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A systematic, high-resolution linkage of the cytogenetic and physical maps of the human genome.

Kirsch IR, Green ED, Yonescu R, Strausberg R, Carter N, Bentley D, Leversha MA, Dunham I, Braden VV, Hilgenfeld E, Schuler G, Lash AE, Shen GL, Martelli M, Kuehl WM, Klausner RD, Ried T.

Nat Genet. 2000 Apr;24(4):339-40. No abstract available.


The CMT2D locus: refined genetic position and construction of a bacterial clone-based physical map.

Ellsworth RE, Ionasescu V, Searby C, Sheffield VC, Braden VV, Kucaba TA, McPherson JD, Marra MA, Green ED.

Genome Res. 1999 Jun;9(6):568-74.


A physical map of human chromosome 7: an integrated YAC contig map with average STS spacing of 79 kb.

Bouffard GG, Idol JR, Braden VV, Iyer LM, Cunningham AF, Weintraub LA, Touchman JW, Mohr-Tidwell RM, Peluso DC, Fulton RS, Ueltzen MS, Weissenbach J, Magness CL, Green ED.

Genome Res. 1997 Jul;7(7):673-92.


The human reelin gene: isolation, sequencing, and mapping on chromosome 7.

DeSilva U, D'Arcangelo G, Braden VV, Chen J, Miao GG, Curran T, Green ED.

Genome Res. 1997 Feb;7(2):157-64.


A collection of 1814 human chromosome 7-specific STSs.

Bouffard GG, Iyer LM, Idol JR, Braden VV, Cunningham AF, Weintraub LA, Mohr-Tidwell RM, Peluso DC, Fulton RS, Leckie MP, Green ED.

Genome Res. 1997 Jan;7(1):59-64.


Mapping the RP10 locus for autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa on 7q: refined genetic positioning and localization within a well-defined YAC contig.

McGuire RE, Jordan SA, Braden VV, Bouffard GG, Humphries P, Green ED, Daiger SP.

Genome Res. 1996 Apr;6(4):255-66.


The human obese (OB) gene: RNA expression pattern and mapping on the physical, cytogenetic, and genetic maps of chromosome 7.

Green ED, Maffei M, Braden VV, Proenca R, DeSilva U, Zhang Y, Chua SC Jr, Leibel RL, Weissenbach J, Friedman JM.

Genome Res. 1995 Aug;5(1):5-12.


A human chromosome 7 yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) resource: construction, characterization, and screening.

Green ED, Braden VV, Fulton RS, Lim R, Ueltzen MS, Peluso DC, Mohr-Tidwell RM, Idol JR, Smith LM, Chumakov I, et al.

Genomics. 1995 Jan 1;25(1):170-83.


Integration of physical, genetic and cytogenetic maps of human chromosome 7: isolation and analysis of yeast artificial chromosome clones for 117 mapped genetic markers.

Green ED, Idol JR, Mohr-Tidwell RM, Braden VV, Peluso DC, Fulton RS, Massa HF, Magness CL, Wilson AM, Kimura J, et al.

Hum Mol Genet. 1994 Mar;3(3):489-501.


Physical maps of the six smallest chromosomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at a resolution of 2.6 kilobase pairs.

Riles L, Dutchik JE, Baktha A, McCauley BK, Thayer EC, Leckie MP, Braden VV, Depke JE, Olson MV.

Genetics. 1993 May;134(1):81-150.

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