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Matrix metalloproteinase-9 controls proliferation of NG2+ progenitor cells immediately after spinal cord injury.

Liu H, Shubayev VI.

Exp Neurol. 2011 Oct;231(2):236-46. doi: 10.1016/j.expneurol.2011.06.015. Epub 2011 Jul 2.


Functional regeneration of respiratory pathways after spinal cord injury.

Alilain WJ, Horn KP, Hu H, Dick TE, Silver J.

Nature. 2011 Jul 13;475(7355):196-200. doi: 10.1038/nature10199.


Presenilin/γ-secretase regulates neurexin processing at synapses.

Saura CA, Servián-Morilla E, Scholl FG.

PLoS One. 2011 Apr 29;6(4):e19430. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0019430.


Neuropsin cleaves EphB2 in the amygdala to control anxiety.

Attwood BK, Bourgognon JM, Patel S, Mucha M, Schiavon E, Skrzypiec AE, Young KW, Shiosaka S, Korostynski M, Piechota M, Przewlocki R, Pawlak R.

Nature. 2011 May 19;473(7347):372-5. doi: 10.1038/nature09938. Epub 2011 Apr 20.


Reduced BACE1 activity enhances clearance of myelin debris and regeneration of axons in the injured peripheral nervous system.

Farah MH, Pan BH, Hoffman PN, Ferraris D, Tsukamoto T, Nguyen T, Wong PC, Price DL, Slusher BS, Griffin JW.

J Neurosci. 2011 Apr 13;31(15):5744-54. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.6810-10.2011.


Trk-dependent ADAM17 activation facilitates neurotrophin survival signaling.

Kommaddi RP, Thomas R, Ceni C, Daigneault K, Barker PA.

FASEB J. 2011 Jun;25(6):2061-70. doi: 10.1096/fj.10-173740. Epub 2011 Mar 16.


Notch in the vertebrate nervous system: an old dog with new tricks.

Pierfelice T, Alberi L, Gaiano N.

Neuron. 2011 Mar 10;69(5):840-55. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2011.02.031. Review.


Caspase signaling in animal development.

Kuranaga E.

Dev Growth Differ. 2011 Feb;53(2):137-48. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-169X.2010.01237.x. Review.


Dependence receptors: from basic research to drug development.

Mehlen P, Bredesen DE.

Sci Signal. 2011 Jan 25;4(157):mr2. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2001521.


Multipotent adult progenitor cells prevent macrophage-mediated axonal dieback and promote regrowth after spinal cord injury.

Busch SA, Hamilton JA, Horn KP, Cuascut FX, Cutrone R, Lehman N, Deans RJ, Ting AE, Mays RW, Silver J.

J Neurosci. 2011 Jan 19;31(3):944-53. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3566-10.2011.


Deconstruction for reconstruction: the role of proteolysis in neural plasticity and disease.

Bingol B, Sheng M.

Neuron. 2011 Jan 13;69(1):22-32. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2010.11.006. Review.


Laminar and areal expression of unc5d and its role in cortical cell survival.

Takemoto M, Hattori Y, Zhao H, Sato H, Tamada A, Sasaki S, Nakajima K, Yamamoto N.

Cereb Cortex. 2011 Aug;21(8):1925-34. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhq265. Epub 2011 Jan 7.


Presenilin-dependent receptor processing is required for axon guidance.

Bai G, Chivatakarn O, Bonanomi D, Lettieri K, Franco L, Xia C, Stein E, Ma L, Lewcock JW, Pfaff SL.

Cell. 2011 Jan 7;144(1):106-18. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2010.11.053.


Regulation of matrix metalloproteinase activity in health and disease.

Hadler-Olsen E, Fadnes B, Sylte I, Uhlin-Hansen L, Winberg JO.

FEBS J. 2011 Jan;278(1):28-45. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-4658.2010.07920.x. Epub 2010 Nov 19. Review.


Processing of the synaptic cell adhesion molecule neurexin-3beta by Alzheimer disease alpha- and gamma-secretases.

Bot N, Schweizer C, Ben Halima S, Fraering PC.

J Biol Chem. 2011 Jan 28;286(4):2762-73. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M110.142521. Epub 2010 Nov 17.


DCC is specifically required for the survival of retinal ganglion and displaced amacrine cells in the developing mouse retina.

Shi M, Zheng MH, Liu ZR, Hu ZL, Huang Y, Chen JY, Zhao G, Han H, Ding YQ.

Dev Biol. 2010 Dec 1;348(1):87-96. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2010.09.013. Epub 2010 Sep 26.


Active metalloproteases of the A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease (ADAM) family: biological function and structure.

Klein T, Bischoff R.

J Proteome Res. 2011 Jan 7;10(1):17-33. doi: 10.1021/pr100556z. Epub 2010 Oct 14. Review.


Gamma-secretase activating protein is a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease.

He G, Luo W, Li P, Remmers C, Netzer WJ, Hendrick J, Bettayeb K, Flajolet M, Gorelick F, Wennogle LP, Greengard P.

Nature. 2010 Sep 2;467(7311):95-8. doi: 10.1038/nature09325.


Combined genetic attenuation of myelin and semaphorin-mediated growth inhibition is insufficient to promote serotonergic axon regeneration.

Lee JK, Chow R, Xie F, Chow SY, Tolentino KE, Zheng B.

J Neurosci. 2010 Aug 11;30(32):10899-904. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2269-10.2010.


Novel research horizons for presenilins and γ-secretases in cell biology and disease.

De Strooper B, Annaert W.

Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 2010;26:235-60. doi: 10.1146/annurev-cellbio-100109-104117. Review.


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