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Effects and safety of combined rTMS and action observation for recovery of function in the upper extremities in stroke patients: A randomized controlled trial.

Noh JS, Lim JH, Choi TW, Jang SG, Pyun SB.

Restor Neurol Neurosci. 2019;37(3):219-230. doi: 10.3233/RNN-180883.


Charge transfer-induced photoluminescence in ZnO nanoparticles.

Ma Y, Choi TW, Cheung SH, Cheng Y, Xu X, Xie YM, Li HW, Li M, Luo H, Zhang W, So SK, Chen S, Tsang SW.

Nanoscale. 2019 May 9;11(18):8736-8743. doi: 10.1039/c9nr02020a.


Novel Findings of Anti-Filarial Drug Target and Structure-Based Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery.

Choi TW, Cho JH, Ahnn J, Song HO.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Nov 13;19(11). pii: E3579. doi: 10.3390/ijms19113579.


A novel tubulin inhibitor STK899704 induces tumor regression in DMBA/TPA-induced skin carcinogenesis model.

Hwang J, Soung NK, Han HJ, Lee Y, Choi TW, Mun J, Cha-Molstad H, Lee KH, Kim HJ, Lee HG, Hong JT, Ahn JS, Kwon YT, Kim BY.

Exp Dermatol. 2018 Mar;27(3):285-288. doi: 10.1111/exd.13506.


Percutaneous Dual-Switching Monopolar Radiofrequency Ablation Using a Separable Clustered Electrode: A Preliminary Study.

Choi TW, Lee JM, Lee DH, Lee JH, Yu SJ, Kim YJ, Yoon JH, Han JK.

Korean J Radiol. 2017 Sep-Oct;18(5):799-808. doi: 10.3348/kjr.2017.18.5.799. Epub 2017 Jul 17.


Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor: prediction of the tumor grade using CT findings and computerized texture analysis.

Choi TW, Kim JH, Yu MH, Park SJ, Han JK.

Acta Radiol. 2018 Apr;59(4):383-392. doi: 10.1177/0284185117725367. Epub 2017 Aug 2.


Risk stratification of gallbladder polyps larger than 10 mm using high-resolution ultrasonography and texture analysis.

Choi TW, Kim JH, Park SJ, Ahn SJ, Joo I, Han JK.

Eur Radiol. 2018 Jan;28(1):196-205. doi: 10.1007/s00330-017-4954-1. Epub 2017 Jul 7.


Anticancer activity of a novel small molecule tubulin inhibitor STK899704.

Sakchaisri K, Kim SO, Hwang J, Soung NK, Lee KH, Choi TW, Lee Y, Park CM, Thimmegowda NR, Lee PY, Shwetha B, Srinivasrao G, Pham TT, Jang JH, Yum HW, Surh YJ, Lee KS, Park H, Kim SJ, Kwon YT, Ahn JS, Kim BY.

PLoS One. 2017 Mar 15;12(3):e0173311. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0173311. eCollection 2017.


Allele-Specific Phenotype Suggests a Possible Stimulatory Activity of RCAN-1 on Calcineurin in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Li W, Choi TW, Ahnn J, Lee SK.

Mol Cells. 2016 Nov 30;39(11):827-833. Epub 2016 Nov 21.


Comparison of Multidetector CT and Gadobutrol-Enhanced MR Imaging for Evaluation of Small, Solid Pancreatic Lesions.

Choi TW, Lee JM, Kim JH, Yu MH, Han JK, Choi BI.

Korean J Radiol. 2016 Jul-Aug;17(4):509-21. doi: 10.3348/kjr.2016.17.4.509. Epub 2016 Jun 27.


Intraneural ganglion cysts: a systematic review and reinterpretation of the world's literature.

Desy NM, Wang H, Elshiekh MA, Tanaka S, Choi TW, Howe BM, Spinner RJ.

J Neurosurg. 2016 Sep;125(3):615-30. doi: 10.3171/2015.9.JNS141368. Epub 2016 Jan 22. Review.


The Safety and Clinical Outcomes of Chemoembolization in Child-Pugh Class C Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinomas.

Choi TW, Kim HC, Lee JH, Yu SJ, Kang B, Hur S, Lee M, Jae HJ, Chung JW.

Korean J Radiol. 2015 Nov-Dec;16(6):1283-93. doi: 10.3348/kjr.2015.16.6.1283. Epub 2015 Oct 26.


Staphylococcus aureus PerR Is a Hypersensitive Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor using Iron-mediated Histidine Oxidation.

Ji CJ, Kim JH, Won YB, Lee YE, Choi TW, Ju SY, Youn H, Helmann JD, Lee JW.

J Biol Chem. 2015 Aug 14;290(33):20374-86. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M115.664961. Epub 2015 Jul 1.


Referred pain patterns of the third and fourth dorsal interosseous muscles.

Choi TW, Park HJ, Lee AR, Kang YK.

Pain Physician. 2015 May-Jun;18(3):299-304.


MDCT findings of pancreatic metastases according to primary tumors.

Choi TW, Kim SH, Shin CI, Han JK, Choi BI.

Abdom Imaging. 2015 Aug;40(6):1595-607. doi: 10.1007/s00261-014-0299-2.


Characteristics of visual-perceptual function measured by the motor-free visual perception test-3 in korean adults.

Han AR, Kim DY, Choi TW, Moon HI, Ryu BJ, Yang SN, Pyun SB.

Ann Rehabil Med. 2014 Aug;38(4):548-53. doi: 10.5535/arm.2014.38.4.548. Epub 2014 Aug 28.


Factors affecting the motor evoked potential responsiveness and parameters in patients with supratentorial stroke.

Choi TW, Jang SG, Yang SN, Pyun SB.

Ann Rehabil Med. 2014 Feb;38(1):19-28. doi: 10.5535/arm.2014.38.1.19. Epub 2014 Feb 25.


A derivative of chrysin suppresses two-stage skin carcinogenesis by inhibiting mitogen- and stress-activated kinase 1.

Liu H, Hwang J, Li W, Choi TW, Liu K, Huang Z, Jang JH, Thimmegowda NR, Lee KW, Ryoo IJ, Ahn JS, Bode AM, Zhou X, Yang Y, Erikson RL, Kim BY, Dong Z.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2014 Jan;7(1):74-85. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-13-0133. Epub 2013 Oct 29.


Existence of lysogenic bacteriophages in Bacillus thuringiensis type strains.

Roh JY, Park JB, Liu Q, Kim SE, Tao X, Choi TW, Choi JY, Kim WJ, Jin BR, Je YH.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2013 Jul;113(3):228-31. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2013.04.008. Epub 2013 Apr 28.


CNP-1 (ARRD-17), a novel substrate of calcineurin, is critical for modulation of egg-laying and locomotion in response to food and lysine sensation in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Jee C, Choi TW, Kalichamy K, Yee JZ, Song HO, Ji YJ, Lee J, Lee JI, L'Etoile ND, Ahnn J, Lee SK.

J Mol Biol. 2012 Mar 30;417(3):165-78. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2012.01.012. Epub 2012 Jan 28.


Anti-inflammatory activities of Reynoutria elliptica through suppression of mitogen-activated protein kinases and nuclear factor-κB activation pathways.

Lee G, Choi TW, Kim C, Nam D, Lee SG, Jang HJ, Lee JH, Um JY, Jung SH, Shim BS, Ahn KS, Ahn KS.

Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 2012 Jun;34(3):454-64. doi: 10.3109/08923973.2011.619195. Epub 2011 Sep 30.


DHS-21, a dicarbonyl/L-xylulose reductase (DCXR) ortholog, regulates longevity and reproduction in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Son le T, Ko KM, Cho JH, Singaravelu G, Chatterjee I, Choi TW, Song HO, Yu JR, Park BJ, Lee SK, Ahnn J.

FEBS Lett. 2011 May 6;585(9):1310-6. doi: 10.1016/j.febslet.2011.03.062. Epub 2011 Apr 6.


A methylene chloride fraction of Saururus chinensis induces apoptosis through the activation of caspase-3 in prostate and breast cancer cells.

Kim HY, Choi TW, Kim HJ, Kim SM, Park KR, Jang HJ, Lee EH, Kim CY, Jung SH, Shim BS, Ahn KS.

Phytomedicine. 2011 May 15;18(7):567-74. doi: 10.1016/j.phymed.2010.10.013. Epub 2010 Nov 26.


Cellular uptake of ginsenosides in Korean white ginseng and red ginseng and their apoptotic activities in human breast cancer cells.

Lee JI, Ha YW, Choi TW, Kim HJ, Kim SM, Jang HJ, Choi JH, Choi MH, Chung BC, Sethi G, Kim SH, Ahn KS, Choi SH, Shim BS, Ahn KS.

Planta Med. 2011 Jan;77(2):133-40. doi: 10.1055/s-0030-1250160. Epub 2010 Jul 28.


Anti-Inflammatory activity of Angelica keiskei through suppression of mitogen-activated protein kinases and nuclear factor-kappaB activation pathways.

Lee HJ, Choi TW, Kim HJ, Nam D, Jung SH, Lee EH, Lee HJ, Shin EM, Jang HJ, Ahn KS, Shim BS, Choi SH, Kim SH, Sethi G, Ahn KS.

J Med Food. 2010 Jun;13(3):691-9. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2009.1271.


Upregulation of interferon-gamma and interleukin-4, Th cell-derived cytokines by So-Shi-Ho-Tang (Sho-Saiko-To) occurs at the level of antigen presenting cells, but not CD4 T cells.

Kang H, Choi TW, Ahn KS, Lee JY, Ham IH, Choi HY, Shim ES, Sohn NW.

J Ethnopharmacol. 2009 May 4;123(1):6-14. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2009.02.045. Epub 2009 Mar 9.


Chemokine RANTES promoter polymorphisms in allergic rhinitis.

Kim JJ, Lee JH, Jang CH, Kim YS, Chae SC, Chung HT, Choi TW, Lee JH.

Laryngoscope. 2004 Apr;114(4):666-9.


Hydrodissection for complete removal of a ranula.

Choi TW, Oh CK.

Ear Nose Throat J. 2003 Dec;82(12):946-7, 951.


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