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Perivascular adipose tissue contributes to lethal sepsis-induced vasoplegia in rats.

Awata WMC, Gonzaga NA, Borges VF, Silva CBP, Tanus-Santos JE, Cunha FQ, Tirapelli CR.

Eur J Pharmacol. 2019 Sep 27;863:172706. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2019.172706. [Epub ahead of print]


Thimet Oligopeptidase (EC Key Functions Suggested by Knockout Mice Phenotype Characterization.

Santos NBD, Franco RD, Camarini R, Munhoz CD, Eichler RAS, Gewehr MCF, Reckziegel P, Llanos RP, Dale CS, Silva VROD, Borges VF, Lima BHF, Cunha FQ, Visniauskas B, Chagas JR, Tufik S, Peres FF, Abilio VC, Florio JC, Iwai LK, Rioli V, Presoto BC, Guimaraes AO, Pesquero JB, Bader M, Castro LM, Ferro ES.

Biomolecules. 2019 Aug 19;9(8). pii: E382. doi: 10.3390/biom9080382.


Combined inhibition of Aurora A and p21-activated kinase 1 as a new treatment strategy in breast cancer.

Korobeynikov V, Borakove M, Feng Y, Wuest WM, Koval AB, Nikonova AS, Serebriiskii I, Chernoff J, Borges VF, Golemis EA, Shagisultanova E.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2019 Sep;177(2):369-382. doi: 10.1007/s10549-019-05329-2. Epub 2019 Jun 28.


PD-1 Blockade During Post-partum Involution Reactivates the Anti-tumor Response and Reduces Lymphatic Vessel Density.

Tamburini BAJ, Elder AM, Finlon JM, Winter AB, Wessells VM, Borges VF, Lyons TR.

Front Immunol. 2019 Jun 11;10:1313. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01313. eCollection 2019.


Nonadherent behaviors among young women on adjuvant endocrine therapy for breast cancer.

Wassermann J, Gelber SI, Rosenberg SM, Ruddy KJ, Tamimi RM, Schapira L, Borges VF, Come SE, Meyer ME, Partridge AH.

Cancer. 2019 Sep 15;125(18):3266-3274. doi: 10.1002/cncr.32192. Epub 2019 May 23.


Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) exacerbate severity of infant sepsis.

Colón DF, Wanderley CW, Franchin M, Silva CM, Hiroki CH, Castanheira FVS, Donate PB, Lopes AH, Volpon LC, Kavaguti SK, Borges VF, Speck-Hernandez CA, Ramalho F, Carlotti AP, Carmona F, Alves-Filho JC, Liew FY, Cunha FQ.

Crit Care. 2019 Apr 8;23(1):113. doi: 10.1186/s13054-019-2407-8.


Identifying distinct trajectories of change in young breast cancer survivors' sexual functioning.

von Hippel C, Rosenberg SM, Austin SB, Sprunck-Harrild K, Ruddy KJ, Schapira L, Come S, Borges VF, Partridge AH.

Psychooncology. 2019 May;28(5):1033-1040. doi: 10.1002/pon.5047. Epub 2019 Mar 13.


Estradiol induces BDNF/TrkB signaling in triple-negative breast cancer to promote brain metastases.

Contreras-Zárate MJ, Day NL, Ormond DR, Borges VF, Tobet S, Gril B, Steeg PS, Cittelly DM.

Oncogene. 2019 Jun;38(24):4685-4699. doi: 10.1038/s41388-019-0756-z. Epub 2019 Feb 22.


Association Between Postpartum Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Metastasis and the Clinical Features Underlying Risk.

Goddard ET, Bassale S, Schedin T, Jindal S, Johnston J, Cabral E, Latour E, Lyons TR, Mori M, Schedin PJ, Borges VF.

JAMA Netw Open. 2019 Jan 4;2(1):e186997. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2018.6997.


Innovations in Personalized and Targeted Therapies for Breast Cancer.

Harris EER, De Los Santos J, Borges VF, Grobmyer SR.

Int J Breast Cancer. 2018 Nov 14;2018:5409846. doi: 10.1155/2018/5409846. eCollection 2018. No abstract available.

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Ibuprofen supports macrophage differentiation, T cell recruitment, and tumor suppression in a model of postpartum breast cancer.

Pennock ND, Martinson HA, Guo Q, Betts CB, Jindal S, Tsujikawa T, Coussens LM, Borges VF, Schedin P.

J Immunother Cancer. 2018 Oct 1;6(1):98. doi: 10.1186/s40425-018-0406-y.


Semaphorin 7A Promotes Macrophage-Mediated Lymphatic Remodeling during Postpartum Mammary Gland Involution and in Breast Cancer.

Elder AM, Tamburini BAJ, Crump LS, Black SA, Wessells VM, Schedin PJ, Borges VF, Lyons TR.

Cancer Res. 2018 Nov 15;78(22):6473-6485. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-18-1642. Epub 2018 Sep 25.


Galectin-3 aggravates experimental polymicrobial sepsis by impairing neutrophil recruitment to the infectious focus.

Ferreira RG, Rodrigues LC, Nascimento DC, Kanashiro A, Melo PH, Borges VF, Gozzi A, da Silva Prado D, Borges MC, Ramalho FS, Stowell SR, Cummings RD, Dias-Baruffi M, Cunha FQ, Alves-Filho JC.

J Infect. 2018 Nov;77(5):391-397. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2018.06.010. Epub 2018 Jul 4.


A Role for Tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase in CD8 T-cell Suppression and Evidence of Tryptophan Catabolism in Breast Cancer Patient Plasma.

Greene LI, Bruno TC, Christenson JL, D'Alessandro A, Culp-Hill R, Torkko K, Borges VF, Slansky JE, Richer JK.

Mol Cancer Res. 2019 Jan;17(1):131-139. doi: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-18-0362. Epub 2018 Aug 24.


Targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells using all-trans retinoic acid in melanoma patients treated with Ipilimumab.

Tobin RP, Jordan KR, Robinson WA, Davis D, Borges VF, Gonzalez R, Lewis KD, McCarter MD.

Int Immunopharmacol. 2018 Oct;63:282-291. doi: 10.1016/j.intimp.2018.08.007. Epub 2018 Aug 16.


A phase II clinical trial of the Aurora and angiogenic kinase inhibitor ENMD-2076 for previously treated, advanced, or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.

Diamond JR, Eckhardt SG, Pitts TM, van Bokhoven A, Aisner D, Gustafson DL, Capasso A, Sams S, Kabos P, Zolman K, Colvin T, Elias AD, Storniolo AM, Schneider BP, Gao D, Tentler JJ, Borges VF, Miller KD.

Breast Cancer Res. 2018 Aug 2;20(1):82. doi: 10.1186/s13058-018-1014-y.


Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance of Triple Positive Breast Cancer with CDK4/6 Inhibition.

Schedin TB, Borges VF, Shagisultanova E.

Int J Breast Cancer. 2018 Jun 19;2018:7835095. doi: 10.1155/2018/7835095. eCollection 2018. Review.


Tucatinib Combined With Ado-Trastuzumab Emtansine in Advanced ERBB2/HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Phase 1b Clinical Trial.

Borges VF, Ferrario C, Aucoin N, Falkson C, Khan Q, Krop I, Welch S, Conlin A, Chaves J, Bedard PL, Chamberlain M, Gray T, Vo A, Hamilton E.

JAMA Oncol. 2018 Sep 1;4(9):1214-1220. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.1812.


A 35-Year-Old Woman With a Change in HER2 Expression Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Invasive Breast Cancer.

Stoen E, Kabos P, Borden KC, Brown RJ, Borges VF, Diamond JR.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2018 Jun;32(6):298-302. No abstract available.


Mucosal Immunity in the Female Murine Mammary Gland.

Betts CB, Pennock ND, Caruso BP, Ruffell B, Borges VF, Schedin P.

J Immunol. 2018 Jul 15;201(2):734-746. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1800023. Epub 2018 Jun 8.


Tucatinib with capecitabine and trastuzumab in advanced HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer with and without brain metastases: a non-randomised, open-label, phase 1b study.

Murthy R, Borges VF, Conlin A, Chaves J, Chamberlain M, Gray T, Vo A, Hamilton E.

Lancet Oncol. 2018 Jul;19(7):880-888. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(18)30256-0. Epub 2018 May 24.


Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, Version 2.2018, NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology.

Coccia PF, Pappo AS, Beaupin L, Borges VF, Borinstein SC, Chugh R, Dinner S, Folbrecht J, Frazier AL, Goldsby R, Gubin A, Hayashi R, Huang MS, Link MP, Livingston JA, Matloub Y, Millard F, Oeffinger KC, Puccetti D, Reed D, Robinson S, Rosenberg AR, Sanft T, Spraker-Perlman HL, von Mehren M, Wechsler DS, Whelan KF, Yeager N, Gurski LA, Shead DA.

J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2018 Jan;16(1):66-97. doi: 10.6004/jnccn.2018.0001.


Development of Novel Patient-Derived Xenografts from Breast Cancer Brain Metastases.

Contreras-Zárate MJ, Ormond DR, Gillen AE, Hanna C, Day NL, Serkova NJ, Jacobsen BM, Edgerton SM, Thor AD, Borges VF, Lillehei KO, Graner MW, Kabos P, Cittelly DM.

Front Oncol. 2017 Nov 2;7:252. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2017.00252. eCollection 2017.


Biology and Etiology of Young-Onset Breast Cancers among Premenopausal African American Women: Results from the AMBER Consortium.

Chollet-Hinton L, Olshan AF, Nichols HB, Anders CK, Lund JL, Allott EH, Bethea TN, Hong CC, Cohen SM, Khoury T, Zirpoli GR, Borges VF, Rosenberg LA, Bandera EV, Ambrosone CB, Palmer JR, Troester MA.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2017 Dec;26(12):1722-1729. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-17-0450. Epub 2017 Sep 13.


Don't Be Fooled by DCIS.

Brown RJ, Sams S, Wolverton DE, Chong T, Borges VF, Rabinovitch RA, Murphy CD.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2017 Jul 15;31(7):549-51, 560-1. No abstract available.


The 21-Gene Recurrence Score Assay for Node-Positive, Early-Stage Breast Cancer and Impact of RxPONDER Trial on Chemotherapy Decision-Making: Have Clinicians Already Decided?

Jasem J, Fisher CM, Amini A, Shagisultanova E, Rabinovitch R, Borges VF, Elias A, Kabos P.

J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2017 Apr;15(4):494-503.


Immunosuppressive myeloid-derived suppressor cells are increased in splenocytes from cancer patients.

Jordan KR, Kapoor P, Spongberg E, Tobin RP, Gao D, Borges VF, McCarter MD.

Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2017 Apr;66(4):503-513. doi: 10.1007/s00262-016-1953-z. Epub 2017 Jan 20.


Phase I Study of ONT-380, a HER2 Inhibitor, in Patients with HER2+-Advanced Solid Tumors, with an Expansion Cohort in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC).

Moulder SL, Borges VF, Baetz T, Mcspadden T, Fernetich G, Murthy RK, Chavira R, Guthrie K, Barrett E, Chia SK.

Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Jul 15;23(14):3529-3536. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-16-1496. Epub 2017 Jan 4.


Breast Cancer Following Radiation for Hodgkin Lymphoma: Clinical Scenarios and Risk-Reducing Strategies.

Overholser L, Shagisultanova E, Rabinovitch RA, Kounalakis N, Diamond J, Finlayson CA, Fisher CM, Kabos P, Elias AD, Borges VF, Mayordomo J.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2016 Dec 15;30(12):1063-70. Review.


Therapeutic potential and limitations of cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway in sepsis.

Kanashiro A, Sônego F, Ferreira RG, Castanheira FV, Leite CA, Borges VF, Nascimento DC, Cólon DF, Alves-Filho JC, Ulloa L, Cunha FQ.

Pharmacol Res. 2017 Mar;117:1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.phrs.2016.12.014. Epub 2016 Dec 12. Review.


The Rodent Liver Undergoes Weaning-Induced Involution and Supports Breast Cancer Metastasis.

Goddard ET, Hill RC, Nemkov T, D'Alessandro A, Hansen KC, Maller O, Mongoue-Tchokote S, Mori M, Partridge AH, Borges VF, Schedin P.

Cancer Discov. 2017 Feb;7(2):177-187. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-16-0822. Epub 2016 Dec 14.


Deciphering Pro-Lymphangiogenic Programs during Mammary Involution and Postpartum Breast Cancer.

Borges VF, Elder AM, Lyons TR.

Front Oncol. 2016 Nov 2;6:227. eCollection 2016. Review.


Quantitative extracellular matrix proteomics to study mammary and liver tissue microenvironments.

Goddard ET, Hill RC, Barrett A, Betts C, Guo Q, Maller O, Borges VF, Hansen KC, Schedin P.

Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2016 Dec;81(Pt A):223-232. doi: 10.1016/j.biocel.2016.10.014. Epub 2016 Oct 24.


Seasonality and interannual variability of CH4 fluxes from the eastern Amazon Basin inferred from atmospheric mole fraction profiles.

Basso LS, Gatti LV, Gloor M, Miller JB, Domingues LG, Correia CS, Borges VF.

J Geophys Res Atmos. 2016 Jan 16;121(1):168-184. Epub 2016 Jan 14.


A 40-Year-Old Woman With a New Triple-Negative Breast Mass, Shown on Biopsy to Be Metaplastic Carcinoma.

Brown RJ, Murphy CD, Lisella GH, Libby AL, Njiaju UO, Rabinovitch RA, Borges VF.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2016 Jul;30(7):628-31, 652. No abstract available.


Identification of shared TCR sequences from T cells in human breast cancer using emulsion RT-PCR.

Munson DJ, Egelston CA, Chiotti KE, Parra ZE, Bruno TC, Moore BL, Nakano TA, Simons DL, Jimenez G, Yim JH, Rozanov DV, Falta MT, Fontenot AP, Reynolds PR, Leach SM, Borges VF, Kappler JW, Spellman PT, Lee PP, Slansky JE.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Jul 19;113(29):8272-7. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1606994113. Epub 2016 Jun 15.


21-Gene Recurrence Score Assay As a Predictor of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Administration for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: An Analysis of Use, Therapeutic Implications, and Disparity Profile.

Jasem J, Amini A, Rabinovitch R, Borges VF, Elias A, Fisher CM, Kabos P.

J Clin Oncol. 2016 Jun 10;34(17):1995-2002. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2015.65.0887. Epub 2016 Mar 21.


BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Testing in Young Women With Breast Cancer.

Rosenberg SM, Ruddy KJ, Tamimi RM, Gelber S, Schapira L, Come S, Borges VF, Larsen B, Garber JE, Partridge AH.

JAMA Oncol. 2016 Jun 1;2(6):730-6. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2015.5941.


The Adaptor Protein Myd88 Is a Key Signaling Molecule in the Pathogenesis of Irinotecan-Induced Intestinal Mucositis.

Wong DV, Lima-Júnior RC, Carvalho CB, Borges VF, Wanderley CW, Bem AX, Leite CA, Teixeira MA, Batista GL, Silva RL, Cunha TM, Brito GA, Almeida PR, Cunha FQ, Ribeiro RA.

PLoS One. 2015 Oct 6;10(10):e0139985. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139985. eCollection 2015.


Estrogen promotes the brain metastatic colonization of triple negative breast cancer cells via an astrocyte-mediated paracrine mechanism.

Sartorius CA, Hanna CT, Gril B, Cruz H, Serkova NJ, Huber KM, Kabos P, Schedin TB, Borges VF, Steeg PS, Cittelly DM.

Oncogene. 2016 Jun 2;35(22):2881-92. doi: 10.1038/onc.2015.353. Epub 2015 Sep 28.


Multiple Hepatic Lesions in a Patient With a History of DCIS.

Jasem J, Altoos B, Fisher CM, Elias AD, Kounalakis N, Borges VF, Kabos P.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2015 Sep;29(9):669-70, 678-9. No abstract available.


Myoepithelial cell differentiation markers in ductal carcinoma in situ progression.

Russell TD, Jindal S, Agunbiade S, Gao D, Troxell M, Borges VF, Schedin P.

Am J Pathol. 2015 Nov;185(11):3076-89. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2015.07.004. Epub 2015 Sep 4.


Mammary epithelial cell phagocytosis downstream of TGF-β3 is characterized by adherens junction reorganization.

Fornetti J, Flanders KC, Henson PM, Tan AC, Borges VF, Schedin P.

Cell Death Differ. 2016 Feb;23(2):185-96. doi: 10.1038/cdd.2015.82. Epub 2015 Jun 26.


Molecular Phenotype of Breast Cancer According to Time Since Last Pregnancy in a Large Cohort of Young Women.

Collins LC, Gelber S, Marotti JD, White S, Ruddy K, Brachtel EF, Schapira L, Come SE, Borges VF, Schedin P, Warner E, Wensley T, Tamimi RM, Winer EP, Partridge AH.

Oncologist. 2015 Jul;20(7):713-8. doi: 10.1634/theoncologist.2014-0412. Epub 2015 May 29.


Local Therapy Decision-Making and Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy in Young Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer.

Rosenberg SM, Sepucha K, Ruddy KJ, Tamimi RM, Gelber S, Meyer ME, Schapira L, Come SE, Borges VF, Golshan M, Winer EP, Partridge AH.

Ann Surg Oncol. 2015 Nov;22(12):3809-15. doi: 10.1245/s10434-015-4572-6. Epub 2015 May 1.


Management of young breast cancer patients with de novo genetic mutations.

Fisher CM, Klein CE, Kondapalli LA, Elias AD, Borges VF.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2014 Oct;28(10):895-6. No abstract available.


Management of the patient with postpartum breast cancer.

Borges VF.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2014 Sep;28(9):768-70. No abstract available.


Wound healing-like immune program facilitates postpartum mammary gland involution and tumor progression.

Martinson HA, Jindal S, Durand-Rougely C, Borges VF, Schedin P.

Int J Cancer. 2015 Apr 15;136(8):1803-13. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29181. Epub 2014 Sep 15.


Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent lymphangiogenesis promotes nodal metastasis of postpartum breast cancer.

Lyons TR, Borges VF, Betts CB, Guo Q, Kapoor P, Martinson HA, Jindal S, Schedin P.

J Clin Invest. 2014 Sep;124(9):3901-12. doi: 10.1172/JCI73777. Epub 2014 Aug 18.


Mammary gland involution as an immunotherapeutic target for postpartum breast cancer.

Fornetti J, Martinson HA, Betts CB, Lyons TR, Jindal S, Guo Q, Coussens LM, Borges VF, Schedin P.

J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2014 Jul;19(2):213-28. doi: 10.1007/s10911-014-9322-z. Epub 2014 Jun 22. Review.

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