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APID: Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer.

Prieto C, De Las Rivas J.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jul 1;34(Web Server issue):W298-302.


Global landscape of protein complexes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Krogan NJ, Cagney G, Yu H, Zhong G, Guo X, Ignatchenko A, Li J, Pu S, Datta N, Tikuisis AP, Punna T, Peregrín-Alvarez JM, Shales M, Zhang X, Davey M, Robinson MD, Paccanaro A, Bray JE, Sheung A, Beattie B, Richards DP, Canadien V, Lalev A, Mena F, Wong P, Starostine A, Canete MM, Vlasblom J, Wu S, Orsi C, Collins SR, Chandran S, Haw R, Rilstone JJ, Gandi K, Thompson NJ, Musso G, St Onge P, Ghanny S, Lam MH, Butland G, Altaf-Ul AM, Kanaya S, Shilatifard A, O'Shea E, Weissman JS, Ingles CJ, Hughes TR, Parkinson J, Gerstein M, Wodak SJ, Emili A, Greenblatt JF.

Nature. 2006 Mar 30;440(7084):637-43. Epub 2006 Mar 22.


An essential GTPase promotes assembly of preribosomal RNA processing complexes.

Karbstein K, Jonas S, Doudna JA.

Mol Cell. 2005 Nov 23;20(4):633-43.


Pre-18S ribosomal RNA is structurally compacted into the SSU processome prior to being cleaved from nascent transcripts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Osheim YN, French SL, Keck KM, Champion EA, Spasov K, Dragon F, Baserga SJ, Beyer AL.

Mol Cell. 2004 Dec 22;16(6):943-54.


The small-subunit processome is a ribosome assembly intermediate.

Bernstein KA, Gallagher JE, Mitchell BM, Granneman S, Baserga SJ.

Eukaryot Cell. 2004 Dec;3(6):1619-26.


RNA polymerase I transcription and pre-rRNA processing are linked by specific SSU processome components.

Gallagher JE, Dunbar DA, Granneman S, Mitchell BM, Osheim Y, Beyer AL, Baserga SJ.

Genes Dev. 2004 Oct 15;18(20):2506-17.


Ribosome biogenesis: of knobs and RNA processing.

Granneman S, Baserga SJ.

Exp Cell Res. 2004 May 15;296(1):43-50. Review.


Has1p, a member of the DEAD-box family, is required for 40S ribosomal subunit biogenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Emery B, de la Cruz J, Rocak S, Deloche O, Linder P.

Mol Microbiol. 2004 Apr;52(1):141-58.


High-definition macromolecular composition of yeast RNA-processing complexes.

Krogan NJ, Peng WT, Cagney G, Robinson MD, Haw R, Zhong G, Guo X, Zhang X, Canadien V, Richards DP, Beattie BK, Lalev A, Zhang W, Davierwala AP, Mnaimneh S, Starostine A, Tikuisis AP, Grigull J, Datta N, Bray JE, Hughes TR, Emili A, Greenblatt JF.

Mol Cell. 2004 Jan 30;13(2):225-39.


Ribosome assembly in eukaryotes.

Fromont-Racine M, Senger B, Saveanu C, Fasiolo F.

Gene. 2003 Aug 14;313:17-42. Review.


Pre-ribosomes on the road from the nucleolus to the cytoplasm.

Tschochner H, Hurt E.

Trends Cell Biol. 2003 May;13(5):255-63. Review.


The human Imp3 and Imp4 proteins form a ternary complex with hMpp10, which only interacts with the U3 snoRNA in 60-80S ribonucleoprotein complexes.

Granneman S, Gallagher JE, Vogelzangs J, Horstman W, van Venrooij WJ, Baserga SJ, Pruijn GJ.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Apr 1;31(7):1877-87.


The path from nucleolar 90S to cytoplasmic 40S pre-ribosomes.

Schäfer T, Strauss D, Petfalski E, Tollervey D, Hurt E.

EMBO J. 2003 Mar 17;22(6):1370-80.


A Noc complex specifically involved in the formation and nuclear export of ribosomal 40 S subunits.

Milkereit P, Strauss D, Bassler J, Gadal O, Kühn H, Schütz S, Gas N, Lechner J, Hurt E, Tschochner H.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Feb 7;278(6):4072-81. Epub 2002 Nov 20.


Components of an interdependent unit within the SSU processome regulate and mediate its activity.

Wehner KA, Gallagher JE, Baserga SJ.

Mol Cell Biol. 2002 Oct;22(20):7258-67.


90S pre-ribosomes include the 35S pre-rRNA, the U3 snoRNP, and 40S subunit processing factors but predominantly lack 60S synthesis factors.

Grandi P, Rybin V, Bassler J, Petfalski E, Strauss D, Marzioch M, Schäfer T, Kuster B, Tschochner H, Tollervey D, Gavin AC, Hurt E.

Mol Cell. 2002 Jul;10(1):105-15.


A large nucleolar U3 ribonucleoprotein required for 18S ribosomal RNA biogenesis.

Dragon F, Gallagher JE, Compagnone-Post PA, Mitchell BM, Porwancher KA, Wehner KA, Wormsley S, Settlage RE, Shabanowitz J, Osheim Y, Beyer AL, Hunt DF, Baserga SJ.

Nature. 2002 Jun 27;417(6892):967-70. Epub 2002 Jun 9.


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