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Magnesium. 1985;4(5-6):283-90.

Therapeutic effect of a magnesium salt in patients suffering from mitral valvular prolapse and latent tetany.


The therapeutic efficacy of Mg lactate in 35 patients (4 men and 31 women) suffering from mitral valve prolapse (MVP) and latent tetany attributed to a primary Mg deficit has been studied. The trial undertaken lasted for 16 weeks. 24 patients took Mg lactate during the entire period. In the remaining 11 patients, the trial was divided into two periods of 8 weeks each. During the first period, a placebo was administered; during the second half the patients took the Mg lactate in the same dosage as the other group. The results appear quite favorable particularly in relation to the functional manifestations and in regard to palpitations, atypical precordialgias, peripheral vascular spasms (Raynaud), muscular cramps, and lipothymias. The sign of Trousseau disappeared in the 10 cases in whom it was positive. The patients who were given a placebo during the first 8 weeks of the trial did not show any improvement. However, in the following 8 weeks during Mg lactate therapy, a regression in the symptomatology was noticed. Out of the 24 patients who underwent 16 weeks of treatment with Mg lactate, 29.2% became asymptomatic between the 4th and 12th weeks, in 45.8% one or two symptoms of a psychic nature persisted (e.g. anxiety, depressive tendency), and the remaining 25% showed an improvement, albeit, a less marked one. The auscultatory signs of MVP did not change. A tendency towards a rise in serum levels was noted during the study and was attributed to the action of Mg lactate.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS).

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