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Cross-reactivity of a rice NLR immune receptor to distinct effectors from the rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae provides partial disease resistance.

Varden FA, Saitoh H, Yoshino K, Franceschetti M, Kamoun S, Terauchi R, Banfield MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2019 Jul 11. pii: jbc.RA119.007730. doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA119.007730. [Epub ahead of print]

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Gene Duplication and Mutation in the Emergence of a Novel Aggressive Allele of the AVR-Pik Effector in the Rice Blast Fungus.

Longya A, Chaipanya C, Franceschetti M, Maidment JHR, Banfield MJ, Jantasuriyarat C.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2019 Jun;32(6):740-749. doi: 10.1094/MPMI-09-18-0245-R. Epub 2019 May 1.


Phytophthora infestans effector SFI3 targets potato UBK to suppress early immune transcriptional responses.

He Q, McLellan H, Hughes RK, Boevink PC, Armstrong M, Lu Y, Banfield MJ, Tian Z, Birch PRJ.

New Phytol. 2019 Apr;222(1):438-454. doi: 10.1111/nph.15635. Epub 2019 Jan 19.


Uncoiling CNLs: Structure/Function Approaches to Understanding CC Domain Function in Plant NLRs.

Bentham AR, Zdrzalek R, De la Concepcion JC, Banfield MJ.

Plant Cell Physiol. 2018 Dec 1;59(12):2398-2408. doi: 10.1093/pcp/pcy185. Review.


Arabidopsis downy mildew effector HaRxL106 suppresses plant immunity by binding to RADICAL-INDUCED CELL DEATH1.

Wirthmueller L, Asai S, Rallapalli G, Sklenar J, Fabro G, Kim DS, Lintermann R, Jaspers P, Wrzaczek M, Kangasjärvi J, MacLean D, Menke FLH, Banfield MJ, Jones JDG.

New Phytol. 2018 Oct;220(1):232-248. doi: 10.1111/nph.15277.


Publisher Correction: Polymorphic residues in rice NLRs expand binding and response to effectors of the blast pathogen.

De la Concepcion JC, Franceschetti M, Maqbool A, Saitoh H, Terauchi R, Kamoun S, Banfield MJ.

Nat Plants. 2018 Sep;4(9):734. doi: 10.1038/s41477-018-0248-0.


A new structural class of bacterial thioester domains reveals a slipknot topology.

Miller OK, Banfield MJ, Schwarz-Linek U.

Protein Sci. 2018 Sep;27(9):1651-1660. doi: 10.1002/pro.3478. Epub 2018 Sep 25.


Polymorphic residues in rice NLRs expand binding and response to effectors of the blast pathogen.

De la Concepcion JC, Franceschetti M, Maqbool A, Saitoh H, Terauchi R, Kamoun S, Banfield MJ.

Nat Plants. 2018 Aug;4(8):576-585. doi: 10.1038/s41477-018-0194-x. Epub 2018 Jul 9. Erratum in: Nat Plants. 2018 Sep;4(9):734.


Effector gene birth in plant parasitic nematodes: Neofunctionalization of a housekeeping glutathione synthetase gene.

Lilley CJ, Maqbool A, Wu D, Yusup HB, Jones LM, Birch PRJ, Banfield MJ, Urwin PE, Eves-van den Akker S.

PLoS Genet. 2018 Apr 11;14(4):e1007310. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007310. eCollection 2018 Apr.


Lessons in Effector and NLR Biology of Plant-Microbe Systems.

Białas A, Zess EK, De la Concepcion JC, Franceschetti M, Pennington HG, Yoshida K, Upson JL, Chanclud E, Wu CH, Langner T, Maqbool A, Varden FA, Derevnina L, Belhaj K, Fujisaki K, Saitoh H, Terauchi R, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2018 Jan;31(1):34-45. doi: 10.1094/MPMI-08-17-0196-FI. Epub 2017 Nov 16. Review.


Structure-function analysis of the Fusarium oxysporum Avr2 effector allows uncoupling of its immune-suppressing activity from recognition.

Di X, Cao L, Hughes RK, Tintor N, Banfield MJ, Takken FLW.

New Phytol. 2017 Nov;216(3):897-914. doi: 10.1111/nph.14733. Epub 2017 Aug 31.


Taking the stage: effectors in the spotlight.

Varden FA, De la Concepcion JC, Maidment JH, Banfield MJ.

Curr Opin Plant Biol. 2017 Aug;38:25-33. doi: 10.1016/j.pbi.2017.04.013. Epub 2017 Apr 28. Review.


Effectors of Filamentous Plant Pathogens: Commonalities amid Diversity.

Franceschetti M, Maqbool A, Jiménez-Dalmaroni MJ, Pennington HG, Kamoun S, Banfield MJ.

Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 2017 Mar 29;81(2). pii: e00066-16. doi: 10.1128/MMBR.00066-16. Print 2017 Jun. Review.


Two-faced TIRs trip the immune switch.

Jones JD, Banfield MJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Mar 7;114(10):2445-2446. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1700954114. Epub 2017 Feb 27. No abstract available.


Structural Basis of Host Autophagy-related Protein 8 (ATG8) Binding by the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Effector Protein PexRD54.

Maqbool A, Hughes RK, Dagdas YF, Tregidgo N, Zess E, Belhaj K, Round A, Bozkurt TO, Kamoun S, Banfield MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2016 Sep 16;291(38):20270-20282. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.744995. Epub 2016 Jul 25.


Pseudomonas syringae type III effector HopAF1 suppresses plant immunity by targeting methionine recycling to block ethylene induction.

Washington EJ, Mukhtar MS, Finkel OM, Wan L, Banfield MJ, Kieber JJ, Dangl JL.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Jun 21;113(25):E3577-86. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1606322113. Epub 2016 Jun 6.


An effector of the Irish potato famine pathogen antagonizes a host autophagy cargo receptor.

Dagdas YF, Belhaj K, Maqbool A, Chaparro-Garcia A, Pandey P, Petre B, Tabassum N, Cruz-Mireles N, Hughes RK, Sklenar J, Win J, Menke F, Findlay K, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S, Bozkurt TO.

Elife. 2016 Jan 14;5. pii: e10856. doi: 10.7554/eLife.10856.


Tomato I2 Immune Receptor Can Be Engineered to Confer Partial Resistance to the Oomycete Phytophthora infestans in Addition to the Fungus Fusarium oxysporum.

Giannakopoulou A, Steele JF, Segretin ME, Bozkurt TO, Zhou J, Robatzek S, Banfield MJ, Pais M, Kamoun S.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2015 Dec;28(12):1316-29. doi: 10.1094/MPMI-07-15-0147-R. Epub 2015 Dec 4.


Structural basis of pathogen recognition by an integrated HMA domain in a plant NLR immune receptor.

Maqbool A, Saitoh H, Franceschetti M, Stevenson CE, Uemura A, Kanzaki H, Kamoun S, Terauchi R, Banfield MJ.

Elife. 2015 Aug 25;4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.08709.


An internal thioester in a pathogen surface protein mediates covalent host binding.

Walden M, Edwards JM, Dziewulska AM, Bergmann R, Saalbach G, Kan SY, Miller OK, Weckener M, Jackson RJ, Shirran SL, Botting CH, Florence GJ, Rohde M, Banfield MJ, Schwarz-Linek U.

Elife. 2015 Jun 2;4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.06638.


The "sensor domains" of plant NLR proteins: more than decoys?

Wu CH, Krasileva KV, Banfield MJ, Terauchi R, Kamoun S.

Front Plant Sci. 2015 Mar 5;6:134. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00134. eCollection 2015. No abstract available.


Perturbation of host ubiquitin systems by plant pathogen/pest effector proteins.

Banfield MJ.

Cell Microbiol. 2015 Jan;17(1):18-25. doi: 10.1111/cmi.12385. Epub 2014 Nov 25. Review. Erratum in: Cell Microbiol. 2015 May;17(5):765.


Probing formation of cargo/importin-α transport complexes in plant cells using a pathogen effector.

Wirthmueller L, Roth C, Fabro G, Caillaud MC, Rallapalli G, Asai S, Sklenar J, Jones AM, Wiermer M, Jones JD, Banfield MJ.

Plant J. 2015 Jan;81(1):40-52. doi: 10.1111/tpj.12691. Epub 2014 Nov 17.


Single amino acid mutations in the potato immune receptor R3a expand response to Phytophthora effectors.

Segretin ME, Pais M, Franceschetti M, Chaparro-Garcia A, Bos JI, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2014 Jul;27(7):624-37. doi: 10.1094/MPMI-02-14-0040-R.


Production of RXLR effector proteins for structural analysis by X-ray crystallography.

Hughes RK, Banfield MJ.

Methods Mol Biol. 2014;1127:231-53. doi: 10.1007/978-1-62703-986-4_18.


Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector PexRD2 interacts with host MAPKKK ε to suppress plant immune signaling.

King SR, McLellan H, Boevink PC, Armstrong MR, Bukharova T, Sukarta O, Win J, Kamoun S, Birch PR, Banfield MJ.

Plant Cell. 2014 Mar;26(3):1345-59. doi: 10.1105/tpc.113.120055. Epub 2014 Mar 14.


Effector specialization in a lineage of the Irish potato famine pathogen.

Dong S, Stam R, Cano LM, Song J, Sklenar J, Yoshida K, Bozkurt TO, Oliva R, Liu Z, Tian M, Win J, Banfield MJ, Jones AM, van der Hoorn RA, Kamoun S.

Science. 2014 Jan 31;343(6170):552-5. doi: 10.1126/science.1246300.


Yet more intramolecular cross-links in Gram-positive surface proteins.

Schwarz-Linek U, Banfield MJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jan 28;111(4):1229-30. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1322482111. Epub 2014 Jan 14. No abstract available.


Intramolecular isopeptide but not internal thioester bonds confer proteolytic and significant thermal stability to the S. pyogenes pilus adhesin Spy0125.

Walden M, Crow A, Nelson MD, Banfield MJ.

Proteins. 2014 Mar;82(3):517-27. doi: 10.1002/prot.24420. Epub 2013 Oct 17.


On the front line: structural insights into plant-pathogen interactions.

Wirthmueller L, Maqbool A, Banfield MJ.

Nat Rev Microbiol. 2013 Nov;11(11):761-76. doi: 10.1038/nrmicro3118. Epub 2013 Oct 8. Review.


What a difference a Dalton makes: bacterial virulence factors modulate eukaryotic host cell signaling systems via deamidation.

Washington EJ, Banfield MJ, Dangl JL.

Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 2013 Sep;77(3):527-39. doi: 10.1128/MMBR.00013-13. Review.


From pathogen genomes to host plant processes: the power of plant parasitic oomycetes.

Pais M, Win J, Yoshida K, Etherington GJ, Cano LM, Raffaele S, Banfield MJ, Jones A, Kamoun S, Saunders DG.

Genome Biol. 2013 Jun 28;14(6):211. doi: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-211. Review.


Hooked and cooked: a fish killer genome exposed.

Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

PLoS Genet. 2013 Jun;9(6):e1003590. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003590. Epub 2013 Jun 13. No abstract available.


Hop-on hop-off: importin-α-guided tours to the nucleus in innate immune signaling.

Wirthmueller L, Roth C, Banfield MJ, Wiermer M.

Front Plant Sci. 2013 May 21;4:149. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2013.00149. eCollection 2013.


Distinct regions of the Pseudomonas syringae coiled-coil effector AvrRps4 are required for activation of immunity.

Sohn KH, Hughes RK, Piquerez SJ, Jones JD, Banfield MJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Oct 2;109(40):16371-6. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1212332109. Epub 2012 Sep 17.


mADP-RTs: versatile virulence factors from bacterial pathogens of plants and mammals.

Wirthmueller L, Banfield MJ.

Front Plant Sci. 2012 Jun 27;3:142. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00142. eCollection 2012.


The molecular basis of ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 deamidation by the bacterial effector protein Cif.

Crow A, Hughes RK, Taieb F, Oswald E, Banfield MJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jul 3;109(27):E1830-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1112107109. Epub 2012 Jun 12.


Identification and characterization of the defensin-like gene family of grapevine.

Giacomelli L, Nanni V, Lenzi L, Zhuang J, Dalla Serra M, Banfield MJ, Town CD, Silverstein KA, Baraldi E, Moser C.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2012 Aug;25(8):1118-31. doi: 10.1094/MPMI-12-11-0323.


Oomycetes, effectors, and all that jazz.

Bozkurt TO, Schornack S, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

Curr Opin Plant Biol. 2012 Aug;15(4):483-92. doi: 10.1016/j.pbi.2012.03.008. Epub 2012 Apr 4. Review.


Sequence divergent RXLR effectors share a structural fold conserved across plant pathogenic oomycete species.

Win J, Krasileva KV, Kamoun S, Shirasu K, Staskawicz BJ, Banfield MJ.

PLoS Pathog. 2012 Jan;8(1):e1002400. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002400. Epub 2012 Jan 12. Review. No abstract available.


Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of the RXLR-type effector RXLR3 from the oomycete pathogen Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis.

Wirthmueller L, Jones JD, Banfield MJ.

Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun. 2011 Nov 1;67(Pt 11):1417-20. doi: 10.1107/S1744309111035901. Epub 2011 Oct 27.


Structures of Phytophthora RXLR effector proteins: a conserved but adaptable fold underpins functional diversity.

Boutemy LS, King SR, Win J, Hughes RK, Clarke TA, Blumenschein TM, Kamoun S, Banfield MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2011 Oct 14;286(41):35834-42. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.262303. Epub 2011 Aug 3.


Metal-binding loop length is a determinant of the pKa of a histidine ligand at a type 1 copper site.

Li C, Sato K, Monari S, Salard I, Sola M, Banfield MJ, Dennison C.

Inorg Chem. 2011 Jan 17;50(2):482-8. doi: 10.1021/ic101413e. Epub 2010 Dec 8.


A highly unusual thioester bond in a pilus adhesin is required for efficient host cell interaction.

Pointon JA, Smith WD, Saalbach G, Crow A, Kehoe MA, Banfield MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2010 Oct 29;285(44):33858-66. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M110.149385. Epub 2010 Aug 19.


Visualizing the metal-binding versatility of copper trafficking sites .

Badarau A, Firbank SJ, McCarthy AA, Banfield MJ, Dennison C.

Biochemistry. 2010 Sep 14;49(36):7798-810. doi: 10.1021/bi101064w.


Roles of minor pilin subunits Spy0125 and Spy0130 in the serotype M1 Streptococcus pyogenes strain SF370.

Smith WD, Pointon JA, Abbot E, Kang HJ, Baker EN, Hirst BH, Wilson JA, Banfield MJ, Kehoe MA.

J Bacteriol. 2010 Sep;192(18):4651-9. doi: 10.1128/JB.00071-10. Epub 2010 Jul 16.


Recent developments in effector biology of filamentous plant pathogens.

Oliva R, Win J, Raffaele S, Boutemy L, Bozkurt TO, Chaparro-Garcia A, Segretin ME, Stam R, Schornack S, Cano LM, van Damme M, Huitema E, Thines M, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

Cell Microbiol. 2010 Jul;12(7):1015. No abstract available.


Recent developments in effector biology of filamentous plant pathogens.

Oliva R, Win J, Raffaele S, Boutemy L, Bozkurt TO, Chaparro-Garcia A, Segretin ME, Stam R, Schornack S, Cano LM, van Damme M, Huitema E, Thines M, Banfield MJ, Kamoun S.

Cell Microbiol. 2010 Jun;12(6):705-15. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-5822.2010.01471.x. Epub 2010 Mar 31. Review. Erratum in: Cell Microbiol. 2010 Jul;12(7):1015.


Crystal structures of Cif from bacterial pathogens Photorhabdus luminescens and Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Crow A, Race PR, Jubelin G, Varela Chavez C, Escoubas JM, Oswald E, Banfield MJ.

PLoS One. 2009;4(5):e5582. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005582. Epub 2009 May 18.


Cycle inhibiting factors (CIFs) are a growing family of functional cyclomodulins present in invertebrate and mammal bacterial pathogens.

Jubelin G, Chavez CV, Taieb F, Banfield MJ, Samba-Louaka A, Nobe R, Nougayrède JP, Zumbihl R, Givaudan A, Escoubas JM, Oswald E.

PLoS One. 2009;4(3):e4855. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0004855. Epub 2009 Mar 24.

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