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PSMA expression in the Hi-Myc model; extended utility of a representative model of prostate adenocarcinoma for biological insight and as a drug discovery tool.

Simons BW, Turtle NF, Ulmert DH, Abou DS, Thorek DLJ.

Prostate. 2019 May;79(6):678-685. doi: 10.1002/pros.23770. Epub 2019 Jan 17.


Harnessing Androgen Receptor Pathway Activation for Targeted Alpha Particle Radioimmunotherapy of Breast Cancer.

Thorek DLJ, Ku AT, Mitsiades N, Veach D, Watson PA, Metha D, Strand SE, Sharma SK, Lewis JS, Abou DS, Lilja HG, Larson SM, McDevitt MR, Ulmert D.

Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Jan 15;25(2):881-891. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-1521. Epub 2018 Sep 25.


The impact of age on radium-223 distribution and an evaluation of molecular imaging surrogates.

Jiang W, Ulmert D, Simons BW, Abou DS, Thorek DLJ.

Nucl Med Biol. 2018 Jul - Aug;62-63:1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2018.05.003. Epub 2018 May 8.


Feed-forward alpha particle radiotherapy ablates androgen receptor-addicted prostate cancer.

McDevitt MR, Thorek DLJ, Hashimoto T, Gondo T, Veach DR, Sharma SK, Kalidindi TM, Abou DS, Watson PA, Beattie BJ, Timmermand OV, Strand SE, Lewis JS, Scardino PT, Scher HI, Lilja H, Larson SM, Ulmert D.

Nat Commun. 2018 Apr 24;9(1):1629. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04107-w.


Listening to membrane potential: photoacoustic voltage-sensitive dye recording.

Zhang HK, Yan P, Kang J, Abou DS, Le HN, Jha AK, Thorek DL, Kang JU, Rahmim A, Wong DF, Boctor EM, Loew LM.

J Biomed Opt. 2017 Apr 1;22(4):45006. doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.22.4.045006.


Internalization of secreted antigen-targeted antibodies by the neonatal Fc receptor for precision imaging of the androgen receptor axis.

Thorek DL, Watson PA, Lee SG, Ku AT, Bournazos S, Braun K, Kim K, Sjöström K, Doran MG, Lamminmäki U, Santos E, Veach D, Turkekul M, Casey E, Lewis JS, Abou DS, van Voss MR, Scardino PT, Strand SE, Alpaugh ML, Scher HI, Lilja H, Larson SM, Ulmert D.

Sci Transl Med. 2016 Nov 30;8(367):367ra167.


A Radium-223 microgenerator from cyclotron-produced trace Actinium-227.

Abou DS, Pickett J, Mattson JE, Thorek DLJ.

Appl Radiat Isot. 2017 Jan;119:36-42. doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2016.10.015. Epub 2016 Nov 4.


In vivo radiometric analysis of glucose uptake and distribution in mouse bone.

Zoch ML, Abou DS, Clemens TL, Thorek DL, Riddle RC.

Bone Res. 2016 Apr 5;4:16004. doi: 10.1038/boneres.2016.4. eCollection 2016.


Whole-Body and Microenvironmental Localization of Radium-223 in Naïve and Mouse Models of Prostate Cancer Metastasis.

Abou DS, Ulmert D, Doucet M, Hobbs RF, Riddle RC, Thorek DL.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2015 Dec 18;108(5). pii: djv380. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djv380. Print 2016 May.


Nuclear molecular imaging with nanoparticles: radiochemistry, applications and translation.

Abou DS, Pickett JE, Thorek DL.

Br J Radiol. 2015 Oct;88(1054):20150185. doi: 10.1259/bjr.20150185. Epub 2015 Jul 2. Review.


The role of preclinical models in radiopharmaceutical therapy.

Sgouros G, Hobbs RF, Abou DS.

Am Soc Clin Oncol Educ Book. 2014:e121-5. doi: 10.14694/EdBook_AM.2014.34.e121. Review.


Non-invasive mapping of deep-tissue lymph nodes in live animals using a multimodal PET/MRI nanoparticle.

Thorek DL, Ulmert D, Diop NF, Lupu ME, Doran MG, Huang R, Abou DS, Larson SM, Grimm J.

Nat Commun. 2014;5:3097. doi: 10.1038/ncomms4097.


(89)Zr-labeled paramagnetic octreotide-liposomes for PET-MR imaging of cancer.

Abou DS, Thorek DL, Ramos NN, Pinkse MW, Wolterbeek HT, Carlin SD, Beattie BJ, Lewis JS.

Pharm Res. 2013 Mar;30(3):878-88. doi: 10.1007/s11095-012-0929-8. Epub 2012 Dec 7.


Positron lymphography: multimodal, high-resolution, dynamic mapping and resection of lymph nodes after intradermal injection of 18F-FDG.

Thorek DL, Abou DS, Beattie BJ, Bartlett RM, Huang R, Zanzonico PB, Grimm J.

J Nucl Med. 2012 Sep;53(9):1438-45. doi: 10.2967/jnumed.112.104349. Epub 2012 Aug 7.


In vivo biodistribution and accumulation of 89Zr in mice.

Abou DS, Ku T, Smith-Jones PM.

Nucl Med Biol. 2011 Jul;38(5):675-81. doi: 10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2010.12.011. Epub 2011 Mar 3.


Recurrent symptomatic pleural effusion due to a ventriculopleural shunt.

Irani F, Elkambergy H, Okoli K, Abou DS.

Respir Care. 2009 Aug;54(8):1112-4.

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