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Bioprocess Biosyst Eng. 2007 May;30(3):157-64. Epub 2007 Feb 4.

Effect of bioactive peptides isolated from yeastolate, lactalbumin and NZCase in the insect cell growth.

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Laboratório de Imunologia Viral, Instituto Butantan, CEP, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.


In this study, we have described the biological activity of various hydrolysates and its effect on cell growth, growth rate and doubling time. A potent cell culture enhancer factor was observed in the yeastolate hydrolysates, mainly in the protein fractions with low molecular weight. In this case, a growth enhancer of 60.66% was obtained. Despite a lower efficiency of crude lactalbumin hydrolysates (14%), when lactalbumin and yeastolate were added together to the culture, the cell yields were of 102%, showing a synergic effect. Nevertheless, sub fraction from LMW, of lactalbumin, obtained by Sephadex G-10 gel filtration chromatography showed a higher positive effect (23.3%) than low molecular weight fraction of lactalbumin without this chromatography step (11.3%). It is suggested that low molecular weight lactalbumin could have some inhibitory protein. On the other hand, NZCase low molecular weight showed a positive effect of 29.33%, while its sub fractions showed a negative effect of 5.5%. With these data we can suggest that these hydrolysates could be an important element to design new media, serum free, being helpful in protein recombinant production.

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