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J Dent Hyg. 2014 Dec;88(6):348-52.

Numb chin syndrome: a signal of underlying concern.


The purpose of this article is to present a case study of a patient with chin numbness and to review its relationship, through research, to possible underlying diseases and conditions. Mental nerve neuropathy, better known as numb chin syndrome, is a rare condition. Research suggests that there are a high number of cases where numb chin syndrome runs parallel with progression or relapses of metastatic cancer. Clinical presentation of numb chin syndrome is characterized by patient complaints of localized numbness to the mandible. Since this syndrome has been associated with serious conditions such as diabetes, multiple scleroses and metastatic disease, patients who present with signs and report unexplained symptoms of numbness should be examined thoroughly. Dental professionals who encounter patients with this symptom should refer them for further medical evaluation can potentially save lives.


breast cancer; chin numbness; mental nerve neuropathy; metastatic cancer; numb chin syndrome

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