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Proc Math Phys Eng Sci. 2014 Oct 8;470(2170):20140064.

Nonlinear bending models for beams and plates.

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Department of Mathematics , Louisiana State University , Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA.


A new nonlinear model for large deflections of a beam is proposed. It comprises the Euler-Bernoulli boundary value problem for the deflection and a nonlinear integral condition. When bending does not alter the beam length, this condition guarantees that the deflected beam has the original length and fixes the horizontal displacement of the free end. The numerical results are in good agreement with the ones provided by the elastica model. Dynamic and two-dimensional generalizations of this nonlinear one-dimensional static model are also discussed. The model problem for an inextensible rectangular Kirchhoff plate, when one side is clamped, the opposite one is subjected to a shear force, and the others are free of moments and forces, is reduced to a singular integral equation with two fixed singularities. The singularities of the unknown function are examined, and a series-form solution is derived by the collocation method in terms of the associated Jacobi polynomials. The procedure requires solving an infinite system of linear algebraic equations for the expansion coefficients subject to the inextensibility condition.


elastica; plate bending; singular integral equation

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