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Restoration of coronary endothelial function in obese Zucker rats by a low-carbohydrate diet.

Focardi M, Dick GM, Picchi A, Zhang C, Chilian WM.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2007 May;292(5):H2093-9. Epub 2007 Jan 12.


The effect of exertional hypertension evoked by weight lifting on vascular endothelial function.

Jurva JW, Phillips SA, Syed AQ, Syed AY, Pitt S, Weaver A, Gutterman DD.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2006 Aug 1;48(3):588-9. Epub 2006 Jul 12. No abstract available.


Prognostic value of flow-mediated dilation of the brachial artery in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Yoshida T, Kawano H, Miyamoto S, Motoyama T, Fukushima H, Hirai N, Ogawa H.

Intern Med. 2006;45(9):575-9. Epub 2006 Jun 1.


Modulation of endothelial and smooth muscle function by bed rest and hypoenergetic, low-fat nutrition.

Hesse C, Siedler H, Luntz SP, Arendt BM, Goerlich R, Fricker R, Heer M, Haefeli WE.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2005 Dec;99(6):2196-203. Epub 2005 Aug 11.


Lifestyle modification and endothelial function in obese subjects.

Hamdy O.

Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2005 Mar;3(2):231-41. Review.


Flow-mediated dilatation is impaired by a high-saturated fat diet but not by a high-carbohydrate diet.

Keogh JB, Grieger JA, Noakes M, Clifton PM.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2005 Jun;25(6):1274-9. Epub 2005 Mar 17.


Adipokines: molecular links between obesity and atheroslcerosis.

Lau DC, Dhillon B, Yan H, Szmitko PE, Verma S.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2005 May;288(5):H2031-41. Epub 2005 Jan 14. Review.


Effect of medical and surgical weight loss on endothelial vasomotor function in obese patients.

Gokce N, Vita JA, McDonnell M, Forse AR, Istfan N, Stoeckl M, Lipinska I, Keaney JF Jr, Apovian CM.

Am J Cardiol. 2005 Jan 15;95(2):266-8.


Impaired flow-mediated dilation and risk of restenosis in patients undergoing coronary stent implantation.

Patti G, Pasceri V, Melfi R, Goffredo C, Chello M, D'Ambrosio A, Montesanti R, Di Sciascio G.

Circulation. 2005 Jan 4;111(1):70-5.


Peripheral vascular endothelial function testing for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

Jambrik Z, Venneri L, Varga A, Rigo F, Borges A, Picano E.

Am Heart J. 2004 Oct;148(4):684-9.


C-reactive protein and the risk of developing hypertension.

Sesso HD, Buring JE, Rifai N, Blake GJ, Gaziano JM, Ridker PM.

JAMA. 2003 Dec 10;290(22):2945-51.


Weight reduction with very-low-caloric diet and endothelial function in overweight adults: role of plasma glucose.

Raitakari M, Ilvonen T, Ahotupa M, Lehtimäki T, Harmoinen A, Suominen P, Elo J, Hartiala J, Raitakari OT.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2004 Jan;24(1):124-8. Epub 2003 Dec 1.


Oral antioxidant therapy improves endothelial function in Type 1 but not Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Beckman JA, Goldfine AB, Gordon MB, Garrett LA, Keaney JF Jr, Creager MA.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003 Dec;285(6):H2392-8. Epub 2003 Jul 24.


Weight loss in combination with physical activity improves endothelial dysfunction in human obesity.

Sciacqua A, Candigliota M, Ceravolo R, Scozzafava A, Sinopoli F, Corsonello A, Sesti G, Perticone F.

Diabetes Care. 2003 Jun;26(6):1673-8.


A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity.

Foster GD, Wyatt HR, Hill JO, McGuckin BG, Brill C, Mohammed BS, Szapary PO, Rader DJ, Edman JS, Klein S.

N Engl J Med. 2003 May 22;348(21):2082-90.


A low-carbohydrate as compared with a low-fat diet in severe obesity.

Samaha FF, Iqbal N, Seshadri P, Chicano KL, Daily DA, McGrory J, Williams T, Williams M, Gracely EJ, Stern L.

N Engl J Med. 2003 May 22;348(21):2074-81.

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