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A WAVE-1 and WRP signaling complex regulates spine density, synaptic plasticity, and memory.

Soderling SH, Guire ES, Kaech S, White J, Zhang F, Schutz K, Langeberg LK, Banker G, Raber J, Scott JD.

J Neurosci. 2007 Jan 10;27(2):355-65.


Phosphorylation of WAVE1 regulates actin polymerization and dendritic spine morphology.

Kim Y, Sung JY, Ceglia I, Lee KW, Ahn JH, Halford JM, Kim AM, Kwak SP, Park JB, Ho Ryu S, Schenck A, Bardoni B, Scott JD, Nairn AC, Greengard P.

Nature. 2006 Aug 17;442(7104):814-7. Epub 2006 Jul 16.


Genetics and pathophysiology of mental retardation.

Chelly J, Khelfaoui M, Francis F, Chérif B, Bienvenu T.

Eur J Hum Genet. 2006 Jun;14(6):701-13. Review.


Dendritic pathology in mental retardation: from molecular genetics to neurobiology.

Dierssen M, Ramakers GJ.

Genes Brain Behav. 2006;5 Suppl 2:48-60. Review.


X-linked mental retardation: many genes for a complex disorder.

Ropers HH.

Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2006 Jun;16(3):260-9. Epub 2006 May 2. Review.


Bruchpilot promotes active zone assembly, Ca2+ channel clustering, and vesicle release.

Kittel RJ, Wichmann C, Rasse TM, Fouquet W, Schmidt M, Schmid A, Wagh DA, Pawlu C, Kellner RR, Willig KI, Hell SW, Buchner E, Heckmann M, Sigrist SJ.

Science. 2006 May 19;312(5776):1051-4. Epub 2006 Apr 13.


Arabidopsis BRICK1/HSPC300 is an essential WAVE-complex subunit that selectively stabilizes the Arp2/3 activator SCAR2.

Le J, Mallery EL, Zhang C, Brankle S, Szymanski DB.

Curr Biol. 2006 May 9;16(9):895-901. Epub 2006 Apr 6.


Bruchpilot, a protein with homology to ELKS/CAST, is required for structural integrity and function of synaptic active zones in Drosophila.

Wagh DA, Rasse TM, Asan E, Hofbauer A, Schwenkert I, Dürrbeck H, Buchner S, Dabauvalle MC, Schmidt M, Qin G, Wichmann C, Kittel R, Sigrist SJ, Buchner E.

Neuron. 2006 Mar 16;49(6):833-44. Erratum in: Neuron. 2006 Jul 20;51(2):275.


BRICK1/HSPC300 functions with SCAR and the ARP2/3 complex to regulate epidermal cell shape in Arabidopsis.

Djakovic S, Dyachok J, Burke M, Frank MJ, Smith LG.

Development. 2006 Mar;133(6):1091-100. Epub 2006 Feb 15.


Protein complexes regulating Arp2/3-mediated actin assembly.

Stradal TE, Scita G.

Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2006 Feb;18(1):4-10. Epub 2005 Dec 15. Review.


Abi1 regulates the activity of N-WASP and WAVE in distinct actin-based processes.

Innocenti M, Gerboth S, Rottner K, Lai FP, Hertzog M, Stradal TE, Frittoli E, Didry D, Polo S, Disanza A, Benesch S, Di Fiore PP, Carlier MF, Scita G.

Nat Cell Biol. 2005 Oct;7(10):969-76. Epub 2005 Sep 11.


Abi activates WASP to promote sensory organ development.

Bogdan S, Stephan R, Löbke C, Mertens A, Klämbt C.

Nat Cell Biol. 2005 Oct;7(10):977-84. Epub 2005 Sep 11.


The Drosophila fragile X mental retardation protein controls actin dynamics by directly regulating profilin in the brain.

Reeve SP, Bassetto L, Genova GK, Kleyner Y, Leyssen M, Jackson FR, Hassan BA.

Curr Biol. 2005 Jun 21;15(12):1156-63.


Rho GTPases, dendritic structure, and mental retardation.

Newey SE, Velamoor V, Govek EE, Van Aelst L.

J Neurobiol. 2005 Jul;64(1):58-74. Review.


Inclusion of Scar/WAVE3 in a similar complex to Scar/WAVE1 and 2.

Stovold CF, Millard TH, Machesky LM.

BMC Cell Biol. 2005 Mar 7;6(1):11.


FMRP interferes with the Rac1 pathway and controls actin cytoskeleton dynamics in murine fibroblasts.

Castets M, Schaeffer C, Bechara E, Schenck A, Khandjian EW, Luche S, Moine H, Rabilloud T, Mandel JL, Bardoni B.

Hum Mol Genet. 2005 Mar 15;14(6):835-44. Epub 2005 Feb 9.


Control of SCAR activity in Dictyostelium discoideum.

Blagg SL, Insall RH.

Biochem Soc Trans. 2004 Dec;32(Pt 6):1113-4.


WAVE/SCAR, a multifunctional complex coordinating different aspects of neuronal connectivity.

Schenck A, Qurashi A, Carrera P, Bardoni B, Diebold C, Schejter E, Mandel JL, Giangrande A.

Dev Biol. 2004 Oct 15;274(2):260-70.


Sra-1 interacts with Kette and Wasp and is required for neuronal and bristle development in Drosophila.

Bogdan S, Grewe O, Strunk M, Mertens A, Klämbt C.

Development. 2004 Aug;131(16):3981-9. Epub 2004 Jul 21.


Purification and architecture of the ubiquitous Wave complex.

Gautreau A, Ho HY, Li J, Steen H, Gygi SP, Kirschner MW.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 30;101(13):4379-83. Epub 2004 Mar 19.

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