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Applying Standard Clinical Chemistry Assay Validation to Droplet Digital PCR Quantitative Liquid Biopsy Testing.

Milosevic D, Mills JR, Campion MB, Vidal-Folch N, Voss JS, Halling KC, Highsmith WE, Liu MC, Kipp BR, Grebe SKG.

Clin Chem. 2018 Dec;64(12):1732-1742. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2018.291278. Epub 2018 Sep 20.


Prognostic association of plasma cell-free DNA-based androgen receptor amplification and circulating tumor cells in pre-chemotherapy metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients.

Kohli M, Li J, Du M, Hillman DW, Dehm SM, Tan W, Carlson R, Campion MB, Wang L, Wang L, Zhang H, Zhang P, Kilari D, Huang CC, Wang L.

Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2018 Sep;21(3):411-418. doi: 10.1038/s41391-018-0043-z. Epub 2018 Jun 1.


An Optimized Set of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Probes for Detection of Pancreatobiliary Tract Cancer in Cytology Brush Samples.

Barr Fritcher EG, Voss JS, Brankley SM, Campion MB, Jenkins SM, Keeney ME, Henry MR, Kerr SM, Chaiteerakij R, Pestova EV, Clayton AC, Zhang J, Roberts LR, Gores GJ, Halling KC, Kipp BR.

Gastroenterology. 2015 Dec;149(7):1813-1824.e1. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2015.08.046. Epub 2015 Aug 29.


Circulating tumor cells are associated with poor overall survival in patients with cholangiocarcinoma.

Yang JD, Campion MB, Liu MC, Chaiteerakij R, Giama NH, Ahmed Mohammed H, Zhang X, Hu C, Campion VL, Jen J, Venkatesh SK, Halling KC, Kipp BR, Roberts LR.

Hepatology. 2016 Jan;63(1):148-58. doi: 10.1002/hep.27944. Epub 2015 Aug 7.


Fluorescence in situ hybridization identifies high risk Barrett's patients likely to develop esophageal adenocarcinoma.

Brankley SM, Halling KC, Jenkins SM, Timmer MR, Iyer PG, Smyrk TC, Barr Fritcher EG, Voss JS, Kipp BR, Campion MB, Lutzke LS, Minot DM, Wang KK.

Dis Esophagus. 2016 Aug;29(6):513-9. doi: 10.1111/dote.12372. Epub 2015 Jun 5.


Endoscopic ultrasound fine-needle aspiration cytology mutation profiling using targeted next-generation sequencing: personalized care for rectal cancer.

Gleeson FC, Kipp BR, Voss JS, Campion MB, Minot DM, Tu ZJ, Klee EW, Sciallis AP, Graham RP, Lazaridis KN, Henry MR, Levy MJ.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2015 Jun;143(6):879-88. doi: 10.1309/AJCPU3J7FGAYQBRL.


Frequency of mitogen-activated protein kinase and phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling pathway pathogenic alterations in EUS-FNA sampled malignant lymph nodes in rectal cancer with theranostic potential.

Gleeson FC, Kipp BR, Voss JS, Campion MB, Minot DM, Tu ZJ, Klee EW, Graham RP, Lazaridis KN, Henry MR, Levy MJ.

Gastrointest Endosc. 2015 Sep;82(3):550-6.e1. doi: 10.1016/j.gie.2015.01.050. Epub 2015 Apr 14.


Somatic STK11 and concomitant STK11/KRAS mutational frequency in stage IV lung adenocarcinoma adrenal metastases.

Gleeson FC, Kipp BR, Levy MJ, Voss JS, Campion MB, Minot DM, Tu ZJ, Klee EW, Lazaridis KN, Kerr SE.

J Thorac Oncol. 2015 Mar;10(3):531-4. doi: 10.1097/JTO.0000000000000391.


Detection of circulating tumor cells in high-risk endometrial cancer.

Bogani G, Liu MC, Dowdy SC, Cliby WA, Kerr SE, Kalli KR, Kipp BR, Halling KC, Campion MB, Mariani A.

Anticancer Res. 2015 Feb;35(2):683-7.


Lung cancer adrenal gland metastasis: Optimal fine-needle aspirate and touch preparation smear cellularity characteristics for successful theranostic next-generation sequencing.

Gleeson FC, Kipp BR, Levy MJ, Voss JS, Campion MB, Minot DM, Tu ZJ, Klee EW, Lazaridis KN, Kerr SE.

Cancer Cytopathol. 2014 Nov;122(11):822-32. doi: 10.1002/cncy.21464. Epub 2014 Jul 15.


Biliary dysplasia in primary sclerosing cholangitis harbors cytogenetic abnormalities similar to cholangiocarcinoma.

Kerr SE, Barr Fritcher EG, Campion MB, Voss JS, Kipp BR, Halling KC, Lewis JT.

Hum Pathol. 2014 Sep;45(9):1797-804. doi: 10.1016/j.humpath.2014.05.008. Epub 2014 Jun 4.


Kinase genotype analysis of gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor cytology samples using targeted next-generation sequencing.

Gleeson FC, Kipp BR, Kerr SE, Voss JS, Graham RP, Campion MB, Minot DM, Tu ZJ, Klee EW, Lazaridis KN, Henry MR, Levy MJ.

Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2015 Jan;13(1):202-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2014.06.024. Epub 2014 Jul 3.


Comparison of circulating endothelial cell/platelet count ratio to aspartate transaminase/platelet ratio index for identifying patients with cirrhosis.

Sethi S, Simonetto DA, Abdelmoneim SS, Campion MB, Kaloiani I, Clayton AC, Kremers WK, Halling KC, Kamath PS, Talwalkar J, Shah VH.

J Clin Exp Hepatol. 2012 Mar;2(1):19-26. doi: 10.1016/S0973-6883(12)60078-4. Epub 2012 Apr 12.


Comparison of methods to detect neoplasia in patients undergoing endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration.

Levy MJ, Oberg TN, Campion MB, Clayton AC, Halling KC, Henry MR, Kipp BR, Sebo TJ, Zhang J, Enders FT, Clain JE, Gleeson FC, Rajan E, Roberts LR, Topazian MD, Wang KK, Gores GJ.

Gastroenterology. 2012 May;142(5):1112-1121.e2. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2012.02.002. Epub 2012 Feb 7.


Fluorescence in situ hybridization mapping of esophagectomy specimens from patients with Barrett's esophagus with high-grade dysplasia or adenocarcinoma.

Brankley SM, Fritcher EG, Smyrk TC, Keeney ME, Campion MB, Voss JS, Clayton AC, Wang KK, Lutzke LS, Kipp BR, Halling KC.

Hum Pathol. 2012 Feb;43(2):172-9. doi: 10.1016/j.humpath.2011.04.018. Epub 2011 Aug 4.


Prospective cytological assessment of gastrointestinal luminal fluid acquired during EUS: a potential source of false-positive FNA and needle tract seeding.

Levy MJ, Gleeson FC, Campion MB, Caudill JL, Clain JE, Halling K, Rajan E, Topazian MD, Wang KK, Wiersema MJ, Clayton A.

Am J Gastroenterol. 2010 Jun;105(6):1311-8. doi: 10.1038/ajg.2010.80. Epub 2010 Mar 2.


Improving cellularity and quality of liquid-based cytology slides processed from pancreatobiliary tract brushings.

Campion MB, Kipp BR, Humphrey SK, Zhang J, Clayton AC, Henry MR.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2010 Sep;38(9):627-32. doi: 10.1002/dc.21255.


A prospective pilot study of circulating endothelial cells as a potential new biomarker in portal hypertension.

Abdelmoneim SS, Talwalkar J, Sethi S, Kamath P, Fathalla MM, Kipp BR, Campion MB, Clayton AC, Halling KC, Shah VH.

Liver Int. 2010 Feb;30(2):191-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1478-3231.2009.02132.x. Epub 2009 Oct 19.


Comparison of fluorescence in situ hybridization, hybrid capture 2 and polymerase chain reaction for the detection of high-risk human papillomavirus in cervical cytology specimens.

Voss JS, Kipp BR, Campion MB, Sokolova IA, Henry MR, Halling KC, Clayton AC.

Anal Quant Cytol Histol. 2009 Aug;31(4):208-16.


Radiation safety for the speech-language pathologist.

Hayes A, Alspaugh JM, Bartelt D, Campion MB, Eng J, Gayler BW, Henkel SE, Jones B, Lingaraj A, Mahesh M, Rostkowski M, Smith CP, Haynos J.

Dysphagia. 2009 Sep;24(3):274-9. doi: 10.1007/s00455-008-9201-0. Epub 2009 Feb 7.


Chromosomal alterations detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization in urothelial carcinoma and rarer histologic variants of bladder cancer.

Kipp BR, Tyner HL, Campion MB, Voss JS, Karnes RJ, Sebo TJ, Halling KC, Zhang J.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2008 Oct;130(4):552-9. doi: 10.1309/DFJUHY3WPC9GUU2W.


A comparison of conventional cytology, DNA ploidy analysis, and fluorescence in situ hybridization for the detection of dysplasia and adenocarcinoma in patients with Barrett's esophagus.

Fritcher EG, Brankley SM, Kipp BR, Voss JS, Campion MB, Morrison LE, Legator MS, Lutzke LS, Wang KK, Sebo TJ, Halling KC.

Hum Pathol. 2008 Aug;39(8):1128-35. doi: 10.1016/j.humpath.2008.02.003. Epub 2008 Jul 7.


Direct uterine sampling with the Tao brush sampler using a liquid-based preparation method for the detection of endometrial cancer and atypical hyperplasia: a feasibility study.

Kipp BR, Medeiros F, Campion MB, Distad TJ, Peterson LM, Keeney GL, Halling KC, Clayton AC.

Cancer. 2008 Aug 25;114(4):228-35. doi: 10.1002/cncr.23636.


Assessing the value of reflex fluorescence in situ hybridization testing in the diagnosis of bladder cancer when routine urine cytological examination is equivocal.

Kipp BR, Halling KC, Campion MB, Wendel AJ, Karnes RJ, Zhang J, Sebo TJ.

J Urol. 2008 Apr;179(4):1296-301; discussion 1301. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2007.11.082. Epub 2008 Mar 4.


An evaluation of ThinPrep UroCyte filters for the preparation of slides for fluorescence in situ hybridization.

Kipp BR, Campion MB, Coffman E, Smith A, Tomisek JD, Browne GG, Panella JR, Desai R, Harwood AR, Halling KC.

Diagn Cytopathol. 2006 Jul;34(7):479-84.


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