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A Mathematical Model for the Hydrogenotrophic Metabolism of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria.

Smith NW, Shorten PR, Altermann E, Roy NC, McNabb WC.

Front Microbiol. 2019 Jul 17;10:1652. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01652. eCollection 2019.


Draft Genome Sequences of the Type Strains of Six Macrococcus Species.

Mazhar S, Altermann E, Hill C, McAuliffe O.

Microbiol Resour Announc. 2019 May 9;8(19). pii: e00344-19. doi: 10.1128/MRA.00344-19.


Draft Genome Sequences of Macrococcus caseolyticus, Macrococcus canis, Macrococcus bohemicus, and Macrococcus goetzii.

Mazhar S, Altermann E, Hill C, McAuliffe O.

Microbiol Resour Announc. 2019 May 9;8(19). pii: e00343-19. doi: 10.1128/MRA.00343-19.


The Effects of Unfermented and Fermented Cow and Sheep Milk on the Gut Microbiota.

Rettedal EA, Altermann E, Roy NC, Dalziel JE.

Front Microbiol. 2019 Mar 6;10:458. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00458. eCollection 2019.


Hydrogen cross-feeders of the human gastrointestinal tract.

Smith NW, Shorten PR, Altermann EH, Roy NC, McNabb WC.

Gut Microbes. 2019;10(3):270-288. doi: 10.1080/19490976.2018.1546522. Epub 2018 Dec 18.


Inhibition of Rumen Methanogens by a Novel Archaeal Lytic Enzyme Displayed on Tailored Bionanoparticles.

Altermann E, Schofield LR, Ronimus RS, Beatty AK, Reilly K.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Oct 9;9:2378. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02378. eCollection 2018. Erratum in: Front Microbiol. 2018 Nov 22;9:2982.


Genetic regulation of antibody responsiveness to immunization in substrains of BALB/c mice.

Poyntz HC, Jones A, Jauregui R, Young W, Gestin A, Mooney A, Lamiable O, Altermann E, Schmidt A, Gasser O, Weyrich L, Jolly CJ, Linterman MA, Gros GL, Hawkins ED, Forbes-Blom E.

Immunol Cell Biol. 2019 Jan;97(1):39-53. doi: 10.1111/imcb.12199. Epub 2018 Oct 14.


Toward Understanding Phage:Host Interactions in the Rumen; Complete Genome Sequences of Lytic Phages Infecting Rumen Bacteria.

Gilbert RA, Kelly WJ, Altermann E, Leahy SC, Minchin C, Ouwerkerk D, Klieve AV.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Dec 5;8:2340. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02340. eCollection 2017.


The complete genome sequence of the rumen bacterium Butyrivibrio hungatei MB2003.

Palevich N, Kelly WJ, Leahy SC, Altermann E, Rakonjac J, Attwood GT.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2017 Dec 4;12:72. doi: 10.1186/s40793-017-0285-8. eCollection 2017.


Live Faecalibacterium prausnitzii induces greater TLR2 and TLR2/6 activation than the dead bacterium in an apical anaerobic co-culture system.

Maier E, Anderson RC, Altermann E, Roy NC.

Cell Microbiol. 2018 Feb;20(2). doi: 10.1111/cmi.12805. Epub 2017 Dec 6.


Complete Genome Sequences of Three Novel Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25 Bacteriophages, Noxifer, Phabio, and Skulduggery.

Wojtus JK, Fitch JL, Christian E, Dalefield T, Lawes JK, Kumar K, Peebles CL, Altermann E, Hendrickson HL.

Genome Announc. 2017 Aug 3;5(31). pii: e00725-17. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00725-17.


Genome Sequences of Listeria monocytogenes Strains with Resistance to Arsenic.

Dutta V, Lee S, Ward TJ, Orwig N, Altermann E, Jima DD, Parsons C, Kathariou S.

Genome Announc. 2017 May 11;5(19). pii: e00327-17. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00327-17.


GAMOLA2, a Comprehensive Software Package for the Annotation and Curation of Draft and Complete Microbial Genomes.

Altermann E, Lu J, McCulloch A.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Mar 23;8:346. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00346. eCollection 2017.


Genome Sequences of Potential Probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus Isolates from Human Infants.

Arnold JW, Monteagudo-Mera A, Altermann E, Cadenas MB, Thompson AL, Azcarate-Peril MA.

Genome Announc. 2017 Apr 6;5(14). pii: e00107-17. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00107-17.


Draft Genome Sequences of Two Historical Listeria monocytogenes Strains from Human Listeriosis Cases in 1933.

Dutta V, Lee S, Ward TJ, Orwig N, Altermann E, Jima D, Parsons C, Kathariou S.

Genome Announc. 2016 Dec 8;4(6). pii: e01364-16. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.01364-16.


Identification of a Campylobacter coli methyltransferase targeting adenines at GATC sites.

Dutta V, Altermann E, Crespo MD, Olson JW, Siletzky RM, Kathariou S.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2017 Apr 1;364(7). doi: 10.1093/femsle/fnw268.


The complete genome sequence of the methanogenic archaeon ISO4-H5 provides insights into the methylotrophic lifestyle of a ruminal representative of the Methanomassiliicoccales.

Li Y, Leahy SC, Jeyanathan J, Henderson G, Cox F, Altermann E, Kelly WJ, Lambie SC, Janssen PH, Rakonjac J, Attwood GT.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2016 Sep 6;11(1):59. doi: 10.1186/s40793-016-0183-5. eCollection 2016.


Whole-Genome Sequences of Agricultural, Host-Associated Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni Strains.

Dutta V, Altermann E, Olson J, Wray GA, Siletzky RM, Kathariou S.

Genome Announc. 2016 Aug 18;4(4). pii: e00833-16. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00833-16.


The complete genome sequence of the rumen methanogen Methanobrevibacter millerae SM9.

Kelly WJ, Pacheco DM, Li D, Attwood GT, Altermann E, Leahy SC.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2016 Aug 17;11:49. doi: 10.1186/s40793-016-0171-9. eCollection 2016.


Genomic analysis of three Bifidobacterium species isolated from the calf gastrointestinal tract.

Kelly WJ, Cookson AL, Altermann E, Lambie SC, Perry R, Teh KH, Otter DE, Shapiro N, Woyke T, Leahy SC.

Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 29;6:30768. doi: 10.1038/srep30768.


Novel plasmid conferring kanamycin and tetracycline resistance in the turkey-derived Campylobacter jejuni strain 11601MD.

Crespo MD, Altermann E, Olson J, Miller WG, Chandrashekhar K, Kathariou S.

Plasmid. 2016 Jul;86:32-37. doi: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2016.06.001. Epub 2016 Jun 4.


The Draft Genome Sequence of the Yersinia entomophaga Entomopathogenic Type Strain MH96T.

Hurst MR, Beattie A, Altermann E, Moraga RM, Harper LA, Calder J, Laugraud A.

Toxins (Basel). 2016 May 11;8(5). pii: E143. doi: 10.3390/toxins8050143.


Draft Genome Sequence of the Rumen Methanogen Methanobrevibacter olleyae YLM1.

Kelly WJ, Li D, Lambie SC, Cox F, Attwood GT, Altermann E, Leahy SC.

Genome Announc. 2016 Apr 7;4(2). pii: e00232-16. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00232-16.


Complete Genome Sequence of Methanogenic Archaeon ISO4-G1, a Member of the Methanomassiliicoccales, Isolated from a Sheep Rumen.

Kelly WJ, Li D, Lambie SC, Jeyanathan J, Cox F, Li Y, Attwood GT, Altermann E, Leahy SC.

Genome Announc. 2016 Apr 7;4(2). pii: e00221-16. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00221-16.


The complete genome sequence of Eubacterium limosum SA11, a metabolically versatile rumen acetogen.

Kelly WJ, Henderson G, Pacheco DM, Li D, Reilly K, Naylor GE, Janssen PH, Attwood GT, Altermann E, Leahy SC.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2016 Mar 15;11:26. doi: 10.1186/s40793-016-0147-9. eCollection 2016.


The complete genome sequence of the rumen methanogen Methanosarcina barkeri CM1.

Lambie SC, Kelly WJ, Leahy SC, Li D, Reilly K, McAllister TA, Valle ER, Attwood GT, Altermann E.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2015 Aug 19;10:57. doi: 10.1186/s40793-015-0038-5. eCollection 2015.


Lactobacillus fermentum AGR1487 cell surface structures and supernatant increase paracellular permeability through different pathways.

Sengupta R, Anderson RC, Altermann E, McNabb WC, Ganesh S, Armstrong KM, Moughan PJ, Roy NC.

Microbiologyopen. 2015 Aug;4(4):541-52. doi: 10.1002/mbo3.260. Epub 2015 May 6.


Evaluation of Lactococcus lactis Isolates from Nondairy Sources with Potential Dairy Applications Reveals Extensive Phenotype-Genotype Disparity and Implications for a Revised Species.

Cavanagh D, Casey A, Altermann E, Cotter PD, Fitzgerald GF, McAuliffe O.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2015 Jun 15;81(12):3961-72. doi: 10.1128/AEM.04092-14. Epub 2015 Apr 3.


Invited commentary: lubricating the rusty wheel, new insights into iron oxidizing bacteria through comparative genomics.

Altermann E.

Front Microbiol. 2014 Jul 30;5:386. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00386. eCollection 2014. No abstract available.


Metasecretome-selective phage display approach for mining the functional potential of a rumen microbial community.

Ciric M, Moon CD, Leahy SC, Creevey CJ, Altermann E, Attwood GT, Rakonjac J, Gagic D.

BMC Genomics. 2014 May 12;15:356. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-15-356.


Draft Genome Sequence of Lactobacillus animalis 381-IL-28.

Sturino JM, Rajendran M, Altermann E.

Genome Announc. 2014 May 29;2(3). pii: e00478-14. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00478-14.


Draft Genome Sequence of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris HPT, the First Defined-Strain Dairy Starter Culture Bacterium.

Lambie SC, Altermann E, Leahy SC, Kelly WJ.

Genome Announc. 2014 Mar 6;2(2). pii: e00107-14. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00107-14.


The complete genome sequence of the rumen methanogen Methanobacterium formicicum BRM9.

Kelly WJ, Leahy SC, Li D, Perry R, Lambie SC, Attwood GT, Altermann E.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2014 Dec 8;9:15. doi: 10.1186/1944-3277-9-15. eCollection 2014.


Interaction between the genomes of Lactococcus lactis and phages of the P335 species.

Kelly WJ, Altermann E, Lambie SC, Leahy SC.

Front Microbiol. 2013 Aug 30;4:257. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00257. eCollection 2013.


The Complete Genome Sequence of Methanobrevibacter sp. AbM4.

Leahy SC, Kelly WJ, Li D, Li Y, Altermann E, Lambie SC, Cox F, Attwood GT.

Stand Genomic Sci. 2013 May 25;8(2):215-27. doi: 10.4056/sigs.3977691. eCollection 2013.


Draft Genome Sequence of the Pediocin-Encoding Biopreservative and Biocontrol Strain Pediococcus acidilactici D3.

Sturino JM, Rajendran M, Altermann E.

Genome Announc. 2013 Jun 20;1(3). pii: e00208-13. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00208-13.


Genome sequencing of rumen bacteria and archaea and its application to methane mitigation strategies.

Leahy SC, Kelly WJ, Ronimus RS, Wedlock N, Altermann E, Attwood GT.

Animal. 2013 Jun;7 Suppl 2:235-43. doi: 10.1017/S1751731113000700. Review.


The role of cell surface architecture of lactobacilli in host-microbe interactions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Sengupta R, Altermann E, Anderson RC, McNabb WC, Moughan PJ, Roy NC.

Mediators Inflamm. 2013;2013:237921. doi: 10.1155/2013/237921. Epub 2013 Mar 13. Review.


Chromosomal tet(O)-harboring regions in Campylobacter coli isolates from turkeys and swine.

Crespo MD, Olson JW, Altermann E, Siletzky RM, Kathariou S.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2012 Dec;78(23):8488-91. doi: 10.1128/AEM.02258-12. Epub 2012 Sep 28.


Analysis of evolutionary patterns of genes in Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli.

Snipen L, Wassenaar TM, Altermann E, Olson J, Kathariou S, Lagesen K, Takamiya M, Knøchel S, Ussery DW, Meinersmann RJ.

Microb Inform Exp. 2012 Aug 28;2(1):8. doi: 10.1186/2042-5783-2-8.


Tracing lifestyle adaptation in prokaryotic genomes.

Altermann E.

Front Microbiol. 2012 Feb 21;3:48. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2012.00048. eCollection 2012.


Specialized adaptation of a lactic acid bacterium to the milk environment: the comparative genomics of Streptococcus thermophilus LMD-9.

Goh YJ, Goin C, O'Flaherty S, Altermann E, Hutkins R.

Microb Cell Fact. 2011 Aug 30;10 Suppl 1:S22. doi: 10.1186/1475-2859-10-S1-S22. Epub 2011 Aug 30.


The large episomes of Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316T have arisen through intragenomic gene shuttling from the chromosome to smaller Butyrivibrio-specific plasmids.

Yeoman CJ, Kelly WJ, Rakonjac J, Leahy SC, Altermann E, Attwood GT.

Plasmid. 2011 Jul;66(2):67-78. doi: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2011.05.002. Epub 2011 Jun 12.


Group-specific comparison of four lactobacilli isolated from human sources using differential blast analysis.

Altermann E, Klaenhammer TR.

Genes Nutr. 2011 Aug;6(3):319-40. doi: 10.1007/s12263-010-0191-9. Epub 2010 Oct 28.


A comparison of analog and Next-Generation transcriptomic tools for mammalian studies.

Roy NC, Altermann E, Park ZA, McNabb WC.

Brief Funct Genomics. 2011 May;10(3):135-50. doi: 10.1093/bfgp/elr005. Epub 2011 Mar 9. Review.


Transposition of Tn916 in the four replicons of the Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316(T) genome.

Cookson AL, Noel S, Hussein H, Perry R, Sang C, Moon CD, Leahy SC, Altermann E, Kelly WJ, Attwood GT.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2011 Mar;316(2):144-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1574-6968.2010.02204.x. Epub 2011 Jan 18.


The glycobiome of the rumen bacterium Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316(T) highlights adaptation to a polysaccharide-rich environment.

Kelly WJ, Leahy SC, Altermann E, Yeoman CJ, Dunne JC, Kong Z, Pacheco DM, Li D, Noel SJ, Moon CD, Cookson AL, Attwood GT.

PLoS One. 2010 Aug 3;5(8):e11942. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011942.


Phylogenetic evidence for lateral gene transfer in the intestine of marine iguanas.

Nelson DM, Cann IK, Altermann E, Mackie RI.

PLoS One. 2010 May 24;5(5):e10785. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010785.


Strategies to reduce methane emissions from farmed ruminants grazing on pasture.

Buddle BM, Denis M, Attwood GT, Altermann E, Janssen PH, Ronimus RS, Pinares-Patiño CS, Muetzel S, Neil Wedlock D.

Vet J. 2011 Apr;188(1):11-7. doi: 10.1016/j.tvjl.2010.02.019. Epub 2010 Mar 26. Review.


The genome sequence of the rumen methanogen Methanobrevibacter ruminantium reveals new possibilities for controlling ruminant methane emissions.

Leahy SC, Kelly WJ, Altermann E, Ronimus RS, Yeoman CJ, Pacheco DM, Li D, Kong Z, McTavish S, Sang C, Lambie SC, Janssen PH, Dey D, Attwood GT.

PLoS One. 2010 Jan 28;5(1):e8926. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008926.

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