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Glutaminase inhibitor CB-839 synergizes with carfilzomib in resistant multiple myeloma cells.

Thompson RM, Dytfeld D, Reyes L, Robinson RM, Smith B, Manevich Y, Jakubowiak A, Komarnicki M, Przybylowicz-Chalecka A, Szczepaniak T, Mitra AK, Van Ness BG, Luczak M, Dolloff NG.

Oncotarget. 2017 May 30;8(22):35863-35876. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.16262.


Emerging Therapeutic Strategies for Overcoming Proteasome Inhibitor Resistance.

Dolloff NG.

Adv Cancer Res. 2015;127:191-226. doi: 10.1016/bs.acr.2015.03.002. Epub 2015 Apr 11. Review.


High-throughput drug screening identifies compounds and molecular strategies for targeting proteasome inhibitor-resistant multiple myeloma.

Stessman HA, Lulla A, Xia T, Mitra A, Harding T, Mansoor A, Myers CL, Van Ness BG, Dolloff NG.

Leukemia. 2014 Nov;28(11):2263-7. doi: 10.1038/leu.2014.214. Epub 2014 Jul 9. No abstract available.


CDK1 stabilizes HIF-1α via direct phosphorylation of Ser668 to promote tumor growth.

Warfel NA, Dolloff NG, Dicker DT, Malysz J, El-Deiry WS.

Cell Cycle. 2013 Dec 1;12(23):3689-701. doi: 10.4161/cc.26930. Epub 2013 Oct 25.


Profiling bortezomib resistance identifies secondary therapies in a mouse myeloma model.

Stessman HA, Baughn LB, Sarver A, Xia T, Deshpande R, Mansoor A, Walsh SA, Sunderland JJ, Dolloff NG, Linden MA, Zhan F, Janz S, Myers CL, Van Ness BG.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2013 Jun;12(6):1140-50. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-12-1151. Epub 2013 Mar 27.


Dual inactivation of Akt and ERK by TIC10 signals Foxo3a nuclear translocation, TRAIL gene induction, and potent antitumor effects.

Allen JE, Krigsfeld G, Mayes PA, Patel L, Dicker DT, Patel AS, Dolloff NG, Messaris E, Scata KA, Wang W, Zhou JY, Wu GS, El-Deiry WS.

Sci Transl Med. 2013 Feb 6;5(171):171ra17. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3004828.


Targeted therapy of multiple myeloma.

Dolloff NG, Talamo G.

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2013;779:197-221. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-6176-0_9. Review.


Clinical features and outcomes of plasma cell leukemia: a single-institution experience in the era of novel agents.

Talamo G, Dolloff NG, Sharma K, Zhu J, Malysz J.

Rare Tumors. 2012 Jun 26;4(3):e39. doi: 10.4081/rt.2012.e39. Epub 2012 Aug 14.


Sangivamycin-like molecule 6 exhibits potent anti-multiple myeloma activity through inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase-9.

Dolloff NG, Allen JE, Dicker DT, Aqui N, Vogl D, Malysz J, Talamo G, El-Deiry WS.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2012 Nov;11(11):2321-30. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-12-0578. Epub 2012 Sep 10.


Effect of time to infusion of autologous stem cells (24 vs. 48 h) after high-dose melphalan in patients with multiple myeloma.

Talamo G, Rakszawski KL, Rybka WB, Dolloff NG, Malysz J, Berno T, Zangari M.

Eur J Haematol. 2012 Aug;89(2):145-50. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0609.2012.01795.x. Epub 2012 May 31.


High-resolution imaging and antitumor effects of GFP(+) bone marrow-derived cells homing to syngeneic mouse colon tumors.

Finnberg NK, Hart LS, Dolloff NG, Rodgers ZB, Dicker DT, El-Deiry WS.

Am J Pathol. 2011 Nov;179(5):2169-76. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2011.07.028. Epub 2011 Oct 3.


Spectral imaging-based methods for quantifying autophagy and apoptosis.

Dolloff NG, Ma X, Dicker DT, Humphreys RC, Li LZ, El-Deiry WS.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2011 Aug 15;12(4):349-56. Epub 2011 Aug 15.


Quinacrine synergizes with 5-fluorouracil and other therapies in colorectal cancer.

Gallant JN, Allen JE, Smith CD, Dicker DT, Wang W, Dolloff NG, Navaraj A, El-Deiry WS.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2011 Aug 1;12(3):239-51. Epub 2011 Aug 1.


Quinacrine sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to TRAIL and chemotherapeutic agents.

Wang W, Gallant JN, Katz SI, Dolloff NG, Smith CD, Abdulghani J, Allen JE, Dicker DT, Hong B, Navaraj A, El-Deiry WS.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2011 Aug 1;12(3):229-38. Epub 2011 Aug 1.


Human colon cancer stem cells are enriched by insulin-like growth factor-1 and are sensitive to figitumumab.

Hart LS, Dolloff NG, Dicker DT, Koumenis C, Christensen JG, Grimberg A, El-Deiry WS.

Cell Cycle. 2011 Jul 15;10(14):2331-8. Epub 2011 Jul 15.


Identifying circulating tumor stem cells that matter: the key to prognostication and therapeutic targeting.

Faltas B, Zeidan A, Peters K, Das A, Joudeh J, Navaraj A, Dolloff NG, Harvey HA, Jiang Y, Allen JE, Dicker DT, El Deiry WS.

J Clin Oncol. 2011 Jul 20;29(21):2946-7; author reply 2947-8. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2011.36.6179. Epub 2011 Jun 20. No abstract available.


Off-target lapatinib activity sensitizes colon cancer cells through TRAIL death receptor up-regulation.

Dolloff NG, Mayes PA, Hart LS, Dicker DT, Humphreys R, El-Deiry WS.

Sci Transl Med. 2011 Jun 8;3(86):86ra50. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3001384.


Overcoming hypoxia-induced apoptotic resistance through combinatorial inhibition of GSK-3β and CDK1.

Mayes PA, Dolloff NG, Daniel CJ, Liu JJ, Hart LS, Kuribayashi K, Allen JE, Jee DI, Dorsey JF, Liu YY, Dicker DT, Brown JM, Furth EE, Klein PS, Sears RC, El-Deiry WS.

Cancer Res. 2011 Aug 1;71(15):5265-75. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-11-1383. Epub 2011 Jun 6.


Beyond the CRAB symptoms: a study of presenting clinical manifestations of multiple myeloma.

Talamo G, Farooq U, Zangari M, Liao J, Dolloff NG, Loughran TP Jr, Epner E.

Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk. 2010 Dec;10(6):464-8. doi: 10.3816/CLML.2010.n.080.


Prozone effect of serum IgE levels in a case of plasma cell leukemia.

Talamo G, Castellani W, Dolloff NG.

J Hematol Oncol. 2010 Sep 10;3:32. doi: 10.1186/1756-8722-3-32.


The p53 target Plk2 interacts with TSC proteins impacting mTOR signaling, tumor growth and chemosensitivity under hypoxic conditions.

Matthew EM, Hart LS, Astrinidis A, Navaraj A, Dolloff NG, Dicker DT, Henske EP, El-Deiry WS.

Cell Cycle. 2009 Dec 15;8(24):4168-75.


The alpha-receptor for platelet-derived growth factor as a target for antibody-mediated inhibition of skeletal metastases from prostate cancer cells.

Russell MR, Jamieson WL, Dolloff NG, Fatatis A.

Oncogene. 2009 Jan 22;28(3):412-21. doi: 10.1038/onc.2008.390. Epub 2008 Oct 13.


ERK and MDM2 prey on FOXO3a.

Yang W, Dolloff NG, El-Deiry WS.

Nat Cell Biol. 2008 Feb;10(2):125-6. doi: 10.1038/ncb0208-125. No abstract available.


Bone-metastatic potential of human prostate cancer cells correlates with Akt/PKB activation by alpha platelet-derived growth factor receptor.

Dolloff NG, Shulby SS, Nelson AV, Stearns ME, Johannes GJ, Thomas JD, Meucci O, Fatatis A.

Oncogene. 2005 Oct 13;24(45):6848-54.


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