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Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2002 Mar;282(3):E733-8.

Identification of a novel glucose transporter-like protein-GLUT-12.

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Department of Medicine, The University of Melbourne, St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065, Australia 4072.


Facilitative glucose transporters exhibit variable hexose affinity and tissue-specific expression. These characteristics contribute to specialized metabolic properties of cells. Here we describe the characterization of a novel glucose transporter-like molecule, GLUT-12. GLUT-12 was identified in MCF-7 breast cancer cells by homology to the insulin-regulatable glucose transporter GLUT-4. The GLUT-12 cDNA encodes 617 amino acids, which possess features essential for sugar transport. Di-leucine motifs are present in NH(2) and COOH termini at positions similar to the GLUT-4 FQQI and LL targeting motifs. GLUT-12 exhibits 29% amino acid identity with GLUT-4 and 40% to the recently described GLUT-10. Like GLUT-10, a large extracellular domain is predicted between transmembrane domains 9 and 10. Genomic organization of GLUT-12 is highly conserved with GLUT-10 but distinct from GLUTs 1-5. Immunofluorescence showed that, in the absence of insulin, GLUT-12 is localized to the perinuclear region in MCF-7 cells. Immunoblotting demonstrated GLUT-12 expression in skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, and small intestine. Thus GLUT-12 is potentially part of a second insulin-responsive glucose transport system.

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