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The effectiveness of attentional bias modification for substance use disorder symptoms in adults: a systematic review.

Heitmann J, Bennik EC, van Hemel-Ruiter ME, de Jong PJ.

Syst Rev. 2018 Oct 13;7(1):160. doi: 10.1186/s13643-018-0822-6.


Implicit Measures of Actual Versus Ideal Body Image: Relations with Self-Reported Body Dissatisfaction and Dieting Behaviors.

Glashouwer KA, Bennik EC, de Jong PJ, Spruyt A.

Cognit Ther Res. 2018;42(5):622-635. doi: 10.1007/s10608-018-9917-6. Epub 2018 May 16.


Depression recurrence after recovery: Prognostic value of implicit and explicit self-depressed associations.

van Tuijl LA, Glashouwer KA, Elgersma HJ, Bockting CLH, Penninx BWJH, de Jong PJ.

Behav Res Ther. 2018 Jun 5;107:76-82. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2018.06.001. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Negative body image: Relationships with heightened disgust propensity, disgust sensitivity, and self-directed disgust.

Spreckelsen PV, Glashouwer KA, Bennik EC, Wessel I, de Jong PJ.

PLoS One. 2018 Jun 5;13(6):e0198532. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0198532. eCollection 2018.


Effectiveness of preventive cognitive therapy while tapering antidepressants versus maintenance antidepressant treatment versus their combination in prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence (DRD study): a three-group, multicentre, randomised controlled trial.

Bockting CLH, Klein NS, Elgersma HJ, van Rijsbergen GD, Slofstra C, Ormel J, Buskens E, Dekker J, de Jong PJ, Nolen WA, Schene AH, Hollon SD, Burger H.

Lancet Psychiatry. 2018 May;5(5):401-410. doi: 10.1016/S2215-0366(18)30100-7. Epub 2018 Apr 3.


Disgust Toward Sex-Relevant and Sex-Irrelevant Stimuli in Pre-, Early, and Middle Adolescence.

Borg C, Hinzmann J, Heitmann J, de Jong PJ.

J Sex Res. 2018 Mar 27:1-12. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2018.1445694. [Epub ahead of print]


A randomized controlled trial of multi-session online interpretation bias modification training: Short- and long-term effects on anxiety and depression in unselected adolescents.

de Voogd L, Wiers RW, de Jong PJ, Zwitser RJ, Salemink E.

PLoS One. 2018 Mar 15;13(3):e0194274. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0194274. eCollection 2018.


Influence of sad mood induction on implicit self-esteem and its relationship with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

van Tuijl LA, Verwoerd JRL, de Jong PJ.

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2018 Sep;60:104-110. doi: 10.1016/j.jbtep.2018.02.003. Epub 2018 Feb 13.


Automatic Sex-Liking and Sex-Failure Associations in Men With Sexual Dysfunction.

van Lankveld JJDM, de Jong PJ, Henckens MJMJ, den Hollander P, van den Hout AJHC, de Vries P.

J Sex Res. 2018 Jul-Aug;55(6):802-813. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2017.1394960. Epub 2017 Nov 17.


Palmoplantar keratoderma in Slurp1/Slurp2 double-knockout mice.

Allan CM, Heizer PJ, Jung CJ, Tu Y, Tran D, Young LC, Fong LG, de Jong PJ, Beigneux AP, Young SG.

J Dermatol Sci. 2018 Jan;89(1):85-87. doi: 10.1016/j.jdermsci.2017.08.014. Epub 2017 Sep 28. No abstract available.


Internet-based attentional bias modification training as add-on to regular treatment in alcohol and cannabis dependent outpatients: a study protocol of a randomized control trial.

Heitmann J, van Hemel-Ruiter ME, Vermeulen KM, Ostafin BD, MacLeod C, Wiers RW, DeFuentes-Merillas L, Fledderus M, Markus W, de Jong PJ.

BMC Psychiatry. 2017 May 23;17(1):193. doi: 10.1186/s12888-017-1359-2.


Corrigendum to "Take a look at the bright side: Effects of positive body exposure on selective visual attention in women with high body dissatisfaction" [Behav. Res. Therapy 83 (2016) 19-25].

Glashouwer KA, Jonker NC, Thomassen K, de Jong PJ.

Behav Res Ther. 2017 Aug;95:158. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2017.04.014. Epub 2017 May 3. No abstract available.


Mutating a conserved cysteine in GPIHBP1 reduces amounts of GPIHBP1 in capillaries and abolishes LPL binding.

Allan CM, Jung CJ, Larsson M, Heizer PJ, Tu Y, Sandoval NP, Dang TLP, Jung RS, Beigneux AP, de Jong PJ, Fong LG, Young SG.

J Lipid Res. 2017 Jul;58(7):1453-1461. doi: 10.1194/jlr.M076943. Epub 2017 May 5.


Heightened attentional capture by visual food stimuli in anorexia nervosa.

Neimeijer RAM, Roefs A, de Jong PJ.

J Abnorm Psychol. 2017 Aug;126(6):805-811. doi: 10.1037/abn0000275. Epub 2017 Apr 27.


Automatic Approach Tendencies toward High and Low Caloric Food in Restrained Eaters: Influence of Task-Relevance and Mood.

Neimeijer RAM, Roefs A, Ostafin BD, de Jong PJ.

Front Psychol. 2017 Apr 11;8:525. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00525. eCollection 2017.


Approach-avoidance of facial affect is moderated by the presence of an observer-irrelevant trigger.

Renard SB, de Jong PJ, Pijnenborg GHM.

Motiv Emot. 2017;41(2):265-272. doi: 10.1007/s11031-016-9595-1. Epub 2016 Nov 2.


Cognitive bias modification and CBT as early interventions for adolescent social and test anxiety: Two-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial.

de Hullu E, Sportel BE, Nauta MH, de Jong PJ.

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2017 Jun;55:81-89. doi: 10.1016/j.jbtep.2016.11.011. Epub 2016 Nov 25.


Efficient gene targeting in mouse zygotes mediated by CRISPR/Cas9-protein.

Jung CJ, Zhang J, Trenchard E, Lloyd KC, West DB, Rosen B, de Jong PJ.

Transgenic Res. 2017 Apr;26(2):263-277. doi: 10.1007/s11248-016-9998-5. Epub 2016 Nov 30.


Reinforcement sensitivity and restrained eating: the moderating role of executive control.

Jonker NC, Bennik EC, de Jong PJ.

Eat Weight Disord. 2018 Jun;23(3):321-329. doi: 10.1007/s40519-016-0343-z. Epub 2016 Nov 25.


Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem in Current, Remitted, Recovered, and Comorbid Depression and Anxiety Disorders: The NESDA Study.

van Tuijl LA, Glashouwer KA, Bockting CL, Tendeiro JN, Penninx BW, de Jong PJ.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 15;11(11):e0166116. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0166116. eCollection 2016.


"What I believe is true": Belief-confirming reasoning bias in social anxiety disorder.

Vroling MS, Glashouwer KA, Lange WG, Allart-van Dam E, de Jong PJ.

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2016 Dec;53:9-16. doi: 10.1016/j.jbtep.2016.03.013.


Online attentional bias modification training targeting anxiety and depression in unselected adolescents: Short- and long-term effects of a randomized controlled trial.

de Voogd EL, Wiers RW, Prins PJM, de Jong PJ, Boendermaker WJ, Zwitser RJ, Salemink E.

Behav Res Ther. 2016 Dec;87:11-22. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2016.08.018. Epub 2016 Aug 24.


Comparative Analysis of piggyBac, CRISPR/Cas9 and TALEN Mediated BAC Transgenesis in the Zygote for the Generation of Humanized SIRPA Rats.

Jung CJ, Ménoret S, Brusselle L, Tesson L, Usal C, Chenouard V, Remy S, Ouisse LH, Poirier N, Vanhove B, de Jong PJ, Anegon I.

Sci Rep. 2016 Aug 17;6:31455. doi: 10.1038/srep31455.


Attentional Bias for Reward and Punishment in Overweight and Obesity: The TRAILS Study.

Jonker NC, Glashouwer KA, Ostafin BD, van Hemel-Ruiter ME, Smink FR, Hoek HW, de Jong PJ.

PLoS One. 2016 Jul 8;11(7):e0157573. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0157573. eCollection 2016.


Attentional Bias for Pain and Sex, and Automatic Appraisals of Sexual Penetration: Differential Patterns in Dyspareunia vs Vaginismus?

Melles RJ, Dewitte MD, Ter Kuile MM, Peters MM, de Jong PJ.

J Sex Med. 2016 Aug;13(8):1255-62. doi: 10.1016/j.jsxm.2016.05.008. Epub 2016 Jun 18.


Take a look at the bright side: Effects of positive body exposure on selective visual attention in women with high body dissatisfaction.

Glashouwer KA, Jonker NC, Thomassen K, de Jong PJ.

Behav Res Ther. 2016 Aug;83:19-25. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2016.05.006. Epub 2016 May 18. Erratum in: Behav Res Ther. 2017 Aug;95:158.


Gain of Toxicity from ALS/FTD-Linked Repeat Expansions in C9ORF72 Is Alleviated by Antisense Oligonucleotides Targeting GGGGCC-Containing RNAs.

Jiang J, Zhu Q, Gendron TF, Saberi S, McAlonis-Downes M, Seelman A, Stauffer JE, Jafar-Nejad P, Drenner K, Schulte D, Chun S, Sun S, Ling SC, Myers B, Engelhardt J, Katz M, Baughn M, Platoshyn O, Marsala M, Watt A, Heyser CJ, Ard MC, De Muynck L, Daughrity LM, Swing DA, Tessarollo L, Jung CJ, Delpoux A, Utzschneider DT, Hedrick SM, de Jong PJ, Edbauer D, Van Damme P, Petrucelli L, Shaw CE, Bennett CF, Da Cruz S, Ravits J, Rigo F, Cleveland DW, Lagier-Tourenne C.

Neuron. 2016 May 4;90(3):535-50. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2016.04.006. Epub 2016 Apr 21.


Optimising Extinction of Conditioned Disgust.

Bosman RC, Borg C, de Jong PJ.

PLoS One. 2016 Feb 5;11(2):e0148626. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0148626. eCollection 2016.


Transcriptome Analysis of Targeted Mouse Mutations Reveals the Topography of Local Changes in Gene Expression.

West DB, Engelhard EK, Adkisson M, Nava AJ, Kirov JV, Cipollone A, Willis B, Rapp J, de Jong PJ, Lloyd KC.

PLoS Genet. 2016 Feb 3;12(2):e1005691. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005691. eCollection 2016 Feb.


How to think about your drink: Action-identification and the relation between mindfulness and dyscontrolled drinking.

Schellhas L, Ostafin BD, Palfai TP, de Jong PJ.

Addict Behav. 2016 May;56:51-6. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2016.01.007. Epub 2016 Jan 14.


Attentional bias and executive control in treatment-seeking substance-dependent adolescents: A cross-sectional and follow-up study.

van Hemel-Ruiter ME, Wiers RW, Brook FG, de Jong PJ.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2016 Feb 1;159:133-41. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2015.12.005. Epub 2015 Dec 17.


Editorial Comment on "Implicit and Explicit Associations with Erotic Stimuli in Sexually Functional and Dysfunctional Men".

de Jong PJ.

J Sex Med. 2015 Aug;12(8):1805-6. doi: 10.1111/jsm.12953. Epub 2015 Jul 14. No abstract available.


Disgust- and anxiety-based emotional reasoning in non-clinical fear of vomiting.

Verwoerd J, van Hout WJ, de Jong PJ.

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2016 Mar;50:83-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jbtep.2015.05.009. Epub 2015 Jun 4.


Binding Temporal Context in Memory: Impact of Emotional Arousal as a Function of State Anxiety and State Dissociation.

Huntjens RJ, Wessel I, Postma A, van Wees-Cieraad R, de Jong PJ.

J Nerv Ment Dis. 2015 Jul;203(7):545-50. doi: 10.1097/NMD.0000000000000325.


Cognitive reactivity, self-depressed associations, and the recurrence of depression.

Elgersma HJ, de Jong PJ, van Rijsbergen GD, Kok GD, Burger H, van der Does W, Penninx BW, Bockting CL.

J Affect Disord. 2015 Sep 1;183:300-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2015.05.018. Epub 2015 May 18.


Judgmental Biases of Individuals with a Fear of Blushing: The Role of Relatively Strict Social Norms.

Dijk C, de Jong PJ, Peters ML.

Clin Psychol Psychother. 2016 Mar-Apr;23(2):176-82. doi: 10.1002/cpp.1958. Epub 2015 May 20.


Is disgust sensitive to classical conditioning as indexed by facial electromyography and behavioural responses?

Borg C, Bosman RC, Engelhard I, Olatunji BO, de Jong PJ.

Cogn Emot. 2016;30(4):669-86. doi: 10.1080/02699931.2015.1022512. Epub 2015 Mar 30.


Automatic approach/avoidance tendencies towards food and the course of anorexia nervosa.

Neimeijer RA, de Jong PJ, Roefs A.

Appetite. 2015 Aug;91:28-34. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2015.03.018. Epub 2015 Mar 24.


Reward-related attentional bias and adolescent substance use: a prognostic relationship?

van Hemel-Ruiter ME, de Jong PJ, Ostafin BD, Oldehinkel AJ.

PLoS One. 2015 Mar 27;10(3):e0121058. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0121058. eCollection 2015.


Intrapersonal and interpersonal concomitants of facial blushing during everyday social encounters.

aan het Rot M, Moskowitz DS, de Jong PJ.

PLoS One. 2015 Feb 13;10(2):e0118243. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0118243. eCollection 2015. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2015;10(5):e0128726. Rot, Marije aan het [corrected to aan het Rot, Marije].


A lacZ reporter gene expression atlas for 313 adult KOMP mutant mouse lines.

West DB, Pasumarthi RK, Baridon B, Djan E, Trainor A, Griffey SM, Engelhard EK, Rapp J, Li B, de Jong PJ, Lloyd KC.

Genome Res. 2015 Apr;25(4):598-607. doi: 10.1101/gr.184184.114. Epub 2015 Jan 15.


Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase downregulation promotes colon carcinogenesis through STAT3-activated microRNAs.

Degagné E, Pandurangan A, Bandhuvula P, Kumar A, Eltanawy A, Zhang M, Yoshinaga Y, Nefedov M, de Jong PJ, Fong LG, Young SG, Bittman R, Ahmedi Y, Saba JD.

J Clin Invest. 2014 Dec;124(12):5368-84. doi: 10.1172/JCI74188. Epub 2014 Oct 27.


Reward sensitivity, attentional bias, and executive control in early adolescent alcohol use.

van Hemel-Ruiter ME, de Jong PJ, Ostafin BD, Wiers RW.

Addict Behav. 2015 Jan;40:84-90. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2014.09.004. Epub 2014 Sep 11.


Gibbon genome and the fast karyotype evolution of small apes.

Carbone L, Harris RA, Gnerre S, Veeramah KR, Lorente-Galdos B, Huddleston J, Meyer TJ, Herrero J, Roos C, Aken B, Anaclerio F, Archidiacono N, Baker C, Barrell D, Batzer MA, Beal K, Blancher A, Bohrson CL, Brameier M, Campbell MS, Capozzi O, Casola C, Chiatante G, Cree A, Damert A, de Jong PJ, Dumas L, Fernandez-Callejo M, Flicek P, Fuchs NV, Gut I, Gut M, Hahn MW, Hernandez-Rodriguez J, Hillier LW, Hubley R, Ianc B, Izsvák Z, Jablonski NG, Johnstone LM, Karimpour-Fard A, Konkel MK, Kostka D, Lazar NH, Lee SL, Lewis LR, Liu Y, Locke DP, Mallick S, Mendez FL, Muffato M, Nazareth LV, Nevonen KA, O'Bleness M, Ochis C, Odom DT, Pollard KS, Quilez J, Reich D, Rocchi M, Schumann GG, Searle S, Sikela JM, Skollar G, Smit A, Sonmez K, ten Hallers B, Terhune E, Thomas GW, Ullmer B, Ventura M, Walker JA, Wall JD, Walter L, Ward MC, Wheelan SJ, Whelan CW, White S, Wilhelm LJ, Woerner AE, Yandell M, Zhu B, Hammer MF, Marques-Bonet T, Eichler EE, Fulton L, Fronick C, Muzny DM, Warren WC, Worley KC, Rogers J, Wilson RK, Gibbs RA.

Nature. 2014 Sep 11;513(7517):195-201. doi: 10.1038/nature13679.


How do you feel? Detection of recurrent Major Depressive Disorder using a single-item screening tool.

van Rijsbergen GD, Burger H, Hollon SD, Elgersma HJ, Kok GD, Dekker J, de Jong PJ, Bockting CL.

Psychiatry Res. 2014 Dec 15;220(1-2):287-93. doi: 10.1016/j.psychres.2014.06.052. Epub 2014 Jul 10.


"Throwing the baby out with the bathwater": the demise of vaginismus in favor of genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder.

Reissing ED, Borg C, Spoelstra SK, Ter Kuile MM, Both S, de Jong PJ, van Lankveld JJ, Melles RJ, Weijenborg PT, Weijmar Schultz WC.

Arch Sex Behav. 2014 Oct;43(7):1209-13. doi: 10.1007/s10508-014-0322-2. No abstract available.


Sexual aversion and the DSM-5: an excluded disorder with unabated relevance as a trans-diagnostic symptom.

Borg C, de Jong PJ, Elgersma H.

Arch Sex Behav. 2014 Oct;43(7):1219-23. No abstract available.


Predicting dyscontrolled drinking with implicit and explicit measures of alcohol attitude.

Ostafin BD, Kassman KT, de Jong PJ, van Hemel-Ruiter ME.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2014 Aug 1;141:149-52. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2014.04.023. Epub 2014 May 13.


Reciprocal knock-in mice to investigate the functional redundancy of lamin B1 and lamin B2.

Lee JM, Tu Y, Tatar A, Wu D, Nobumori C, Jung HJ, Yoshinaga Y, Coffinier C, de Jong PJ, Fong LG, Young SG.

Mol Biol Cell. 2014 May;25(10):1666-75. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E14-01-0683. Epub 2014 Mar 26.


Sequencing and assembly of the 22-gb loblolly pine genome.

Zimin A, Stevens KA, Crepeau MW, Holtz-Morris A, Koriabine M, Marçais G, Puiu D, Roberts M, Wegrzyn JL, de Jong PJ, Neale DB, Salzberg SL, Yorke JA, Langley CH.

Genetics. 2014 Mar;196(3):875-90. doi: 10.1534/genetics.113.159715.

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