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The Arabidopsis microtubule-associated protein MAP65-3 supports infection by filamentous biotrophic pathogens by down-regulating salicylic acid-dependent defenses.

Quentin M, Baurès I, Hoefle C, Caillaud MC, Allasia V, Panabières F, Abad P, Hückelhoven R, Keller H, Favery B.

J Exp Bot. 2016 Mar;67(6):1731-43. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erv564. Epub 2016 Jan 21.


Evolutionarily distant pathogens require the Arabidopsis phytosulfokine signalling pathway to establish disease.

Rodiuc N, Barlet X, Hok S, Perfus-Barbeoch L, Allasia V, Engler G, Séassau A, Marteu N, de Almeida-Engler J, Panabières F, Abad P, Kemmerling B, Marco Y, Favery B, Keller H.

Plant Cell Environ. 2016 Jul;39(7):1396-407. doi: 10.1111/pce.12627. Epub 2015 Nov 9.


The receptor kinase IMPAIRED OOMYCETE SUSCEPTIBILITY1 attenuates abscisic acid responses in Arabidopsis.

Hok S, Allasia V, Andrio E, Naessens E, Ribes E, Panabières F, Attard A, Ris N, Clément M, Barlet X, Marco Y, Grill E, Eichmann R, Weis C, Hückelhoven R, Ammon A, Ludwig-Müller J, Voll LM, Keller H.

Plant Physiol. 2014 Nov;166(3):1506-18. doi: 10.1104/pp.114.248518. Epub 2014 Oct 1.


An Arabidopsis (malectin-like) leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase contributes to downy mildew disease.

Hok S, Danchin EG, Allasia V, Panabières F, Attard A, Keller H.

Plant Cell Environ. 2011 Nov;34(11):1944-57. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3040.2011.02390.x. Epub 2011 Jul 25.


Imbalanced lignin biosynthesis promotes the sexual reproduction of homothallic oomycete pathogens.

Quentin M, Allasia V, Pegard A, Allais F, Ducrot PH, Favery B, Levis C, Martinet S, Masur C, Ponchet M, Roby D, Schlaich NL, Jouanin L, Keller H.

PLoS Pathog. 2009 Jan;5(1):e1000264. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000264. Epub 2009 Jan 16.


Heterologous expression of a basic elicitin from Phytophthora cryptogea in Phytophthora infestans increases its ability to cause leaf necrosis in tobacco.

Panabières F, Birch PR, Unkles SE, Ponchet M, Lacourt I, Venard P, Keller H, Allasia V, Ricci P, Duncan JM.

Microbiology. 1998 Dec;144 ( Pt 12):3343-9.


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