,2-dichlorovinyl)-L-cysteine.

Kim S, Collins LB, Boysen G, Swenberg JA, Gold A, Ball LM, Bradford BU, Rusyn I.

Toxicology. 2009 Aug 21;262(3):230-8. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2009.06.013. Epub 2009 Jun 21.


Mass spectrometric analysis of biomarkers and dilution markers in exhaled breath condensate reveals elevated purines in asthma and cystic fibrosis.

Esther CR Jr, Boysen G, Olsen BM, Collins LB, Ghio AJ, Swenberg JW, Boucher RC.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2009 Jun;296(6):L987-93. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.90512.2008. Epub 2009 Mar 20.


Formaldehyde-induced histone modifications in vitro.

Lu K, Boysen G, Gao L, Collins LB, Swenberg JA.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2008 Aug;21(8):1586-93. doi: 10.1021/tx8000576. Epub 2008 Jul 26.


A mass spectrometric method to simultaneously measure a biomarker and dilution marker in exhaled breath condensate.

Esther CR Jr, Jasin HM, Collins LB, Swenberg JA, Boysen G.

Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2008;22(5):701-5. doi: 10.1002/rcm.3408.


Interference by pH and Ca2+ ions during measurements of catecholamine release in slices of rat amygdala with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry.

Jones SR, Mickelson GE, Collins LB, Kawagoe KT, Wightman RM.

J Neurosci Methods. 1994 Apr;52(1):1-10.


Evoked extracellular dopamine in vivo in the medial prefrontal cortex.

Garris PA, Collins LB, Jones SR, Wightman RM.

J Neurochem. 1993 Aug;61(2):637-47.


The subunit structure of the hemocyanin from the crayfish Jasus edwardsii.

Ellerton HD, Collins LB, Gale JS, Yung AY.

Biophys Chem. 1976 Dec;6(1):47-57.


Pyruvate kinase of Streptococcus lactis.

Collins LB, Thomas TD.

J Bacteriol. 1974 Oct;120(1):52-8.

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