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A new Multi Locus Variable Number of Tandem Repeat Analysis Scheme for epidemiological surveillance of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum, the plant pathogen causing bacterial wilt on banana and enset.

Nakato GV, Fuentes Rojas JL, Verniere C, Blondin L, Coutinho T, Mahuku G, Wicker E.

PLoS One. 2019 Apr 11;14(4):e0215090. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0215090. eCollection 2019.


An Optimized Microsatellite Scheme for Assessing Populations of Xanthomonas phaseoli pv. manihotis.

Rache L, Blondin L, Flores C, Trujillo C, Szurek B, Restrepo S, Koebnik R, Bernal A, Vernière C.

Phytopathology. 2019 May;109(5):859-869. doi: 10.1094/PHYTO-06-18-0210-R. Epub 2019 Mar 25.


Exploring the relationship between tychoparthenogenesis and inbreeding depression in the Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregaria.

Little CJ, Chapuis MP, Blondin L, Chapuis E, Jourdan-Pineau H.

Ecol Evol. 2017 Jun 28;7(15):6003-6011. doi: 10.1002/ece3.3103. eCollection 2017 Aug.


Extra Molting and Selection on Nymphal Growth in the Desert Locust.

Pélissié B, Piou C, Jourdan-Pineau H, Pagès C, Blondin L, Chapuis MP.

PLoS One. 2016 May 26;11(5):e0155736. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0155736. eCollection 2016.


Microsatellite evolutionary rate and pattern in Schistocerca gregaria inferred from direct observation of germline mutations.

Chapuis MP, Plantamp C, Streiff R, Blondin L, Piou C.

Mol Ecol. 2015 Dec;24(24):6107-19. doi: 10.1111/mec.13465. Epub 2015 Dec 7.


Demographic processes shaping genetic variation of the solitarious phase of the desert locust.

Chapuis MP, Plantamp C, Blondin L, Pagès C, Vassal JM, Lecoq M.

Mol Ecol. 2014 Apr;23(7):1749-63. doi: 10.1111/mec.12687. Epub 2014 Mar 21.


Microsatellite markers for the Chameleon grasshopper (Kosciuscola tristis) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), an Australian Alpine Specialist.

Umbers KD, Dennison S, Manahan CA, Blondin L, Pagés C, Risterucci AM, Chapuis MP.

Int J Mol Sci. 2012;13(9):12094-9. doi: 10.3390/ijms130912094. Epub 2012 Sep 24.


Isolation and characterization of twelve polymorphic microsatellite Loci for the cocoa mirid bug Sahlbergella singularis.

Babin R, Fenouillet C, Legavre T, Blondin L, Calatayud C, Risterucci AM, Chapuis MP.

Int J Mol Sci. 2012;13(4):4412-7. doi: 10.3390/ijms13044412. Epub 2012 Apr 10.


Taxa-specific heat shock proteins are over-expressed with crowding in the Australian plague locust.

Chapuis MP, Simpson SJ, Blondin L, Sword GA.

J Insect Physiol. 2011 Nov;57(11):1562-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jinsphys.2011.08.011. Epub 2011 Aug 16.


High molecular variability of sugarcane bacilliform viruses in Guadeloupe implying the existence of at least three new species.

Muller E, Dupuy V, Blondin L, Bauffe F, Daugrois JH, Nathalie L, Iskra-Caruana ML.

Virus Res. 2011 Sep;160(1-2):414-9. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2011.06.016. Epub 2011 Jun 29.


Assessment and validation of a suite of reverse transcription-quantitative PCR reference genes for analyses of density-dependent behavioural plasticity in the Australian plague locust.

Chapuis MP, Tohidi-Esfahani D, Dodgson T, Blondin L, Ponton F, Cullen D, Simpson SJ, Sword GA.

BMC Mol Biol. 2011 Feb 16;12:7. doi: 10.1186/1471-2199-12-7.


Isolation of microsatellite markers in the Calliptamus genus (Orthoptera, Acrididae).

Blanchet E, Pages C, Blondin L, Billot C, Rivallan R, Vassal J, Lecoq M, Risterucci A.

J Insect Sci. 2010;10:133. doi: 10.1673/031.010.13301.


Multiplex PCR assay to discriminate four neighbouring species of the Calliptamus genus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from France.

Blanchet E, Blondin L, Gagnaire PA, Foucart A, Vassal JM, Lecoq M.

Bull Entomol Res. 2010 Dec;100(6):701-6. doi: 10.1017/S0007485310000052. Epub 2010 May 27.


Evolution of endogenous sequences of banana streak virus: what can we learn from banana (Musa sp.) evolution?

Gayral P, Blondin L, Guidolin O, Carreel F, Hippolyte I, Perrier X, Iskra-Caruana ML.

J Virol. 2010 Jul;84(14):7346-59. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00401-10. Epub 2010 Apr 28.


A structural basis for the pH-dependence of cofilin. F-actin interactions.

Blondin L, Sapountzi V, Maciver SK, Lagarrigue E, Benyamin Y, Roustan C.

Eur J Biochem. 2002 Sep;269(17):4194-201.


Binding of gelsolin domain 2 to actin. An actin interface distinct from that of gelsolin domain 1 and from ADF/cofilin.

Renoult C, Blondin L, Fattoum A, Ternent D, Maciver SK, Raynaud F, Benyamin Y, Roustan C.

Eur J Biochem. 2001 Dec;268(23):6165-75.


The second ADF/cofilin actin-binding site exists in F-actin, the cofilin-G-actin complex, but not in G-actin.

Blondin L, Sapountzi V, Maciver SK, Renoult C, Benyamin Y, Roustan C.

Eur J Biochem. 2001 Dec;268(24):6426-34.

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