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CYGD: the Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database.

Güldener U, Münsterkötter M, Kastenmüller G, Strack N, van Helden J, Lemer C, Richelles J, Wodak SJ, García-Martínez J, Pérez-Ortín JE, Michael H, Kaps A, Talla E, Dujon B, André B, Souciet JL, De Montigny J, Bon E, Gaillardin C, Mewes HW.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2005 Jan 1;33(Database issue):D364-8.


A probabilistic functional network of yeast genes.

Lee I, Date SV, Adai AT, Marcotte EM.

Science. 2004 Nov 26;306(5701):1555-8.


Predicting co-complexed protein pairs using genomic and proteomic data integration.

Zhang LV, Wong SL, King OD, Roth FP.

BMC Bioinformatics. 2004 Apr 16;5:38.


Whole-genome annotation by using evidence integration in functional-linkage networks.

Karaoz U, Murali TM, Letovsky S, Zheng Y, Ding C, Cantor CR, Kasif S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 2;101(9):2888-93. Epub 2004 Feb 23.


Revealing modularity and organization in the yeast molecular network by integrated analysis of highly heterogeneous genomewide data.

Tanay A, Sharan R, Kupiec M, Shamir R.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 2;101(9):2981-6. Epub 2004 Feb 18.


Assigning function to yeast proteins by integration of technologies.

Hazbun TR, Malmström L, Anderson S, Graczyk BJ, Fox B, Riffle M, Sundin BA, Aranda JD, McDonald WH, Chiu CH, Snydsman BE, Bradley P, Muller EG, Fields S, Baker D, Yates JR 3rd, Davis TN.

Mol Cell. 2003 Dec;12(6):1353-65.


From gene networks to gene function.

Schlitt T, Palin K, Rung J, Dietmann S, Lappe M, Ukkonen E, Brazma A.

Genome Res. 2003 Dec;13(12):2568-76.


Predicting protein functions from redundancies in large-scale protein interaction networks.

Samanta MP, Liang S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Oct 28;100(22):12579-83. Epub 2003 Oct 17.


A Bayesian networks approach for predicting protein-protein interactions from genomic data.

Jansen R, Yu H, Greenbaum D, Kluger Y, Krogan NJ, Chung S, Emili A, Snyder M, Greenblatt JF, Gerstein M.

Science. 2003 Oct 17;302(5644):449-53.


Global analysis of protein localization in budding yeast.

Huh WK, Falvo JV, Gerke LC, Carroll AS, Howson RW, Weissman JS, O'Shea EK.

Nature. 2003 Oct 16;425(6959):686-91.


Involvement of actin-related proteins in ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling.

Shen X, Ranallo R, Choi E, Wu C.

Mol Cell. 2003 Jul;12(1):147-55.


Predicting protein function from protein/protein interaction data: a probabilistic approach.

Letovsky S, Kasif S.

Bioinformatics. 2003;19 Suppl 1:i197-204.


Integration of genomic datasets to predict protein complexes in yeast.

Jansen R, Lan N, Qian J, Gerstein M.

J Struct Funct Genomics. 2002;2(2):71-81.


Computational methods of analysis of protein-protein interactions.

Salwinski L, Eisenberg D.

Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2003 Jun;13(3):377-82. Review.


A Bayesian framework for combining heterogeneous data sources for gene function prediction (in Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Troyanskaya OG, Dolinski K, Owen AB, Altman RB, Botstein D.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Jul 8;100(14):8348-53. Epub 2003 Jun 25.


Organization and function of APT, a subcomplex of the yeast cleavage and polyadenylation factor involved in the formation of mRNA and small nucleolar RNA 3'-ends.

Nedea E, He X, Kim M, Pootoolal J, Zhong G, Canadien V, Hughes T, Buratowski S, Moore CL, Greenblatt J.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Aug 29;278(35):33000-10. Epub 2003 Jun 20.


Yeast enhancer of polycomb defines global Esa1-dependent acetylation of chromatin.

Boudreault AA, Cronier D, Selleck W, Lacoste N, Utley RT, Allard S, Savard J, Lane WS, Tan S, Côté J.

Genes Dev. 2003 Jun 1;17(11):1415-28.


Global protein function prediction from protein-protein interaction networks.

Vazquez A, Flammini A, Maritan A, Vespignani A.

Nat Biotechnol. 2003 Jun;21(6):697-700. Epub 2003 May 12.


Function prediction and protein networks.

Huynen MA, Snel B, von Mering C, Bork P.

Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2003 Apr;15(2):191-8. Review.


STRING: a database of predicted functional associations between proteins.

von Mering C, Huynen M, Jaeggi D, Schmidt S, Bork P, Snel B.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Jan 1;31(1):258-61.

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