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Identification and characterization of human leukocyte antigen class I ligands in renal cell carcinoma cells.

Seliger B, Dressler SP, Massa C, Recktenwald CV, Altenberend F, Bukur J, Marincola FM, Wang E, Stevanovic S, Lichtenfels R.

Proteomics. 2011 Jun;11(12):2528-41. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201000486. Epub 2011 May 18.


Purification and characterization of L-phenylalanine aminopeptidase from chick-pea cotyledons (Cicer arietinum L.).

Marinova M, Dolashki A, Altenberend F, Stevanovic S, Voelter W, Tchorbanov B.

Protein Pept Lett. 2009;16(2):207-12.


Characterization of an aminopeptidase and a proline iminopeptidase from cabbage leaves.

Marinova M, Dolashki A, Altenberend F, Stevanovic S, Voelter W, Tchorbanov B.

Z Naturforsch C J Biosci. 2008 Jan-Feb;63(1-2):105-12.


A cryptic vascular endothelial growth factor T-cell epitope: identification and characterization by mass spectrometry and T-cell assays.

Weinzierl AO, Maurer D, Altenberend F, Schneiderhan-Marra N, Klingel K, Schoor O, Wernet D, Joos T, Rammensee HG, Stevanović S.

Cancer Res. 2008 Apr 1;68(7):2447-54. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-07-2540.


The properties of phosphodiesterase 11A4 GAF domains are regulated by modifications in its N-terminal domain.

Gross-Langenhoff M, Stenzl A, Altenberend F, Schultz A, Schultz JE.

FEBS J. 2008 Apr;275(8):1643-50. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-4658.2008.06319.x. Epub 2008 Feb 27.


Inhibition of staphylococcal biofilm formation by nitrite.

Schlag S, Nerz C, Birkenstock TA, Altenberend F, Götz F.

J Bacteriol. 2007 Nov;189(21):7911-9. Epub 2007 Aug 24.


Demonstration of autoantibodies to recombinant human sulphite oxidase in patients with chronic liver disorders and analysis of their clinical relevance.

Preuss B, Berg C, Altenberend F, Gregor M, Stevanovic S, Klein R.

Clin Exp Immunol. 2007 Nov;150(2):312-21. Epub 2007 Aug 17.


Proteomic exploitation on prothymosin alpha-induced mononuclear cell activation.

Skopeliti M, Kratzer U, Altenberend F, Panayotou G, Kalbacher H, Stevanovic S, Voelter W, Tsitsilonis OE.

Proteomics. 2007 Jun;7(11):1814-24.


Unexpected abundance of HLA class II presented peptides in primary renal cell carcinomas.

Dengjel J, Nastke MD, Gouttefangeas C, Gitsioudis G, Schoor O, Altenberend F, Müller M, Krämer B, Missiou A, Sauter M, Hennenlotter J, Wernet D, Stenzl A, Rammensee HG, Klingel K, Stevanović S.

Clin Cancer Res. 2006 Jul 15;12(14 Pt 1):4163-70.


Autophagy promotes MHC class II presentation of peptides from intracellular source proteins.

Dengjel J, Schoor O, Fischer R, Reich M, Kraus M, Müller M, Kreymborg K, Altenberend F, Brandenburg J, Kalbacher H, Brock R, Driessen C, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 May 31;102(22):7922-7. Epub 2005 May 13.


Identification of a naturally processed cyclin D1 T-helper epitope by a novel combination of HLA class II targeting and differential mass spectrometry.

Dengjel J, Decker P, Schoor O, Altenberend F, Weinschenk T, Rammensee HG, Stevanovic S.

Eur J Immunol. 2004 Dec;34(12):3644-51. Erratum in: Eur J Immunol. 2005 Feb;35(2):666.

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