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Genes Dev. 1998 Oct 1;12(19):3059-73.

Pleiotropic control of glucose and hormone responses by PRL1, a nuclear WD protein, in Arabidopsis.

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Abteilung Genetische Grundlagen der Pflanzenzüchtung, Federal Republic of Germany.


The prl1 mutation localized by T-DNA tagging on Arabidopsis chromosome 4-44 confers hypersensitivity to glucose and sucrose. The prl1 mutation results in transcriptional derepression of glucose responsive genes defining a novel suppressor function in glucose signaling. The prl1 mutation also augments the sensitivity of plants to growth hormones including cytokinin, ethylene, abscisic acid, and auxin; stimulates the accumulation of sugars and starch in leaves; and inhibits root elongation. PRL1 encodes a regulatory WD protein that interacts with ATHKAP2, an alpha-importin nuclear import receptor, and is imported into the nucleus in Arabidopsis. Potential functional conservation of PRL1 homologs found in other eukaryotes is indicated by nuclear localization of PRL1 in monkey COS-1 cells and selective interaction of PRL1 with a nuclear protein kinase C-betaII isoenzyme involved in human insulin signaling.

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