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Inhibition of porcupine prolongs metastasis free survival in a mouse xenograft model of Ewing sarcoma.

Hayashi M, Baker A, Goldstein SD, Albert CM, Jackson KW, McCarty G, Kahlert UD, Loeb DM.

Oncotarget. 2017 Jul 21;8(45):78265-78276. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.19432. eCollection 2017 Oct 3.


An immunocompetent mouse model of human glioblastoma.

Semenkow S, Li S, Kahlert UD, Raabe EH, Xu J, Arnold A, Janowski M, Oh BC, Brandacher G, Bulte JWM, Eberhart CG, Walczak P.

Oncotarget. 2017 May 15;8(37):61072-61082. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.17851. eCollection 2017 Sep 22.


CBF1 is clinically prognostic and serves as a target to block cellular invasion and chemoresistance of EMT-like glioblastoma cells.

Maciaczyk D, Picard D, Zhao L, Koch K, Herrera-Rios D, Li G, Marquardt V, Pauck D, Hoerbelt T, Zhang W, Ouwens DM, Remke M, Jiang T, Steiger HJ, Maciaczyk J, Kahlert UD.

Br J Cancer. 2017 Jun 27;117(1):102-112. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2017.157. Epub 2017 Jun 1.


EMT- and MET-related processes in nonepithelial tumors: importance for disease progression, prognosis, and therapeutic opportunities.

Kahlert UD, Joseph JV, Kruyt FAE.

Mol Oncol. 2017 Jul;11(7):860-877. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.12085. Epub 2017 Jun 19. Review.


Reciprocal regulation of the cholinic phenotype and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in glioblastoma cells.

Koch K, Hartmann R, Schröter F, Suwala AK, Maciaczyk D, Krüger AC, Willbold D, Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk J.

Oncotarget. 2016 Nov 8;7(45):73414-73431. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.12337.


Targeting cancer stem-like cells in glioblastoma and colorectal cancer through metabolic pathways.

Kahlert UD, Mooney SM, Natsumeda M, Steiger HJ, Maciaczyk J.

Int J Cancer. 2017 Jan 1;140(1):10-22. doi: 10.1002/ijc.30259. Epub 2016 Jul 20. Review.


Isoflurane enhances the malignant potential of glioblastoma stem cells by promoting their viability, mobility in vitro and migratory capacity in vivo.

Zhu M, Li M, Zhou Y, Dangelmajer S, Kahlert UD, Xie R, Xi Q, Shahveranov A, Ye D, Lei T.

Br J Anaesth. 2016 Jun;116(6):870-7. doi: 10.1093/bja/aew124.


DiSCoVERing Innovative Therapies for Rare Tumors: Combining Genetically Accurate Disease Models with In Silico Analysis to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets.

Hanaford AR, Archer TC, Price A, Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk J, Nikkhah G, Kim JW, Ehrenberger T, Clemons PA, Dančík V, Seashore-Ludlow B, Viswanathan V, Stewart ML, Rees MG, Shamji A, Schreiber S, Fraenkel E, Pomeroy SL, Mesirov JP, Tamayo P, Eberhart CG, Raabe EH.

Clin Cancer Res. 2016 Aug 1;22(15):3903-14. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-15-3011. Epub 2016 Mar 24.


Clipping the Wings of Glioblastoma: Modulation of WNT as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy.

Suwala AK, Hanaford A, Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk J.

J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2016 May;75(5):388-96. doi: 10.1093/jnen/nlw013. Epub 2016 Mar 15. Review.


Targeting Notch Signaling and Autophagy Increases Cytotoxicity in Glioblastoma Neurospheres.

Natsumeda M, Maitani K, Liu Y, Miyahara H, Kaur H, Chu Q, Zhang H, Kahlert UD, Eberhart CG.

Brain Pathol. 2016 Nov;26(6):713-723. doi: 10.1111/bpa.12343. Epub 2016 Feb 8.


The effect of neurosphere culture conditions on the cellular metabolism of glioma cells.

Kahlert UD, Koch K, Suwala AK, Hartmann R, Cheng M, Maciaczyk D, Willbold D, Eberhart CG, Glunde K, Maciaczyk J.

Folia Neuropathol. 2015;53(3):219-25. doi: 10.5114/fn.2015.54422.


Alterations in cellular metabolome after pharmacological inhibition of Notch in glioblastoma cells.

Kahlert UD, Cheng M, Koch K, Marchionni L, Fan X, Raabe EH, Maciaczyk J, Glunde K, Eberhart CG.

Int J Cancer. 2016 Mar 1;138(5):1246-55. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29873. Epub 2015 Oct 13.


Pharmacologic Wnt Inhibition Reduces Proliferation, Survival, and Clonogenicity of Glioblastoma Cells.

Kahlert UD, Suwala AK, Koch K, Natsumeda M, Orr BA, Hayashi M, Maciaczyk J, Eberhart CG.

J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2015 Sep;74(9):889-900. doi: 10.1097/NEN.0000000000000227.


ZEB1 Promotes Invasion in Human Fetal Neural Stem Cells and Hypoxic Glioma Neurospheres.

Kahlert UD, Suwala AK, Raabe EH, Siebzehnrubl FA, Suarez MJ, Orr BA, Bar EE, Maciaczyk J, Eberhart CG.

Brain Pathol. 2015 Nov;25(6):724-32. doi: 10.1111/bpa.12240. Epub 2015 Feb 8.


Glycolysis is the primary bioenergetic pathway for cell motility and cytoskeletal remodeling in human prostate and breast cancer cells.

Shiraishi T, Verdone JE, Huang J, Kahlert UD, Hernandez JR, Torga G, Zarif JC, Epstein T, Gatenby R, McCartney A, Elisseeff JH, Mooney SM, An SS, Pienta KJ.

Oncotarget. 2015 Jan 1;6(1):130-43.


A microsurgical procedure for middle cerebral artery occlusion by intraluminal monofilament insertion technique in the rat: a special emphasis on the methodology.

Güzel A, Rölz R, Nikkhah G, Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk J.

Exp Transl Stroke Med. 2014 Jun 6;6:6. doi: 10.1186/2040-7378-6-6. eCollection 2014.


Clinical neurotransplantation protocol for Huntington's and Parkinson's disease.

Lopez WO, Nikkhah G, Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk D, Bogiel T, Moellers S, Schültke E, Döbrössy M, Maciaczyk J.

Restor Neurol Neurosci. 2013;31(5):579-95. doi: 10.3233/RNN-130317. Review.


Epithelial-to-mesenchymal(-like) transition as a relevant molecular event in malignant gliomas.

Kahlert UD, Nikkhah G, Maciaczyk J.

Cancer Lett. 2013 May 1;331(2):131-8. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2012.12.010. Epub 2012 Dec 23. Review.


Resistance to hypoxia-induced, BNIP3-mediated cell death contributes to an increase in a CD133-positive cell population in human glioblastomas in vitro.

Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk D, Dai F, Claus R, Firat E, Doostkam S, Bogiel T, Carro MS, Döbrössy M, Herold-Mende C, Niedermann G, Prinz M, Nikkhah G, Maciaczyk J.

J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2012 Dec;71(12):1086-99. doi: 10.1097/NEN.0b013e3182772d83.


Activation of canonical WNT/β-catenin signaling enhances in vitro motility of glioblastoma cells by activation of ZEB1 and other activators of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

Kahlert UD, Maciaczyk D, Doostkam S, Orr BA, Simons B, Bogiel T, Reithmeier T, Prinz M, Schubert J, Niedermann G, Brabletz T, Eberhart CG, Nikkhah G, Maciaczyk J.

Cancer Lett. 2012 Dec 1;325(1):42-53. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2012.05.024. Epub 2012 May 28.


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