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Vet Pathol. 1977 Mar;14(2):173-81.

Feline panleukopenia. II. The relationship of intestinal mucosal cell proliferation rates to viral infection and development of lesions.


Proliferation rates of small intestinal mucosal cells of noninfected germfree and specific pathogen-free kittens were compared to the incidence of infected cells and microscopic lesions in kittens experimentally infected with panleukopenia virus. Mucosal crypt length, cells per crypt, mitotic index and villous length were greater in specific pathogen-free kittens than in germfree kittens. Crypt cells per unit length and villous length per crypt length ratio were greater in germfree kittens. The cryptal cell proliferation rate of specific pathogen-free kittens was 2.24 times that of germfree kittens. Mucosal crypt length, cell per crypt and villous length were greater in the proximal jejunum than in the midjejunum of kittens within groups. Cell proliferation rates per crypt did not differ between areas of the intestine in kittens within groups. There were more virus-infected cells and lesions in specific pathogen-free kittens than in germfree kittens. The incidence of virus-infected cells and lesions was greater in the proximal jejumum and decreased along the small intestine.

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