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J Struct Funct Genomics. 2005;6(1):51-62.

NMR solution structure of Thermotoga maritima protein TM1509 reveals a Zn-metalloprotease-like tertiary structure.

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Department of Chemistry, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York, 816 Natural Sciences Complex, Buffalo, NY 14260, USA.


The 150-residue protein TM1509 is encoded in gene YF09_THEMA of Thermotoga maritima. TM1509 has so far no functional annotation and belongs to protein family UPF0054 (PFAM accession number: PF02130) which contains at least 146 members. The NMR structure of TM1509 reveals an alpha+beta fold comprising a four stranded beta-sheet with topology A( upward arrow), B( upward arrow), D( upward arrow), C( downward arrow) as well as five alpha-helices I-V. The structures of most members of family PF02130 can be reliably constructed using the TM1509 NMR structure, demonstrating high leverage for exploration of fold space. A multiple sequence alignment of TM1509 with homologues of family UPF0054 shows that three polypeptide segments, as well as a putative zinc-binding consensus motif HGXLHLXGYDH located at the C-terminal end of alpha-helix IV, are highly conserved. The spatial arrangement of the three His residues of this UPF0054 consensus motif is similar to the arrangement found for the His residues in the HEXXHXXGXXH zinc-binding consensus motif of matrix metallo-proteases (MMPs). Moreover, the other conserved polypeptide segments form a large cavity which encloses the putative Zn-binding pocket and might confer specificity during catalysis. However, TM1509 and the other members of the UPF0054 family do not have the crucial Glu residue in position 2 of the MMP consensus motif. Intriguingly, the TM1509 structure indicates that the Asp in the UPF0054 consensus motif (Asp 111 in TM1509) may overtake the catalytic role of the Glu. This suggests that protein family UPF0054 might contain members of a hitherto uncharacterized class of metalloproteases.

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