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Association between relationship quality and concurrent alcohol use and sedative-tranquilizer misuse in middle and later life.

Wilson TD, Barry KL, Maust DT, Blow FC.

Aging Ment Health. 2020 Feb 22:1-5. doi: 10.1080/13607863.2020.1727850. [Epub ahead of print]


Prevalence and Severity of Alcohol and Cannabis Use Across the Urban-Rural Continuum in the Michigan National Guard.

Coughlin LN, Walton MA, McCormick R, Blow FC.

J Rural Health. 2020 Mar;36(2):234-239. doi: 10.1111/jrh.12412. Epub 2019 Dec 15.


Changes in urban and rural cigarette smoking and cannabis use from 2007 to 2017 in adults in the United States.

Coughlin LN, Bonar EE, Bohnert KM, Jannausch M, Walton MA, Blow FC, Ilgen MA.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2019 Dec 1;205:107699. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2019.107699. Epub 2019 Nov 1.


Therapist and computer-based brief interventions for drug use within a randomized controlled trial: effects on parallel trajectories of alcohol use, cannabis use and anxiety symptoms.

Drislane LE, Waller R, Martz ME, Bonar EE, Walton MA, Chermack ST, Blow FC.

Addiction. 2020 Jan;115(1):158-169. doi: 10.1111/add.14781. Epub 2019 Oct 24.


The prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in adult emergency department patients.

Dooley-Hash S, Adams M, Walton MA, Blow FC, Cunningham RM.

Int J Eat Disord. 2019 Nov;52(11):1281-1290. doi: 10.1002/eat.23140. Epub 2019 Jul 19.


Predictors of empirically derived substance use patterns among sexual minority groups presenting at an emergency department.

Arterberry BJ, Davis AK, Walton MA, Bonar EE, Cunningham RM, Blow FC.

Addict Behav. 2019 Sep;96:76-81. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2019.04.021. Epub 2019 Apr 22.


Exploring the components of an efficacious computer brief intervention for reducing marijuana use among adults in the emergency department.

Waller R, Bonar EE, Fernandez AC, Walton MA, Chermack ST, Cunningham RM, Blow FC.

J Subst Abuse Treat. 2019 Apr;99:67-72. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2019.01.014. Epub 2019 Jan 18.


Examining the nonresponse phenomenon: Factors associated with treatment response in a national sample of veterans undergoing residential PTSD treatment.

Sripada RK, Blow FC, Rauch SAM, Ganoczy D, Hoff R, Harpaz-Rotem I, Bohnert KM.

J Anxiety Disord. 2019 Apr;63:18-25. doi: 10.1016/j.janxdis.2019.02.001. Epub 2019 Feb 7.


Gender Disparities in Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Among Privately Insured Patients with Alcohol-Associated Cirrhosis.

Mellinger JL, Fernandez A, Shedden K, Winder GS, Fontana RJ, Volk ML, Blow FC, Lok ASF.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2019 Feb;43(2):334-341. doi: 10.1111/acer.13944. Epub 2019 Jan 22.


A randomized controlled trial for aggression and substance use involvement among Veterans: Impact of combining Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and telephone-based Continuing Care.

Chermack ST, Bonar EE, Goldstick JE, Winters J, Blow FC, Friday S, Ilgen MA, Rauch SAM, Perron BE, Ngo QM, Walton MA.

J Subst Abuse Treat. 2019 Mar;98:78-88. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2019.01.001. Epub 2019 Jan 4.


Benzodiazepine Use and Misuse Among Adults in the United States.

Maust DT, Lin LA, Blow FC.

Psychiatr Serv. 2019 Feb 1;70(2):97-106. doi: 10.1176/ Epub 2018 Dec 17.


Alcohol use severity and age moderate the effects of brief interventions in an emergency department randomized controlled trial.

Fernandez AC, Waller R, Walton MA, Bonar EE, Ignacio RV, Chermack ST, Cunningham RM, Booth BM, Ilgen MA, Barry KL, Blow FC.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2019 Jan 1;194:386-394. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2018.10.021. Epub 2018 Nov 14.


Latent classes of PTSD symptoms in veterans undergoing residential PTSD treatment.

Sripada RK, Hoff R, Pfeiffer PN, Ganoczy D, Blow FC, Bohnert KM.

Psychol Serv. 2020 Feb;17(1):84-92. doi: 10.1037/ser0000284. Epub 2018 Oct 4.


County and Physician Variation in Benzodiazepine Prescribing to Medicare Beneficiaries by Primary Care Physicians in the USA.

Maust DT, Lin LA, Blow FC, Marcus SC.

J Gen Intern Med. 2018 Dec;33(12):2180-2188. doi: 10.1007/s11606-018-4670-9. Epub 2018 Sep 24.


Alcohol and Drug Overdose and the Influence of Pain Conditions in an Addiction Treatment Sample.

Fernandez AC, Bush C, Bonar EE, Blow FC, Walton MA, Bohnert ASB.

J Addict Med. 2019 Jan/Feb;13(1):61-68. doi: 10.1097/ADM.0000000000000451.


Effects of medication-assisted treatment on mortality among opioids users: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Ma J, Bao YP, Wang RJ, Su MF, Liu MX, Li JQ, Degenhardt L, Farrell M, Blow FC, Ilgen M, Shi J, Lu L.

Mol Psychiatry. 2019 Dec;24(12):1868-1883. doi: 10.1038/s41380-018-0094-5. Epub 2018 Jun 22.


Misconceptions, preferences and barriers to alcohol use disorder treatment in alcohol-related cirrhosis.

Mellinger JL, Scott Winder G, DeJonckheere M, Fontana RJ, Volk ML, Lok ASF, Blow FC.

J Subst Abuse Treat. 2018 Aug;91:20-27. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2018.05.003. Epub 2018 May 18.


Predictors of positive drinking outcomes among youth receiving an alcohol brief intervention in the emergency department.

Davis AK, Arterberry BJ, Bonar EE, Chermack ST, Blow FC, Cunningham RM, Walton MA.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2018 Jul 1;188:102-108. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2018.03.044. Epub 2018 May 5.


Psychosocial Correlates of Marijuana Use among Pregnant and Nonpregnant Adolescent Girls.

Tzilos Wernette G, Bonar EE, Blow FC, Walton MA.

J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2018 Oct;31(5):490-493. doi: 10.1016/j.jpag.2018.04.006. Epub 2018 May 8.


Relationship between the duration of methamphetamine use and psychotic symptoms: A two-year prospective cohort study.

Ma J, Li XD, Wang TY, Li SX, Meng SQ, Blow FC, Ilgen M, Degenhardt L, Lappin J, Wu P, Shi J, Bao YP, Lu L.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2018 Jun 1;187:363-369. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2018.03.023. Epub 2018 Apr 22.


Feasibility and Acceptability of Text Messaging to Assess Daily Substance Use and Sexual Behaviors among Urban Emerging Adults.

Bonar EE, Cunningham RM, Collins RL, Cranford JA, Chermack ST, Zimmerman MA, Blow FC, Walton MA.

Addict Res Theory. 2018;26(2):103-113. doi: 10.1080/16066359.2017.1310205. Epub 2017 Apr 5.


The high burden of alcoholic cirrhosis in privately insured persons in the United States.

Mellinger JL, Shedden K, Winder GS, Tapper E, Adams M, Fontana RJ, Volk ML, Blow FC, Lok ASF.

Hepatology. 2018 Sep;68(3):872-882. doi: 10.1002/hep.29887. Epub 2018 May 20.


Sexual HIV risk behavior outcomes of brief interventions for drug use in an inner-city emergency department: Secondary outcomes from a randomized controlled trial.

Bonar EE, Walton MA, Barry KL, Bohnert ASB, Chermack ST, Cunningham RM, Massey LS, Ignacio RV, Blow FC.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2018 Feb 1;183:217-224. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2017.10.036. Epub 2017 Dec 11.


Bright Light as a Preventive Intervention for Depression in Late-Life: A Pilot Study on Feasibility, Acceptability, and Symptom Improvement.

Leggett AN, Conroy DA, Blow FC, Kales HC.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2018 May;26(5):598-602. doi: 10.1016/j.jagp.2017.11.007. Epub 2017 Nov 21.


Couples' Alcohol Use in Middle and Later Life: Stability and Mutual Influence.

Polenick CA, Birditt KS, Blow FC.

J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2018 Jan;79(1):111-118.


Overdose and adverse drug event experiences among adult patients in the emergency department.

Bohnert ASB, Walton MA, Cunningham RM, Ilgen MA, Barry K, Chermack ST, Blow FC.

Addict Behav. 2018 Nov;86:66-72. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.11.030. Epub 2017 Nov 16.


Prevalence and motives for drugged driving among emerging adults presenting to an emergency department.

Bonar EE, Arterberry BJ, Davis AK, Cunningham RM, Blow FC, Collins RL, Walton MA.

Addict Behav. 2018 Mar;78:80-84. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.11.002. Epub 2017 Nov 9.


Understanding Mechanisms of Change for Brief Alcohol Interventions Among Youth: Examination of Within-Session Interactions.

Walton MA, Ngo QM, Chermack ST, Blow FC, Ehrlich PF, Bonar EE, Cunningham RM.

J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2017 Sep;78(5):725-734.


Prevalence and correlates of sleep-related problems in adults receiving medical cannabis for chronic pain.

Cranford JA, Arnedt JT, Conroy DA, Bohnert KM, Bourque C, Blow FC, Ilgen M.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017 Nov 1;180:227-233. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2017.08.017. Epub 2017 Sep 9.


Distress Associated with Dementia-Related Psychosis and Agitation in Relation to Healthcare Utilization and Costs.

Maust DT, Kales HC, McCammon RJ, Blow FC, Leggett A, Langa KM.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2017 Oct;25(10):1074-1082. doi: 10.1016/j.jagp.2017.02.025. Epub 2017 May 25.


Daily associations between cannabis motives and consumption in emerging adults.

Bonar EE, Goldstick JE, Collins RL, Cranford JA, Cunningham RM, Chermack ST, Blow FC, Walton MA.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017 Sep 1;178:136-142. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2017.05.006. Epub 2017 Jun 15.


National Trends in Antidepressant, Benzodiazepine, and Other Sedative-Hypnotic Treatment of Older Adults in Psychiatric and Primary Care.

Maust DT, Blow FC, Wiechers IR, Kales HC, Marcus SC.

J Clin Psychiatry. 2017 Apr;78(4):e363-e371. doi: 10.4088/JCP.16m10713.


Marijuana use trajectories among drug-using youth presenting to an urban emergency department: Violence and social influences.

Walton MA, Epstein-Ngo Q, Carter PM, Zimmerman MA, Blow FC, Buu A, Goldstick J, Cunningham RM.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017 Apr 1;173:117-125. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2016.11.040. Epub 2017 Feb 3.


Trends in Central Nervous System-Active Polypharmacy Among Older Adults Seen in Outpatient Care in the United States.

Maust DT, Gerlach LB, Gibson A, Kales HC, Blow FC, Olfson M.

JAMA Intern Med. 2017 Apr 1;177(4):583-585. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.9225. No abstract available.


A randomized controlled trial of brief interventions to reduce drug use among adults in a low-income urban emergency department: the HealthiER You study.

Blow FC, Walton MA, Bohnert ASB, Ignacio RV, Chermack S, Cunningham RM, Booth BM, Ilgen M, Barry KL.

Addiction. 2017 Aug;112(8):1395-1405. doi: 10.1111/add.13773. Epub 2017 Mar 7.


Blackouts among male and female youth seeking emergency department care.

Voloshyna DM, Bonar EE, Cunningham RM, Ilgen MA, Blow FC, Walton MA.

Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2018;44(1):129-139. doi: 10.1080/00952990.2016.1265975. Epub 2016 Dec 29.


No End in Sight: Benzodiazepine Use in Older Adults in the United States.

Maust DT, Kales HC, Wiechers IR, Blow FC, Olfson M.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2016 Dec;64(12):2546-2553. doi: 10.1111/jgs.14379. Epub 2016 Nov 23.


Initial group versus individual therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder and subsequent follow-up treatment adequacy.

Sripada RK, Bohnert KM, Ganoczy D, Blow FC, Valenstein M, Pfeiffer PN.

Psychol Serv. 2016 Nov;13(4):349-355. Epub 2016 May 12.


Agitation in Alzheimer Disease as a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in the United States.

Maust DT, Bonar EE, Ilgen MA, Blow FC, Kales HC.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2016 Nov;24(11):1000-1003. doi: 10.1016/j.jagp.2016.03.006. Epub 2016 Apr 11.


Two-Year Trajectories of Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Drug-Using Adolescents and Emerging Adults in an Urban Community.

Bonar EE, Walton MA, Epstein-Ngo QM, Zimmerman MA, Blow FC, Cunningham RM.

AIDS Behav. 2017 Jul;21(7):2069-2078. doi: 10.1007/s10461-016-1570-z.


Reductions in Alcohol Craving Following Naltrexone Treatment for Heavy Drinking.

Helstrom AW, Blow FC, Slaymaker V, Kranzler HR, Leong S, Oslin D.

Alcohol Alcohol. 2016 Sep;51(5):562-6. doi: 10.1093/alcalc/agw038. Epub 2016 Jul 11.


Drinking Over the Lifespan: Focus on Older Adults.

Barry KL, Blow FC.

Alcohol Res. 2016;38(1):115-20. Review.


Facility-level factors associated with guideline-concordant prazosin dosing for Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.

Sripada RK, Bohnert KM, Ganoczy D, Blow FC, Pfeiffer PN.

J Clin Psychiatry. 2016 Apr;77(4):548. doi: 10.4088/JCP.15lr10250. No abstract available.


A pilot randomized clinical trial of an intervention to reduce overdose risk behaviors among emergency department patients at risk for prescription opioid overdose.

Bohnert AS, Bonar EE, Cunningham R, Greenwald MK, Thomas L, Chermack S, Blow FC, Walton M.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2016 Jun 1;163:40-7. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2016.03.018. Epub 2016 Mar 26.


Predictors of Antidepressant Nonadherence Among Older Veterans With Depression.

Kales HC, Kavanagh J, Chiang C, Kim HM, Bishop T, Valenstein M, Blow FC.

Psychiatr Serv. 2016 Jul 1;67(7):728-34. doi: 10.1176/ Epub 2016 Apr 1.


DISC1 as a Possible Genetic Contribution to Opioid Dependence in a Polish Sample.

Fudalej S, Jakubczyk A, Kopera M, Piwonski J, Bielecki W, Drygas W, Wasilewska K, Ilgen M, Bohnert A, Barry K, PÅ‚oski R, Blow FC, Wojnar M.

J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2016 Mar;77(2):220-6.


Psychotropic use and associated neuropsychiatric symptoms among patients with dementia in the USA.

Maust DT, Langa KM, Blow FC, Kales HC.

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2017 Feb;32(2):164-174. doi: 10.1002/gps.4452. Epub 2016 Feb 18.


A randomized trial of a pain management intervention for adults receiving substance use disorder treatment.

Ilgen MA, Bohnert AS, Chermack S, Conran C, Jannausch M, Trafton J, Blow FC.

Addiction. 2016 Aug;111(8):1385-93. doi: 10.1111/add.13349. Epub 2016 Apr 15.


Opioid dose and risk of suicide.

Ilgen MA, Bohnert AS, Ganoczy D, Bair MJ, McCarthy JF, Blow FC.

Pain. 2016 May;157(5):1079-84. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000484.


Prevalence and Correlates of Depression and Drinking Behaviors Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults in a Suburban Emergency Department.

Patton R, Lau CH, Blow FC, Ranney ML, Cunningham RM, Walton MA.

Subst Use Misuse. 2016 Jan 2;51(1):34-40. doi: 10.3109/10826084.2015.1074692. Epub 2015 Dec 15.

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