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Science. 1992 Dec 11;258(5089):1766-9.

Single-Crystal Epitaxial Thin Films of the Isotropic Metallic Oxides Sr1-xCaxRuO3 (0 le x le 1).


Single-crystal epitaxial thin films of the isotropic metallic oxides Sr1-xCaxRuO(3) (0 </= x </= 1) were grown on miscut SrTiO(3)(100) substrates in situ by 90 degrees off-axis sputtering. These thin films exhibit low isotropic resistivities, excellent chemical and thermal stability, good surface smoothness, and high crystalline quality. Furthermore, the lattice parameters and magnetic properties can be varied by simply changing the strontium/calcium ratio. These epitaxial thin films, and their multilayer structures with other oxide materials, can be used for the fabrication of superconducting, ferroelectric, magneto-optic, and electro-optic devices.

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