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Home-Based Kidney Care, Patient Activation, and Risk Factors for CKD Progression in Zuni Indians: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial.

Nelson RG, Pankratz VS, Ghahate DM, Bobelu J, Faber T, Shah VO.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2018 Dec 7;13(12):1801-1809. doi: 10.2215/CJN.06910618. Epub 2018 Nov 15.


Perspectives on Biological Monitoring in Environmental Health Research: A Focus Group Study in a Native American Community.

Gonzales M, King E, Bobelu J, Ghahate DM, Madrid T, Lesansee S, Shah V.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018 May 31;15(6). pii: E1129. doi: 10.3390/ijerph15061129.


Predictors of Physical Fitness among Southwestern Native American Adolescents at Risk for Diabetes.

Ehrhart MD, Shah V, Colip L, Sandy P, Ghahate D, Bobelu J, Faber T, Burge MR.

J Pediatr Endocrinol (Jersey City). 2017;2(1). pii: 1013. Epub 2017 Jan 23.


Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Stay Independent Checklist to Engage a Community of American Indians and Raise Awareness About Risk of Falls, 2016.

Popp J, Waters DL, Leekity K, Ghahate D, Bobelu J, Tsikewa R, Herman CJ, Shah V.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2017 Jan 19;14:E05. doi: 10.5888/pcd14.160395.


Patient and Other Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Funded Studies of Patients with Kidney Diseases.

Cukor D, Cohen LM, Cope EL, Ghahramani N, Hedayati SS, Hynes DM, Shah VO, Tentori F, Unruh M, Bobelu J, Cohen S, Dember LM, Faber T, Fischer MJ, Gallardo R, Germain MJ, Ghahate D, Grote N, Hartwell L, Heagerty P, Kimmel PL, Kutner N, Lawson S, Marr L, Nelson RG, Porter AC, Sandy P, Struminger BB, Subramanian L, Weisbord S, Young B, Mehrotra R.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2016 Sep 7;11(9):1703-12. doi: 10.2215/CJN.09780915. Epub 2016 May 19. Review.


Exercise Intervention Improves the Metabolic Profile and Body Composition of Southwestern American Indian Adolescents.

Colip L, Burge MR, Sandy P, Ghahate D, Bobelu J, Faber T, Shah V.

J Diabetes Obes. 2016;3(3). doi: 10.15436/2376-0494.16.1180. Epub 2016 Nov 2.


A Home-Based Educational Intervention Improves Patient Activation Measures and Diabetes Health Indicators among Zuni Indians.

Shah VO, Carroll C, Mals R, Ghahate D, Bobelu J, Sandy P, Colleran K, Schrader R, Faber T, Burge MR.

PLoS One. 2015 May 8;10(5):e0125820. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0125820. eCollection 2015. Review.


Genetics of kidney disease and related cardiometabolic phenotypes in Zuni Indians: the Zuni Kidney Project.

Laston SL, Voruganti VS, Haack K, Shah VO, Bobelu A, Bobelu J, Ghahate D, Harford AM, Paine SS, Tentori F, Cole SA, MacCluer JW, Comuzzie AG, Zager PG.

Front Genet. 2015 Jan 30;6:6. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2015.00006. eCollection 2015.


Assessing knowledge and attitudes of diabetes in Zuni Indians using a culture-centered approach.

Newman S, Cheng T, Ghahate DM, Bobelu J, Sandy P, Faber T, Shah VO.

PLoS One. 2014 Jun 11;9(6):e99614. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099614. eCollection 2014.


Identifying barriers to healthcare to reduce health disparity in Zuni Indians using focus group conducted by community health workers.

Shah VO, Ghahate DM, Bobelu J, Sandy P, Newman S, Helitzer DL, Faber T, Zager P.

Clin Transl Sci. 2014 Feb;7(1):6-11. doi: 10.1111/cts.12127. Epub 2013 Nov 8.


Heritability of measures of kidney disease among Zuni Indians: the Zuni Kidney Project.

MacCluer JW, Scavini M, Shah VO, Cole SA, Laston SL, Voruganti VS, Paine SS, Eaton AJ, Comuzzie AG, Tentori F, Pathak DR, Bobelu A, Bobelu J, Ghahate D, Waikaniwa M, Zager PG.

Am J Kidney Dis. 2010 Aug;56(2):289-302. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2010.03.012. Epub 2010 Jun 19.


Distribution of glyoxalase I polymorphism among Zuni Indians: the Zuni Kidney Project.

Degaffe GH, Vander Jagt DL, Bobelu A, Bobelu J, Neha D, Waikaniwa M, Zager P, Shah VO.

J Diabetes Complications. 2008 Jul-Aug;22(4):267-72. doi: 10.1016/j.jdiacomp.2007.06.010. Epub 2008 Apr 16.


Concentrations of surface-dust metals in Native American jewelry-making homes in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

Gonzales M, Shah V, Bobelu A, Qualls C, Natachu K, Bobelu J, Jamon E, Neha D, Paine S, Zager P.

Arch Environ Health. 2004 May;59(5):245-9.


Kidney disease among the Zuni Indians: the Zuni Kidney Project.

Scavini M, Shah VO, Stidley CA, Tentori F, Paine SS, Harford AM, Narva AS, Kessler DS, Bobelu A, Albert CP, Bobelu J, Jamon E, Natachu K, Neha D, Welty TK, MacCluer JW, Zager PG.

Kidney Int Suppl. 2005 Aug;(97):S126-31.


Prevalence of diabetes is higher among female than male Zuni indians.

Scavini M, Stidley CA, Shah VO, Narva AS, Tentori F, Kessler DS, Bobelu A, Albert CP, Bobelu J, Jamon E, Natachu K, Neha D, Waikaniwa M, Welty TK, MacCluer JW, Zager PG.

Diabetes Care. 2003 Jan;26(1):55-60.


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